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№8 (83) 2013
2013 г.
Cultural Studies
Phenomenon of urban shamanism and its role in culture
There is considered the phenomenon of urban shamanism as one of the courses of neoshamanism. Study of urban shamanism makes it possible not only to compare traditional and modern shamanism but also to show the tendencies and the perspectives of development of the modern culture as a whole.
Key words: шаманизм; неошаманизм; городской шаманизм; методология; целостность; целительство; shamanism; neoshamanism; urban shamanism; methodology; integrity; healing
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Issue of institutionalization of the new subjectivity in the philosophic, religious and esoteric thinking
There is carried out the comparative analysis of statement ways of the issue of subject’s institutionalization of oneself within the philosophic, religious and esoteric views. There are sorted out the characteristics of the modern esoteric discourses and practices, shown their connection with spiritual fundamentals of the modern culture.
Key words: практики аутотрансформации субъекта; исихазм; эзотерика; вымысел; антропологический кризис; practices of auto-transformation of a subject; hesychasm; esotericism; figment; anthropologic crisis
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Self-socialization in multi-cultural society
Based on the theory of a German scientist B. Gromm, there is considered the specificity of self-socialization of adults in the conditions of multi-cultural society and polyconfessional religious situation.
Key words: социология; социализация; самосоциализация; мультикультурализм; бриколаж; sociology; socialization; self-socialization; multi-cultural society; bricolage
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Transformation of the system of cultural safety at the South of Russia through the prism of relations with another ethnos
There is shown overcoming of fear in front of the Strange, rethinking of its place in society and perception of it as the reason for self-reflection, which may favour building of the new, more flexible system of cultural safety with consideration of its two aspects (safety and security) and introduction into its system of the Strange not as the object of relation building, but as a full subject of the process.
Key words: культурная безопасность; этнополитическая безопасность; Чужой; межкультурные коммуникации; культурный ландшафт; сохранение; защита; ксенофобия; cultural safety; ethnopolitical safety; strange; intercultural communications; cultural landscape; keeping; protection; xenophobia
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Interpretation of the notion “ethnos” in culturology
There is carried out the terminological analysis of various approaches to understanding and interpretation of the notion “ethnos” in social and classical understanding. There are sorted out the groups of factors and criteria of typologies of various interpretations of the notion “ethnos” in culturology.
Key words: этнос; культурологические интерпретации; этническая карта; этническая общность; субэтнос; суперэтнос; общество; этническая культура; принадлежность; национальность; народность; ethnos; culturological interpretations; ethnic map; ethnic community; subethnos; superethnos; society; ethnic culture; belonging; nationality; people
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Issue of consciousness in modern philosophy
There is considered the notion of consciousness in modern philosophy. There is represented the criticism of the naturalistic conceptions of consciousness, the analysis of which reflects some definite tendencies of modern science development, as well as reveals the role and meaning of post-modernism and esoteric practices in interpretation of the notion of consciousness.
Key words: сознание; мозг; натурализм; постмодернизм; неоэзотерика; consciousness; brain; naturalism; postmodernism; neo-esoteric
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Elements of phenomenology in the conception of “cognitive substitution” by A.A. Bogdanov
There are analyzed the basic statements of the cognitive method of “universal substitution” developed by a Russian philosopher A. Bogdanov in connection with the phenomenological theory of “symbolic appresentation”.
Key words: А.А. Богданов; познавательный метод; подстановка; формальная логика; феноменология; А.Шюц; аппрезентативная связь; A.A. Bogdanov; cognitive method; substitution; formal logic; phenomenology; A. Schutz; appresentative connection
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Culture conception of Rene Girard and dialogic thinking
There is carried out the analysis of connections between the culture conception of Rene Girard and dialogic thinking as represented in the works by M. Buber and G. Marcel. There is stated that violence by mimesis is the consequence of the “monologic” directive of perception of the other as “it”. There is considered the role of the dialogic thinking in overcoming the violence spread by mimesis.
Key words: диалогическое мышление; любовь; мимесис; насилие; жертвоприношение; dialogic thinking; love; mimesis; violence; sacrifice
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Internal and external sources of comprehension of Everlasting Femininity in the Russian philosophy
There are analyzed the origins of the conception of Everlasting Femininity in the Russian religious philosophy and cultural traditions at the end of the XIX – beginning of the XX century. There are shown the directions of its reconsideration as the image, mythologeme, concept by Russian philosophers and poets of the Silver Age. There are revealed the new meanings of Everlasting Femininity in the Russian culture.
Key words: русская религиозная философия; Серебряный век; Вечная Женственность; софиология; Мировая Душа; Russian religious philosophy; the Silver Age; Everlasting Femininity; sophiology; World Soul
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Idea of social progress in the western society in the middle of the XX century
There are considered the origins of the crisis of the progressive thinking in the western world in the middle of the XX century. Special attention is paid to the human factor as the development source. There is noted that not all the crisis tendencies were overpassed in the transition to the new postindustrial epoch.
Key words: социальный прогресс; постиндустриальное общество; кризис; модернизация; social progress; post-industrial society; crisis; modernization
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Modern transformation of a nation state
There is described the specificity of interaction of a government and civil society. Special attention is paid to the analysis of the notion “nation state” without which the mechanisms and forms of the existence of civil society cannot be understood.
Key words: государство; гражданское общество; гражданское самосознание; национальное государство; демократия; government; civil society; civic consciousness; nation state; democracy
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Paleopathological features of Lower Volga Region population dating Early Bronze Age from burial ground tombs
There is made the attempt of paleopathological research of bone materials of the Lower Volga Region population in the pit time period. The research materials are bone remains of 27 individuals of various degree of safety.
Key words: эпоха ранней бронзы; патологии; пороз; интерпроксимальные желобки; внутренний лобный гиперостоз; Early Bronze Age; pathologies; porous; interproximal grooves; frontal internal hyperostosis
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To the issue of time and place of organization of a special purpose camp in Stalingrad (1943–1945)
There is considered the history of establishment of a special purpose camp at Stalingrad territory in the period of 1943-1945, as well as participation of special contingents in city restoration. There is analyzed the specificity of organization of camp departments in particular objects in accordance with objective needs.
Key words: лагерь специального назначения; спецконтингент; лагерное отделение; Сталинград; восстановление; special purpose camp; special contingents; camp department; Stalingrad; restoration
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Music performance as an interdisciplinary phenomenon
The issues of music performance are regarded from the positions of their study in various fields of scientific knowledge. There is substantiated the interdisciplinary essence of music performance, its connections with interpretation. There is shown the potential of the hermeneutic approach to the category of interpretation as a qualitative characteristic of music performance.
Key words: интерпретация; герменевтический подход; музыкальный текст; симультанирование; interpretation; hermeneutic approach; music text; simultaneity
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Memory in the aesthetics and music of romanticism
The interest of romanticist composers to incarnation of memory world in the music opus is regarded from the position of peculiarities of world view and aesthetic views of the epoch. Memory is analyzed in the context of the most important notions and categories for romantic aesthetics. There is covered the issue of difference in composers’ approaches to musical and artistic rendering of memory at different stages of romanticism development.
Key words: воспоминание; романтизм; субъективный мир; исповедальность; идеал; ирреальное бытие; время; пространство; memory; romanticism; subjective world; confession; ideal; unreal existence; time; space
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Influence of appearance on formation of the artistic image of the main character of the musical by A.L. Webber “The Phantom of the Opera”
There are revealed the peculiarities of incarnation of the artistic image of the main character in the musical by A.L. Webber “The Phantom of the Opera” by the means of his appearance, where the main role is given to masks. The analysis of the elements of the poetic text, music and dramaturgy shows that they are the visual reflection of his inner world, intensify his psychological portrait, allow watching the evolution of the character’s image.
Key words: Призрак Оперы; мюзикл; Э.Л. Уэббер; маски; художественный образ Призрака; The Phantom of the Opera; A.L. Webber; masks; Phantom’s artistic image
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Tango in Russia: on the way to creating the native version of the genre
There are researched the origins and spreading in Russia in the first half of the XX century of the interest to the tango genre, the reasons for cultural receptivity of the Russian culture and mentality to the borrowed dance. There are revealed the peculiarities of interpretation and creative remakes of foreign authors’ works by Russian composers. Tango is considered as the phenomenon of the music and dance culture closely connected with other cultural and socio-political realities in Russia of the early XX century.
Key words: танго; Россия; Иза Кремер; Вадим Козин; Александр Цфасман; tango; Russia; Isa Kremer; Vadim Kozin; Alexander Tsfasman
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Instrumental multimedia: considering musical and visual lines
There are considered the theoretical issues of instrumental multimedia. There is suggested the analysis of meaning interpretation of the genre by composers of the XX century, substantiated multimedia functioning, determined its semantic and language peculiarities. There are found out the specific features of instrumental multimedia. As the examples, there are given the opuses by La Monte Young, S. Reich, W. Rihm, Tan Dun, P. Karmanov.
Key words: музыка; мультимедиа; синтез искусств; музыкальный акционизм; концептуализм; music; multimedia; synthesis of arts; music actionism; conceptualism
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Motives of traditional gospel iconography and its interpretation in the art by Georges Rouault
There are considered the motives of gospel iconography and the peculiarities of its interpretation in the creative work by Rouault, analyzed his pictures of the traditional Christian motives and the canvases associated with the Gospel. There is covered the connection of the artist’s painting technique with the church stainedglass window and the Byzantine mosaics and frescos; considered the graphic cycle “Miserere and the War” where the peculiarities of the gospel iconography are reflected the most fully and brightly.
Key words: евангельская иконография; христианские сюжеты; тема мученичества; крестного пути и искупления греха; «страсти» и «распятие» Христа; лики Христа и святых; церковный витраж; византийские мозаики и фрески; средневековые религиозные гравюры; gospel iconography; Christian motives; theme of martyrdom; cross way and sin expiation; the “Passion” and the “Crucifixion” of Christ; the faces of Christ and the saints; church stained-glass window; Byzantine mosaics and frescos; medieval religious engravings
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Government support of small-scale and middle-scale entrepreneurship
There is considered the importance and necessity of government support of small-scale and middle entrepreneurship. There is analyzed the condition of small-scale and middle entrepreneurship in the territorial and economic aspect. There is given the survey of the types of government support in the Volgograd region.
Key words: малое и среднее предпринимательство; государственная поддержка; виды государственной поддержки; small-scale and middle entrepreneurship; government support; types of government support
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Issues and improvement ways of mortgage lending with the use of maternal capital
There are described the conditions that favour the growth of solvent demand for housing habitation connected with the development and widening of the system of mortgage lending. Based on the combination of requirements of lending agencies and potential debtors there is suggested the model of mortgage lending that may be the basis for establishment and development of mortgage relations in future.
Key words: ипотека; ипотечный кредит; залог; жилая недвижимость; заемщик; материнский капитал; процентная ставка; первоначальный взнос; коммерческий банк; mortgage; mortgage lending; deposit; real estate; debtor; maternal capital; interest rate; initial installment; commercial bank
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Considering the development and implementation of higher school scientific researches
There are considered the issues connected with the further development of the approaches to management of the processes of development and implementation of higher school scientific research works.
Key words: разработки; внедрение; регион; бизнес-образование; система единого образовательного пространства; эффективность научных исследований; works; implementation; region; businesseducation; system of united education space; effectiveness of scientific researches
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Innovation processes on the Russian book market
There are suggested the variants of improvement of the situation on the modern book market, where the sales of traditional printed books fall, but the market of electronic editions suffers from piracy; there are considered the latest innovation solutions from foreign experience for overcoming the crisis in this field.
Key words: книжный рынок; пиратство в Интернете; инновационные процессы; электронная книга; краудфандинг; флипбэк; book market; piracy on the Internet; innovation processes; electronic book; crowdfunding; flipback
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Effectiveness of investments into human resources potential of entrepreneurial structure
There are considered the peculiarities of investment policy into human resources potential of entrepreneurial structure, given the formulas that determine the investments into human resources potential and the effectiveness of the investments. There is revealed the peculiarity of the cycle of investments into a specialist of entrepreneurial structure.
Key words: инвестиции в кадровый потенциал предпринимательской структуры; отдача от инвестиций; эффективность инвестиций в кадровый потенциал предпринимательской структуры; investments into human resources potential of entrepreneurial structure; efficiency of investments; effectiveness of investments into human resources potential of entrepreneurial structure
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Reviews and reviews
Реалогический язык современной культуры (Рецензия на книгу: Суджич Деян. Язык вещей / пер. с англ. М. :Strelka Press, 2013. 240 с.)
Key words:
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Биополитика, мессианизм и экономия спасения в философии Джорджо Агамбена
Key words:
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Рецензия на книгу: Штайн О.А. Маска как форма идентичности: Введение в философию образа (СПб. : Изд-во РХГА , 2012. 160 с.)
Key words:
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Academic Life
Гайдаровский форум – 2013 как форма публичной дискуссии об эффективном социальном партнерстве между государством и обществом (Международная конференция «Россия и мир: вызовы интеграции», г. Москва, 16–19 января 2013 г.)
Key words:
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«Академия успеха»: опыт организации и социально-культурное значение студенческих некоммерческих общественных организаций в современном вузе
Key words:
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