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№3 (67) 2012
2012 г.
To the issue of correlation of the formalized and non-formalized contents of a scientific theory in the context of the model centre - periphery
There is shown that the traditional approach to considering the structure of the theoretical knowledge in the context of two-level model does not make it possible to represent adequately the correlation of its formalized and non-formalized contents. With the purpose to overcome the mentioned drawback, there is suggested the alternative approach on the basis of the notions of complementarity of the formalized and nonformalized contents of the theoretical knowledge.
Key words: theoretical knowledge; principle of complementarity
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Mythological background of the category of the beautiful
There is defined the essence and investigated the formation of the category of the beautiful in the system of mythological consciousness. There are considered the social and philosophic factors influencing this process.
Key words: the beautiful; myth; image; rhythm; ornament
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Corporeality as the factor of suffering
There is regarded the human body from the point of view of philosophic anthropology in connection with suffering issue. Corporeality appears as the modus of body in a particular existent situation and in case of its discrepancy with life project of an individual causes different forms of suffering.
Key words: human; personality; fate; suffering; body; corporeality
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Ontological grounds of civilization catastrophe
There is substantiated that the historic epoch of civilization end is notable for almost all possible quantitative signs. As the possible variants of development are decreased, and usual work of a person loses its sense, which causes suffering, the modern epoch may be called civilization catastrophe - tragedy of end.
Key words: civilization; catastrophe; quality; quantity; measure; novization
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First Russian surveyors and their contribution to investigation of the history and geography of Nizhny Volga region
There is given the survey of the scientific work of Petrovsky surveyors in the Nizhny Volga region. There is described how first Russian specialists, who had been professionally trained, carried out geodesic developments and mapping of the region in the first half of the XVIII century.
Key words: "Petrovsky surveyors"; Nizhny Volga region; Astrakhan; Tsaritsyn; I.K.Kirillov; V.N.Tatishchev
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Provision of landowners and peasants farms of the Penza province with draught labour in the last quarter of the XIX century- beginning of the XX century
There is considered the provision of landowners and peasants farms of the Penza province with draught labour. There is given the information about the general number of horses in the province, their quantity at peasants and landowners, the dynamics of their quantity, the presence of the farms not possessing horses, reasons for insufficient growth of the total number of horses in the last quarter of the XIX centurybeginning of the XX century. The information is given in comparison with the general Russian information.
Key words: peasant farm; landowner farm; draught labour; plough cattle; provision; dynamics
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Establishment and development of the system of higher professional educational institutions in the Nizhnevolzhsky region in the 1930s
There is revealed the process of establishment of higher professional educational institutions in the Nizhny Volga region in the period of higher education reform in the 1930s. There is analyzed the public policy in this sphere, traced the cause-and-effect relations of institution formation.
Key words: institution; public policy; higher professional education
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Staffing of local Soviets in the Nizhny Volga region before and in the period of the Great Patriotic War (1939 - 1945)
There are described the peculiarities of staffing of local Soviets in the Nizhny Volga region in 1939 - 1945. There are defined the staff problems, characterized the reasons and ways of solving them in different historical conditions (prewar and war periods). There are revealed the main factors influencing this process.
Key words: local Soviets; deputy corps; election campaign; staffing; co-optation; rotation
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Public policy on maternity and childhood protection in the period of the Great Patriotic War in 1941 - 1945 (based on the material of the Nizhny Volga region)
There are regarded the main areas of public policy on maternity and childhood protection in the Nizhniy Volga region. There are shown the peculiarities of food supply and medical care of childrens institutions of the region, organization of adoption, patronage and job placement of children, help to mothers of many children and single mothers.
Key words: maternity and childhood; children's institutions; homelessness; patronage and guardianship; welfare payments; flat payment
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Staffing of institutions of culture of the Stalingrad (Volgograd) region in 1953 - 1964
There is characterized the staffing issue of culture institutions of the Stalingrad (Volgograd) region in the period of the Khrushchev thaw. There are revealed the main areas of educational level increase and qualification of staff, described the ways of staffing.
Key words: staff of culture institutions; culture; "thaw"
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Training of professional staff as a premise of production effectiveness increase and labour encouragement (by the example of the Volgograd metallurgic plant Krasny Octiabr)
There is analyzed the experience of scientific organization of work and training of professional staff at the metallurgic plant Krasny Octiabr in the course of economic reform of 1965. The complex of measures on implementation of the scientific bases into the labour management allowed labour intensification on the quality basis. Improvement of production process required from the plants workers to increase the level of their special and economic education.
Key words: scientific organization of work; labour encouragement; professional education
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Public policy of employment and job placement of young people in the 90s of the XX - beginning of the XXI centuries
There is regarded the public policy on the issues of employment and job placement of young people in the 90s of the XX - beginning of the XXI centuries. In this period the situation on the labour market changed, which required the development and realization of a special system of measures at the state level on the issues of employment and job placement of the given category of population.
Key words: young people; unemployment; employment; job placement; programmes
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Public policy in the sphere of general education of the Russian Federation in 2000 - 2010: results of modernization
There is analyzed the effectiveness of the state programme of modernization of the system of general education of the Russian Federation, realized in 2000 - 2010. There are considered its main contradictions and effects. There are reflected the peculiarities of the regional educational policy.
Key words: educational policy; modernization; Federal Target Programme of Education Development; Complex Project of Modernization of Education; Priority National Project "Education"
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Realization of public policy in the sphere of professional education in Russia (2001 - 2011): based on the materials of the South of Russia
There are characterized the state strategies of development of professional education system in Russia, main tendencies and contradictions in the system of basic and secondary professional education.
Key words: state strategies; public educational policy; institutions of basic and secondary professional education
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To the issue of beginning the unification process of the North and the South of France
There is considered one of the most complicated issues for medieval French monarchy - unification of lands. This issue was especially urgent in the South of France. Its solution goes to the XIII century and rises from The Pamiers Statutes of 1212, whose statements were developed and officially consolidated by the Paris Treaty of Peace of 1229. The given document became the base, according to which the French kings managed to overcome internal contradictions.
Key words: unification; centralized state; the Toulouse County
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Features of the state-church relations and problems of implementation norms decreed in Soviet Russia, 1920-1930s (based on the Southern Urals)
There is suggested the original view of the state-church relations in Soviet Russia in 1920-1930s. Based on the archival materials and published sources, there is revealed the essence of anti-religious propaganda, which not only met the ideological and cultural needs of people, but was also the conductor of the militant atheism policy.
Key words: militant atheism; state-church relations; separation of church and state; the Southern Ural
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Культурология и искусствознание
Art in the system Human - Nature in the context of globalization
There are considered the processes taking place in modern art in the conditions of globalization, revealed the social and cultural meanings of art, investigated the specificity of artistic thinking in the modern epoch, analyzed the integrative tendencies in the sphere of art as consequence of technosphere and infosphere broadening.
Key words: co-evolution; sociocultural meanings of art; technosphere; globalization; technotizing; ecologizing
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Genesis and evolution of phenomenon of melancholy in the letter of V.A. Zhukovsky About melancholy in life and in poetry
There are investigated the ideas of V.A. Zhukovsky about the origin and the essence of the phenomenon of melancholy in the pre-Christian and Christian period; about the spiritual and aesthetic consequences of melancholy of human mind at different stages of mankind history, stated in the letter About melancholy in life and in poetry.
Key words: Zhukovsky; melancholy; Christianity; antiquity; poetry; epicureanism
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Library science in the culture of the Siberian province
There is characterized the role of libraries in the process of historical cultural memory development by the Siberians, accumulation and keeping of spiritual experience.
Key words: reader; reading range; library science; Siberian province
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Architectural space of a city: culturological aspect
There is used the culturological approach in the analysis of such a social and cultural phenomenon as a city. There are revealed the changes of citys spatial environment under the influence of social processes.
Key words: architectural space; city; social and cultural phenomenon; provincial culture
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Main tendencies of the modern experimental music development
There are sorted out the main stages of experimental music establishment and modern tendencies of its development. There are noted the main problems concerning communication in the context of experimental music.
Key words: experimental music; communication; technologies of experimental creative work; language of experimental music; music sign; music event
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New national style in the context of Russian modern style
There is described the evolution of the new national style in the Russian art at the turn of the XIX - XX centuries, in particular the formation process of the national and romantic tendency in the modern style.
Key words: new national style; new Russian style; modern style; Slavofiles; decorative and applied arts; Abramtsevo circle; Talashkino; artistic colonies
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Dialogue in the problem field of art study
There is regarded the dialogic nature of artistic figurativeness in the context of dialogic space of culture existence of the humanity. The approach to art as the means of understanding culture, code of culture allows considering the artistic dialogue as the main dimension in the universe of understanding.
Key words: dialogic model of the world; token systems of the dialogic type; artistic image; "quasisubject"; coding and decoding
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Prognostication of human resources needs in the Volgograd region
Based on the example of the Volgograd region, there are considered the variants of prognostication of the regions human resources needs. There is suggested the variant for finding out the regions human resources needs on the basis of the receptivity factor calculation in separate types of economic activity of the industrial production.
Key words: prognostication; human resources; receptivity factor; magnitude of human resources receptivity; region
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Categories of human capital and their relations
There is analyzed the place and role of accumulation and consumption of human capital in market economy from the positions of its multiple-factor nature and interrelations with the processes of the economic development oriented at innovations. There is considered the category of human capital as the object of accumulation and consumption and its evolution. There are revealed the factors of competitiveness of human capital as the object of consumption.
Key words: human capital; accumulation and consumption; competitiveness of the country
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Management of the potential of social and economic system competitiveness
There is proved that for firms competitiveness estimation it is possible to use the method of expert assessment and graphic plotting of the firms total potential. The result of the graphic analysis is estimation of any firms potential as the area determined by the limits of particular potentials, chosen for the analysis. Using mathematic formulas, on the basis of estimation of the general and particular potentials, it is possible to find out qualitative and quantitative factors, which determine the competitiveness of the chosen social and economic system.
Key words: competitiveness of social and economic system; potential; competitiveness estimation; economic potential; social and economic system
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Issues of youth employment on the labour market
There is proved that in order to find out the ways of effective youth employment, it is necessary to carry out complex monitoring of the youth labour market together with the analysis of such characteristics of the youth that favour or prevent consolidation of a young mans position in the sphere of social and labour relations.
Key words: youth; employment; unemployment; labour market; demography; employer; resource
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Considering the role of touristic and recreation complex of Caucasian Mineralniye Vody
There is considered the role of the touristic and recreation sphere in the economics of Caucasian Mineralniye Vody, revealed the influence of the hydromineral basis on the perspectives of the whole Russian state development.
Key words: income; employment; market economy; tourist; touristic and recreation resources
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Technique of research and development planning on the basis of the volume determined models
There is described the planning technique of carrying out the research and development on the basis of the volume determined models. There are considered the issues concerning the top level of hierarchy, namely, the issues of the plan definition - a drawing of realization of the basic stages of research and development and volumes of expenses necessary for it.
Key words: volume determined models; planning of innovative activity at the enterprise; efficiency of planning; mathematical modeling; a planning technique
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Audit of cadre potential at an enterprise
There is described the cadre audit, which includes the estimation of specialists personal potential and the diagnostics of cadre services work. The suggested type of the audit may be divided into two categories: the audit of personified staff of an enterprise (personified audit) and the audit of personalized potential (personalized audit).
Key words: cadre audit; cadre potential audit; personified audit; personalized audit
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Modelling of economic tools of government regulation of ecological externalisms
There is considered the competitive international market quotas on industrial emissions, cooperation in environmental policy using the security of corporate tax payments, comparative effectiveness of various types of international environmental treaties and the impact of ignoring environmental agreements for optimal cooperative environmental and economic policies.
Key words: economic management tools; search engine optimization; economic-mathematical modelling; competitive market quotas; production sector; international agreements
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Development of public management in Russia: evolution of notions
There are regarded the basic notions of public management, as well as the area of development of its historical forms in Russia.
Key words: evolution; development; reform; public management; government
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System of continuing advance development of staff: issues and perspectives of formation
There is covered such an urgent issue as implementation of the new educational standards in corporate educational institutions and the influence of these processes on production. There are thoroughly considered the issues and perspectives of development of the system of advance education at enterprises and organizations of the fuel-energy complex. There are characterized the peculiarities of the process of formation of the given system in Russia.
Key words: system of advance education; system of advance staff development; integration; professional competencies; competence approach
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Рецензия на книгу Рене Жирара «Козёл отпущения». (СП б. : Изд-во Ивана Лимбаха, 2010. 336 с).
Key words:
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Рецензия на книгу В.В. К орнева «Философия повседневных вещей» (М. : ООО «Юнайтед Пресс», 2011. 253 с.)
Key words:
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Тенденции социально- экономического развития Волгоградского региона глазами ученых
Key words:
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Альтернативные сценарии развития региональной культуры - ресурсы, методы, проекты
Key words:
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