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№9 (63) 2011
2011 г.
Social responsibility as a reason for social action
There is analyzed the social responsible behavior. There is regarded the specificity of social responsibility oriented at harmonization of relations in the system person - society - nature.
Key words: social role; social action; social responsible behavior
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Sociocultural and ontological levels of comprehension of the notion network
There is taken the attempt to classify the scientific theories regarding the investigation of network structures on the basis of the theory of sociocultural and ontological levels. There are revealed the distinctive features and differentiations of the mentioned theories.
Key words: network; culture; network community; network paradigm; network wars; feedback
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Social science of the XX century in search of the models of the national
There is given the analysis of the scientific approaches and directions of the Western anthropology of the XX century in research of the conceptual models of the national character. There is affirmed that mastering the scientific space of logical and conceptual approaches of cultures anthropology in investigation of national character brings closer to comprehension of integrity principle and building on its basis the new social and ontological theory of the national being.
Key words: anthropology; integrity; national character; the particular and the general; "cognitive turns"; evolutionism; cultural ethos
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Considering the issue of the sense of religious and spiritual searching in the social and cultural space of the modern times
There are regarded the reasons for spiritual crisis, and attempted to explain the specific character and sense of spiritual searching of the modern times. The author connects these phenomena with the globalizing processes in the world, which did not lead to the social unification, as it was expected by supporters of globalism, but on the contrary, called into being the crisis of identity and personal search for spiritual bases connected with it.
Key words: humanistic and authoritarian religions; globalization; identity crisis; desecularization; oracular and Vedic religious traditions; faith
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Cultural Studies
Influence of ancient rhetoric education on Alexandrine theology (by the example of Origenes)
There is described the influence of higher forms of ancient education, rhetoric in particular, on a distinguished thinker and theologian of the III century AD Origenes. This is the key example for comprehension of the process of incorporating the elements of the ancient culture into the incipient intellectual culture of new Europe.
Key words: transurfing; reality; magic; esotericism; visualization; management
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Reality transurfing and magic experiences in culture
The article aims at analyzing the conception of reality transurfing not only as definite psychotechniques, but as one of the models of persons behavior control in the modern culture. The analysis of the conception shows some tendencies and perspectives of development of the modern culture as a whole.
Key words: transurfing; reality; magic; esotericism; visualization; management
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Social and cultural genesis of online social network phenomenon
There are analyzed the social and cultural conditions, in which the Internet originated, revealed the preconditions for online social networks phenomenon, regarded as the factor for reality virtualization. The suggested historical viewpoint allows revealing the continuity of the modern network culture and the main ideas, projects, experiments of counterculture of the 1960 - 1980s, implemented in the end into informational and spectacular technologies.
Key words: the Internet; online social networks; cyber culture; counterculture of the 1960 - 1980s; virtualization of reality
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Colour aspects of gentrification projecting in European cities
There is given the analysis of colour use examples for improving the status of some separate building, block, district or a whole place. There are described the projects of gentrification of city area, elaborated in the first decades of the XX century for cities in Germany, Switzerland, Russia. There are analyzed the colour aspects of gentrification projecting in Tirana (Albania), Bucharest (Romania), Neustadt (Germany).
Key words: gentrification; colour; city colours; colour projecting; city area
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искусс т в о з н а н и е
Church monumental and decorative art of Maurice Denis
There is given the short characteristics of religious art of Maurice Denis. There is considered a number of the most significant church monumental and decorative ensembles of the master. There is found out Deniss contribution to Catholic Renaissance of France at the turn of the XIX - XX centuries.
Key words: Catholic Renaissance; gospel plots; religious art; the Holy Writ; Christian symbols; church monumental and decorative painting
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Issue of round dances and chained dances classification in folk choreography
There is suggested the systematization of round dances according to special construction and directional sign, substantiated the use of the term acteme in describing the kinetic elements of round dance tradition.
Key words: round dances; chained dances; acteme; forms of kinetics
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Second wave of post-modernism in the Russian architecture
There is regarded the formation process of the second wave of post-modernism in the Russian architecture. There are revealed the artistic and aesthetic peculiarities of the periods of Khrushchevs constructivism, second Soviet semi-postmodernism and post-Soviet post-modernism. There is shown the role of the Russian architecture in formation of the basic line of the world architecture development in the XX century.
Key words: post-modernism; semi-post-modernism; post-constructivism; Khrushchev's constructivism
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Images of the lower world spirits in the pictures of Sikachi-Alyan of Amur- Ussuriysk petroglyph complex
There is suggested the hypothesis of the lower world spirits appearance at the petroglyphs of Amur. With this purpose, there are considered the pictures on two stones of Sikachi-Alyan. The author uses own method of the systemic description of the masks to reveal the common features in the image structure and in the artistic image. Their combination lets compare the visual image of the stone picture with the signs of mythological personages of the Amur Paleoasians and the Tungus.
Key words: systemic description; primordial world picture; world-view; lower spirits; disruptiveness of image morphology; sharp head and headless spirits
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West European authors of the XIII - XIV centuries about the population of South Russian steppes
Plano Carpini, Guillaume Rubrouck, Marco Polo made an important contribution to the organization of collecting the information and broadening the knowledge about the necessary life spheres of the people living in South Russian steppes. The analysis of these sources lets speak about the Cossacks as about a non-existent phenomenon in the early Middle Ages period at these territories.
Key words: mission; travel; monk-Franciscan; Christian; the Russians; fear; the Golden Horde; trade practice; information
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Idea of patronage of ecumenical orthodoxy in anticipation of the church reform of the XVII century
There is analyzed the idea of ecumenical orthodoxy patronage in views and policies of the Russian tsars, opportunities of their interpretation in the theory Moscow - the third Rome. The authors consider the issue of relationship between the Russian and the Ukrainian priesthood in anticipation of the church reform of the XVII century.
Key words: church reform of the XVII century; "Moscow - the third Rome"; status of Kiev metropolis of the XVII century
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Population of the South of the Russian Empire in the last quarter of the XVIII century
There is shown the work of governor-generals G.A. and P.S. Potemkins, directed at populating and economic development of the lands of new colonization of the Empire south and former border territories of the Astrakhan province in the last quarter of the XVIII century. There is found out the main social basis for regulated public policy - peasants, revealed their role in arrangement of the transport network at the early stage of the reforms.
Key words:
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Comparative analysis of peasants revolt in 1842 - 1843 in the Shadrinsky County (based on the material of the essays by A.N. Zyryanov)
There are described the results of comparative analysis of peasants revolts at the beginning of 1840s in Trans-Uralian province (Shadrinsky County of Perm province) on the basis of the material of the ethnographer A.N.Zyryanov, full member of the Russian geographic community of the second half of the XIX century.
Key words: riot; freedom; state peasants; potato; feudal land tenure; landlords; clergymen; officials
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Culture of the Russian province at the end of the XIX - beginning of the XX century (on the basis of the material of county towns of Saratov province)
There are regarded the peculiarities of formation and development of the Russian province culture at the period of early industrial modernization. On the basis of the material of county towns of Saratov province, there are revealed the basic factors of development and functioning of the city culture environment.
Key words: province culture; county town; modernization; urbanization; city culture of the industrial type
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Stolypins land development in Kalmykia
There are covered many insufficiently explored issues of Stolypins agrarian legislation in Kalmykia. There are characterized in detail the immigration policy and Stolypins agrarian reform in Kalmykia. The article is based on a wide range of sources used in scientific research for the first time.
Key words: the Kalmyk; nomads; Stolypin's reform; land development; immigration policy
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Wedding ceremonies of Russian villages of Nizhny Povolzhye (on the basis of the material of field expeditions in the villages of Kamyshin district of the Volgograd region)
There is regarded the complex of wedding ceremonies of rural population of Russian villages in Kamyshin district of the Volgograd region.
Key words: wedding ceremony; the Russians; groom; bride; parents
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Songs of the Great Patriotic War in the folklore of Don Cossacks
There is analyzed the safekeeping degree of folk songs of the Great Patriotic War in the folklore of Don Cossacks.
Key words: Great Patriotic War; folk songs; Don Cossacks
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Social support of women in the Stalingrad region in 1943 - beginning of 1950s
There is shown the legislation basis for social support of women having many children and single mothers, veterans widows in 1943 - beginning of 1950s. There is analyzed the work of local authorities in the basic directions of social support of women in the investigated period in the Stalingrad region.
Key words: social policy; social protection of maternity; state allowance
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Systemic principles of priorities choice of Russian economy modernization
There are regarded the issues of Russian economy modernization from the positions of systemic approach. There is substantiated the modernization priority choice on the basis of systemic criteria. There are discussed the systemic conditions contributing to dynamism, realism and effectiveness of modernization reforms.
Key words: Russian economy modernization; systemic approach; optimization principles of systemic approach; priorities of systemic modernization; systemic conditions of modernization reforms dynamism
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Interpretation of the notion economic mechanism in the modern economic theory
There are given the views of the leading Russian and world scientists on the notion economic mechanism and its content. There are analyzed the main definitions and given their critical survey. On the basis of the investigation, there are considered the inalienable components of the economic mechanism and sorted out their most accurate and full interpretations.
Key words: economic mechanism; industrial policy; objects and subjects of economic mechanism; system
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Institutionalisation of labour market in the modern Russian economy
There are revealed the institutional conditions for labour market development, substantiated the imperatives of institutionalization process development in the labour sphere, structure of coordination of labour market institute subjects, suggested the mechanism of labour market development on the basis of economic interests agreement.
Key words: institutional conditions; institutes of coordination; labour market; contract relations; formal and informal relations; imperatives of labour market institutionalization
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Factors of formation and tendencies of development of Russian touristic complex
There are revealed and systematized the factors of formation and development of the Russian touristic complex in the modern conditions. There are characterized the conditions, analysis of development tendencies and assessment of changes dynamics in the touristic sector of Russia at the modern stage.
Key words: entrepreneurship; region; factors of touristic complex formation; tendencies of development of the touristic sphere
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Alternative principles of transaction expenses classification
There is analyzed the essence of transaction expenses, considered the alternative approaches of transaction expenses classification, substantiated the principles of transaction expenses formation: expenses of information, cooperation, motivation and adaptation.
Key words: transaction expenses; expenses of information; expenses of cooperation; expenses of motivation; expenses of adaptation
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Outsourcing as the instrument of formation and consolidation of firms competitive advantages
There is given the content and typology of outsourcing of business processes as the most effective and quickly developing type of optimization of enterprise work. Special attention is paid to financial transaction outsourcing, analysis of the current state, as well as the advantages and perspectives of its development in Russia.
Key words: outsourcing; outsourcer; subcontracting; outsourcing of financial transaction; differentiation of labour; outsourcing services market
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Forms of organization of benchmarking coordination
There are analyzed the forms of organization of benchmarking coordination. There are considered the peculiarities of individual, partner, consultative, associative and network benchmarking.
Key words: benchmarking; individual; partner; consultative; associative; network benchmarking
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Areas of marketing research with the purpose of formation of investment attractiveness of Southern Federal area
There is regarded the marketing research directed at formation of investment attractiveness of the region, with the purpose to attract and place the investments. Attracting investments is one of the main factors of successful development of regions. Marketing research allows carrying out planning and prognosis of the measures of marketing effect on the market with the aim of providing and realization of investment attractiveness of the region.
Key words: marketing research; areas of research; investments; investment attractiveness; development of regions
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Methodology of realization level assessment of marketing complex potential in higher educational institutions
There is substantiated the necessity of development of methodology of realization level assessment of marketing complex potential in higher educational institutions. There is suggested the algorithm of realization level assessment of marketing complex in a higher educational institution, based on assessment of marketing complex indicators realization.
Key words: combination strategy of marketing; realization level of marketing complex potential; higher educational institution; use of the element of operational marketing
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Реалогический поворот в науках о культуре: обзор зарубежной и отечественной литературы
Key words:
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Рецензия на книгу Э. Доманска «Философия истории после постмодернизма» (М. : «Канон+» РООИ «Реабилитация», 2010. 400 с.)
Key words:
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Рецензия на книгу Н.Р. Саенко «Нигитология культуры (опыт построения)» (Волгоград : Изд-во ВГПУ «Перемена», 2010. 218 с.)
Key words:
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130-летие И.И. Машкова в Волгоградском музее изобразительных искусств
Key words:
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Волгоградская археология родилась в ВГПИ
Key words:
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