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№10 (74) 2012
2012 г.
Holistic education process
Holistic approach to interpretation of the organic unity of learning and educational processes
There are revealed the origins of holistic approach to consideration of pedagogical process, the unity of learning and educational processes, the main characteristics of the integral pedagogical system, modeling of the integrated learning and educational process.
Key words: integrity; system; process; unity
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Experience of development of the methodology of research and modernization of the integral educational process in a pedagogical higher school
There is substantiated the necessity of the use of the methodology of humanities in research of the integral educational process, shown the stages of establishment of the pedagogical methodology of humanities and its role in regulation of the modernization processes in pedagogical education. There is described the urgency of development of the methodology of humanities in pedagogy.
Key words: methodology; methodology of humanities; integral educational process; modernization of higher pedagogical education
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Integral sources and environmental components of the content of studentoriented education
There are sorted out the integral sources, models and the appropriate environmental components of the content of student-oriented education
Key words: content of education; educational environment; integrity; competence; culture conformable; student-oriented models of the content of education
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Philosophy and Methodology of Education
Informal education: notion and essence
There are analyzed the notions and the essence of informal education. There are considered the main signs of functioning of informal education, as well as the factors of its effectiveness.
Key words: informal education; competitiveness; lifelong education; continuing education
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Essence of social and pedagogical projecting: personality approach
There is shown the essence of social and pedagogical projecting, its main principles and regularities; substantiated the logics of projecting of social and pedagogical process and its stages: revealed the factors as the conditions of realization of social and pedagogical processes.
Key words: social and pedagogical projecting; principles of social and pedagogical projecting; project; stages of projecting; factors of social and pedagogical projecting
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Discourse as a pedagogical notion: methodological and heuristic potentials
Methodological and heuristic potentials of discourse as a pedagogical notion are considered on the basis of the three main approaches to understanding the discourse reflected in the modern pedagogic researches.
Key words: discourse; theory of discourse; pedagogic tradition; pedagogic archetype; ideology; pedagogical paradigm
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Social collaboration of state educational institutions and Church as the factor of development of educational space: conceptual fundamentals
There is considered the meaning and the goal of social collaboration of state educational institutions and church organizations in the educational space. There are revealed the social and philosophical, law and psychological and pedagogical fundamentals of collaboration of state and Church in the educational sphere.
Key words: educational space; social collaboration; state educational institutions; Church; spiritual and moral education; personality
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непрерывное профессиональное образование
Teachers personality in the structure of corporate culture of a higher school
Corporate culture mastering is regarded as the goal of professional education of higher school students. A teacher is characterized as the key figure of the corporate culture of a higher school that has complex effect on future specialists personality.
Key words: corporate culture of a higher school; corporate behavior; higher school teacher's personality; pedagogical communication in the process of professional education of students
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Content of supplementary professional training of a foreign language teacher
There is considered the content of supplementary professional training oriented at the formation of metaprofessional competence of a foreign language teacher at a non-linguistic higher school.
Key words: supplementary training; metaprofessional competence; content; educational approaches; principles of content development
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Teaching and education of students in polycultural environment of a higher school: gender approach
There are analyzed the issues of teaching and education of students in polycultural environment of a higher school on the basis of gender approach; considered its world view bases, conditions of realization. On the basis of the examples of work with students from Africa, India and Malaysia there are shown the gender differences and ethnic cultural peculiarities of students.
Key words: gender approach; polycultural environment of a higher school; gender differences; ethnic cultural peculiarities of students
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Levels of future teachers readiness for planning individual educational trajectories of students
There are sorted out the criteria of future teachers readiness for planning individual educational trajectories of students, given its characteristics. There are described the peculiarities of the levels of future teachers readiness for planning individual educational trajectories of students.
Key words: individual educational trajectory; criteria of readiness; level of future teacher's readiness for planning individual educational trajectories of students
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Psychological and pedagogical mechanism of higher school students reading competence formation
There is considered the psychological and pedagogical mechanism of higher school students reading competence formation, which consists in widening of polystyle repertory of students personality through harmonization, flexible combination and parallel involvement of the existing and formed cognitive styles.
Key words: reading competence; cognitive style; "polystyle repertory"; psychological and pedagogical mechanism; "reader's portrait"
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Formation of comfortable psychological climate in students group
There are described the ways of formation of comfortable psychological climate in students group; its base is the idea of collaboration, dialogue, partnership in relations between students and their teacher.
Key words: comfortable psychological climate; mutual understanding; steady positive relations; creative communication; creative atmosphere; pedagogical tact
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Peculiarities of cognitive independence of a music performer
There are considered the functions of cognitive independence as a united complex of necessary conditions for formation of a music performers creative approach to showing the authors intention.
Key words: artistic image; cognitive independence; music performer
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Innovation in general and vocational education
Polyfunctional essence of pupils knowledge actualization
There is revealed the significance of the issue of involving the students into actualization of the knowledge, essence of the notion actualization of knowledge, distinctive features of actualization of knowledge, test, control of knowledge; substantiated the polyfunctional essence of involving the students into actualization of knowledge, noted the functions of knowledge actualization.
Key words: actualization of knowledge; involving the students into actualization of knowledge; polyfunctional essence of knowledge actualization; function; functions of knowledge actualization; didactic method
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Pedagogic potential of folk trades in formation of artistic and aesthetic values of pupils
There is considered the issue of formation of artistic and aesthetic values of pupils. The great role is paid to folk trades; their potential is characterized by traditionality, utility, decorativeness, development of diligence.
Key words: folk trades; pedagogic potential; traditionality; utility; decorativeness; diligence
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Formation of professional communicative competence in the experience of manager teaching
There is suggested the authors understanding of professional communicative competence; defined the essence and contents of its main components: substantiated the necessity of its formation in the course of teaching manager as the main component of the strategy of personal and professional establishment of an individual.
Key words: professionalization; professional communication; communicative competence; methodological approach; principles of education
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Log and programme of higher school students competence formation
There is substantiated the necessity of development of the basic educational programmes of a higher school, the log and the programmes of students competence formation; suggested the structure and revealed the contents of the log and the programmes of students competence formation.
Key words: basic educational programme of a higher school; log of competence; programme of competence formation; results of education
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Pedagogical support of teaching staff development in an innovative university: conceptual aspect
There is given the analysis of some conceptual points in the use of pedagogical support of teaching staff development in an innovative university regarding the context of the diversity of education based on the material of the modern scientific research
Key words: theory of support; pedagogical support; innovative university; human resources; teaching staff resource
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Education and further education
Image of native land in the patriotic consciousness of a future teacher
Based on the research of image as a mental phenomenon in the Russian and foreign psychology, there is described the role of the image of native land in formation of patriotic feelings of pupils.
Key words: psychology of image; image of native land; local history; patriotic education of pupils
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Consideration of gender differences in the process of education in the Russian and foreign pedagogy
There are regarded the gender differences and the peculiarities of their display in physiology, psychological peculiarities of a person, abilities, intellect, emotions, behavior and achievements important for educational process; given the practical recommendations to considered gender differences in the educational process.
Key words: gender; gender differences; display of differences; consideration of differences; practical recommendations
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Formation of health improving culture of future teachers as a condition of improvement of the quality of human potential in modern Russia
There is characterized the role of health improving culture of a teacher in improvement of the quality of human potential. There is supposed that health improving activity should take place in appropriate environment and be of systemic character; it becomes one of the prerequisites of formation of a subject of post-industrial modernization of the Russian society.
Key words: human resource; health improving activity; health improving culture; health improving educational environment; personal traits; subject of post-industrial modernization
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теория и методика обучения и воспитания
Methodology of pre-translation analysis of professionally oriented texts for students of non-linguistic professions
There is considered the pre-translation text analysis and its components. On the basis of this analysis there are sorted out and described the structural units of the content of teaching pre-translation text analysis.
Key words: pre-translation text analysis; skills of pretranslation text analysis; pragmatic text structure; communicative text structure; compositional and sense text structure
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Principles of lacuna vocabulary teaching
There is described the issue of the choice of methodological principles, made the attempt to sort out the principles of lacuna vocabulary teaching and to substantiate the reasons for their use in the process of foreign languages teaching.
Key words: lacuna vocabulary; principles of foreign languages teaching; methodological principles; principle of complex semantics
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Educational autonomy of students who learn foreign languages: ability or readiness?
There is considered the notion of educational autonomy in the sphere of foreign languages learning. There is given the thorough definition analysis of the given term and the correlation of its content with the notions responsibility, ability and readiness. There are revealed the differences between ability and readiness that are essential for characteristics of educational autonomy.
Key words: educational autonomy; learning autonomy; readiness; ability; responsibility
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Substantive quantity and referential status of name in the Russian and Chinese languages
There is characterized the system of expressive means of substantive quantity in the Chinese language in the contrastive aspect of the Russian language. There is described the significant interfering influence of discrepancy at the meaning level of the principles of language encoding in the process of teaching foreign students.
Key words: linguodidactics; substantive quantity; the Russian language; the Chinese language; category of definiteness
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Literature as the emotional and moral phenomenon of future teachers spiritual personality formation
There is analyzed the significance of literature material use in the system of professional and pedagogical training of higher school students.
Key words: literature education; humanization of pedagogical education; reading and comprehension; emotions and feelings
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Pedagogic potential of subject frame (by the example of historical and artistic disciplines)
There is considered the pedagogic potential of subject frame, i.e. the frame of new type, representing the process oriented description.
Key words: frame; organization of educational material; communicative situation; model
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Music analysis in piano class: intonation approach
There is substantiated the methodological approach to music analysis from the positions of the intonation theory. There is stated that the intonation music analysis favours the development of spiritual comprehension and cognition of persons world by means of music arts and oriented at the performers interpretation of the intonation process.
Key words: intonation; intoning; intonation analysis
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Specificity of dynamic reading as the means of finding information from a text
There is regarded the use of dynamic reading as the way of finding efficient information in a text in the conditions of time saving at the senior stage of the educational process.
Key words: dynamic reading; high-speed reading; speed; understanding; technical aspect
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Teaching speech communication culture of subjects of educational process at an innovative higher school
There are analyzed the psychological, pedagogical and methodological peculiarities of foreign language speech communication, revealed the essence of the given phenomenon, its structure, function peculiarities.
Key words: culture of foreign language speech communication; communicative competence; functions of communication; structure of communication; functions of communication
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Didactic conditions of valuation work of senior pupils in making web-sites (based on the example of study groups in informatics)
There is considered the notion of valuation work of senior pupils, didactic conditions for its development in the process of web-site creating in the course of study group work in informatics.
Key words: valuation work; didactic conditions of senior pupils' valuation work formation
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Structural and component composition of check and examination strategies in teaching foreign languages
There is regarded the structural and component composition of check and examination strategies on the basis of the example of a foreign language. There is given the comparative characteristic of the skills included into the check and examination strategies and skills.
Key words: check and examination strategies; universal training activities; teenagers; general educational activities
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Историко-педагогические и сравнительно-педагогические исследования проблемобразования
Post graduate training of school administrators as the basis of their methodological competence (historical analysis)
There are considered the issues of training of secondary school administrators in the context of the historical analysis of school study. There is given the short list of the structures of different monographs, books, references on school managing. There is defined the goal of post graduate education of school administrators at the modern stage.
Key words: post graduate education of secondary school administrators; history of school study
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Peculiarities of establishment of secular education in Turkey in the middle of the XIX century
There are investigated the reforms and peculiarities of establishment of secular education in Turkey in the middle of the XIX century. Specia; attention is paid to primary education.
Key words: the Ottoman Empire; primary schools; Ministry of Education; the Provisional Council in Educational Affairs; university
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Competence approach to the organization of training in the system of higher education in the USA
There are analyzed the innovation approaches to education and training, given the systematization of key competences accepted in the USA and EU. There are considered the main principles of the competence approach to education, given the components of the American model of training.
Key words: competence; communication; information technologies; basic competences; behavioral standards
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психологические проблемы современного образования
Emotional burning-out of graduating students of a medical higher school as the projection of their professional motivation
By the example of graduating students and interns of a medical higher school there are suggested the research results of the issue of correlation of the emotional burning- out with favourable and unfavourable factors of professional motivation in its various grouping. There is made the attempt to systematize the verbal indicators of the syndrome for persons with different predisposition to emotional burning-out.
Key words: emotional burning-out; professional destructions; professional motivation; anti-motivational factors; psychological protections; verbal indicators
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Social and psychological model of innovative potential of a personality in the context of its acmeological orientation
There are regarded the methodological and theoretical bases of development of the issue of innovative potential in the context of acme-orientation of a personality. There is formulated the scientific task of formation of the practical model of acme-oriented personality possessing the qualities characterizing its innovative potential.
Key words: innovative potential; acme-oriented personality; professional's personality; model of innovative potential
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Psychological resistibility of a person and its development in professional work
There is described the phenomenon of persons psychological resistibility, suggested the authors view on its structure, including such psychic formations as self-appraisal, motivation, conformity and the level of professional training, suggested the thesis about existence of typical situations of resistibility in professional work, as well as given the review of possible strategies of subjects behavior in such situations.
Key words: psychological resistibility; professional work; self-appraisal; motivation; conformity; professional training
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Academic Life. Reviews
Развитие личности в образовательных системах (итоги XXXI Международных психолого-педагогических чтений, посвященных памяти А.А. Г рекова, 20 - 21 сентября 2012 г., г. А рмавир)
Key words:
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