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№8 (112) 2016
2016 г.
Педагогические науки
Sociocultural, historical and pedagogic foundations of teacher’s vocational training and activity: scientific and organizational results of the XXXI session of the Scientific Council in education and pedagogy history of the Russian Academy of Education
The article deals with scientific and organizational results of the International scientific and practical conference - XXXI session of the Scientific Council in education history and pedagogy of the Russian Academy of Education “A Teacher and the Formation Process: historical experience of education and culture transfer”, which took place on 6-7 June 2016 in the Tver State University.
Key words: история педагогики и образования; педагогическое образование; аксиология образования; учитель; педагогическое образование; pedagogy and education history; pedagogic education; axiology of education; a teacher; pedagogic education
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Interpretation of school: sociolinguistic and historic and pedagogic approach
The article represents the sociolinguistic and historic and pedagogicanalysis of the concept “school”, represents some views on school as an educational institution, describes the etymology of the term and characterizes the basic approaches to its definition.
Key words: социальный институт; образование; школа; досуг; образовательная среда; пенициарный подход; social institution; education; school; leisure; educational environment
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Youth subculture of a university as the factor of development of student’s intercultural work: considering the issue of the research subject
The intercultural work is one of the signs of the modern culture, when the harmonious development is possible only in cooperation of various cultures. Meeting the social, political and economic demands of the modern society, education should solve the issue of intercultural education. The goal of the intercultural education is to form a democratic and tolerant intercultural personality who keeps one’s own culture but understands and accepts other cultures and has enough competence for adequate actions in the situations of intercultural communication. In the conditions of the youth subculture of a university in the process of students’ intercultural work mutual influence and interference of cultures take place. Such acculturation let society members join and comprehend various cultures oriented at the other and ready for the dialogue. Cultural and social values are a great means of critical thinking, reflection of the intercultural work. The language and linguistic competences are a value in the experience of the intercultural work, one’s own culture as a whole: communicative culture, speech, mental work.
Key words: интеркультурная деятельность; молодежная субкультура; образование; ценности; компетенции; intercultural work; youth subculture; education; values; competences
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Human quality and education quality of the Non-classical education in the XXI century
The article represents the statements of the Non-classical education regarding the transition to the person-centred paradigm aimed at the establishment of a converting and creating personality in the conditions of the changing world. The implementation of the human quality model projectcombines the purposeful approach, which is aimed at the national culture of a local civilization, and the system genetic approach, that focuses on the existential problems of a person and the ideology of the noospheric study.
Key words: качество жизни; качество образования; качество человека; русская философия; ноосфера; life quality; education quality; human quality; Russian philosophy; noosphere
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Grammar school students’ essays for literature talks in the 1840-1860s: thematic analysis
The article represents the thematic analysis of grammar school students’ essays that were read and discussed at literature talks in the 1840-1860s. The statistics are illustrated by the examples of essays’ themes found in the archives. The basic tendencies for thematic changes in this period are determined; the influence of official orders on them is found out.
Key words: литературные беседы; сочинение; темы сочинений; письменные работы; развитие речи; literature talks; essay; themes for essays; written works; development of speech
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Health care space of a higher school as the condition for continuous pedagogic education
The article deals with the potential of the health care space of a higher school as one of the key conditions of implementation of the continuous pedagogic education.
Key words: здоровьесберегающее пространство; валеологическое взаимодействие; непрерывное образование; health care space; valeological correlation; continuous education
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Evaluation of methodological competences development in the process of professional establishment of a teacher
The article represents the research results regarding the dynamics of methodological competences developmentin the process of professional establishment. Based on the methodology founded on the competence, system and activity approaches, it deals with the evaluation and features of development of the essential and process aspects of the methodological competences at various stages of professional development of a teacher working with children with intellectual disabilities.
Key words: профессиональная подготовка; методические компетенции; специальный педагог; олигофренопедагог; professional training; methodological competences; a specially trained teacher; a teacher working with children with intellectual disabilities
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Special vocational abilities of a physical training teacher
The article deals with the special vocational abilities of a physical education teacher which are necessary for effective work: their physical development, physical training, competitive work, organizational abilities. The research methods that could determine special vocational abilities of a physical training teacher are reflected in the article.
Key words: physical training teacher; vocational abilities; physical training; competition
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Research of level of development of the motivational component of student’s professional competence as the factor of successful adaption to the educational conditions and implementation of future profession
Thearticledealswiththe motivational component of the professional competence. The level of development of the motivational competence of future teachers of law is researched. As the result of the research the author suggests the variants that favour the development of the motivational competence for learning and professional work.
Key words: мотивация; компетентность; учитель права; профессиональная компетентность; студент; профессиональная деятельность; уровень сформированности; motivation; competence; teacher of law; professional competence; student; professional work; level of development
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Analysis of colour perception by students studying fine arts (based on designers training)
The article deals with two main tasks regarding the development of colour perception in fine arts teaching. The first task aims at the ability to see tone and colour correlation, the second aims at the ability to transfer the light environment to subjects. The author analyzes the paintings of future designers in the process of fine arts mastering.
Key words: живопись; тоновые и цветовые отношения; этюд; восприятие; световоздушная среда; fine arts; tone and colour correlation; sketch; perception; light environment
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Research of self-actualization potential of students studying in various sociocultural environments depending of the nature of achievement motivation
The article deals with the aspects of self-actualization potential of students in small towns and big cities. The objective of the research is to determine sociocultural identity of people in small towns and big cities depending of the nature of achievement motivation. The diagnostic tools are the methodologies: “Personal and social identity” by A.A. Urbanovich, “Achievement motivation tests” by A. Mekhrabian modified by M.Sh. Magomed-Eminov. As the result, four groups were determined: the first subgroup students (positive factors of sociocultural identity and the motivation of success) are characterized by a high level of self-actualization signs; the second subgroup students (positive factors of sociocultural identity and the motivation of avoidance of failures) are characterized by a middle level of self-actualization signs and some lower signs; the fourth subgroup students are characterized by the negative sociocultural identity and some signs of the motivation of avoidance of failures, and the prevalence of low and self-actualization signs. The correlation of the motivation of achievement and the negative sociocultural identity of the third group students has not been found out.
Key words: sociocultural identity; self-actualization potential; motivation of success achievement; motivation of avoidance of failures; sociocultural environment; a small town; a megalopolis
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Correlation of vocational and personal orientation of future teachers with their views on the profession
The authors prove the necessity of the differentiated approach to the vocational and personal orientation according to its types and features. The research of students’ vocational views showed that the respondents of different types of orientation aim at various objects, and their notions of them also differ. The information can be used in future teachers training.
Key words: профессионализация; профессиональные представления; профессионально-личностная направленность; типы направленности; образ объекта; professionalization; vocational views; vocational and personal orientation; types of orientation; image of the object
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Research of psychological and pedagogic readiness of preschool teachers to work in the conditions of inclusive education
The article deals with the issue of preschool teachers’ readiness to work in the conditions of inclusive education. The results of the research of psychological and pedagogic readiness of preschool teachers to work in the conditions of inclusive education are given; the analysis of awareness of disabled children is carried out. The reasons that prevent from creating the inclusive educational environment at a preschool educational institution are found out.
Key words: инклюзивное образование; инклюзивная образовательная среда; психолого-педагогическая готовность; inclusive education; inclusive educational environment; psychological and pedagogic readiness
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Organization of self-education process of medical higher school teachers as the condition of continuous vocational development of specialists’ personalities
The article deals with the technological and essential features of the process of teachers’ self-education at a medical higher school based on coach teaching methods that include the action method, the knowledge management method, coaching in mastering the course of further training in the Saint-Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University. The article represents the results of the process of teachers’ self-education based on the subjective, normative and individual and variable criteria.
Key words: самообразование; процесс повышения квалификации преподавателей высшей медицинской школы; коучинговые методы обучения; непрерывное профессиональное развитие; self-education; the process of further training of medical higher school teachers; coaching methods of education; continuous vocational education
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Principle of multipurpose exercises and tasks for development of the subject position in the programmes of additional vocational foreign language education
The system of additional vocational foreign language education is a mobile element of the system of education which allows using it as a tool for development of the subjective position of course listeners. With the aim to develop listeners’ subjective position, the article represents the principle of multipurpose exercises priority, and a set of tasks for development of the subjective position is described.
Key words: дополнительное профессиональное иноязычное образование; принцип многоцелевых упражнений; additional vocational foreign language education; principle of multipurpose exercises
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Филологические науки
Elevated pronunciation style: basic categories and signs
The article deals with the basic categories of the elevated style and the tactics to implement them: 1) techniques that help to avoid the associations that do not correspond to the idea of the beautiful; 2) various types of amplification that make speech ample. The techniques of the elevated pronunciation style form a system that is integrated into the mechanism of elevating. Such techniques are slow speech tempo, as well as the xenization of pronunciation by means of orthoepic borrowings from culturally prestigious languages.
Key words: стилистика; орфоэпия; произносительный стиль; приёмы возвышения стиля; stylistics; orthoepy; pronunciation style; techniques of elevating the style
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Colloquial speech and colloquial style of the Internet epoch
The article deals with the changes in colloquial speech and colloquial style in the last few decades: widening of the communicative space of informal communication by means of Internet communication, changes in the vocabulary of colloquial speech, intensification of language pun and stylistic contrasts.
Key words: разговорная речь; разговорный стиль; разговорная лексика; интернет-коммуникация; новая разговорность; языковая игра; colloquial speech; colloquial style; colloquial vocabulary; Internet communication; new colloquialism; language pun
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Two sides of speech perception
The article deals with the issue of correlation of the perceptual and the rational in language. Perception of both oral and written speech is based on the sensory perception of the rhythmic picture of this or that speech extract. The authors assume that the rhythm is of the primary importance for speech perception. The research results may be used as the foundation for elaboration of foreign language teaching methods that take into consideration the system correlation of the perceptual and the rational.
Key words: психолингвистика; письменная речь; устная речь; ритм; восприятие речи; методика преподавания иностранного языка; psycholinguistics; written speech; rhythm; speech perception; foreign language teaching methods
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Functioning of precedent onyms in epistolary works by V.P. Astafiev
The article deals with the features of the use of precedent names in private letters of V.P. Astafiev. The variety of precedent onyms used by the writer is described. The author determines the language means that implement the figurative meaning of the onym, as the result the name has the features of a precedent unit. The specifics of the use of precedent names in epistolary texts are found out.
Key words: интертекстуальность; оним; частное письмо; прецедентное имя; имя собственное; эпистолярный текст; intertextuality; onym; provide letter; precedent name; proper name; epistolary text
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The term “nickname” and its use in onomastic research
The article deals with the term “nickname”, its definition and use in anthroponomical researches, as well as in lexicographic sources. The author uses the results of interpretations of the notion “unofficial proper name” taken by the author in some towns and villages of the Crimea.
Key words: прозвище; кличка; имя; антропоним; термин; nickname; name; anthroponym; term
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Steadiness of the Russian folk dialect at the territory of later settling (based on the material of the ethnolinguistic expedition of the 2016)
The article deals with the modern condition and sources of the dialect of the Romanovka village, Olkhovsky district, investigated in the course of the ethnolinguistic expedition in 2016. The phonetic and grammar signs of the dialect, as well as the historical information allow the conclusion that the first settlers arrived in Romanovka in 1824-1826 from the Krutitsa village, Mosalsky Uyezd, Kaluga Province. The authors point out the steadiness of the Russian folk dialect at the territory of later settling.
Key words: говор; южнорусское наречие; аканье; яканье; дезаффрикация; этимология; протетические звуки; устойчивость; dialect; South Russia dialect; a-pronouncing; ya-pronouncing; disaffrication; etymology; prosthetic sounds; steadiness
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Features of the dialect of the Belyaevka village, Staropoltavsky district, Volgograd region
The article deals with one of the dialects of the Zavolzhsky group which is widely spread in the Belyaevka village, describes its difference from the dialects of the same group spread at the territories of Krasny Yar, Cherebaevo, Belokamenka. The characteristics of the basic dialects are given; the phonetic and grammar features are described. The material of the dialectological expedition allows the statement that this dialect belongs to the group of the assimilated ones.
Key words: ассимилированные говоры; диалектизм; лексико-семантическая группа; грамматический; фонетический; assimilated dialects; dialectism; lexico-semantic group; grammar; phonetic
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Phonetic characteristics of Meshchersky dialects as the sign of preserving the archaic features of resettlement dialects in the Volgograd region
The article deals with the phonetic features of “subsidiary” clattering dialects of the Volgograd region and “maternal” Meshchersky dialects of the Penza region. The basic phonetic features and difference are described.
Key words: цоканье; южнорусские говоры; мещерские говоры; пензенские мещерские говоры; фонетические особенности; clattering; South Russian dialects; Meshchersky dialects; Penza Meshchersky dialects; phonetic features
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Dialect vocabulary as a figurative means of the prose by B.P. Ekimov
The article deals with the categories of dialectisms used by B.P. Ekimov in his creative works. Their basic functions are determined; the notion “dialectological dominating unit” is introduced. The relations of the meaning features of the dialect units and the author’s idea, their role in the verbal characteristics of personages are researched.
Key words: диалектная лексика; диалектизм; доминанта; семантика; фразеологическая единица; dialect vocabulary; dialectism; dominating unit; semantics; phraseological unit
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Allusive semantics of a title and the issue of autotranslation of the story “The Admiralty Spire” by V. Nabokov
The article deals with the issue of equivalence of translation of the title in the translingual literature. The story “The Admiralty Spire” by V. Nabokov is in the focus of research. The central image introduced in the title accumulates many sense potentials, first of all, of allusion character, that are not included into the hermeneutic circle of readers of other nations. The analysis of semantic relations of the original and translated variants of the title with the author’s conception of the text is of special interest.
Key words: аллюзия; автоперевод; трансформация; семантическая редукция; В. Набоков; заглавие; жанр; allusion; autotranslation; semantic reduction; V. Nabokov; title; genre
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Crystallization of the concept “town” in the fictional world by R. Bradbury
The article deals with the concepts of the fictional discourse. The fiction text is regarded as a complicated structural phenomenon which includes the individual author’s concepts. The methods used in the work are concordance, frequency dictionary, techniques of sense crystallization.
Key words: дискурс; фикциональный дискурс; смысл; концепт; художественный концепт; кристаллизация; discourse; fictional discourse; sense; concept; fictional concept; crystallization
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Formation of prefix and suffix derivatives from onomatopoeic words (based on the German language)
The article deals with the formation of words derived from onomatopoeic stems in the German language. The author proves a high level of productivity of prefix and suffix use in this lexical group of words. The most productive prefixes, semi-prefixes, suffixes and semi-suffixes are found out.
Key words: звукоизобразительная система языка; звукоподражательная система языка; ономатоп; звукоподражание; способ словообразования; суффиксация; префиксация; sound system of a language; onomatopoeic system of a language; onomatopoeic word; onomatopoeia; word formation; suffixation; prefixation
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To the issue of enrichment of the vocabulary of the Vienna dialect
The vocabulary of the Vienna dialect consists of a number of lexical units of various status and origins and represents an open and constantly developing system. The article gives the characteristics of the basic features of the Vienna dialect and describes the following way to enrich its vocabulary: word formation, change of the word meaning, loanwords, formation of dialectical phraseological units.
Key words: венский диалект; пути обогащения словарного состава венского диалекта; словообразование; изменение значения слова; заимствования; диалектно окрашенные фразеологизмы; the Vienna dialect; ways to enrich the vocabulary of the Vienna dialect; word formation; change of the word meaning; loanwords; dialectical phraseological units
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Structural and grammar features of Chinese four-morpheme phraseological units “chengyu”
The article deals with the Chinese four-morpheme phraseological units “chengyu” with the aim to find out their structural and grammar features. The author examines the possible models of chengyu, which are built according to the subject-predicate, predicate-object, attributive, predicate-complement and composing type of syntactic relation.
Key words: китайский язык; фразеологические единицы; четырехморфемные чэнъюй; внутрисинтаксическая связь; структурные модели; the Chinese language; phraseological units; four-morpheme chengyu; innersyntactic relation; structural models
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Considering the issue of structural and semantic description of unstable compounds (based on the English ‘feature’ texts of media discourse)
The article deals with the interrelationship between lexical and syntactic aspects of unstable compounds as a specific realization of colligational and collocational idiomaticity in English speech. The authors share the results of research of the linear structure of lexical units, syntactic relations between the components, and their lexical meaning.
Key words: нестойкое словосложение; лексическая синтагма; синтаксические отношения; медиадискурс; идиоматичность; unstable compounds; lexical syntagmatics; syntactic relations; media discourse; idiomaticity
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Image of England in the creative mind of N.V. Gogol
The English context of the creative work of N.V. Gogol is analyzed from the position of imagology in this article. The historical and cultural connotations of the English realities in the works by this writer are found out; the correlation of the stereotypes of the national mind and author’s perception of the image of England in the poetics by Gogol is described.
Key words: имагология; Гоголь; образ Англии; английский контекст; «свое - чужое»; imagology; Gogol; image of England; English context; “yours - other’s”
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About the double meaning of eschatology in “Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka” by N.V. Gogol
The article deals with the eschatological implication in the early works by N.V. Gogol, reveals the position of the generic world in the work “Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka” between two opposite threats: chthonic and sociocultural. The author states their connection with the figurative system of prosaic genres of the Slavic folklore and the Ukrainian folk thoughts.
Key words: эсхатология; Гоголь; раннее творчество; мифологема олицетворенной земли; родовой коллектив; синкретическая связь рода с землей; распад народного целого; предание; быличка; сказка; украинские думы; eschatology; Gogol; early works; mythologeme of the personified earth; generic collective; syncretic connection of the kin and the earth; breakdown of the folk whole; legend; epic; fairy tale; Ukrainian thoughts
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Compositional frame in lyrics and prose
The article deals with the features and structural meaning of the introductory and final parts of a fiction text. The origins of the compositional frame in folk texts and its evolution in fiction literature are traced. The cases of omission of the introduction and conclusion in various literary genres, the borders and basic functions of the compositional frame in lyrics and in prose are analyzed in the article.
Key words: композиционная рамка; вступление; заключение; лирика; проза; жанр; compositional frame; introduction; conclusion; lyrics; prose; genre
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Devices of personage introduction in English children’s literary tales (based on the tale by R. Dahl “Matilda”)
The article deals with the devices of personage introduction in fictional texts through the prism of content aspects and the linguistic devices of various kinds. The empiric basis for the analysis is an English children’s literary tale by a postmodern writer Roald Dahl “Matilda”.
Key words: литературная сказка; литературоведение; лингвистика; лингвопоэтический метод; художественный текст; художественный образ; интродукция; literary tale; linguistics; linguopoetic method; fictional text; fictional image; introduction
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Features of the creative manner of Wilhelm Raabe in the story „Die Chronik der Sperlingsgasse” (by the example of figures of speech)
The article deals with the language features of the individual style of a German writer Wilhelm Raabe in his story „Die Chronik der Sperlingsgasse”. The most frequent figures of speech used by the writer are repetition, separation, parenthesis, inversion, rhetoric question, appeal; they fulfil the artistic and aesthetic and pragmatic functions.
Key words: идиостиль; образ; повесть; фигура речи; экспрессивная речь; риторический вопрос; парантеза; инверсия; функция; idiostyle; image; story; figure of speech; expressive speech; rhetoric question; parenthesis; inversion; function
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Linguopoetic devices and ways of introduction of the main character in the novel by M. Mitchell “Gone with the Wind”
The article represents the linguopoetic analysis of the fictional, compositional and verbal devices of the introduction of the image of Scarlett O’Hara in the novel by M. Mitchell “Gone with the Wind”. The article proves high importance of the primary image of the character from the view of its further development in the novel.
Key words: лингвопоэтика; художественный образ; интродукция образа; композиция; сюжет; linguopoetics; fictional image; introduction of the image; composition; plot
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Исторические науки и археология
Russia - dialogue of cultures between “East” and “West”: aspects of philosophy of history
The article deals with the historiosophicalaspects of the issue of cooperation of the eastern and western cultural components in the Russian historical mind. The philosophic comprehension of the Russian history is based on the works by both domestic thinkers of the end of XIX -beginning of the XX centuries and by modern historians, political experts and social philosophers. The issue of the search for “the Russian way” in history and culture is urgent for the domestic and foreign social and classical knowledge.
Key words: историософия; менталитет; ментальные установки; «западники» и «славянофилы»; историческое сознание; национальная идея диалог культур; philosophy of history; mentality; mental guidelines; “Westerners” and “Slavophil”; historic thinking; national idea of the dialogue of cultures
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Markers of stress of the Sarmatians in the I-II centuries BC in the Lower Volga region (paleontological aspect)
The article deals with the features of stress markers of representatives of the middle Sarmatian period. The bone remains as the source for research originate from the kurgan burials at the Lower Volga region and Lower Don. The method of paleopathological investigation elaborated by A.P. Buzhilova(1995, 1998)was used to carry out the paleopathological analysis.
Key words: Маркеры стресса; палеопатология; сарматы; Нижнее Поволжье; markers of stress; paleopathology; the Sarmatians; Lower Volga region
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History of Lower Volga region in travel notes by Academician N.Y. Ozeretskovsky(1782-1783)
The article deals with the information concerning the history of the Lower Volga region described in the travel notes by Academician N.Y. Ozeretskovsky who visited the region in 1782-1783. The historic legends about Peter I are firstly described in this diary; they were widely spread among the local inhabitants at the end of XVIII-XIX centuries. The documentary materials of the travel of N.Y. Ozeretskovsky prove the date of origins of these historiographic plots as 1780s.
Key words: Н.Я. Озерецковский; научные экспедиции; Нижнее Поволжье; Саратов; Астрахань; Царицын; Камышин; N.Y. Ozeretskovsky; scientific expeditions; Lower Volga region; Saratov; Astrakhan; Tsaritsyn; Kamyshin
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Teplovsky estate of Count I.I. Vorontsov-Dashkov as the example of a big rural enterprise of the Lower Volga region of the 1880-1890s
The article gives the analysis of the economic life in the Teplovsky estate of I.I. Vorontsov-Dashkov in the 1880-1890s. On the basis of the archival materials the author examines the issues of crop rotation, differentiation of growing cultures, profitability of husbandry. The conclusion is made concerning the efficient transfer of the estate from socage and quitrent economy to a big agricultural enterprise of the Lower Volga region.
Key words: сельское хозяйство; Нижнее Поволжье; история; конец XIX в; сельскохозяйственное предпринимательство; agriculture; Lower Volga region; history; end of the XIX century; agricultural entrepreneurship
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Sanitary and epidemiological service in Dagestan (1920-1930s)
The article is based on the documentary sources and specialized literature; it deals with the issues of organization and development of the sanitary service in Dagestan in 1920-1930s. The author pays special attention to the issue of treatment for infectious diseases, especially malaria. A special role of the Dagestan Tropical University, opened in 1928, is noted in the process of infectious diseases treatment.
Key words: Дагестан; санитарная культура; санитарное состояние; эпидемия; малярийный отряд; тропический институт; Dagestan; sanitary culture; sanitary condition; epidemic; malaria squad; tropical university
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Use of special contingent labour in restoration of the Stalingrad region (1943-1950): historiography of the issue
The article deals with the historiography of the issue of the use of special contingent labour in restoration of the Stalingrad region in 1943-1950. The notion “special contingent” is defined, the historiographic stages, their key characteristics, set of problems considered at the all-Russia and the regional levels are determined.
Key words: историография; спецконтингент; государственная проверка; принудительный труд; восстановление Сталинградской области; historiography; special contingent; public monitoring; compulsory labour; restoration of the Stalingrad region
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Рецензия на монографию С.В. Чернышова «Эмоционально-концептный подход в обучении иностранным языкам (лингвопсихологические основы)» (Ниж. Новгород: Изд-во «ПРИОРИТЕТ», 2014. 334 с.)
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