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№7 (51) 2010
2010 г.
Will Pedagogy become a science? Thoughts about oeuvre of V.V.Kraevsky
There are regarded the methodological problems of scientific explanation of teaching, V.V. Kraevskys ideas about the conditions of prognostic role fulfillment by the pedagogic science towards education practice.
Key words: methodological reflection; scientific explanation of teaching; unity principal of the substantial and the procedural
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Contexts of psychological knowledge functioning in pedagogy (methodological problems)
There are analyzed the topical for modern pedagogic research contexts of psychological knowledge functioning. There is substantiated the efficiency of philosophic broad interpretation of the notion activity and activity approach for these contexts peculiarities revelation. There is shown the necessity of recognition pedagogical and psychological objects. There is suggested the version of methodological guidelines for pedagogical objects transformation based on psychological knowledge.
Key words: pedagogical object; pedagogical objects transformation; contexts of psychological knowledge functioning in pedagogy
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Philosophic pluralism, gnosiological relativity or banal scientific ignorance?
There is maintained that under the slogans of philosophic pluralism and gnosiological relativity there is often appeared the banal scientific ignorance. There are given particular examples of the revision of a special relativity theory on the basis of misinterpretation of historical and methodological facts.
Key words: philosophic pluralism; gnosiological relativity; revisionism; Doppler effect
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Natural science disciplines teaching under the conditions of open education
The methods of the teaching of natural-science disciplines (mathematics) are described in the department of the open education of Financial Academy, the description of educational portal is given, and work experience with the high school seniors, the students of external and remote departments is generalized.
Key words: educational portal; the teaching of natural-science disciplines; the external and remote departments
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Russian education in search of value guidelines in the second half of XIX - beginning of XX centuries
The analysis of pedagogic reality of the second half of XIX - beginning of XX centuries in the light of the value approach allows making the following conclusions: the system of humanistic principals is essential for anthropological educational conception; human is the supreme value in education; education plays an important role in personality value consciousness establishment.
Key words: value; value approach; anthropological conception; education
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In-house training system building peculiarities directed at inner motivation development
There are considered the approaches to in-house training system building. There is carried out the survey of existing definitions and conceptions of the notion in-house training. There is defined the role of the motivational components in the adult teaching system building.
Key words: in-house training system; learning motivation; adult teaching; teaching system functions
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Essential characteristics of future teachers personal and professional development
There are defined the essential characteristics, functions and substantial aspects of future teachers personal and professional development. There is specified the essence of the notion future teachers personal and professional development.
Key words: personal and professional development; motivational and value; activity and practice; structural and substantial; emotional and volitional; reflexive and valuation aspects
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Future logopaedists professional thinking development in the pedagogical situations analysis
There is regarded the pedagogical thinking as a continuous process of the educational situations analysis by a subject. It stipulates the necessity to form this thinking by involving students into quasiprofessional activity teaching them the pedagogical situations analysis. By the example of a special course there is given the analysis of a two-year research work on the given problem in the process of future logopaedists training.
Key words: pedagogic; thinking; situation; teacher; logopaedists; special course
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Essence of future social workers adaptation to labour-market as a social and pedagogical problem
There are considered the theoretical and methodological adaptation grounds of future social workers to labour-market. There is defined the adaptation essence, functions and structure as a social and pedagogical problem in higher education system.
Key words: adaptation; social work; labour-market; graduating student; higher school
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Professional competence development of school vice-principal for educational work at training period
There is revealed the essence and structure of the notion professional competence of school vice-principal for educational work. There are substantiated the organizational and pedagogic conditions for professional competence development of school vice-principal for educational work in the municipal system of education. The process of professional competence development of school viceprincipal for educational work at training period is based on the ideas of educational organization.
Key words: development; professional competence; organizational and pedagogic conditions; school viceprincipal for educational work; municipal system of education; in-house education
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Modernization of pedagogical education in innovative space of the federal university
There are analyzed the peculiarities of education modernization in the age of globalization and basic prepositions of modern education conception orienting at which blocks modernization processes in pedagogical education. There are suggested the conceptual ideas of pedagogical education modernization in Russia.
Key words: globalization; modernization of education; pedagogic education
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Spatial approach to competence oriented basic educational programmes development
There is regarded the problem of competence oriented basic educational programmes development. There is considered the possibility of spatial approach as the theoretical ground of the new basic educational programmes development. It is suggested to use the integrated educational space as the new form of educational process where the subject fields correlate with the competence spheres.
Key words: competences; spatial approach; basic educational programme
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Project technique use for senior teenagers ethnic tolerance resource revelation
There is considered the problem of ethnic tolerance and its revelation at senior teenagers. There are substantiated the theoretical grounds of research, described the project techniques directed at teenagers attitude revelation to the representatives of other ethnic groups, given the research results. According to the findings pedagogic work at ethnic tolerance development may be grounded by the idea of activity mediation.
Key words: ethnic identity; ego-identity; psychosocial moratorium; tolerance; explication; project techniques
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Integrative potential of supplementary education institutions (based on he experience of the Regional Centre of Creativity Development for Children and Youth)
There is suggested the authors approach to the conception defining analysis supplementary education for children, marked the peculiarities of childrens supplementary education institutions. Based on the work experience of the Regional Centre of Creativity Development for Children and Youth there are analyzed the inquiries of external environment subjects, found out the object and aims of integration processes in the institutions of supplementary education for children, defined the essence of integrative potential.
Key words: supplementary education for children; institution of supplementary education for children; potential; integration; integrative potential
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Training for masters degree in physics and mathematics within the programme Informatics in education in pedagogical higher school
There are regarded the peculiarities of training for masters degree in physics and mathematics within the programme Informatics in education in pedagogical higher school at the department of physics and informatics teaching theory and methodology of Volgograd State Pedagogical University.
Key words: physical and mathematical education; training for master's degree; informatics in education; modular and competence approach
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Scientific analysis of the researches in theory and methodology of interpreters professional education
There are given the results of scientific research in the field of interpreters education. There is revealed the range of authors, theories and conceptions widely spread in scientific environment.
Key words: oral translation; methods of translation teaching; science metrics
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Hypermedia technology of organic chemistry lecture course and students independence development
of interactive students training in pedagogical universities, directed at educational process intensification and independent students work development.
Key words: hypermedia technology; interactive education; independent work; self-education
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Text grouping for expositions with the purpose of pupils grammatical speech structure enrichment
There is regarded the training for expositions in 9th form with the purpose of pupils grammatical speech structure enrichment. There are analyzed the exposition texts and structure, revealed the syntactic peculiarities of each narrative type, researched the way of combining within one text.
Key words: exposition; pupils' grammatical speech structure enrichment; narration type; grammatical person
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Teaching staff cooperation in the process of pupils interest to reading development
Numerous sociological researches reveal the fall of pupils interest to reading. The reasons for it are various. Overcoming these problems seems possible only in close cooperation of all the participants of the educational process. It is the purposeful cooperation model that may form the desire to read. It presupposes a definite activity programme oriented at reading interest development and highly developed pupils personality.
Key words: extracurricular activity; readers' interest; guided by reading; cooperation model; "cooperation pedagogics"; model component; model mechanism
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Problem-oriented physics practical training sessions as the basis of laboratory works organization under the conditions of open education
In this article is given the experience of the creation of the problem-oriented courses in practical physics in the physics department of N.E. Baumann Moscow State Technical University under the conditions for the open education. Are described video educative system for dimension-limit to the laboratory works and a number of remote laboratory works.
Key words: remote courses in practical physics; the video educative dimension-limit system; laboratory works
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Social and psychological peculiarities of schoolchildren, students of pedagogic profession and teachers conception about school of future
There is noted the universal component in attitude to school, nevertheless each social group forms its specific image. There is researched the social conception with the use of project research methods of group personality conceptions: picture and essay with the theme My idea of school of future. There are analyzed the peculiarities of school of future social conception.
Key words: school of future social conception; learning and professional group conception
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Text activity - speech activity: similarities and differences
There is regarded the problem of similarities and differences between speech and text activities. Special attention is paid to a dialogue, contact and collaboration in the process of intercultural communication. There is considered the linguistic sociopsychology as a methodological basis of the research. There is suggested the authors frame - the matrix of communicative and cognitive model of text activity technique mastering.
Key words: text activity; speech activity; language behavior; communicative and cognitive model of text activity technique mastering
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Problem of critical thinking formation at higher school students at the present stage
In the conditions of democratic society establishment it is very important to provide the youth with the skills to adequately interpret the phenomena of the world around, choose the optimal ways in particular life situations. That is why the problem of critical thinking formation at the young people is topical and burning.
Key words: critical thinking; responsive thinking; development; personality; cognitive abilities; competitive
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Developing significance of the indirect cognition model form at the preschool age
There is regarded the role of the indirect cognition model form in developing effect reaching in preschool age. The necessary links of chain in theoretical knowledge mastering and theoretical thinking forming are models. The developing significance of preschool education may be considerably increased if children get familiarized with new types of visual models, learn to model in different activity types.
Key words: theoretical thinking; models; modeling; pictorial view; learning; imagination
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Anxiety at alcohol addicted people committing wrong acts
There are considered the research results of anxiety level at alcohol addicted people inflicted a criminal penalty for committing wrong acts. There are given both the literature findings and the results of the own research.
Key words: antisocial behavior psychology; criminals; situational anxiety; personal anxiety; Spielberger method; alcohol addicted people; social environment; addictive behavior form prevention
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