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№9 (73) 2012
2012 г.
и с т о р и я
The Patriotic War of the 1812 in the works by B.S. Abalikhin
There is analyzed the contribution to the study of history of the Patriotic War of the 1812 by Professor B.S. Abalikhin, who introduced into the scientific knowledge many historical sources, developed a number of issues of the 1812 War history (the role of the Ukraine, strategic planning, press and agitation work of the oppositions and others).
Key words: the Patriotic War of the 1812; historiography; discussion issues
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Actions of the corps of ataman M. Platov in June-July of the 1812
There are characterized the actions of the flying corps of ataman M. Platov in the first period of the war. On the basis of the sources there is proved that the actions of the ataman corresponded to the orders of the military command and the operational situation
Key words: army ataman; the Don regiments; irregular forces; advance guard; rearguard; the Cossack corps
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Foreigners under the surveillance of the police in the Astrakhan province in the 1812 - 1814
There is covered the status of foreigners in the Russian province, considered the government policy carried out in this sphere in the period of the war with the Napoleonic France, attitude of the society to the foreigners who were under the surveillance of the police including the prisoners of the war.
Key words: Patriotic War of the 1812; the Astrakhan province; Astrakhan; foreigners under the surveillance of the police; war prisoners of the Napoleonic Army
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Administrative and judicial official registration of the Dubovsky suburb in the 1797 - 1799
By the example of the Dubovsky suburb there is shown one of the variants of the administrative and social reforms in the 1775 - 1785. Based on the archival documents there is shown the role of the state and the local merchants in forming the suburb, the factors that delayed that process. There is chronologically substantiated the stage of the administrative and judicial official registration of the Dubovsky suburb, sorted out the signs characterizing its closure.
Key words: administrative reforms; suburb; town hall; verbal court; post office; the merchants; Volgo-Don perevoloka
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Peculiarities of living of the urban population in Astrakhan in January- February of the 1917 (based on printed media)
On the basis of the printed media there are considered the characteristic features of living of the urban population in Astrakhan in January-February of the 1917. The period is of interest for study of the consequences of the First World War and their influence on the living conditions of the urban population. The analysis of the information proves the low living standards of the majority of Astrakhan population and the decline in the economic sphere of the municipal services in the considered period
Key words: urban population; living; First World War; January 1917
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Solution of the problem of the secondary school in the period of the Great Patriotic War (by the material of the Nizhny Volga Region)
There are regarded the main directions of the public policy in the sphere of school education in the Nizhny Volga Region in the period of the war. There are covered the changes in the quantity of schools, pupils, issues of teaching staff in secondary schools of the region, state of their material and educational base, character of the educational work.
Key words: Great Patriotic War; Nizhny Volga Region; local authorities; general compulsory education; secondary school; quality of education; staff problem
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Measures of trade unions of the Stalingrad region in health protection of workers and employees in the 1943 - beginning of the 1950s
There are shown the main areas of work of trade unions in Stalingrad and its region in health protection of workers and employees in the 1943 - beginning of the 1950s. There are revealed the problems in the work of health committees in improving the quality of medical services for the working population.
Key words: trade union organizations; medical certificate; treatment at a health resort; temporary disability allowance
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Social security of Volgograd higher school students in the 1960
There are covered the main directions of social security of students in the 1960-1970s. There is characterized the organization of living standards, students health protection and ration supply, as well as considered the types of scholarships for future specialists
Key words: social security; scholarship; living standards; health improving and preventive work
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Library staff training in the 1960
There are considered the staff issues of the library sector of the Volgograd region and covered the ways of solving them.
Key words: personnel; library work; the Volgograd region
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Spiritual school as the new type of an educational institution of the Russian Orthodox Church
There is considered the establishment and purpose of spiritual schools in the educational system of the Russian Orthodox Church, the main organizational issues of training clergymen and priests, analyzed the perspectives of further changes of the status and purposes of spiritual schools
Key words: system of spiritual education of the Russian Orthodox Church; personnel crisis in the church; spiritual school; theological seminary; educational standards and programmes; the Bologna process
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State and church relations in modern Russia (issues and perspectives)
There are considered the relations of the Russian Orthodox Church and governmental authorities in the end of the 1980s - beginning of the XXI century.
Key words: Russian Orthodox Church; state; confessions; renewal
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Industrial development as the determinative factor of town building in the Kemerovo region in the first half of the XX century
There are considered the peculiarities of settlement of the Kemerovo region, stages of the industrial development and urbanization as the factors that determined further processes in the sphere of traditional culture: disappearance of the social and cultural environment of traditional culture functioning, syncretism of cultural traditions of migrants and the native population.
Key words: the Kemerovo region; urbanization; industrialization; industrial region; traditional culture
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Kharos in the Byzantine folk orthodoxy
There is covered the issue of the synthesis of the Byzantine folk notions and the medieval orthodox conceptions, clarified the term folk orthodoxy. There is substantiated the correctness of the use of the modern Greek folklore for the recreation of the Byzantine mental realities.
Key words: Kharos; death; the Byzantine folklore; "folk orthodoxy"
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Educational policy of the British missionaries in the Western Africa in the second half of the XIX - beginning of the XX century
There is emphasized the importance of revealing not only political, national, religious contradictions that often lead to armed conflicts between nations, but also the factors that could lead to the intercultural dialogue. From this point of view there is considered the work of the European missionaries in the colonial period, first of all in the sphere of spreading of education among the native population.
Key words: intercultural dialogue; missionary work; educational policy; Western Africa
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British official press about Ito Hirobumi before concluding the English and Japanese union agreement in 1902
There is considered the attitude of the British official press to a Japanese statesman of the XIX - beginning of the XX century Ito Hirobumi. On the basis of the analysis of the material from the English newspapers Times, Daily News and others, there are revealed the positions of the capital press considering Itos personality, his role in modernization of Japan and English and Japanese collaboration in the Far East.
Key words: Ito Hirobumi; Prime Minister; English press; Japan; English and Japanese union agreement; Far Eastern policy
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к у л ь т у р о л о г и я и ф и л о с о ф и я
Issue of preservation of cultural heritage in the polycultural region
There are considered the issues of intercultural cooperation in the situation of polyethnicity and polyconfessional nature of the culture of the Astrakhan region, as well as preservation of the rich cultural heritage in the conditions of globalization.
Key words: cultural heritage; polycultural region; transcultural model; cultural landscape; interpenetration of cultures
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Influence of charity work on establishment of museum and educational process in Russia in the XIX - beginning of the XX century
There is analyzed the process of origin and development of open, public museums in Russia in the XIX - beginning of the XX century. There is substantiated the leading role of private charity and public organizations in transformation of the museums into educational and local history centres. There is shown the genesis of excursion museum work.
Key words: charity scientific and educational communities; excursion method; educational functions of museums
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Mass media and consumerism of culture
There is investigated the role of the modern mass media in the process of preservation of cultural heritage. There is considered the issue of increasing consumerism of culture and replacement of restoration of cultural monuments by their reconstruction.
Key words: cultural heritage; policultural region; consumerism; institutionalization; interpenetration of cultures
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Meaning of the interview genre in showing the image of respondent as the bearer of the national cultural values of his nation
In the aspect of the international relations there is considered the interview - the genre, in which the respondents image is realized as the bearer of the national cultural ideology of his nation.
Key words: interview; national culture; culture-forming function of journalism; image of respondent
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About the specificity of culture changes of state organizations and commercial enterprises
There is analyzed such an important component of reformation of state service and development of commercial enterprises as the change of their organizational culture. On the basis of the world experience there is proved the appropriateness of this approach, suggested the organizational and methodological mechanisms of cultural modernization, that are recommended to use adapted to the Russian conditions.
Key words: organizational culture; technocratic project; commercial enterprise; organizational social movement; reorganization of everyday life; cultural modernization
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Ethnic cultural majority and ethnic cultural minorities: new guidelines of the public national policy of the Russian Federation
There are considered the key issues of the modern ethnic cultural development of the Russian nation. There is analyzed the system of relations between the ethnic cultural majority and ethnic cultural minorities in the context of realization of the Conception of the public national policy of Russia. There are suggested the innovational conceptual and theoretical approaches to determination of further perspectives of development of the Russian nation in the modern ethnic social space of Russia as a federal state.
Key words: Russian nation; ethnic cultural majority; ethnic cultural minorities; civil society; public national policy
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Emotions of a catastrophe person
Civilization catastrophe is regarded as a historical epoch of the maximum development of civilization and its end. A person responds to such environment by the emotions of confidence and despair. The doubts that cause the archaic emotions of hope and fear disappear. There is proved that the abolition of this state consists either in return to the emotions of the past or in creating superemotions conditioned by the strong postcivilization perspectives of a person.
Key words: civilization; catastrophe; catastrophe person; emotions; despair; hope
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и с к у с с т в о з н а н и е
Music intonation and articulation in performing culture of Verkhny Don Cossacks
There is covered the issue of performing culture of Don Cossacks with the signs of dialectal, articulation specificity that influence the process of sounding. There are analyzed the expressive means of Don songs, its intonation structure, peculiarities of vocalism and consonants of Don Cossacks dialects. There are suggested the examples that give the idea of some specific features of Don singing phonation
Key words: dialectal vocalism and consonants; diphthong; triphthong; sound complexes; folk song speech; slow tones of a tune
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"Sonata-Memory" by N.K. Metner in the light of psychological conceptions of memory at the turn of the XIX - XX centuries
There is considered the influence of psychological conceptions of memory on the ideas of N.K. Metner. The Sonata-Memory is analyzed from the point of view of realization of the idea of depicting the peculiarities of remembering process by the means of music language
Key words: memory; psychological conceptions of memory; psychoanalysis; intonation; composition
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Russian romance: praying daring to God
There are considered the peculiarities of implementation of prayers in the Russian vocal music. There is made the conclusion that in the light of prayers in Russian romances there are revealed the mental peculiarities of the Russian soul.
Key words: Russian romance; prayer; suffering; love to a neighbor
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Issues of periodization of the Silver Age art
There are considered the time frames of the Silver Age as a historical and cultural phenomenon, attempted to redefine them basing on semantic codes, expressed in metatext. The article relies on the Husserlian principles of phenomenology and the concept of the finiteness of a historical event, which was introduced by J. Derrida
Key words: the Silver Age; Russian painting; phenomenology; Husserl; Derrida; periodization; text; historicity
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Artistic forms in modern advertisements. Creativity and technologies
There is analyzed the advertising image (from the artistic point of view), as well as collaboration of a creative idea and technologies in realization of advertisement. There is substantiated that the aesthetic content of advertisement in the modern conditions depends on the innovational media technologies, which become the only way of keeping consumers attention in the conditions of tough media competition
Key words: modern advertisement; advertising image; artistic forms in advertisement; techniques and technologies in advertisement
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Э к о н о м и к а
Influence of demographic crisis on the work of higher educational institutions
There is regarded the influence of the demographic crisis on the work of higher educational institutions. There is suggested the structure of the system of regional education, which can realize the four levels of professional education that exist in Russia. There are described the peculiarities of realization of the combined strategy of marketing with the goal to develop the system of regional education.
Key words: combined strategy of marketing; demographic crisis; higher educational institution; system of regional education
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Peculiarities of marketing cooperation on the market of educational services
There is proved that for making right strategic decisions on the market of educational services, heads of educational institutions must detect the specificity of the market and formulate the procedure of market research on it.
Key words: educational institution; educational service; market of educational services; market research; methods of market research
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Is it possible to efficiently manage the innovational development of social and economic systems?
There is specified the notion of management of development of social and economic systems, as well as substantiated the availability of the use of strategic management instruments, aimed at stimulating selforganization of management of the innovational development of social and economic systems.
Key words: innovations; management of the innovational development of social and economic systems; self-organization of management of the innovational development
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Entrepreneurial activity as the process of project realization
There is suggested to regard entrepreneurial activity as the process of entrepreneurial project realization, defined the notion entrepreneurial project, given the algorithm of entrepreneurial activity, as well as described the techniques of entrepreneurial decision making that provide project ideas implementation in life.
Key words: entrepreneurial activity; entrepreneurial project; algorithm of entrepreneurial activity; techniques of decision making
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Methods of distribution-free expertise in assessment of organizations personnel work quality
There is regarded the possibility of experts semistructured knowledge about complex-formalizing occurrences that influence the quality of organizations personnel work in the process of its assessment with the use of the methods of distribution-free expertise.
Key words: distribution-free expertise; assessment; personnel's work quality
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Electronic commerce as a perspective area of development of distributing and dealers networks of product sales on the market of industrial products
There are considered the theoretical bases of the notion electronic commerce. There is segmented the subject content of the participants of electronic commerce on the product sales market. There are sorted out the advantages of electronic business for distributing and dealers networks of product sales. There are structured the participants of the Internet-market of industrial products
Key words: distributing and dealers' networks; electronic commerce; industrial products
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Structure of labour potential at various economic levels
There are considered the components of labour potential for various economic levels. There is found out the place of labour potential for various economic levels. There are determined the requirements for the characteristics of labour potential for different social and economic systems.
Key words: labour potential; human resources; economic level; potential; social and economic system; region
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Household as the economic subject and social and economic institution
There is comprehended the notion, role and place of household in the modern economics - both from the positions of the traditional economic theory and from the point of view of the representatives of the institutional area. There is made the conclusion about the existence of the institution of household, given its definition and shown its main peculiarities
Key words: household; institution of household; subject of market; managing subject
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Transformation of land property relations in the modern Russian economy
There are described the processes of transformation of relationships and the structure of land ownership in the Russian economy, the problems that appear during its implementation, identified the determinants of the formation, transformation and development of the land property relations, substantiated the priorities for institutionalization of the agricultural land market.
Key words: bundle of rights; transformation of relations and structure of land ownership; management rights market; institutional limits; determinants of formation; transformation and development of the land property relations
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н а у ч н а я ж и з н ь . р е ц е н з и и
Культурологическое распознавание специфически человеческого (Рецензия на книгу П.С. Гуревича «Расколотость человеческого бытия» (М. : ИФ РАН , 2009. 199 с.))
Key words:
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Рецензия на книгу Е.Г. Трубиной «Город в теории: опыты осмысления пространства» (М. : Нов. лит. обозрение, 2011. 520 с.: ил.)
Key words:
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Рецензия на книгу С.А. Лишаева «Помнить фотографией» (СП б.: «Алетейя», 2012. 140 с. Сер. «Тела мысли»)
Key words:
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Рецензия на коллективную монографию «Культурологическая экспертиза: теоретические модели и практический опыт» (СП б. : «Астерион», 2011. - 384 с.)
Key words:
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Кинолекторий «Компаративная визуальная антропология культуры: феномены человеческого бытия в мире кинематографа» на базе кафедры теории и истории культуры ВГСПУ
Key words:
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