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№8 (93) 2014
2014 г.
Cultural Studies
Cultural reasons for the crisis of integrative knowledge
There is considered the issue of the radical change of the mechanisms of culture translation in the modern society. There is substantiated the crisis of the generalized knowledge and the modern philosophic and culturologic education. There is given the prediction about the change of the character of the world perception by a modern person.
Key words: трансляция культуры; гуманитарное образование; Интернет; генерализация знания о человеке; понятийное мышление; мас-совая культура; culture translation; classical education; the Internet; generalization of knowledge about a man; conceptual thinking; mass culture
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Culturology of science: problem statement
There is analyzed the issue of sociocultural foundations of scientific knowledge. There is shown that the reason for cognitive success of science is determined by the fact that it is based on both formal and informal constructions, the latest originate in the wealth of the world culture.
Key words: наука; культура; культурология; социокультурные основания научного знания; предпосылки науки; парадигма; социология науки; метафора; дополнительность; science; culture; culturology; sociocultural foundations of scientific knowledge; premises of science; paradigm; sociology of science; metaphor; complementarity
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Organization of innovative work in the sphere of culture
There are considered the conditions and basic features of the innovative work in the sphere of culture and arts. There is made the conclusion about the potential of arts and culture higher schools in the development of innovative ideas.
Key words: культура; инновация; социокультурная деятельность; экстраполяция; интерпретация; заимствование; culture; innovation; sociocuktural work; extrapolation; interpretation; borrowing
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Sociocultural aspect of politic education of students
There is analyzed the politic education of students. There are researched the sociocultural foundations of the modern politic education. Special attention is paid to the issue of tolerant personality development.
Key words: политическое образование; политический плюрализм; социокультурные ценности; толерантность; модели толерантности; социальная справедливость; politic education; political pluralism; sociocultural values; tolerance; models of tolerance; social justice
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Cultural and historic landscape as the factor of sociocultural development of the region (by the example of the Svetloyarsky district of the Volgograd region)
There is covered the issue of the complex investigation and preservation of the regions’ natural and cultural variety as a part of the world culture heritage by the example of the Svetloyarsky district of the Volgograd region known for its natural landscape and cultural variety.
Key words: культурное наследие; культурный ландшафт; памятник; музей; традиции; регионоведение; culture heritage; culture landscape; monument; museum; traditions; regional studies
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Issue of corporeality in the crisis space of the modern culture
There is considered the issue of corporeality as the phenomenon of the modern crisis culture based on the phenomenological, psychoanalytic and social approaches, revealed the issues of corporeality in the novel by Michel Houellebecq “Atomised”.
Key words: телесность; современная культура; сексуальность; психоанализ; социальный подход; corporeality; modern culture; sexuality; psychoanalysis; social approach
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To the issue of formation of the mechanism of Chinese national and cultural identity preservation
There are considered the ways of interaction and adaptation of cultures in the conditions of globalization, as well as the Chinese model of identity preservation. There is represented the view on the ethnic self-identification as on the special characteristics of subjectivity that consists in individual’s ability to preserve (deliberately or unconsciously) the feeling of belonging to a definite ethnic group.
Key words: глобализация; традиционная культура; национально-культурная идентичность; механизм трансляции культурного наследия; культурный код; globalization; traditional culture; national and cultural identity; mechanism of translation of cultural heritage; culture code
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Realogic paradigm in the Russian philosophy of culture
There is carried out the analysis of formation in the Russian philosophy of the realogic approach to the research of culture as spiritual, material, social life of a person and society. There are revealed the basic peculiarities of the Russian way of philosophy of culture that correlate with the characteristic features of the Russian mentality, way of world perception and lifestyle. There are marked out and implemented the significant conceptions of Russian thinkers and experts of the XX-XXI centuries for the realogic paradigm in the Russian philosophy of culture.
Key words: философия культуры; реалогия; парадигма; повседневность; вещь; вещественное; материальная культура; бытие личности; российский менталитет; philosophy of culture; realogy; paradigm; everyday life; thing; material culture; personality being; Russian mentality
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Ethnic views of Michel Foucault
There is made the attempt to reconstruct the ethnic views of Michel Foucault (1926 - 1924). As the basis of ethics the philosopher puts forward the ethos which is understood as the special way of existence that presupposes constant reflection of each situation and the attitude to it, as well as the refusal to build universal theories of principled devotion of the position that was once chosen.
Key words: этика; свобода; этос; власть; теория и практика; ethics; freedom; ethos; power; theory; practice
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Inaesthetics of Alain Badiou: art (poem) as the condition of philosophy
There is characterized the correlation of art and truth in philosophy of Alain Badiou, who understands the philosophy as the discursive experience determined by non-philosophic truth that originate in science and art, and equates ontology to mathematics proving that the axiomatic language of mathematics is the discourse about existence.
Key words: поэма; матема; онтология; язык; инэстетика; истина; poem; matheme; ontology; language; inaesthetics; truth
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Familism as the integral category of family life factor
There is considered the familism as the integral notion. The term is used for characteristics of family value systems where the primary meaning is paid to family and children. There is described the correlation of social issues that originate in the post-industrial civilization, with the crisis of the family institute. There is given the detailed analysis of the information from the social survey which allowed determination and revelation of the essential characteristics of marriage and family.
Key words: фамилизм; семейные ценности; социальные ценности; жилищные программы; кризис института семьи; familism; family values; social values; housing programme; crisis of the family institute
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Freedom of choice and spiritual freedom in the context of life quality issue
There is considered the correlation of the category of freedom and the human value system. There is shown that the interpretation of freedom changed with the development of civilization and was the reflection of the material and spiritual state of the society, which influenced people’s notions about life quality. The refusal of the modern culture to be spiritually free lead to the wrong interpretation of the value system provoking new human enslaving.
Key words: свобода воли; духовная свобода; ценности; качество жизни; will freedom; values; spiritual freedom
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Liberalism as the ideology of personality freedom
There is revealed the notion “freedom”, which is the key notion for liberalism. There is considered the correlation of freedom and responsibility of a person. The analysis allowed finding out the idea of the social freedom of a personality: freedom as the means of achieving other goals.
Key words: свобода; либерализм; личность; формы свободы; общественные отношения; частная собственность; freedom; liberalism; personality; forms of freedom; social relations; private property
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Visual language of Old Russian God’s fools and modern performer artists
There are covered the similarities and the issue of perception of the visual language of the modern performer artists and Old Russian God’s fools. There are compared the key methods and basic characteristics peculiar for “blessed God’s fools” and artists taking the role of arguer, rebel, philosopher, censor and overman. The comparative analysis of the two cultural phenomena is the basis for interpretation of the visual communication of the humorous culture.
Key words: юродство; перформанс; визуальная коммуникация; контекст; искусство; восприятие; God’s foolishness; performance; visual communication; context; art; perception
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Aesthetic perception as a creative resource of orchestra participants
There is considered the aesthetic perception, determined the attitude to the values, aesthetic taste, needs and interests as important factors of development of the aesthetic perception of musicians who are orchestra participants.
Key words: творчество; музыкальная культура; эстетическое сознание; интерес; ценность; потребность; вкус; creative work; music culture; aesthetic perception; interest; value; need; taste
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Establishment of organ education in Uzbekistan: premises, stages, peculiarities
There are considered the ways of organ education establishment in Uzbekistan. Special attention is paid to teachers who influenced greatly the development of the organ performing and composer’s school in the Uzbekistan Republic.
Key words: орган; Республика Узбекистан; образование; органное исполнительство; органостроение; organ; the Uzbekistan Republic; education; organ performance; organ construction
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Traditions of the Old Russian healing in the folk medicine of the Don and Kuban Cossacks
There are described the parallels in the methods of various diseases healing that are in the Old Russian herbals and South Russian folk healing practice of the New Times. There is traced the succession and preserving of the Medieval healing traditions in the everyday life of the Don and Kuban Cossacks.
Key words: Древняя Русь; медицина; лечебники; рецепты; лекарственные травы; традиция; казачество; Ancient Russia; medicine; herbals; prescriptions; medicinal herbs; tradition; the Cossacks
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Paleopathologic peculiarities of the population of the Vodyansky settlement of the medieval period (by the bone remains extracted from the Christian cemetery)
There are suggested the results of paleopathologic study of the bone remains extracted from the Christian cemetery of the Vodyansky settlement of the Golden Horde period. The fixed demographic relations made it possible to find out the analogies of the series from the Vodyansky settlement with the synchronous population of the middle Volga and the Ancient Land of Rus.
Key words: палеопатология; Водянское городище; средневековое время; Нижнее Поволжье; диета; стресс; травмы; paleopathology; the Vodyansky settlement; medieval period; the Lower Volga Region; diet; stress; injuries
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Assessment of West European science of the XVI-XVII centuries in the Soviet historiography of the 70-80s of the XX century
There is reconstructed the assessment of the West European science of the XVI-XVII centuries in the Soviet historiography of the 70-80s of the XX century. There is stated that in spite of the formal devotion to the doctrines of the formation analysis a number of Soviet science historians and philosophers managed to give the pluralistic assessments of the West European science of the XVI-XVII centuries which are within the modern trends of the historical and scientific, scientific and philosophic researches.
Key words: западноевропейская наука XVI-XVII вв; научная революция XVI-XVII вв; советские историки науки; советские философы; West European science of the XVI-XVII centuries; scientific revolution of the XVI-XVII centuries; Soviet science historians; Soviet philosophers
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Parish localization of the groups of service class Cossacks within the official policy of new land territories developing of the south of Russia in the ХVI-ХVII centuries
There are considered the historic and social aspects of the military service in the Moscow State of the second half of the XVI - middle XVII centuries. There are touched upon the insufficiently explored issues of formation of the military and service class corporation of “sovereign Cossacks” in the process of the official policy of new land territories developing. There are noted the peculiarities of functioning of new sovereign communities of southern lands.
Key words: военная «приборная служба»; государева казачья служба; служилые казаки; новоземельные территории юга Московского государства; служилая слобода; социальная сплоченность; military instrument service; sovereign Cossack service; guard Cossacks; new land territories of the south of the Moscow State; service class village; social solidarity
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The May coup d’etat of 1926 and the transformation of the mutual perception of the main political camps in Poland
Based on program documents and publications of the main political camps in period of sanacja regime in Poland, an analysis of the changes of mutual perception of these camps, including sanacja camp, and thereby shows the changes in the balance of political forces in the country.
Key words: история Польши; режим санации; политические лагеря; политические партии; history of Poland; sanacja regime; political camps; political parties
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Manufactured goods supply of workers of Stalingrad enterprises in the postwar period (1945-1946)
There are analyzed the main problems in manufactured goods supply (clothing, footwear etc.) of workers of Stalingrad enterprises in the first postwar period, as well as covered the issues of organization of work supply departments.
Key words: история; Сталинград; рабочие; промышленные товары; заводы; history; Stalingrad; workers; manufactured goods; plants
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Public initiative in preservation of the cultural heritage in the 1960-1980s
There is considered the history of culture preserving activity of various public organizations and local history associations in the North Caucasus in the 1960-1980s.
Key words: Всероссийское общество охраны памятников истории и культуры; историко-культурное наследие; памятникоохранительная деятельность; краеведческие общества Северного Кавказа; All-Russia Society of Historical and Cultural Monuments Protection; historical and cultural heritage; monument protection activity; local history associations of the North Caucasus
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Changing the paradigm of national historical science and higher historical education in the 1980s - early 1990s
There is carried out the analysis of the reform of national historical science and higher historical education in the period of perestroika. There are identified the manifestations of the crisis in this sector and the attempts to overcome it. The analysis allows us to better understand the state of the modern historical education, the basic outlines of its structure and function in today’s society.
Key words: высшее историческое образование; историческая наука; социально-гуманитарное знание; методология; higher historical education; historical science; socio-humanitarian knowledge; methodology
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Development of women’s medical education in the North Caucasus at the end of the XIX - beginning of the XX centuries
There is researched the history of the women’s medical education in the North Caucasus in the pre-revolutionary period. There are revealed the basic stages of women’s medical education evolution. There are substantiated the regional peculiarities of the issue, shown the socio-economic and socio-political difficulties in the process of establishment of the women’s medical education in Russia and in the region.
Key words: образование; медицина; женщина; повивальное искусство; врачебные курсы; курсы сестер милосердия; общины сестер милосердия; education; medicine; woman; midwives art; medical courses; courses for nurses; communities for nurses
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Innovation work of entrepreneurial structures
There is substantiated the necessity of the use of the innovation approach in management of the entrepreneurial structures. There is represented the process of modeling the innovation activity of the entrerenerial structure. There are given the strategies of development of entrepreneurship at different stages of entrepreneurial structure activity.
Key words: инновационная активность; интрапренерство; внутренняя предпринимательская среда; предпринимательская структура; инновационный потенциал работника; innovation activity; entrepreneurship; inner entrepreneurial environment; entrepreneurial structure; innovative potential of a worker
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Marketing strategies of the innovation development of higher educational institutions
There is substantiated the necessity of strategic innovations in the work of higher educational institutions. There are marked out the types of marketing strategies depending of the goals of growth and character of innovations. There is suggested the specificity of management of the combined strategy of marketing with consideration of higher educational institution development.
Key words: комбинированная маркетинговая стратегия; диверсификация; высшее учебное заведение; образовательные услуги; инновационное развитие; стратегические инновации; combined marketing strategy; diversification; higher educational institution; educational services; innovation development; strategic innovations
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Tax management as a preventive measure of enterprise’s inability to pay
There is proved that the effective functioning of the tax management with consideration of business specificity favours the formation of the steady system of tax planning, wide use of tax preferences and keeping the ability to pay.
Key words: налоговое бремя; налоговый менеджмент; налоговая оптимизация; налоговые льготы и преференции; платежеспособность; tax burden; tax management; tax optimization; tax benefits and preferences; ability to pay
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Рецензия на монографию А.Ю. Клейтман, Л.В. Щегловой «Модусы забвения в онтологии культуры» (Волгоград, 2012. 152 с.)
Key words:
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Человек внутри медиа, медиа внутри человека (Рецензия на книгу : Савчук В. В.Медиафилософия. Приступ реальности. СПб. : Изд-во РХГА, 2013. 350 с.)
Key words:
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Рецензия на книгу Филиппа Дескола «По ту сторону природы и культуры»[16] (М. : Нов. Лит. обозрение, 2012. 584 с.)
Key words:
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Социокультурное пространство Юга России как «культурное пограничье»
Key words:
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Новые культурные стратегии развития городского социума в деятельности Агентства культурных инициатив Волгоградской области
Key words:
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Социокультурное значение формирования личностно значимых и социально востребованных компетенций в современном вузе
Key words:
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