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№6 (91) 2014
2014 г.
Modern strategy of modernization of Russian education: historic and pedagogic context
From the positions of the historic and pedagogic knowledge there is substantiated the change of strategy of Russian education development which is implemented on the traditional and conservative basis. There are marked out the strategic directions of the state policy in the sphere of education that include the mechanisms of the reflexive modernization. There is suggested the new methodology of the adequate interpretation of the historic process and the many-dimensional model of interpretation of the modernization processes in the Russian education.
Key words: стратегия развития образования; модернизация образования; возвратная модернизация; ретроинновация; ретросказуемость; strategy of education development; modernization of education; reflexive modernization; retroinnovation; retropredicate
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System approach in pre-university training at a modern higher school
There is considered the professional orientation of young people at a modern higher school from the positions of the system approach. There is shown that the system of pre-university training includes a number of subsystems where we could find out the system of professional orientation and the system of professional training as the basic ones united by the common goal, functionally connected and correlated.
Key words: профессиональная ориентация; довузовская подготовка; система; подсистема; профилизация; профильный предмет; professional orientation; pre-university training; system; subsystem; core curriculum
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Basic directions in providing the efficiency of formation of professionalism of contract service men in the conditions of military society
There are reveled the basic directions in providing the effective formation of professionalism of contract service men in the conditions of military society. The article is aimed at a wide range of readers who are interested in the issues connected with the use of pedagogic potential in the educational experience of various types of society.
Key words: профессионализм военнослужащего контрактной службы; педагогический потенциал воинского социума; педагогизация; профессионализация; развитие мотивации; технологизация; professionalism of contract service men; pedagogic potential of military society; pedagogic orientation; professional orientation; motivation development; technology orientation
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Scientific research work as the resource of the reputation policy of a higher school: urgent issues, contradictions, prospects
There are analyzed the issues of optimization of organizational foundations of scientific research work at higher schools regarding the tasks of reputation. There is suggested the hypothesis about appropriateness of the network management model and implementation of the principles of lateral management including the formation of the frame model of informational and communicative space of a higher school.
Key words: научно-исследовательская работа; инновации; университет; высшее образование; репутация; латеральный маркетинг; менеджмент; сетевая организация; scientific research work; innovations; university; higher education; reputation; lateral marketing; management; network organization
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Organization of independent work of creative higher school students in the conditions of implementation of the Federal state educational standards
There are considered the issues of students’ independent work organization in the conditions of implementation of the Federal state educational standards. There are determined the types of work of creative higher school students. There are suggested the multilevel and variable problem creative tasks that favour the formation of independent creative personality with high level of professional competence.
Key words: самостоятельность; самостоятельная работа студентов; федеральные государственные образовательные стандарты третьего поколения; independence; students’ independent work; Federal state educational standards of third generation
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National self-consciousness as the criterion of efficiency of future teacher’s self-actualization
There is substantiated that the national self-consciousness may serve as the criterion for characterization not only of social groups but also of the efficiency of future teacher’s self-actualization as the process and result of the I-conception establishment. There are correlated the categories of the ethnic and national self-consciousness, marked out the characteristics and signs of the national self-consciousness as the criterion of efficiency of future teacher’s self-actualization.
Key words: самосознание; нация; этнос; культура; самореализация; критерий; показатели; self-consciousness; nation; ethnos; culture; self-actualization; criterion; sign
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Principle of continuity in professional education as the important factor in high qualified specialist training
There is shown that professional education of the XXI century as the priority of development determines the achievement of international standards; transition from disciplinary education to interdisciplinary module education based on the competence approach that provides key and professional competences mastering allowing quick response to labour market changes; continuity of professional education during the whole life of a person.
Key words: среднее профессиональное образование; закон «Об образовании в РФ»; модернизация; бизнес-сообщество; независимая система оценки качества образования; социальное партнерство; secondary professional education; law “Education in Russia”; modernization; business-community; independent system of education quality management; social partnership
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Level model of technological culture of future teachers of technology and entrepreneurship
From the position of the holistic approach there is considered the level model of the technological culture of future teachers of technology and entrepreneurship. There is revealed the dialectic character of personal quality development that allows perceiving the technological culture as the type of various transforming work with the variety of properties, connections and relations.
Key words: динамическая структура; иерархия уровней; компоненты; критерии; технологическая культура; уровневая модель; dynamic structure; hierarchy of levels; components; criteria; technological culture; level model
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Ecologic approach and ecologic method of students’ ecologic conscience formation at a technical higher school
The ecologic approach is considered as the basic methodological guideline in formation of the ecologic conscience of future specialists in the sphere of the modern industry service.
Key words: формирование экологического сознания; экологический подход; экологический метод; formation of the ecologic conscience; ecologic approach; ecologic method
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Modeling of situations of pedagogic communication as the means of formation of future foreign language teacher’s professional competence
There is described the modeling of situations of pedagogic communication in the university system of foreign language teacher training. There are represented the basic characteristics of the pedagogic communication and the most effective technologies of creating the educational and practical situations aimed at the skills included into the structure of future teacher’s professional competence and favoring the formation of it.
Key words: педагогическое общение; микрообучение; ролевая игра; профессиональная компетенция; pedagogic communication; microeducation; role play; professional competence
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Professional and moral position of a cadet as the educational result of training at higher schools of the Internal Affairs Ministry of Russia
There is considered the issue of formation of the professional and moral position of a cadet at higher schools of the Internal Affairs Ministry of Russia. There is specified the notion of the professional and moral position of a cadet as the educational result, determined its components.
Key words: профессионализм; нравственность; позиция; составляющие профессионально-нравственной позиции; professionalism; morality; position; components of professional and moral position
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Cultural and world view variety of the Orthodox contents of music world in the spiritual and moral development and education of schoolchildren
There is revealed the potential of the discipline “Music” in the spiritual and moral development and education of schoolchildren. There is given the notion of music as an integral image. There is considered the cultural and world view variety of the world of music in the Orthodox tradition. There is marked out the peculiarity of sympathy as the mechanism of interaction of a child with the integral image of music.
Key words: целостный образ музыки; традиции культуры; культурно-мировоззренческая палитра содержания музыки православной традиции; переживание; integral image of music; cultural traditions; cultural and world view variety of the world of music in the Orthodox tradition; sympathy
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Sociocultural approach to projecting of humanitarian space of teenager’s cultural self-determination
There are represented the characteristics of the sociocultural approach as the methodological tools for projecting of humanitarian space of teenager’s cultural self-determination within the humanitarian paradigm of pedagogical knowledge.
Key words: культурное самоопределение подростка; гуманитарное пространство; социокультурный подход; социокультурный опыт; гуманитарное развитие подростка; teenager’s cultural self-determination; humanitarian space; sociocultural approach; sociocultural experience; humanitarian development of a teenager
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Pedagogic preventive measures of disadaptation of a teenager: gender approach
There are considered the theoretical premises of the ideas of pedagogic preventive measures of the gender disadaptation of a teenager. There is substantiated the gender approach as the methodological foundation of the research of teenagers’ gender disadaptation issue based on the experience of the institutions of additional education.
Key words: гендерная дезадаптированность; гендерная идентичность; маскулинность; фемининность; андрогинность; гендерный подход; педагогическая профилактика; gender disadaptation; gender identity; masculinity; femininity; androgyny; gender approach; pedagogic preventive measures
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Ability for goal setting as the educational competence of senior preschool children
There is revealed the essence of the ability for goal setting as the key educational competence. There is substantiated the necessity and the possibility of its formation for senior preschool children as the sign of child’s readiness for school education. There are empirically sorted out the levels of development of this ability. There are represented the results of the longitude research of the levels of the ability for goal setting by 6-7 year old children.
Key words: целеполагание; способность к целеполаганию; образовательная компетентность; готовность к школе; goal setting; ability for goal setting; educational competence; readiness for school
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Model of formation process of senior pupils’ attitude to a family as a socially important value in teaching humanities
There are described the foundations of construction of the model of formation process of senior pupils’ attitude to a family as a socially important value in teaching humanities. As the main means of formation of this personal phenomenon there are suggested the heuristic personally significant pedagogic situations and problem value and sense tasks.
Key words: семья; социально значимая ценность; ценностное отношение; эвристическая личностно значимая педагогическая ситуация; проблемное ценностно-смысловое задание; family; socially significant value; value attitude; heuristic personally significant pedagogic situation; problem value and sense task
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Rival team-mates: admonitions of Plato and Xenophon to a human who cares about oneself
There is determined the phenomenological comprehension of “care about oneself” as the basis of ancient Greek pedagogy of the classic period founded by Socrates and developed by his followers - Plato and Xenophon. Their heritage is considered through the prism of human’s attitude to one’s own education in the particular historical and cultural context. There is substantiated the significance of study of “care about oneself” for historical and theoretical pedagogic researches.
Key words: древнегреческая педагогика; педагогика «заботы о себе»; «забота о себе»; наставления Платона и Ксенофонта; ancient Greek pedagogy; pedagogy of “care about oneself”; “care about oneself”; admonitions of Plato and Xenophon
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Social and psychological competence and successfulness of educational work of students of Moscow State University of Civil Engineering
There is researched the correlation of successfulness of 1st and 2nd year students of Moscow State University of Civil Engineering with such social and psychological peculiarities as self-assessment and social intellect.
Key words: успешность учебной деятельности; самооценка; социальный интеллект; successfulness of educational work; self-assessment; social intellect
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Education of early aged children with good eyesight by blind or visually impaired parents: comparative analysis of the problem and recommendations for solving
There is given the data of the sociologic research of the issues that are faced by blind or visually impaired parents in the Ural region who are bringing up early aged children with good eyesight. There is suggested the list of recommendations in solving the problems.
Key words: незрячие и слабовидящие родители; родители-инвалиды по зрению; проблемы родителей с нарушениями зрения; blind or visually impaired parents; eye disabled parents; problems of visually impaired parents
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Peculiarities of adult students’ perception of approaches to teaching in distant environment
There are considered the peculiarities of distant teaching and education, discussed the research results of adult students’ perception of approaches to teaching in electronic environment based on the suggested models of teaching in cyberspace - pedagogic and andragogic ones.
Key words: педагогика; андрагогика; киберпространство; электронное обучение; дистанционное обучение; конструктивное обучение; pedagogy; andragogy; cyberspace; electronic education; distant education; distant education; constructional education
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Occurrence approach to organization of linguistic retraining of specialists
There is considered the notion of occurrence in retraining of foreign language specialists in the system of additional professional education. There are described the principles of organization and guidelines for work at occurrence language trainings.
Key words: переподготовка специалистов; оккурентный подход; овладение иностранным языком; иноязычная коммуникация; тренинг; retraining of specialists; occurrence approach; foreign language mastering; foreign language communication; training
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Foreign language teaching oriented at communication: experience of foreign and Russian researchers
There are considered such key methodological notions as “communicative approach”, “communicative method of foreign language communicative competence teaching”. There are determined the principles of education oriented at communication; given the characteristics of some models of interaction; given the examples of the process of foreign language teaching and monitoring of students’ achievements within the communicative approach.
Key words: коммуникативный подход; коммуникативная компетенция; иноязычная коммуникация; принципы коммуникативно-ориентированного обучения; дискурсивная компетенция; модели взаимодействия; communicative approach; communicative competence; foreign language communication; principles of education oriented at communication; discursive competence; models of interaction
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Use of interactive methods in English and German languages teaching to students of non-linguistic faculties of higher schools
There is represented the issue of the use of interactive methods in English and German languages teaching, suggested the classification of the modern interactive methods. There are reflected the results of the questionnaire of the English and German languages teachers in the use of interactive teaching methods in class.
Key words: интерактивные методы обучения; коммуникативная компетентность; иностранный язык; мотивация; совместная деятельность преподавателя и обучающихся; interactive teaching methods; communication competence; foreign language; motivation; common activity of teacher and students
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Role of mobile education in optimization of foreign language teaching
There is considered the potential of the latest mobile technologies for foreign language teaching. There are described the mobile multimedia applications suitable for organization of both individual and team work, classroom work and independent work in foreign language learning. There are given the examples of mobile technologies use for monitoring and administering of educational process.
Key words: мобильное обучение; мобильные технологии; мобильные сервисы; mobile education; mobile technologies; mobile services
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Contents of integrated courses in informatics and ecology based on thesaurus method
There is shown the use of the thesaurus method for the analysis of the notions of the educational spheres of informatics and ecology. There is represented the system of the basic notion of the integrated course of informatics and ecology including interdisciplinary notions. There are given the schemes and tables that include the groups of notions in their correlation.
Key words: интеграция знаний; тезаурусный метод; система понятий; учебного курса; информатика; экология; integration of knowledge; thesaurus method; system of notions; training course; informatics; ecology
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Methodology of pupils’ ecology competence formation in studying the basis of atomic and nuclear physics in secondary school
There is characterized the complex of methods and means of pupils’ ecology competence formation in studying the basis of atomic and nuclear physics in secondary school implemented in the contents of the basic course of physics and optional courses of physics and ecology.
Key words: природа; личность; экологическая культура; атомная физика; радиация; экологические риски; nature; personality; ecology culture; atomic physics; radiation; ecologic risks
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Модернизация российского и зарубежного образования в XVIII - начале XXI в.: материалы сессии Научного совета по проблемам истории образования и педагогической науки РАО
Key words:
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