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№9-10 (104) 2015
2015 г.
Педагогические науки
Regional pedagogical journals as the source of self-education of teachers in the period of Soviet pedagogy establishment
There are considered the pedagogic journals as the source of self-education of teachers in the 1920s in the Urals. There are analyzed the problems aroused in the articles in this period.
Key words: педагогическое образование; педагогическая журналистика; самообразование учителей; региональные педагогические журналы; pedagogic education; pedagogic journalism; self-education of teachers; regional pedagogic journals
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Conception of professional education of social workers in interpretation by Mary Richmond
There is considered the essence of the conception of professional education of American social workers which was formulated by M. Richmond in the first third of the XX century, whose basic areas of work were scientific grounds of social work as a profession, formulation of the theoretical and practical essence of case-work as the foundation that unites some specialized areas of social work, giving the new status to the social and pedagogical work based on implementation of the conception of professional education of social workers.
Key words: профессиональное образование; кейс-работа; Мэри Ричмонд; социальная работа; professional education; case-work; Mary Richmond; social work
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Theological and anthropological characteristics of establishment of the educational environment of the Orthodox educational institution
There is given the analysis of the basic tendencies in implementation of Russian citizens’ rights for religious freedom in the educational sphere. The theses of the classical educational paradigm are correlated with the Holy Trinity paradigm. There is researched the connection of the notions of God similitude as the essential characteristics of a personality and spiritual education, as the revelation or establishment of the “God image” in a person through God similitude. There are represented the ideas of the theoretical and methodological foundations of establishment of the educational space at an Orthodox educational institution.
Key words: святотроичная парадигма; образ-подобие Божии; богоуподобление; кинонический (κοινωνία) метод; со-бытийная общность; Holy Trinity paradigm; god similitude; koinonia (κοινωνία) method; co-existence community
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Formation of ICT competence of a teacher in the process of professional training of future teachers
There are regarded the requirements of the professional standard to the ICT competence of a teacher. There is analyzed the connection of general user’s, general pedagogic and subject and pedagogic components of the ICT competence with the key, basic and special competences of a teacher. There are described the stages of formation of the components of the ICT competence in training of future teachers, guidelines, contents, methods and forms of implementation of each stage.
Key words: педагогическое образование; профессиональный стандарт педагога; ИКТ-компетентность педагога; профессиональная компетентность педагога; pedagogic education; professional standard of a teacher; ICT competence of a teacher; professional competence of a teacher
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Notions of students of secondary professional educational institutions about the potential of social network in the educational process
There are described the research results concerning students’ notions of the potential of social network use in the educational process of secondary professional educational institutions with the aim to organize the effective educational work in the new informational conditions. There are regarded the advantages and difficulties of social network use which may be taken into consideration in organization of the educational process in secondary professional educational institutions.
Key words: среднее профессиональное образование; социальные сети; виртуальная среда; сетевые технологии; мультимедиа; медиапедагогика; Интернет; интернет-ресурсы; коммуникация; secondary professional education; social networks; virtual environment; network technologies; multimedia; mediapedagogy; Internet; Internet-resources; communication
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Assessment of computer modeling teaching to students based on interdisciplinarity of informatics and mathematics
There are specified the goals of teaching computer modeling in accordance with thinking levels in B. Bloom’s taxonomy of pedagogic goals. There is suggested the author’s approach to constructing the tasks and assessment of achievements of the anticipated results of computer modeling teaching based on interdisciplinarity of informatics and mathematics.
Key words: цели обучения; ожидаемые результаты; компьютерное моделирование; конструирование задач; education goals; anticipated results; computer modeling; tasks constructing
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Linguodidactic (special) competence of a bachelor of pedagogic education: specific character, structure, contents
There is considered the essence of linguodidactic (special) competence in the process of methodological training of a foreign language teacher. There is carried out the comparative analysis of the special competence formed in the process of training of a bachelor of pedagogic education, and working functions given in the professional standard of a teacher. There are represented the renewed contents of the linguodidactic competence.
Key words: лингводидактическая (специальная) компетенция; методическая компетенция; лингвистическая компетенция; бакалавр педагогического образования; учитель иностранного языка; педагогический контроль; профессиональный стандарт педагога; linguodidactic (special) competence; methodological competence; linguistic competence; bachelor of pedagogic education; teacher of foreign languages; pedagogic control; professional standard of a teacher
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Formation of foreign language auditive competence as the component of the professional training of Air Force higher school cadets
There is shown the professionally oriented audition as one of the basic information channels in the educational and professional work of a military pilot. There is given the definition of the notion “foreign language auditive competence of a military pilot”, considered the basic mechanisms of its formation with consideration of the specificity of professional training of air force higher school cadets.
Key words: языковые стандарты ИКАО; профессионально ориентированное аудирование военного летчика; иноязычная аудитивная компетенция; профессионально ориентированные аудитивные умения; language standards; professionally oriented audition of a military pilot; foreign language auditive competence; professionally oriented audition skills
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Short course of the Latin language by webinars: experience and methodology
There is represented the experience of the special course of the Latin language for classical disciplines for distant education (20 hours). There is suggested the methodology based on grammar mastering without translation till the beginning of the basic syntax study. As the course goals there is stated the ability to translate a simple original (non-adapted) text, study of language mechanisms of Indo-European languages by the example of Latin, making the process of further studying languages of the Romance group easier, familiarization with the antique culture. There is described the potential of distant education, as well as some difficulties that may appear.
Key words: дистанционное обучение; латинский язык; методика преподавания; вебинар; distant education; the Latin language; teaching methods; webinar
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Peculiarities of assessment explication teaching to foreign audience at the advanced level
There are considered the issues of teaching the expressive means regarding the assessment of the modern Russian language to foreign audience at the advanced level. There are given the theoretical research results, as well as the author’s methodological references concerning this issue that show its urgency and the effectiveness of the experiment teaching to foreign audience.
Key words: оценка; лингводидактика; методика преподавания; межкультурная коммуникация; assessment; linguodidactics; teaching methods; intercultural communication
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Quality monitoring of self-education component of higher school learning process
There is determined the role of the self-education component of a learning process in the development of future specialists and the peculiarities of its quality management by each subject of the learning process, signs of its quality. Based on the analysis of scientific literature there is developed the monitoring procedure “Level of development of self-education component of a learning process” and given the results of its implementation.
Key words: учебный процесс в высшем учебном заведении; самообразовательная деятельность студентов; самообразовательный компонент учебного процесса; мониторинг самообразовательного компонента учебного процесса; learning process at a higher school; self-educational work of students; self-education component of a learning process; monitoring of the self-educational component of a learning process
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The significance of Pedagogical Resource Centers in Eritrea
The article is about the role of Pedagogical Resource Centers (PRCs) that serve as potentially effective base for teacher in-service training. However, the success of resource centers and clusters, to a large extent, depends on the availability of human and resources dedicated to them; in the absence of which, they can not be expected to do better and sustain themselves as support systems. So long as they remain not institutionalized entities; it is hard to expect PRCs/ Resource Centers and clusters to achieve their intended objectives. Usually, when out side support ceases, they seem not sustain themselves, and hence, they must be rooted in community's and stakeholders' support engagements in order to sustain themselves.
Key words: institutionalization; stakeholders; intervention; engagement; continuing professional development Centers; институционализация; заинтересованная сторона; интервенция; обязательство; непрерывное профессиональное развитие центра
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Structure of professionalism of a military man
There is described the structure of professionalism of a military man, the criteria and signs of its development, which is of interest to those who are interested in the issues of formation and development of professionalism in various types of society.
Key words: воинский труд; профессионализм военнослужащего; military work; professionalism of a military man
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Specificity of museum and pedagogic work in education of country school pupils
There are characterized the objective conditions of country environment that determine the specificity of museum and pedagogic work, in particular in education of country school pupils. A special role is given to the potential of the resources of the agricultural enterprise that covers the functioning area of the school museum.
Key words: музейно-педагогическая деятельность; сельский социум; воспитание учащихся; ресурсы агропредприятия в развитии музея и воспитании сельских школьников; museum and pedagogic work; country society; education of pupils; resources of agricultural enterprise in development of the museum
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Animated tours as the way to develop socially significant qualities of the youth
There is represented the animated tour as the way to develop the qualities that young people lack. The aim is to make a series of bus city tours for pupils that develop the respectful attitude to their place of living, the wish to take care of it. Special attention is paid to the necessity to show the examples of unacceptable behavior (rudeness, foul language, dismissive attitude to people of other nationalities, covering buildings with graffiti and so on). There are given the grounds for the thesis that only non-standard and creative technologies, as well as the new channels of information distribution are able to bring effectiveness to the process of formation of socially significant qualities of the modern youth.
Key words: культура гражданственности; анимационные технологии; система ценностей; гражданская позиция; culture of citizenship; animation technologies; system of values; civil position
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Ecological tourism: comparative analysis of definitions
There are considered various approaches to the definition of the notion “ecological tourism”. There are marked out three groups of definitions of the ecological tourism according to the contents, as well as made the attempt to give the author’s definition.
Key words: устойчивый туризм; экологический туризм; окружающая среда; бережное природопользование; steady tourism; ecological tourism; environment; careful nature management
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Familiarization of preschool pupils with inanimate nature in the process of experiment in the conditions of the modern preschool educational organization
There is considered the experiment and its implementation in the conditions of preschool educational institution in the process of familiarization of preschool pupils with inanimate nature, the advantages of this method, in particular the fact that preschool pupils get real notions of various sides of the object, its influence on other objects and the habitat.
Key words: экспериментирование; дошкольник; неживая природа; исследовательская деятельность; experiment; preschool pupil; inanimate nature; research work
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Development of communicative skills of children with autism spectrum disorders
There are described the disorders in development of communicative aspect of speech of children with autism spectrum disorders. There are represented the groups of communicative skills, described their peculiarities in speech of children suffering from autism. There are given the results of the empiric research directed at studying the level of development of each group of communicative skills of children with autism spectrum disorders. There is revealed the stage-by-stage process directed at formation of the represented groups of communicative skills in the conditions of rehabilitation centre for disabled children and teenagers.
Key words: расстройства аутистического спектра; коммуникативные навыки; коммуникативный акт; эгоцентричность; автономность; эхолалии; аграмматизмы; мутизм; стереотипии; вокальная аутостимуляция; визуальные вспомогательные материалы; альтернативные методы коммуникации; autism spectrum disorders; communicative skills; communicative act; egocentrism; autonomy; echolalia; agrammatism; mutism; stereotypy; vocal autostimulation; visual auxiliary aids; alternative communication methods
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Specificity of genesis of the system of social rehabilitation of visually impaired children
There is given the author’s definition of the notion “system of social rehabilitation of visually impaired children”, characterized the structure of this system regarding the Ural region, described the specific peculiarities of its origins, establishment and development of the system of social rehabilitation of visually impaired children in this region.
Key words: дети с нарушениями зрения; социальная реабилитация; социальная реабилитация детей с нарушениями зрения; система социальной реабилитации детей с нарушениями зрения; образование детей с ограниченными возможностями здоровья в Уральском регионе; visually impaired children; social rehabilitation; social rehabilitation of visually impaired children; education of children with disabilities in the Ural region
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Филологические науки
General speech functions of the interiorized discourse
There is revealed the notion of the interiorized discourse, which is the model of inner speech of a character in a fiction work. There are analyzed the general speech functions of the interiorized discourse, i.e. some global functions of the language - speech in general, and inner speech and interiorized discourse in particular.
Key words: интериоризованный дискурс; внутренняя речь; мыслеоформляющая функция; номинативная функция; функция объективации; магическая функция; эмотивная функция; функция заклинания; interiorized discourse; inner speech; thought forming function; nominative function; objectivation function; magic function; emotive function; incantation function
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Ways to represent the subject of the scientific discourse
There are analyzed the language means to verbalize the discourse subject based on scientific articles published in English and Russian language journals. There are marked out three hypostases of scientific discourse subjects: research subject, analyst subject, representative subject. There is given the comparative analysis of frequency of language markers of the subject in English and Russian language texts.
Key words: научный дискурс; языковая единица; местоимение; субъект дискурса; вербализация субъекта; scientific discourse; language unit; pronoun; discourse subject; verbalization of subject
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Status characteristics of court discourse participants
There are considered the status characteristics of court discourse participants: institutional position and its intentional correlation with other positions in the institutional communicative space, genre modality of communicative action, formula organization of the discourse.
Key words: судебный дискурс; институциональный статус; коммуникативная роль; модальность коммуникативного действия; скрипт коммуникативного поведения; судебный церемониал; court discourse; institutional status; communicative role; modality of communicative action; script of communicative behavior; court ceremonies
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A syntagma as the basic unit of the rhythm of a prosaic text
There is shown the syntagma as the basic unit of the rhythmic organization of a prosaic text. There is given the rhythmic analysis of a publicistic text and revealed the individual author’s features of the rhythmic organization of a text.
Key words: синтагма; синтагматическое членение; ритмическая модель; ритмический сбой; динамика ударности; syntagma; syntagmatic articulation; rhythmic model; rhythmic fault; dynamic of stresses
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Style functions of various types of zeugma
There is regarded the use of zeugma in the literary language and mass media texts. In particular, there is analyzed the graphic zeugma and revealed its most significant types that reveal the originality of the figure, as well as functional component of zeugma.
Key words: языковая игра; эллиптический прием; скорнение; графическая зевгма; телескопия; контаминация; слияние; слова-слитки; сращение; language pun; elliptic method; root joining; graphic zeugma; telescopy; contamination; junction; junction words; union
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Fashionable ergonym in the linguistic mind of a modern person: experimental research
There are represented the results of the experimental research of ergonyms from the point of language fashion. Based on the methods of addition (experimental method in psycholinguistics) there are determined the notions of fashionable ergonyms that exist in the linguistic mind of modern native speakers of the Russian language, and found out the fashion tendencies in ergonymy.
Key words: эргоним; мода; языковое сознание; модные тенденции; ergonym; fashion; linguistic mind; fashion tendencies
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There is analyzed the adaptation of the English word “selfie” in the modern Russian language in the context of intensification of the processes of borrowing and actualization of the English vocabulary in the Russian language at the beginning of the XXI century.
Key words: англицизмы в русском языке; адаптация заимствований; Anglicisms in the Russian language; adaptation of borrowings
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Adverbs and impersonal predicative words with the semantics of colour: functioning peculiarities in the Russian language in the XXI century (by the example of the lexeme “фиолетово”)
The group of adverbs and impersonal predicative words with the semantics of colour in the XXI century is becoming one of the most quickly developing spheres of the Russian vocabulary. Special attention should be paid to the late peripheral units, such as розово, салатово,фиолетово. Gaining the metaphoric meaning, these homoforms determine the new relations between adverbs and impersonal predicative words and become the markers of linguocreative work of a modern person.
Key words: наречие; безлично-предикативные слова; цветообозначения; маркеры лингвокреативной деятельности; adverb; impersonal predicative words; colour marks; markers of linguocreative work
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The etiquette model of request in the British and Russian linguistic cultures
There is described the etiquette model of request in the British and Russian linguistic cultures as a speech act and linguocultural script. There are analyzed the factors that influence the character of the official request, the varieties of the request are spontaneous, prepared beforehand, humorous, complicated. There is revealed the specificity of non-impositivity (lack of communicative pressure on the addressee) as the basic guiding line of behavior in the British linguistic culture concerning the script “request”.
Key words: формульная модель поведения; коммуникативные шаги; стратегия вежливости; обиходная просьба; официальная просьба; лингвокультурный скрипт; неимпозитивность; formula model of behavior; communicative steps; strategy of politeness; informal request; formal request; linguocultural script; non-impositivity
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Typology of the chronotop and participants of the meditative discourse
There is considered the meditation in the theory of discourse. There are characterized the following criteria: chronotop, participants of the discourse, intention, perception channels. There is determined the place of the meditative discourse in the typology of discourse: personal - existential. There is marked out and described the specificity of chronotop (length and place of meditation) and the participants of the meditative discourse (real: master of meditation and the meditating/unreal).
Key words: дискурс; хронотоп; участники дискурса; интенция; медитация; discourse; chronotop; participants of discourse; intention; meditation
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Grammar status and aspects of verbal nouns of action in the Ukrainian language (based on the Russian and Polish language)
There are considered the problematic issues of the grammar status of verbal nouns of action in the Ukrainian language at the background of the Russian and Polish languages; researched the level of keeping the aspectual signs of this category of words based on dictionaries and corps. There is stated that Ukrainian names of action regularly reveal the aspectual signs in speech, and the level of their preservation is higher than in Russian, but lower than in Polish.
Key words: отглагольное имя действия; украинский язык; аспектуальная семантика; verbal noun of action; the Ukrainian language; aspectual semantics
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Emblematic characteristics of hospitability in the Kalmyk linguistic culture
There is represented the emblematic comprehension of the linguocultural script “hospitability” in the communicative behavior of Kalmyk people. There are considered its linguistic, discursive and ritual signs.
Key words: эмблематичность; лингвокультурный скрипт; лингвокультура; коммуникативное поведение; калмыцкий этикет; emblematic; linguocultural script; linguistic culture; communicative behavior; Kalmyk etiquette
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Categories of intertextuality in the collections of statements by the Head of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping
There is considered the genre and characteristics of the collection of statements, analyzed the notion of “intertextuality” and revealed the intertext signs, figures and functions in the collections of statements by the Head of the PRC Xi Jinping.
Key words: сборник высказываний; интертекстуальность; элитарная языковая личность; интертекстуальный тезаурус; collection of statements; intertextuality; elite language personality; intertext thesaurus
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Specificity of status communicative behavior of a boss reflected in Chinese aphorisms
There is shown the specificity of communicative behavior of a boss towards the subordinates. The standards of the communicative behavior are fixed in the aphorisms that show the competence of a boss in managing the subordinates, as well as understanding the duties.
Key words: норма; коммуникативное поведение; афоризмы; статус; начальник; подчиненный; коммуникант; standard; communicative behavior; aphorisms; status; boss; subordinate; communicant
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Modal particles in speech of men and women
There are represented the results of the research directed to find out the gender peculiarities of distribution and functioning of modal particles in expressions of men and women based on newspaper texts.
Key words: гендер; гендерная лингвистика; модальность; модальные частицы; коммуникативная стратегия; gender; gender linguistics; modality; modal particles; communicative strategy
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Play with notions of plants in the Russian and Azerbaijani languages
There is researched the issue of evolution of the semantic language system. There is considered the play with notions of plants. There are analyzed the words “дерево”, “цветок” and “роза” in the Russian language, “ağac”, “gül”, “qızılgül” in the Azerbaijani language, which makes it possible to state that these concepts have common semes for development in these languages. A greater symbolic meaning is given to the names of some particular trees and flowers in the world picture of the Russian and Azerbaijani people.
Key words: знакообозначения; растения; дерево; цветок; роза; знак; игра; фразеологизация; фразеологизмы; notions; plants; tree; flower; rose; sign; play; phraseology; phraseological units
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Bernát Munkácsi and the beginning of field work in the Hungarian linguistics
There is described the preparation of a young Hungarian scientist BernátMunkácsi for the dialectological expedition of the 1885 with the aim to collect the empiric material for Finno-Hungarian studios at the territory of Hungary.
Key words: Бернат Мункачи; венгерские ученые; удмурты; удмуртский язык; удмуртские диалекты; диалектология; полевые исследования; Bernát Munkácsi; Hungarian scientists; the Udmurt; the Udmurt language; the Udmurt dialects; dialectology; field research
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Use of speech figure of comparison in the novel by Hermann Hesse “Demian. Story of the Youth Written by Emil Sinkler” (by the example of the denotative sphere “Subjects and Artifacts”)
Basedon the novel “Demian. Story of the Youth Written by Emil Sinkler” there are determined the functions of comparison and the ways to express it in the individual author’s world picture by a Swiss and German writer H. Hesse. There is revealed the artistic aesthetic and pragmatic potential of comparison by the example of the denotative sphere “Subjects and Artifacts”.
Key words: фигура речи; сравнение; сравнительный оборот; оценка; образ; функция; протагонист; читатель; роман; figure of speech; comparison; assessment; image; function; protagonist; reader; novel
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There is analyzed the domestic publishing structure in the sphere of lexicography in social sphere and humanities in the period of 1985-2014. There are marked out the basic types of lexicographic series. There is found out the nuclear of publishing organizations and distributed the lexicographic resources published by nuclear publishing houses. There is characterized the current state of the domestic organizations that publish the lexicographic resources in social sphere and humanities.
Key words: издающая организация; лексикографический ресурс; лексикография; социально-гуманитарные науки; лексикографическая серия; publishing organization; lexicographic resource; lexicography; social sciences and humanities; lexicographic series
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Topos of childhood in the poetry by Vera Pavlova
In the aspect of the anthropological model there are described the spaces of age, theme and motive of childhood in the lyrical poetry by Vera Pavlova and the ways of their artistic implementation.
Key words: топос; антропологическое пространство; апперцепция; topos, anthropological; space, apperception
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Ways of representation of author’s view in a modern historical and fantastic novel
There are analyzed the ways to represent the author’s view in the modern historical and fantastic literature by means of creating the images of Slavic space.
Key words: Мазин; Витковский; Семенова; пространство; фантастика; фэнтези; хронотоп; Masin; Vitkovsky; Semenova; space; fantasy; chronotop
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Исторические науки и археология
Discussions of the end of the XIX - beginning of the XX centuries concerning the charity work of Orthodox cloisters
There are represented the discussions in the church and secular environment concerning the issue of charity work of Orthodox cloisters and intensification of the influence of the Orthodox Church on social life at the end of the XIX - beginning of the XX centuries.
Key words: православная церковь; монастыри; монашествующие; церковная благотворительность; социальное служение церкви; Orthodox Church; cloisters; monks; church charity; social service to church
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Formation of the model of a modern priest in the reformation process in the system of spiritual education in the Russian Orthodox Church (based on the cathedral resolutions and the reports by the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church)
There is considered the issue of formation of the model of a modern priest and the improvement of the quality of training of the Russian Orthodox Church clergymen at various stages of reformation of its system of spiritual education in the post-Soviet period. Special attention is paid to the correspondence of the professional and spiritual and moral qualities of modern priests to the church ideal of a clergyman.
Key words: модель современного священника; духовная семинария; концепция духовного образования РПЦ; Болонская система образования; бакалавриат; model of a modern priest; theological seminary; conception of spiritual education of the Russian Orthodox Church; Bologna sysmen of education; bachelor studies
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Internetization of the regional mass media at the end of XX - first third of the XXI centuries (by the example of the Astrakhan region): establishment issues and prospects of development
There is considered the process of establishment of Internet representation of the mass media of the Astrakhan region on the Internet.
Key words: региональная пресса; власть; «четвертая власть»; интернет-СМИ; regional press; authorities; “the fourth authority”; Internet mass media
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Development of voluntary sports societies of Stalingrad in the 1946-1951 (based on the materials of Documentation Centre of the Modern History of the Volgograd Region)
There are represented the materials of the fund of the Stalingrad Committee of Documentation Centre of the Volgograd RegionModern History in the issues of development of voluntary sports societies (VSS) of Stalingrad in the years of the first postwar plan of the USSR national economy development. There is given the statistic information of the development of VSS of the city and found out the basic results and drawbacks in the work which include the lack of professional staff.
Key words: добровольные спортивные общества; физическая культура и спорт; Сталинград; четвертый пятилетний план развития народного хозяйства СССР; voluntary sports societies; physical culture and sport; Stalingrad; the fourth five-year-plan of the USSR national economy development
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Evidence of agriculture at the settlement of the Scythian period at the Pekshevo village on the river Voronezh
There is analyzed the evidence of agriculture at the settlement of the Scythian period at the Pekshevo village on the river Voronezh. There is considered the farming equipment at various stages of the agricultural work, information about economic structures used for grain storage, information about the cultivated crops.
Key words: орудия труда; палеоэтноботанические данные; земледелие; скифская эпоха; городище Пекшево; лесостепное Подонье; labour equipment; paleoethnobotanic information; agriculture; the Scythian period; Pekshevo settlement; forest and steppe Podonye
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Achievements and difficulties in staff training through the system of Stalingrad schools of factory and plant education and trade colleges in the 1943-1950
There are compared the tasks to revive the working staff at the industrial Stalingrad enterprises destroyed by the war with the real conditions of work and everyday life of students of schools of factory and plant education and trade colleges.
Key words: Сталинград; ФЗО; ремесленные училища; восстановительный период; государственные трудовые резервы; заводы; промышленность; кадры; Stalingrad; trade colleges; rehabilitation period; state labour reserves; plants; industry; staff
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Academic Life. Reviews
Волгоградский научно-образовательный центр Российской академии образования: опыт сетевого научного взаимодействия
Key words:
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ПРОБЛЕМЫ ФИЛОЛОГИЧЕСКОГО БОГОСЛОВИЯ рецензия на книгу: Николаева Н.Г., Кузьмин С.И. «Богословие» Иоанна Дамаскина в церковнославянской традиции и рецепции XVI-XVIII вв. Казань: Центр инновационных технологий, 2015. 312 с
Key words:
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