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№5 (100) 2015
2015 г.
Педагогические науки
Comprehension of the result as the starting point of educational system constructing
There is considered the category “result” in comparison with the categories “goal”, “quality”, “property”. There is revealed the role of result comprehension in the systemic projecting of a pedagogical process.
Key words: результат; цель; качество; система; субъект; воспитание; result; goal; quality; system; subject; education
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System and value approach as the research instruments in the context of the Orthodox outlook
There is represented the category of co-existence that is the basis for existence, or ontological pedagogy, revealed three ways of human existence: consciousness as “clever doing”, peculiar for the monastery pedagogy, communication considered as the model of correlation between people, and activity implemented in church service. There is characterized the category of service that synthesize the theoretical and practical aspects of the Orthodox pedagogy in the holistic approach to establishment of a spiritual personality.
Key words: онтологическая педагогика; православная педагогика; со-бытие; системно-целостный подход; духовность; ontological pedagogy; Orthodox pedagogy; co-existence; systemic and value approach; spirituality
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Aesthetic characteristics of personal development in the educational process
There are regarded the aesthetic characteristics of personal development which are necessary for a teacher to form the pupils’ aesthetic experience. The revealed aesthetic characteristics form the holistic aesthetic image and make it possible to understand a personality as a aesthetic phenomenon. These characteristics are the ground for development of the situations of aesthetic experience mastering.
Key words: эстетический опыт; эстетический образ личности; прекрасное; образовательный процесс; aesthetic experience; aesthetic image of a personality; the wonderful; educational process
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Sources and origins of the humanistic tradition of family education in Russia and in China
There are analyzed the sources of the ancient Chinese and Russian history, the folklore that reveals the humanistic essence of family education, reference to traditions and basic values. There is revealed and characterized the educational ideal of a family, the folklore and the nature of the native land in the Ancient China and Russia that is the basis for the humanistic tradition of family education.
Key words: семейное воспитание; гуманистическое; семья; фольклор; природа; family education; the humanistic; family; folklore; nature
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Mother’s image in the system of family education of a teenager
There is considered the actualization of mother’s image as a subjective reflection in human’s mind of the objective according to the source of a bearer of spiritual and cultural ideal with the functions of family education. There is revealed the phenomenon of sympathy of a modern teenager; the ways of conflict resolutions, methodological systems of its productiveness.
Key words: образ матери; семейное воспитание; подросток; воспитания отзывчивости подростка; mother’s image; family education; teenager; teenager’s sympathy
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School management in the conditions of conceptual changes in the system of education: context actualization
There is considered the influence of strategic projects and programmes of development on the state of the Russian education in the 2000-2010, analyzed the evaluation of the changes given by scientists. There is substantiated the need in projecting of the new model of school management that takes into consideration the constant influence of the external changes and provides the effective work in these conditions; there are noted the principles of the model.
Key words: стратегия развития образования; оценка изменений в системе образования; проектирование новых моделей управления школьной организацией; strategy of education development; evaluation of changes in the system of education; projecting of the new models of school management
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Active patriotism as the factor of teenager’s creative abilities development
In the context of the modern education the active patriotism is considered as a social and cultural, pedagogic and personal phenomenon. There are analyzed and summarized the basic approaches to the research of the notions “activity” and “patriotism”. In the conditions of implementation of the pedagogic potential of the Russian folk culture there is revealed the role of active patriotism as the most important factor of development of teenager’s creative abilities.
Key words: деятельностный патриотизм; русская народная культура; педагогический потенциал; фактор; творческие способности; подросток; деятельность; active approach; Russian folk culture; pedagogic potential; factor; creative abilities; teenager; activity
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State and public administration in the system of secondary education of the Buryatia Republic in the process of implementation of the Complex project of education modernization
There are reviewed the stages of establishment and development of the state and public administration of the regional system of secondary education in the process of implementation of the Complex project of education modernization. There are considered the basic mechanisms and forms of state and public administration of the system, as well as the main results of implementation of this project in the Republic of Buryatia.
Key words: управление; государственно-общественное управление; региональная система среднего образования; модернизация; развитие образования; administration; state and public administration; regional system of secondary education; modernization; education development
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Reflection of the ideas of patriotic education of the rising generation in the Russian pedagogic thought
The 1990s of the previous century resulted in the fact that citizenship, patriotism, patriotic education, patriotic duties were interpreted ambiguously, were devaluated in many respects. The importance of the noted issue is determined by the devaluation of the basic tendencies of development of students’ patriotic education in the modern conditions.
Key words: патриотизм; гражданственность; чувства патриотизма; история педагогики; советские ученые; patriotism; citizenship; patriotic feelings; history of pedagogy; Soviet scientists
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Compensatory competence as a component of foreign language teaching contents in the conditions of natural scientific profile
There is regarded the structure of the compensatory competence in the conditions of foreign language communication teaching appropriate for senior school pupils specializing in natural sciences. The necessity of development of pupils’ compensatory competence is considered urgent in such conditions.
Key words: компенсаторная компетенция; иноязычное общение; структура компенсаторной компетенции; профильное обучение; compensatory competence; foreign language communication; structure of compensatory competence; profile education
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Pedagogic discourse as the means of organization of higher school students’ reflexive work
The pedagogic discourse is regarded as the means of organization of higher school students’ reflexive work. Taking place in the educational space of a higher school, this discourse may appear as a regulator of the reflexive work of students. In the course of this work the events and circumstances are connected in the situations significant for their professional development based on the experience and knowledge level.
Key words: педагогический дискурс; рефлексия; рефлексивная деятельность; pedagogic discourse; reflection; reflexive work
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Development of teacher’s dialogical position in the context of cultural and anthropologic approach
There is specified the notion “teacher’s dialogical position” and revealed its essential characteristics within the cultural and anthropologic approach. There are described the levels and criteria of teachers’ dialogical position. There is represented the model of the process and some results of implementation.
Key words: диалогическая позиция; культурно-антропологический подход; образ человека; формирование диалогической позиции у учителей; метод рефлексии со-бытийного действия; dialogical position; cultural and anthropologic approach; image of a man; development of teacher’s dialogical position; method of reflection of a co-existing action
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Retrospective analysis of requirements for a modern doctor
Based on the historical documents there are represented the results of the retrospective analysis of the requirements for a modern doctor, considered the main qualities of a personality that influence the professional development of a future doctor. There is emphasized the importance of such qualities for modern students at the stage of higher school education.
Key words: морально-этические требования; ценности; принципы и нормы медицинской профессии; врачебный долг; личностно-значимые качества врача; moral and ethic requirements; values; principles and standards of the medical profession; medical duty; personally significant qualities of a doctor
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Organization of foreign language teaching practice as the factor of development of pedagogical higher school student’s professional competence
There is considered the organization of teaching practice in the higher school system of foreign language teacher training. There are described the basic characteristics of teaching practice and its stages oriented at the complex of skills that favour the formation of future teacher’s professional competence. There are marked out the assessment criteria for teaching practice in a foreign language as the factor of student’s professional competence development.
Key words: педагогическая практика; фактор; профессиональная компетенция; лингвообразовательный процесс; teaching experience; factor; professional competence; linguistic educational process
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Essence of foreign language professional training of future specialists in the field of informatics and computer technology as a pedagogical process
There are revealed the essential characteristics of foreign language professional training of future specialists in the field of informatics and computer technology: unified nature, openness, professional complementarities, continuity and multi-stage character, as well as computer oriented environment.
Key words: иноязычная профессиональная подготовка; компьютерно ориентированная среда (КОС); изучение иностранного языка в неязыковом вузе; foreign language professional training; computer oriented environment; foreign language study at a non-linguistic higher school
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Modern approaches to video use at phonetic classes at higher schools
There are considered the new requirements for phonetic skills mastering for effective communication, as well as the modern approaches to phonetics teaching. This article is included into the series of articles concerning the issues of phonetics teaching at the modern stage.
Key words: фонетика; методика преподавания; английский язык; диалог культур; межкультурная коммуникация; phonetics; teaching methods; the English language; dialogue of cultures; intercultural communication
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Teaching communicative behaviour in the official sphere of PR specialists
There are regarded the peculiarities of foreign language teaching to PR specialists. Communicative behaviour is considered as one of the educational aspects. There are marked out the skills and knowledge necessary for foreign language communicative behaviour in the situations of the official sphere. There is developed the corresponding educational algorithm.
Key words: коммуникативное поведение; обучающий алгоритм; специалист по рекламе и связям с общественностью; информативное и фатическое коммуникативное поведение; communicative behaviour; educational algorithm; PR specialist; informative and phatic communicative behaviour
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Orthodox university as the environment for a dialogue with God and personal development
There is represented the category of co-existence community that lies in the basis of the notion of the Orthodox university as a specific educational space, considered the procedural characteristics and stages of establishment of a co-existing community, described the value and sense, communicative and organizational, space and semantic components of the process of establishment of a co-existing community at every stage.
Key words: онтологическая педагогика; православная педагогика; со-бытие; со-бытийная общность; образовательно-воспитательное пространство; ontological pedagogy; Orthodox pedagogy; co-existence; co-existence community; educational space
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Information and didactic support of pedagogic higher school students’ self study of the learning module “Theory and practice of family education in Russia (1917-1991)”
There are revealed the peculiarities of implementation of the learning module “Theory and practice of family education in Russia (1917-1991)” in the work with students, future teachers. In the block-module study of the learning information there are used such kinds of work as summary (abstract), outline, tests (written test questions and pseudotests).
Key words: семейное воспитание; эффективная самостоятельная работа студентов; блочно-модульная технология; учебный модуль; псевдотест; схемоконспект; family education; effective self-study of students; block and module technology; learning module; pseudotest; outline
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Model of informational competence development of bachelors in physical education in the process of informatics disciplines study
There are described the components (cognitive and operational, instrumental and activity, professional and projecting, communicative, value and sense), levels (low, medium, high) and stages (motivational, technological, professional and organizational) of formation of informational competence of bachelors in physical education in the course of informational disciplines.
Key words: компетентностный подход; информационная компетентность; бакалавр по физической культуре; обучение информатическим дисциплинам; компонентная структура; этапная модель; уровневая модель; competence approach; informational competence; bachelors in physical education; teaching informational disciplines; component structure; stage model; level model
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Филогические науки
Speech production and idioethnics of the language
There are considered the ways of speech production in a foreign language closest to the authentic speech of native speakers. There is analyzed the phenomenon of speech idioethnics. There is discussed the script way of formation of verbal thinking skills in a foreign language.
Key words: порождение речи; идиоэтничная речь; культурный сценарий; речевое мышление; speech production; idioethnic speech; cultural script; verbal thinking
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Moderator of communication as the subject of monitoring
There are considered the notions “moderator” and “subject of monitoring”, determined the role of the subject of monitoring in organization of the communicative process, as well as revealed its specific character for various types of discourse.
Key words: мониторинг; субъект мониторинга; модератор; типы дискурса; monitoring; subject of monitoring; moderator; types of discourse
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Emotive analysis as a method of ecologic monitoring of texts
There is analyzed the adaptation of the method of emotive analysis in the integrative paradigm of the emotive linguistic ecology, considered the possibility of transfer from the emotive linguistic ecology to the ecology of emotions in view of the necessity of eco-centered turn in the modern communication study.
Key words: эмотивная лингвоэкология; эмотивный анализ; экологизация; экоцентрический поворот; экология эмоций; emotive linguistic ecology; emotive analysis; ecologization; eco-centered turn; ecology of emotions
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Scent semiotics of hunters’ communication
There is considered the scent component, i.e. smell that represents special components of pheromones left by living beings for semiotic information about its presence in the material world. An experienced hunter can easily identify the objects for hunting, finding out their location according to the signs left in the natural environment. Having analyzed these signs he organizes his communicative behavior in accordance with the semiotic information.
Key words: информация; запах; знаки; сцентальнаяпрезентема; сцентальное воздействие; индентификация; дезинформирование; information; smell; signs; scent presenteme; scent influence; identification; disinformation
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Values of the addressee in the texts of the hotel advertisement
There are considered the values of the addressee of hotel services advertisement, analyzed the peculiarities of the use of the lexeme “rest”, determined its value components.
Key words: реклама; адресат; ценностные ориентации; аксема; advertisement; addressee; value guidelines
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Modal and tense modifications of sentences of identity
There is considered the analysis of the modifications of the tense, phase and type, modal character of the core structure S+Vc+P of sentences of identity. The research of high semantic extensibility of line tenses, especially “présent” and “présent absolu”, that emphasizes the disconnection of identity and the actual moment is dominant in consideration of the identity relation which has its stages: the beginning and the end. The sentences of identity also may contain modal modifications.
Key words: предложения тождества; ядерная структура; временные модификации; фазисно-видовые модификации; модальные модификации; sentences of identity; core structure; tense modifications; phase and type modifications; modal modifications
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Address and appeal as speech acts (by the material of the French language)
The address and the appeal are speech acts of the appellative type. Their basic function is to attract the addressee’s attention. The address is a systemic speech act. It is directed at making a contact between communicants and at characterizing of the message’s addresser. The speech act of appeal is to prompt the addressee to do some actions.
Key words: функции языка; речевой акт; апеллятив; обращение; призыв; language functions; speech act; appellative; address; appeal
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Peculiarities of implementation of some text categories based on the material of electronic business correspondence
There is researched the text as the basic unit of speech genre and discourse. There are considered the peculiarities of implementation of such text categories as coherence, integrity, ability to be divided into parts, informativity, local and temporal relativity. There are made the conclusions concerning the essence of the genre of electronic business correspondence and business discourse.
Key words: категории текста; речевой жанр; деловой дискурс; электронное деловое письмо; text categories; speech genre; business discourse; electronic business correspondence
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Adaptation of cultural meanings of emotional concepts in the process of artistic translation
There is considered the issue of adaptation of cultural and emotional meanings in the original and translated variant of a classical novel. There are suggested the ways of transformation of emotive and semantic language means that make the emotional concepts objective. The suggested routes allow finding out the signs of the concepts for adequate interpretation in the original language and for translation.
Key words: эмоциональный концепт; категориальная эмоциональная ситуация; эмотивность; культурно-эмоциональные смыслы; художественная коммуникация; emotional concept; categorial emotional situation; emotiveness; cultural and emotional meanings; artistic communication
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Considering the issue of double cases in the languages of various systems
There is analyzed the double declension of the languages of various systems. Some cases of simple declension take additional affixes of other cases, and the word form of a noun get two case endings. Such a picture may be found in the Mongolian languages, the Yenisei languages of Siberia and in the languages of the Chukchi and Kamchatka group. The research indicated that double cases were used to express the possessive relations.
Key words: категория притяжательности; двойные падежи; двойное склонение; родительный падеж; отношения притяжания; category of possessiveness; double cases; double declension; genitive case; possessiveness relations
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Determination of the development process of the intercultural competence of business negotiations participants
There are regarded the basic psychological aspects of the intercultural competence of business negotiations participants. There are analyzed the structural components of the intercultural competence. Special attention is paid to its determinants. There are researched the approaches to the issue of psychological determination of intercultural competence development.
Key words: межкультурные компетенции; бизнес-переговоры; развитие; детерминация; акмеология; intercultural competence; business negotiations; development; determination; acmeology
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World modeling potential of linguistic concepts in comparison: aspect of methods
There is considered the potential of the analysis methods of the world modeling potential of linguistic cultural concepts (by the example of the linguistic concepts TRADITION / ТРАДИЦИЯ). There is discussed the necessity of the comparative research of the linguistic concepts in the dynamic aspect through revelation of the vectors of the associative and sense development that reflect the pragmatic determination of the conceptual units in a particular discourse type.
Key words: лингвоконцепт; миромоделирующий потенциал лингвоконцепта; сопоставительная лингвистика; методика анализа; linguistic concept; world modeling potential of linguistic concept; comparative linguistics; methods of analysis
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Reflection of cultural and historic peculiarities of the region in the system of ethnic nominations
There is regarded the category of ethnic character of the national language mind of dialect bearers incarnated in ethnic nominations. The system of ethnonyms in the Pskov dialectal world picture is determined by the cultural and historic peculiarities of the frontier region, which allows considering them in the culturological, geographic, historic, linguistic aspects.
Key words: диалектная картина мира; этноним; этнонимикон; этнический стереотип; dialectal world picture; ethnonym; ethnic stereotype
Download | PDF, 1986 Kb
Motivation potential of the lexical group “ceremonial bread” in the Eastern Slavic wedding ritual
There is considered the motivation potential of cultural terms that denote ceremonial bread in Eastern Slavic wedding. There are marked out three groups of notions derived from the terms with the meaning of ceremonial baking: names of wedding episodes, its personages and attributes. There are determined the peculiarities of each group of notions and the reasons for their appearance.
Key words: восточнославянский свадебный обряд; культурный термин; обрядовый хлеб; мотивационные возможности; Eastern Slavic wedding ceremony; cultural term; ceremonial bread; motivation potential
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Verbal component of sacrifice ceremonies to fire
There is researched the sacrifice ceremony to fire - the ancient Kalmyk ceremony kept up to our time. The basic purpose of this ceremony is to appeal to happiness for their tribes and families.
Key words: обряд; ритуал; огонь; благопожелание; счастье; ceremony; ritual; fire; goodwill; happiness
Download | PDF, 2011 Kb
Spirit of fire of Turkic and Mongolian nations of Siberia: notions, typological similarities (based on ceremonial poetry)
There is considered the spirit of fire of Turkic and Mongolian nations of Siberia. There are revealed the common features and peculiarities of the notions of the spirit of fire. There are specified the notions and typological features, carried out the analysis of the epithets, functional purpose of the spirit of fire.
Key words: дух огня; представления; тюрко-монгольские народы; типологические черты; обрядовая поэзия; spirit of fire; notions; Turkic and Mongolian nations; typological features; ceremonial poetry
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Vectors of language pun in the field of phraseology
Language pun in the field of phraseology is considered as a cognitive and semantic phenomenon. Phraseological semantics is regarded as the result of language pun of the first degree. Inclusion of phraseological units into the context, phraseological variety are characterized as the language pun of the second degree.
Key words: языковая игра; фразеологизм; фразеологическая семантика; метафора; когнитивно-семантический парадокс; language pun; phraseological unit; phraseological semantics; metaphor; cognitive and semantic paradox
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Methods of etymological decoding of phraseological oxymorons in learner’s dictionaries (based on the local linguistic material)
There is substantiated the author’s conception of the lexicographic development of phraseological oxymorons in learner’s local linguistic dictionaries. There are thoroughly considered the methods of phraseographic description of contrary oxymorons. There are given the examples of dictionary entries.
Key words: учебная фразеография; лингвокраеведение; фразеологический оксюморон; этимологический комментарий; словарная статья; learner’s phraseography; local linguistic study; phraseological oxymoron; etymologic commentary; dictionary entry
Download | PDF, 1991 Kb
Methods of phraseological objectivity of emotional information in a private letter (based on the epistolary works by M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin)
The analysis of the role of phraseological units in verbalization of emotions in a private letter by the example of the epistolary works by M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin revealed the methods of phraseological objectivity of emotions: interjection, usual and contextually emotive, occasional and verbal phraseological units, and the phraseological units participating in the complex objectivity of emotions.
Key words: Фразеологическая единица; частное письмо; эмотивность; М.Е. Салтыков-Щедрин; phraseological unit; private letter; emotiveness; M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin
Download | PDF, 2009 Kb
Language means of implementation of the semantic category “much/little” in the paremies of the Don Cossacks
There are covered the ways of implementation of the quantitative semantics in the proverbs of the Don Cossacks. There are considered the morphologic means, as well as the implicit and explicit ways of expression of “little” and “much”.
Key words: количественная семантика; “много-мало”; паремии; имплицитный и эксплицитный способы выражения; quantitative semantics; “much/many”; paremies; implicit and explicit ways of expression
Download | PDF, 1985 Kb
Onomasiology and ideography of proper nouns: two complementary interpretation methodologies of onomastic research
The two interpretation approaches to work with proper nouns - onomasiologic and ideographic - are not autonomous and not directed against each other, but complementary; when building the ideographic classification of onyms along with the semantics of the appellative basis it is necessary to take into consideration the nominative processes reflected in the name, belonging of the onym to this or that onomasiologic model.
Key words: ономасиология; идеография; онимы; микротопонимия; onomasiology; ideography; onyms; microtoponymy
Download | PDF, 1983 Kb
Pragmatics of the communicative factor in a poetic text
There are considered the communicative and pragmatic peculiarities of the poems by chart poets who were non-professional authors and emphasized in a special way the communicative aspect of the poetic text building. There is made the conclusion about the role of non-professional texts in study of text building, communicative and pragmatic text parameters.
Key words: коммуникативные стратегии; коммуникативное намерение; прагматика; поэтическое текстопостроение; непрофессиональный текст; communicative strategies; communicative intention; pragmatics; poetic text building; non-professional text
Download | PDF, 2002 Kb
Implementation of the tendency for change of the semantic structure of a word in the period of the XVIII-XXI centuries (by the example of the lexemes “lover” and “mistress”)
There are researched some lexical and semantic transformations in the system of the Russian language of the XVIII-XXI centuries by the example of the lexemes “lover” and “mistress”. The meanings of these words greatly changed in the mentioned period of time under the influence of the tendency for semantic word structure change. After the represented analysis in the diachronic aspect it is possible to find out not only the great transformation of the lexical and semantic structure of the words, but also the opposite evaluation of the lexemes in the linguistic society.
Key words: лексико-семантическая система языка; семантические изменения слова; семантическая структура слова; изменение оценочности слова; lexical and semantic language system; semantic changes in a word; semantic structure of a word; changes in word evaluation
Download | PDF, 1991 Kb
Youth regionalisms in Russian speech of foreign students: orthological and linguistic cultural aspects
There is considered the regional slang of various types and the cases of their use in Russian speech of foreign students. There is shown the potential of linguistic cultural commentary of slang words and official urbanonyms, emphasized the necessity of correction work aimed at the use of similar literary words instead of regional slang words.
Key words: русский язык как иностранный; молодежный сленг; региональный сленгизм; урбаноним; диалектизм; псковские говоры; Russian as a foreign language; youth slang; regional slang word; urbanonym; dialecticism; Pskov dialects
Download | PDF, 2003 Kb
Word formative model of a verbal noun in the course of Russian as a foreign language for Estonian pupils
The word formative model as a linguistic and methodological unit is significant in teaching grammar and vocabulary to foreign language students. The comparative description of the models allows revealing the actual material taking into consideration students’ native language. The scope of learning representation of this or that model must vary in accordance with such parameters as productiveness, urgency for communication, interferential potential of the model.
Key words: русский язык как иностранный; словообразование; словообразовательная модель; межъязыковая интерференция; потенциальная интерферентность; продуктивность модели; Russian as a foreign language; word formation; word formative model; interlingual interference; potential interference; productiveness of the model
Download | PDF, 1989 Kb
Interactive potential of learning and scientific texts and its implementation in a foreign language audience
There are considered the ways to create interactivity of learning and scientific texts and the issue of representation of such texts to a foreign language audience. Special attention is paid to the description of the revealing potential of a learning and scientific text based on the profession at the lessons of Russian as a foreign language.
Key words: русский язык как иностранный; учебно-научный текст; интерактивный текст; диалогичность текста; изучающее чтение; Russian as a foreign language; learning and scientific text; interactive text; dialogical nature of a text; studying reading
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Popular expressions by F. Schiller as the source of German proverbs
There are described the results of the etymologic and linguistic analysis of popular expressions from the works by F. Schiller, found out the prerequisites of changing the author’s individual expressions to popular ones, commented on the methodology of ascertainment of the authorship, carried out the structural and semantic analysis of fixed phrases of the proverb type, stated the exact number of popular expressions by Schiller that enrich the gold reserves of proverbs in the German literary language.
Key words: Ф. Шиллер; сентенция; крылатые выражения; установление авторства; пословицы литературного происхождения; F. Schiller; maxim; popular expressions; ascertainment of the authorship; proverbs of literary origin
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Word formation ways based on Anglicisms in the German computer game slang
There is found out the reason for English loanwords in the German computer game slang. There are determined the most productive ways of word formation based on Anglicisms appearing in the German language: abbreviation, word composition, derivation. There are marked out the types of abbreviation, models of word composition and affix ways of word formation. There is made the conclusion about the diversity of Anglicisms in the German slang of online gamers.
Key words: англизация немецкого языка; компьютерные игры; способы словообразования; композиты; аббревиация; деривация; смешанные типы словообразования; Anglicism of the German language; computer games; ways of word formation; composites; abbreviation; derivation; mixed types of word formation
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Statements of American politicians regarding minority languages as the indicator of the USA language policy
There are researched the statements of the USA presidents and famous politicians regarding the minority languages that reflect the language reality and construct the citizens’ attitude to the use of minority languages in the society.
Key words: языковая политика; миноритарный язык; политический дискурс; ассимиляция; испанский язык; language policy; minority language; political discourse; assimilation; the Spanish language
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Peculiarities of the systemic character of the sector terminology (based on the English terminology “Technology of metal working by pressure”)
There are researched the peculiarities of the sector terminology by the example of the English terminology of metal working by pressure. Here are given the examples of the class and type terms that relate to each other in some way, considered the polysemy of the class terms, analyzed the correlation of language and speech that is a two-way process.
Key words: терминосистема; отраслевая терминология; системность; родовые термины; видовые термины; полисемия; terminological system; sector terminology; systemic character; class terms; type terms; polysemy
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Issue of appeal to a personality and creative work in the literary portraits by K.V. Mochulsky
There is considered the approach of the Russian abroad critical author K.V. Mochulsky to a personality in the context of the literary portrait genre. There is determined the genetic relation of a biographical author and literary work, which is proved by the author’s style as a verbal form of a personality.
Key words: литературная критика Русского зарубежья; литературный портрет; личность; стиль; литературный прием; критик; читатель; literary criticism of the Russian abroad; literary portrait; personality; style; literary method; critical author; reader
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Correlation of epigraphs and literary reminiscences of the main text in the work by C. Funke “Inkheart”
There is revealed one of the functions of epigraphs when it marks the literary reminiscences of the main text. Thus the epigraph correlates with intertextuality of various explicit level in the whole text regardless the chapter it precedes.
Key words: эпиграф; функции эпиграфа; литературные реминисценции; прецедентные тексты; тематизированная интертекстуальность; эксплицитная интертекстуальность; имплицитная интертекстуальность; epigraph; functions of epigraph; literary reminiscences; precedence texts; thematic intertextuality; explicit intertextuality; implicit intertextuality
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National image of the world in the creative works by V.S. Soloviov - Bolot Bootur
Based on the works by a Yakut writer V.S. Soloviov - Bolot Bootur there are considered the peculiarities of the national mentality reflection in the plots of the novels, poetics, world perception. The author’s books are a beneficial material for study of the national psychology of northern nations.
Key words: менталитет; якутская литература; национальный характер; поэтика; обычаи; mentality; Yakut literature; national character; poetics; customs
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Religious and philosophic poetry by William Dean Howells
There are considered the religious and philosophic aspects of the poetry by William Dean Howells which give the new horizons for comprehension of his creative work. He was not a poet in the artistic sense but he was a poet in his outlooks. The research purpose is to evaluate the religious and philosophic foundation for the poet’s works.
Key words: поэт-философ; религиозно-философский смысл; жизнь и смерть; спасение; человек и Бог; philosopher poet; religious and philosophic sense; life and death; rescue; man and God
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Ornithological symbolism in the Russian and Chinese poetry of the first third of the XX century: a goose and a swan
There is given the comparative analysis of the goose image in the Chinese poetry and the swan image in the Russian poetry, considered the artistic semantics of the images and the ways of their artistic actualization.
Key words: художественный образ; символ; компаративистика; лирика; художественная семантика; artistic image; symbol; comparative studies; lyrics; artistic semantics
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Delinquencies of peasants of the Saratov province (second half of the XIX - beginning of the XX centuries)
There are analyzed the prevalent types of faults and crimes committed by peasants in the Saratov province after the abolition of serfdom, as well as the roles of the officials in finding the verdict. There is noted the legal procedure, its local peculiarities, as well preventive measures as the way of fight with peasant delinquencies. There are regarded the law realities consisting in combination of the official legislation and the norms of peasants’ law.
Key words: крестьянство; Саратовская губерния; правонарушения; проступки; преступления; судопроизводство; peasantry; the Saratov province; delinquencies; faults; crimes; legal procedure
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Charities in Tsaritsyn at the beginning of the First World War based on periodicals
There is regarded the issue of charity work in Tsaritsyn at the beginning of the First World War. There are thoroughly considered the forms and types of charities. The basic materials for the study of these issues are periodicals in Tsaritsyn which is poorly studied now. Based on the thorough analysis of many articles and notes of Tsarytsyn newspapers issued in the years of the First World War there are represented the types, forms, scopes and results of charity work and marked the famous patrons who helped the wounded in the first years of the War and covered the work of charity organizations.
Key words: периодическая печать; Царицын; благотворительная деятельность; Первая мировая война; газеты Царицына; periodicals; Tsaritsyn; charity work; First World War; Tsaritsyn newspapers
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Students of theological schools of the Saratov province in the revolutionary movement
There are considered the reasons for the winds of revolution in the environment of students of theological schools in the beginning of the XX century, the main forms of their protest, given the appraisal of their manifestations.
Key words: духовные училища; духовные семинарии; революционное движение начала ХХ в; Саратовская губерния; семинаристы; theological colleges; theological seminaries; revolutionary movement of the beginning of the XX century; the Saratov province; seminarists
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Peculiarities of Russian literature development in the conception by P.N. Milukov
There is described the view of a Russian politician and historian Pavel Nikolaevich Milukov (1859-1943) on the Russian literature of the XIX century. There are revealed the fundamentals of his conception of Russian culture originality and their influence on the development of the Russian literature as a whole and especially in the period of the “golden century”. There is found out the influence of P.N. Milukov’s conception on establishment and development of the new “culturological” approaches in study both of Russian culture and of Russian history.
Key words: культурная эволюция; классический период русской литературы; национальное творчество; секуляризация литературы; романтизм; сентиментализм; реализм; П.Н. Милюков; cultural evolution; classical period of the Russian literature; national creative works; secularization of literature; romanticism; sentimentalism; realism; P.N. Milukov
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Party management of women’s activity in the 1920s by the example of the Lower Volga Region
There is considered the work of women’s departments in the 1920s in the Lower Volga Region. Based on the archival documents there are found out the conditions and methods of work with women. There is noted the duality of authorities’ policy concerning the women’s issue. On the one hand, the documents show the difficulties to involve women into social life. On the other hand, there is traced the tendency to limit women’s activity by some particular frames, conditions, guidelines.
Key words: женская активность; женотделы; делегатские собрания; политическая грамотность; делегатки; женский вопрос; women’s activity; women’s departments; delegate meetings; political competence; delegates; women’s issue
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Election campaigns in Soviet province in the second half of the 1930s (based on the Lower Volga Region materials)
Based on the reports, strategic messages and texts of public speeches kept in the archives there are analyzed the forms of political behavior of urban citizens. There is considered the citizens’ attitude to legislation authorities of various levels in the period of election campaigns of the second half of the 1930s.
Key words: повседневность; горожане; избирательные кампании; политическое поведение; власть; Нижневолжский регион; daily routine; citizens; election campaigns; political behavior; authorities; Lower Volga Region
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Centrolew as the election slate of the opposition parties in parliamentary elections of the 1930 in Poland
There is revealed the role of the left and centrist parties in the Centolew slate in the period of parliamentary elections of the 1930 in Poland according to the following signs: idea influence on the slate’s programme, pre-election activity and the quota of candidates in the election lists of the slate.
Key words: история Польши; режим санации (sanacja regime); парламентские выборы; предвыборный блок; history of Poland; sanacja regime; parliamentary elections; election slate
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Patronage of orphans in the Stalingrad region in the years of the Great Patriotic War
There are considered the basic forms of social support of orphans in the Stalingrad region in the years of the Great Patriotic War. Special attention is paid to the forms of interaction of industrial enterprises and collective farms of the region with children’s boards of guardians. There is shown the role of the Komsomol in this work.
Key words: дети-сироты; детские дома; Великая Отечественная война; социальная работа; orphans; children’s homes; the Great Patriotic War; social work
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Activity of student construction brigades in the Volgograd Region in preserving of the objects of cultural legacy in the 1970-1990s
There is considered the activity of student construction brigades in the Volgograd Region in the Soviet period. There is marked out the work in preserving of the cultural legacy. There is regarded the correlation with other public organizations.
Key words: культурное наследие; студенческие строительные отряды; комсомол; cultural legacy; student construction brigades; Komsomol
Download | PDF, 1993 Kb
Social memory of Cossack descendants: representation of events and images
The factor of memory played an important role in development of Cossack revival. The participants of the revival paid special attention to the Cossack history, historical cultural forms and traditions. Special meaning for Cossacks was given to those events and images that formed the positive image of Cossacks as the defenders of the native land or showed the tragedy of the Cossack history regarding the Civil War.
Key words: казачество; память; традиции; исторические события; памятники; исторические личности; the Cossacks; memory; traditions; historical events; monuments; historical personalities
Download | PDF, 1989 Kb