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№3 (57) 2011
2011 г.
Aphorism as a way of philosophizing
There is regarded the aphorism as an artistic form of philosophy language. There is proved that aphorisms are special philosophic formulas, which express the quintessence of philosophers thought; help to visualize and materialize the metaphysical object of philosophizing by performing the role of the operator of philosohical thought.
Key words: aphorism; language of philosophy; concept; artistic and theoretic thinking; sense
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Peculiarities of subject-object relations in social theories
There are shown the changes of subject-object relations in classic and non-classic paradigms of social knowledge. There is analyzed the correlation between general philosophical epistemology and the main paradigms of social knowledge.
Key words: epistemology; classic paradigm; non-classic paradigm; subject; object; construction; ontology
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Social identity: functions and specificity of modality
There are analyzed the main functions of social identity, that contributes to comprehension of its specific character. Social identity appears as dynamic space with the properties of integrity, processing, projectivity, sense formation, transcendence. There is shown that overcoming the discrepancy of being is the process of identity acquisition.
Key words: identity; identification; social identity; adaptive function; integrative function; sense forming function; sociocultural basis
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Time in the existentialism of J.-P.Sartre
There is actualized the time category in the existential philosophy of J.-P.Sartre - not as a line sequence, but as integrity and unity determined by the logic of the reverse causality. A person is considered as the scope of opportunities, realized by choice, that is why it is not past that determines present and future, but future that determines present and past.
Key words: existentialism; person; consciousness; existence; time; present; past; future
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Post-industrial society and socialist social and economic formation: two names of one phenomenon?
There are considered the final stages of two periodizations of public systems development - postindustrial society by D.Bell and socialist social and economic formation by K.Marx. There is made the conclusion that the both theories deal with one and the same public structure, in spite of the different grounds for creating authors conceptions. The main idea of the article is concretized on the model of the modern Japanese society.
Key words: post-industrial society; socialist social and economic formation; K.Marx; D.Bell; historical materialism; civilization conception; Japanese management
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Cultural Studies
Mythological ontology of a modern fairy tale
There is revealed the mythological origin of the fantasy genre, shown the universal anthropological meaning of fiction images and plot lines used in it. In analyzing the myth ontology there is found out the old sense origin of plots and characters of a fantasy story and revealed the social and cultural reasons of their popularity.
Key words: fantasy; myth; image; syncretism; selfdetermination; sense
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Gender philosophy of the Chinese opera
There are analyzed the ways, which helped the traditional Chinese opera to form and transmit the conception of gender status in a society. There are argued the statements that theatre cross-gender change of clothes, on the one hand, threatened the binary construction of Chinese gender, and on the other hand it favoured the consolidation of masculinity ideology.
Key words: construction of masculinity/feminity; gender representation; cross-gender performers
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Experience of feminity forming in the culture of American neoheathenism
There is considered the gender world picture of the modern American neoheathenism, in particular, specific for this culture assessment of feminity, its essence and properties. There are revealed the contradictions connected with forming of new feminity.
Key words: neoheathenism; feminity; gender status; feminine values; sacralization of the corporal
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Metaphysics of mural art
There is analyzed the new area of street art - graffiti. Mural art as an attribute of the modern street art is compared to its historical and cultural sources - earlier art forms (Paleolithic rock paintings, fresco of the Ancient Egypt, antiquity and Middle Ages, calligraphy). There are sorted out the metaphysical, conceptual, sacral, catharsis, aesthetic, scriptological, supportive, cultural and other functions of the mural art.
Key words: graffiti; mural art; fresco; calligraphy; stencil; hip-hop; surrealism; spontaneous art; "writers"
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Phenomenon of social Network services in modern culture
By the example of the VKontakte website there is considered the phenomenon of social Network services in modern culture, its functional peculiarities, the role and place of the given phenomenon in persons life. There are shown the probable reasons for the popularity and wide spread of the new form of communication. There is analyzed the problem of dependence on the Internet.
Key words: the Internet; social Network service; "mosaic" culture; "VKontakte"; dependence on the Internet
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Crisis of traditional icon painting in Russia at the beginning of XVIII century
There are shown the reasons for crisis of traditional Old Russian icon painting in Russia, which was developed at the beginning of XVIII century, and which was caused by intra-ecclesiastical and state problems and led to the strongest West European influence on traditional icon painting. There are sorted out the crisis signs and determined the main directions and stylistic peculiarities of the Russian icon painting in the New (Synodal) period.
Key words: crisis; icon painting tradition; West influence; pictorial icon
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Emperor Wilhelm and his views on art in the context of artistic life in Germany at the end of XIX - beginning of XX century
There are shown the artistic views of the Emperor Wilhelm II, who contributed to flowering of its official line at the end of XIX - beginning of XX century, showing great interest in art. Archaeology amateur, the author of pictorial and graphic works, initiator of architectural reconstructions and sculptural projects, he adopted the traditionalistic art policy and treated the newest art trends critically, trying to make art serve the state.
Key words: art in Germany; Emperor Wilhelm II; archaeology; "official" art; painting; graphic arts; sculpture
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Architectural traditions of Kalmyk people: from nomad tent to Buddhist temple
There is described the Kalmyk architecture in the system of visual arts of Kalmykia in the XIX - beginning of XX centuries. Researching the ethnic culture genesis, there is analyzed the issue of historic development of nomads architecture and revealed the evolution from nomad tent to Buddhist temple of Kalmykia.
Key words: architecture; tradition; visual art; ethnic culture genesis; nomads' culture; Buddhism; historic reconstruction
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Token functions and symbols of traditional folk clothing
There are considered the token functions in folk costumes on the example of peasant clothing of the XX century. There are analyzed the symbols of parts of clothes and determined the token status of the costume. There is found out the connection between rituals of life cycles and clothing.
Key words: token function of costume; ceremonialism; symbols of clothing; visual language of clothing
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Polynational specificity of music folklore of the Orenburg territory
There are covered the issues of folk and instrumental performance and education in the Orenburg territory and regional peculiarities of polynational creative work. The work is based on the documents and evidence of the State Archieves of the Orenburg region, scientific works of the leading researcher of the musical culture of the land, Advanced Doctor (Arts) B.P.Khavtorin, PhD (Art Studies) Y.N.Vyazmin.
Key words: culture; folklore; folk instruments; ethnos; history of the Orenburg territory; the Cossacks; national music
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D.D. Shostakovich and M.O. Shteinberg: interrelations
There are considered the creative contacts between D.D.Shostakovich and his teacher in the Leningrad conservatory M.O.Shteinberg, compared their aesthetic views and style preferences.
Key words: composer; teacher; formalism; Soviet music
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Content of family music education in Russia (XIX - beginning of XX century)
On the basis of culturological analysis there is suggested the historical experience of teaching music in the cultural and educational space of a Russian family. There are revealed the basic music and cultural preferences of families, succession of music, pedagogic and cultural traditions, analyzed the dynamics of the content and methods of teaching children to play music.
Key words: childhood; cultural space of a family; playing music; family education to play music; governesses
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Explorations at the Vodyansky settlement in 2010
There are suggested the results of the explorations of Vodyansky settlement in 2010, which is an archaeological monument of the Golden Horde, situated near Dubovka of the Volgograd region. The period of its existence is the XI - beginning of the XV century.
Key words: Vodyansky settlement; Golden Horde; medieval city; archaeological explorations; archaeological find; history; culture
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Christian cemetery at the Vodyansky settlement
The Christian cemetery of Vodyansky settlement is a unique archaeological complex in Nizhny Povolzhye. There are gathered the materials of many years explorations and attempted to compare them with the research of Christian medieval cemeteries at the territories of Russian principalities.
Key words: obsequial rite; Vodyansky settlement; Christian medieval cemetery; archaeological explorations; history; culture
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Old Russian legislation about the Cossacks
The history of the Cossacks is of specified origin. One of the sources to answer the questions is the Old Russian legislation. It allows finding out, whether the Cossacks are a Russian phenomenon, whether it had a base in the life and social relations of the Old Russian state, and whether these relations were legalized in Russia.
Key words: the Cossacks; Old Russian state; legislation
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Acquisition of manor land by a peasant land bank in the provinces of Srednee Povolzhye at the end of the XIX - beginning of the XX century
There are regarded the activities of the Peasant land bank in formation of own land fund at the expense of acquisition of manor estates, as well as manors selling of their lands to peasants of the region with the help of the bank. There are analyzed the reasons and conditions of buying and selling of holdings, purchase and selling prices for the lands and their dynamics, banks policy, requirements of the nobility and peasantry in the course of mobilization, influence of Stolypins reforms and the first Russian revolution on the mentioned processes. The events and phenomena chronologically refer to the end of the XIX - beginning of the XX century.
Key words: peasant bank; manor estates; nobility; peasant farms; land acquisition; price of lands
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Activities of Tsaritsyn Department of the Imperial Russian music society and establishment of the system of music education in Tsaritsyn
There is covered the issue, little-studied in the local history, of establishment of the system of professional music education in pre-revolutionary Tsaritsyn. With the use of new archival materials and modern researchers works, there is suggested the review of the stages of beginnings of Tsaritsyn Department of the Imperial Russian music society and its Music classes as the first educational institution of the music art. For the first time in scientific literature, there is given the unknown information about charitable and organizational activities in the field of music education of major Tsaritsyn supporters, in particular, A.A.Repnikov, A.V.Lapshin, G.G.Serebryakov.
Key words: Imperial Russian music society (IRMS); Tsaritsyn department of IRMS; Music classes; A.A.Repnikov; A.V.Lapshin; G.G.Serebryakov; A.V.Orlov; concert educational activity; musical evenings
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Public attitude in 1920 - 1925 of the XX century in the context of state and ecclesiastical relations (by the exampleof the Astrakhan province)
There is characterized the influence of the society on the relations between state and church in 1920s. The material is based on the documents from the Astrakhan archives funds.
Key words: church; state; society; religion; church history; anti-religious work
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Personnel training of the educational system of Kalmyk (1920 - 1941)
There is shown the mechanism of the public policy realization in education personnel training, teachers further professional training.
Key words: professional education; personnel; technical secondary school; working faculty; pedagogical institute
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Training of working personnel on the Stalingrad railway in 1943-1945
There are described the problems of rail facilities restoration in the USSR on the territory, free from the Nazi occupation, in the years of the Second World War. By the example of the Stalingrad railway, there are covered the main methods and directions of professional training and retraining of working personnel. There are considered the issues of participation of women and youth in the restoration of the rail facilities, as well as the issues of working discipline on the railway.
Key words: Great Patriotic War; Stalingrad railway; rail facilities restoration; training of working personnel; further training; Stakhanov schools; Komsomol youth brigade
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Organization of culture and mass work among working youth of the Stalingrad (Volgograd) region in the second half of 1950s - 1960s
There are analyzed the forms and methods of culture and mass work with working youth, popular in the 50
Key words: culture and mass work; Stalingrad (Volgograd) region; youth; factory; Council of Ministers of the USSR; public debate; propaganda
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Komsomol in the perestroika period
There is analyzed the work of Komsomol in the perestroika period in the USSR. There is made the conclusion that in the mentioned period it was necessary to convert Komsomol into a qualitatively new level of working with the youth. Meanwhile, most of the Komsomol organizations could not determine their place and role in solution of public problems.
Key words: Komsomol; youth; perestroika; society; forms and methods of work
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Development of cultural policy, objects and perspectives of cultural and informative tourism in the Ourupinsk district of the Volgograd region
There is considered the development of the tourism sphere in the Ourupinsk district of the Volgograd region. There is maintained that the support of tourism may favour the economic development of the mentioned region. There are enumerated the main reasons for underdevelopment of the tourism sector of Volgograd economics and the guidelines of cultural policy in this sphere.
Key words: culture; cultural policy; cultural tourism; architectural monument; place of interest
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Modern specificity of the Russian public investment policy
There is revealed the specific character of the modern public investment policy of the Russian Federation, which consists in the conceptual contradiction between the goals of social and economic country development, priority directions of public investment policy and the instruments of its realization.
Key words: public investment policy; goals of investment policy; investment climate; methods and instruments of public investment policy; federal purpose programs
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Efficiency of investments in human resources potential development of entrepreneurial structure as the basis of competitiveness increase
In order to organize the process of investment in human resources potential correctly and, thereby, effectively, it is necessary to have clear understanding of the stages of the process of effectiveness evaluating of investment in the formation and development of the microsystem personnel capital. This process, which consists of the sum of specialists individual competences, includes four main stages: the analysis of information flows, determination of assessment results of human resources potential, transformation of the findings into money equivalent, calculations of the result - profitability of investments in human resources potential.
Key words: предпринимательская структура; конкурентоспособность; инвестиции в кадровый потенциал; индивидуальные компетенции; эффективность инвестиций в кадровый потенциал; доходность инвестиций в кадровый потенциал
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Research of organizational behaviour by means of expert assessments with the aim to choose the directions of personnels creativity increase
Creativity is becoming the most important resource of organizations development and, accordingly, the necessity of its management is increasing. Inner environment has a great influence on creativity development, and, accordingly, it is necessary to determine the assessment criteria for inner factors. There are considered the issues of expert assessment of organizational behaviour with the purpose of elaborating the ways of organizations development, as well as the use of hierarchy analysis method for the analysis of priority of innovative projects from the point of view of the factors.
Key words: organizational behaviour; creativity; expert assessments
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Motivational mechanism of formation of consumer market competitiveness
There is considered the motivational mechanism of formation of consumer market competitiveness that allows finding out effective key factors of regulation and development stimulation. In the relevant research works the aspect of motivation for competitiveness increase is not fully covered. Realization of motivational mechanism in the process of market settlement makes it possible to take into consideration the interests of all the participants of consumer market and to provide its rational structure.
Key words: competitiveness; motivation; consumer market
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Management decision-making by means of determination of commercial real estate using the method of resemblance and inclusion
There are described the parameters, which characterize the appropriation of this or that object of commercial real estate to a particular class, using the method of resemblance and inclusion. Each object is characterized by a certain set of factors. Their presence of absence shows to some extent the inclusion of a certain sign into the given set of factors. For comparing the used parameters for greater originality there are used the squarte matrixes.
Key words: original sign; typical sign; matrixes of resemblance and comparison; sets; graphs and orthographs
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Essence of HR-branding as the mechanism of organizations positioning at the labour-market
There is suggested the substantiation, range of problems and analysis of the system of organizations HR-branding as the means of formation of organizations positive image at the labour-market. The urgency of the research is in the insufficient development of the methodological apparatus of the HR-branding of Russian companies, favouring the improvement of their corporate reputation.
Key words: brand; branding; internal branding; HRbranding; personnel capital; human capital; labourmarket; positioning; human resources
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Рецензия на книгу: Лишаев С.А. Эстетика Другого. СП б.: Изд-во СП б. ун-та, 2008. 380 с.
Key words:
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Сферическая иммунология П. Слотердайка
Key words:
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Рецензия на книгу: Барабаш Н.А. Телевидение и театр: игры постмодернизма. 2-е изд. М. : КомКнига, 2010. 184 с.
Key words:
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Форум «Культура в действии» (г. Москва, 12-14 ноября 2010 г.)
Key words:
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Комплексное исследование творческой личности И.И. Машкова
Key words:
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