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№4 (89) 2014
2014 г.
Philosophy and Methodology of Education
From comprehension of learning to comprehension of world (in the context of the ideas by V.A. Sukhomlinsky)
In the context of the Federal state educational standards of the new generation there is updated the issue of learning comprehension in the context of world comprehension; there is analyzed the experience of Pavlyshsky secondary school in development of comprehension as conception, awareness through observation, research, synthesizing, comparison; considered the methods and forms of comprehension process in the didactic system by V.A. Sukhomlinsky
Key words: понимание; В.А. Сухомлинский; Павлышская средняя школа; методы и формы процесса понимания; comprehension; V.A. Sukhomlinsky; Pavlyshsky secondary school; methods and forms of comprehension process
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Analysis of theoretical references in thesis text
There are revealed the mistakes in a literary review as a dominant component of a thesis. Detection of drawbacks is realized according to the Statute “About scientific degrees awarding”. There are suggested the recommendations in mistakes prevention and in the use of illustrative material.
Key words: аргументация; иллюстрация; компиляция; обзор; плагиат; самоплагиат; ссылка; цитата; argumentation; illustration; compilation; review; plagiarism; self-plagiarism; reference; quotation
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Innovation in general and vocational education
Adaptation after boarding school: analysis of regional experiences
There is substantiated the urgency of post boarding school support in the context of the general course of deinstitutionalization of state protection of orphan children. There are revealed and described the modern regional experiences of alumni support. There are developed the references in optimizing the models of post boarding school support at the regional (municipal) level.
Key words: постинтернатное сопровождение; деинституциализация детей-сирот; социальная адаптация выпускников интернатных учреждений; post boarding school support; deinstitutionalization of orphan children; social adaptation of boarding school graduates
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Development of subjectivity in the process of foreign language teaching in the conditions of language paraenvironment
There are considered the notions of subjectivity, subject of educational activity mastering foreign language in specially organized conditions of language paraenvironment. There is described the influence of language paraenvironment on development of the subject of educational activity.
Key words: субъектность; субъект учебной деятельности; рефлексия; овладение иностранным языком; языковая парасреда; subjectivity; subject of educational activity; reflection; mastering foreign language; language paraenvironment
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Methods and organizational forms of pedagogic support in culture self-actualization of a future teacher (experimental research experience)
There are revealed the stages, methods and organizational forms of work to stimulate culture self-actualization of a pedagogical higher school student.
Key words: самореализация; национальная культура; этап; метод; self-actualization; national culture; stage; method
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Project education as the condition of change in professional orientation of higher school workers
There are described the conditions and factors of development of professional orientation, influence of project education on professional orientation of science and educational workers of a higher school.
Key words: инновационный педагогический процесс; дидактическое (технолого-методическое) обеспечение инновационных технологий обучения; диалоговые технологии; содержание диалогового подхода обучения; технолого-методическое обеспечение деятельности обучаемых в рамках диалоговых технологи; project education; motives; professional orientation; technological and methodological readiness for project work
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Genesis of the notion “pedagogic support”
There is analyzed the notion “pedagogic support”. Based on historic and pedagogic analysis there is shown its historic relevance substantiated by the theory and the experience of distinguished thinkers of the past. There are characterized various approaches to comprehension of the phenomenon “pedagogic support”. The research broadens the scientific conception of the essence of the term “support” and completes pedagogic knowledge.Key words: pedagogic support, genesis, historic conditionality, humanistic pedagogy.
Key words: педагогическое сопровождение; генезис; историческая обусловленность; гуманистическая педагогика; pedagogic support genesis historic conditionality humanistic pedagogy
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Discipline “Pedagogy” in the context of requirements of the standards of teacher’s professional work
There is represented the approach to determination of the contents of the discipline “Pedagogy” and the technologies of its research in the context of the requirements of the standards of teacher’s professional work.
Key words: педагогика; содержание педагогического образования; профессиональный стандарт педагога; педагогическая технология; pedagogy, contents of pedagogic education, professional standard of a teacher, pedagogic technology.
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Theoretical and practical aspects of pedagogic monitoring for organization of students’ independent work
There is considered the technology of implementation of monitoring of students’ independent work in a foreign language at a non-linguistic higher school based on the author’s web-application TeacherHub. There are described the results that show the effectiveness of the suggested technology.
Key words: педагогический мониторинг; самостоятельная работа; информационные технологии; веб приложение TeacherHub; pedagogic monitoring; independent work; information technologies; web-application TeacherHub
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Technologies of playing in the conditions of higher school education
At present there is a steady interest in implementation of technologies of playing in higher school education. The success of a modern student depends on his concernment in gaining new knowledge. Researches show that student’s motivation has the primary significance for education. Use of playing technologies makes it possible for a teacher to create the conditions for active knowledge mastering.
Key words: игровые технологии; игра; дидактическая игра; познавательную активность; вузовское образование; technologies of playing; game; didactic game; cognitive activity; higher school education
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Methodological approaches to determination of the role and the place of informatics and information technologies in future programmers training
There is substantiated the necessity of professiographic, semiotic and context approaches to programmers training. Based on these approaches there are determined the most efficient technologies of non-specialized disciplines training with consideration of the future professional work: project, research, search technologies of education.
Key words: модель; компоненты; автоматизированный контроль; развитие; учебно-интеллектуальные умения; professiographica approach; semiotic approach; context approach; project; research; search technologies of education
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Network interaction in informational environment as the means of self-actualization of a future teacher
There is considered the issue of the potential of network interaction in future teacher training. Self-actualization of a future teacher is considered in the context of polilog with the cultural, educational and informational environment of a higher school. There is determined the potential of network interaction for future teacher’s self-actualization, claimed the expected results of personal self-actualization in the informational environment by means of network interaction.
Key words: сетевое взаимодействие; самореализация будущего педагога; информационная среда; социальная среда; образовательная среда; network interaction; self-actualization of a future teacher; informational environment; social environment; educational environment
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Principle of direct communication and feedback from production in professional training of modern engineers
There is shown one of the principles of the system of optimizing the system of students training in engineering and technical higher schools. The principle is described on the basis of regulations of future engineers training. Besides, there is described the fragmentary experiment that demonstrates the possibility of the principle use in the conditions of students training.
Key words: оптимизация обучения; прямая и обратная связь с производством; профессиональное обучение; компетентность; optimization of education; direct communication and feedback from production; professional education; competence
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Modeling of the lesson aimed at creativity development
There is described the process of modeling of the lesson aimed at students’ creativity development, as well as the mechanism of formation and the components of professionally oriented creativity of future specialists.
Key words: моделирование; креативность; профессионально-ориентированная креативность; механизм формирования креативности; modeling; creativity; professionally oriented creativity; mechanism of creativity formation
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Independent work as the way to establishment of educated personality
By the example of the study group “Physics history in details” there is shown how to gain the skills of independent organization and carrying out the research work, to increase the successfulness in the discipline mastering.
Key words: самостоятельная работа; физические знания; исследования; внеучебная деятельность; independent work; physical knowledge; extracurricular work
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Essential characteristics of aesthetic experience as the element of educational contents
There is considered the nature, peculiarities, essential characteristics of aesthetic experience as the element of educational contents. There is revealed the significance of the experience of aesthetic work as the way of transformation of the world and individual self-organization based on the laws of harmony, establishment of human origins (aesthetic image) in the world and in oneself.
Key words: эстетический опыт; эстетическая деятельность; прекрасное; содержание образования; гуманитарность; aesthetic experience; aesthetic work; the wonderful; contents of education; humanitarian nature
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Continuing professional education
Methodological work at school as the factor of development of primary school teachers’ readiness to innovational work
There are described the issues and difficulties of primary school teachers in the process of implementation of the Federal State Educational Standards of primary education, represented the project of methodological work aimed at development of teachers’ readiness for innovational work in the conditions of school modernization. There are described the goals, contents, forms, prospects of methodological work, as well as the process of its efficiency evaluation.
Key words: ФГОС начального общего образования; основная образовательная программа начального общего образования; готовность к инновационной деятельности; проект; методической работа; педагогический; научно-методический; координационный советы; методическое объединение; Federal State Educational Standards of primary education; basic educational programme of primary education; readiness for innovational work; project; methodological work; pedagogic; scientific and methodological; coordination board; methodological association
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Pedagogic potential of military society as the mechanism of pedagogic influence of military society on professionalism of military men serving by contract
There is revealed the essence of pedagogic potential of military society as the mechanism of pedagogic influence of military society on professionalism of military men serving by contract. There is given the definition, substantial and functional analysis of the structure of pedagogic potential of military society.
Key words: профессионализм военнослужащего контрактной службы; воинский социум; педагогический потенциал воинского социума; professionalism of military men serving by contract; military society; pedagogic potential of military society
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Communication competence in the system of factors of professional establishment of a specialist in the agrarian sector
In the context of professional establishment there is considered the communicative training of agrarian higher school students and the necessity of revealing the specific features of formation of communicative skills in various forms of education and the series of disciplines of higher school, as well as concretized the spectrum of communicative skills of agrarian higher school students and the consequence of mastering them.
Key words: инженер-аграрий; коммуникативные умения; коммуникативная подготовка; структура профессионально-коммуникативной компетентности; agrarian engineer; communication skills; communicative training; structure of professional communicative competence
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Holistic view on spiritual music in professional perception of a music teacher
There is shown the necessity to mark out spiritual music as the object of pedagogic research. There are specified the cultural and historical and scientific fundamentals of spiritual music comprehension. There is revealed the integration and antinomy essence of the holistic view of spiritual music in professional perception of a music teacher from the position of humanitarian knowledge. Through the interconnection of functions and components there is revealed the model of the holistic view of spiritual music.
Key words: духовная музыка; профессиональное сознание педагога-музыканта; целостное представление духовной музыки; функции и компоненты целостного представления духовной музыки; spiritual music; professional perception of a music teacher; holistic view of spiritual music; functions and components of holistic view of spiritual music
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Humanitarization of education as the means of highly qualified specialists training
There are described the basic requirements of new educational standards implementation into learning process, change of forms of learning process organization, gradual implementation of the elements of innovational forms of learning process organization.
Key words: среднее профессиональное образование; студентоцентрированное обучение; образовательные стандарты; гуманитаризация образования; профессиональные ценности предпосылки гуманитаризации СПО; Болонский процесс; формат профессионального образования; high professional education; student centred education; educational standards; humanitarization of education; professional values; premises of humanitarization of education; the Bologna Process; format of professional education
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Polyfunctional model of a teacher of professional education
There is considered the process of developing the polyfunctional model of a teacher of professional education. There is attempted to overcome the contradictions between the real and necessary systems of specialists training in professional education.
Key words: полифункциональность; поэтапное формирование деятельности; трудовые функции; моделирование; конфайнмент-моделирование; polyfunctionality; gradual formation of activity; work functions; modeling; confinement modeling
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Overcoming of competence mismatch in training specialists for investment and building sphere
There is stated that the competence approach in the sphere of education and in HR-management have a lot of mismatch. There is proved that students’ industrial and educational experience in the format of business camp based on the competence-oriented approach may accommodate employers’ demands and higher schools’ supply.
Key words: компетенция; компетентностный подход; бизнес-лагерь; инвестиционно-строительная сфера; competence; competence approach; business camp; investment and building sphere
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Successful education of adults in a technical university: peculiarities of self-organization
There are considered the peculiarities and structure of self-organization of people getting additional professional education at a technical university. There is shown that the basic component of self-organization in the structure of probationers’ self-organization is correction which connects other components of self-organization (targeting, analysis of the situation, planning, self-control and will).
Key words: публикационная активность; научная публикация; университет; научные исследования; self-organization; university; holographic model of self-organization process
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Role of psychological competence of a higher technical school teacher in establishment of professional competence
There are considered the levels of a higher technical school teacher: professional and methodological (substantial), pedagogic (technological) and psychological (value and sense). There regarded the issues of teacher’s conscience transformation, its transition from the paradigm “subject - object” adopted in the traditional pedagogy to the paradigm “subject - subject” implemented in the competence approach.
Key words: paradigms of education; professional competence; higher school teacher
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Deontology competence of a medical student as the factor of success of doctor’s professional work
There is analyzed the deontology competence of a medical student as the factor of success of the future professional work. There are marked out the components, criteria and signs of development of students’ quality. There is emphasized the importance of deontology competence formation at the stage of higher school.
Key words: деонтологическая компетентность; долг; фактор успешности; профессиональная компетентность; качества личности врача; deontology competence; duty; factor of success; professional competence; qualities of doctor’s personality
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Supporting training in the technology of qualification improvement of doctors - teachers of a higher medical school
There is described the experimental work carried out at the faculty of further training in Saint-Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University. The main idea of the experiment is the use of the technology of doctor’s qualification improvement - teachers of clinical departments on the basis of supporting or innovational (distant) training. There are described the results of supporting education of students specializing in medicine.
Key words: технология обучения; повышение квалификации врачей - преподавателей высшей медицинской школы; поддерживающее обучение; educational technology; doctor’s qualification improvement - teachers of a higher medical school; supporting education
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Axiological dominants of socialization of teacher training higher school students
There are considered the axiological lines of socialization of teacher training higher school students: orientation at teacher’s profession as a value, establishment of the image “I-teacher”, value interaction between a teacher and a student, axiology of creativity, intercultural communication, informational competence. There is made the conclusion about transformation of interaction between a teacher and a student to student-oriented education.
Key words: ценностное взаимодействие; ценностные ориентации; аксиологические доминанты; социализация; креативность; интеркультурная коммуникация; value interaction; value orientations; axiological dominants; socialization; creativity; intercultural communication
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Education and further education
University youth subculture as the factor of students’ professional socialization
There is concretized the scientific notion “university youth subculture”, revealed the socializing functions of the youth subculture. There is substantiated the essence of the pedagogic notion “axiosphere of the university youth subculture” which allows determining the vector of professional socialization of students.
Key words: университетская молодежная субкультура; аксиосфера субкультуры; профессиональная социализация; university youth subculture; axiosphere of subculture; professional socialization
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Principles and logic of formation of subculture competence of a teenager
There is considered the notion of subculture competence of a teenager. There are revealed the stages of pedagogic situation and the difficulties peculiar for teenagers at every stage, determined the principles of teenager’s subculture competence formation. There are described the experiment results.
Key words: взаимодействие; субкультурная грамотность; условия; факторы; затруднения; принципы педагогической помощи; логика; subculture; teenagers; family; interaction; subculture competence; principles; logic
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Humanitarian space of cultural self-determination of a teenager
There are shown the social and theoretical premises of research of socio-humanitarian competence of a teenager. As the condition of formation of teenager’s socio-humanitarian competence there is represented the humanitarian space of cultural self-determination of a teenager. There are substantiated the essential characteristics and the humanitarian space of cultural self-determination of a teenager.
Key words: культурное самоопределение подростка; гуманитарное пространство; социогуманитарная компетентность подростка; целостный человек; антропоцентрические и социометрические концепции личности; cultural self-determination of a teenager; humanitarian space; socio-humanitarian competence of a teenager; consistent person; anthropocentric and sociometric conceptions of a personality
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Formation of Russian civil identity of a teenager in project work in studying one’s family tree
There are described the essential characteristics of the Russian civil identity of a teenager and specificity of its formation in project work that presupposes teenager’s studying his/her family tree in connection with the country history.
Key words: семейная; семейно-родовая; российская гражданская идентичность подростка; формирование российской гражданской идентичности подростка; генеалогические ситуации; родословные проекты; family; family and ancestral; Russian civil identity of a teenager; formation of Russian civil identity of a teenager; genealogic situation; genealogical projects
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University educational work as the means of future teacher’s ecological culture development
There is represented the programme of future teacher’s ecological culture development in the process of pedagogic support of students in gradual study of the educational space of the university. In the course of the educational work students change their status from consumers to creators of the ecological culture that provides harmonization of relations to the environment, to other people and to oneself.
Key words: воспитательная работа в университете; воспитательное пространство учреждения образования; экологическое воспитание; экологическая культура; educational work at the university; educational space of the educational institution; ecological education; ecological culture
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историко- и сравнительно-педагогические проблемы образования
Antique and modern anthropological and pedagogic project of a person who cares about him/herself
There are determined the pedagogic contents of the antique and modern notion “care about oneself” connected with person’s attitude to one’s own education in a particular historical and cultural context. There are revealed the origins of etymologic ambiguity of the notion “care”, the consequences of which are considerable differences in comprehension of “care about oneself” as anthropological and pedagogic project in the domestic and foreign pedagogic traditions.
Key words: античная педагогика; антрополого-педагогический проект; педагогика «заботы о себе»; «забота о себе»; antique pedagogy; anthropological and pedagogic project; pedagogy of “care about oneself”; “care about oneself”
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Material resources of education at schools for people who have no written language
There are described some research results concerning the organization of nationally oriented education for people who cannot open their national school because of the lack of written language. The solution of this problem is suggested by using the material resources of the ethnic culture, traditions of the original life and mental peculiarities of ethnic life perception.
Key words: бесписьменные народы; этническая культура; этнокультурная школа; национально ориентированное образование; национальный характер; этническая идентичность; people who have no written language; ethnic culture; ethnocultural school; nationally oriented education; national character; ethnic identity
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Archival documents as the source of patriotic education of the young generation
There is considered the issue of the quality of archival materials use that reflect the local history, the traditions, heroic history and which is the main source of patriotic education of the younger generation, formation of high patriotic consciousness, respect to the native land, pride for brave and labour feats of the ancestors.
Key words: патриотическое воспитание; высокое сознание; архивные фонды; использование документов; памятные события; patriotic education; high consciousness; archival funds; documents use; memorable events
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Theory and a training and education
Instrumental didactics: ordinary myth or prospective reality
There are revealed the conceptual statements of the methodological foundation and didactic instruments of the current modernization of education. There is given the canon form of didactic task and four-stage structure of its solution in the context of the innovation “theory of didactic result”. There is revealed the idea of “working field” in the form of the three-dimensional vector space for inner model research of the behavior of the projected pedagogical subject model. There is suggested the innovational organization and making “full-size” pedagogic experiment.
Key words: инструментальная дидактика; каноническая форма дидактической задачи; модель модернизации отечественного образования; внутримодельное исследование поведения модели педагогического объекта; многопараметрическая экспертиза дидактического результата; «натурный» педагогический эксперимент; instrumental didactics; canon form of didactic task; model of domestic education modernization; inner model research of the behavior of pedagogical object model; multiparametrical expertise of didactic result; “full-size” pedagogic experiment
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Portraying of words and phrases as an alternative method for presenting lectures in the course of lexicology
There is considered the portraying of lexical units as one of the alternative methods for presenting lectures in lexicology is considered. There are defined the types of portraying in lingua-didactic and popular science aspects. The integrated (complex) type of portraying is exemplified by several modules in an introductory lecture.
Key words: портретирование лексических единиц; интегрированное (комплексное) портретирование; презентация лекционного материала; лексикология; словарь; значение; интенция; portraying of lexical units; integrated (complex) portraying; presentation of a lecture; lexicology; dictionary; meaning; intention
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Potential of the discipline “Foreign language” in training tolerance of pedagogical higher school students in the conditions of the Federal state educational standards of higher professional education
Tolerance is regarded as the aim of student’s education in pedagogical higher school. There is emphasized the potential of the discipline “Foreign language” in tolerance training of pedagogical higher school students, characterized the methods of tolerance training at foreign language classes. Project method is singled out as the priority one in the system of tolerance training methods in the conditions of the Federal state educational standards of higher professional education.
Key words: толерантность; воспитание толерантности; толерантная личность; толерантность студента педагогического вуза; методы воспитания толерантности; метод проектов в воспитании толерантности; tolerance; tolerance training; tolerant personality; tolerance of a pedagogical higher school student; methods of tolerance training; project method in tolerance training
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Concentric model of the structure of an educational course aimed at realization of intrasubject connections
There is considered the possibility of formation of educational courses based on the concentric model. There is shown that the model may be the basis for purposeful realization of intrasubject connections. There are shown some difficulties of the model use.
Key words: внутрипредметные связи; концентрическая модель учебного курса; обучение физике; обучение математике; элективный курс; intrasubject model; concentric model of the educational course; teaching physics; teaching mathematics; elective course
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Simulator training as the object of pedagogic analysis in the aviation pedagogy
There are considered the foundations of simulator training of cadets-pilots as the object of the pedagogical analysis in the military pedagogy. There is made the conclusion that the simulator training, being a stage that precedes flight activity, solves the task of formation of future pilot’s readiness to perform military flights. Use of the achievements of aviation pedagogy and psychology at this stage can improve the process of formation of professional reliability of a military pilot.
Key words: тренажерная подготовка; авиационный тренажер; профессиональная подготовка курсантов-летчиков; simulator training; flight simulator; professional training of cadets-pilots
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Academic Life. Reviews
К 75-летию со дня рождения одного из ведущих российских специалистов в области русловедения, профессора кафедры географии и геоэкологии ВГСПУ и кафедры гидрологии суши МГУ ИГЛУ, 2013.
Key words:
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