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№2 (97) 2015
2015 г.
Issue of destructiveness in the cultural and historical conception of C. Jung
There is considered the philosophic analysis of the issue of destructiveness in the cultural and historical conception of C. Jung. There are regarded the significant cultural images - archetypes in the context of correlation of the unconscious and the conscience. The source of destructiveness is defined as disharmony of the unconscious and conscious processes, determined and determining the sociocultural and anthropologic dynamics.
Key words: К. Юнг; деструктивность; сознание; бессознательное; архетип; культура; C. Jung; destructiveness; conscience; the unconscious; archetype; culture
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Anthropologic comprehension of a pedagogic situation in the educational process structure
There are considered the characteristics of a pedagogic situation from the position of the anthropologic approach. The category of situation is correlated with the categories of environment, process, factor, condition, position. On this basis there is made the conclusion about the subjectivity of a pupil/trainee, which is established in a pedagogical situation as the result of reflection of one’s own experience, oneself and social environment.
Key words: ситуация; среда; фактор; условие; позиция; отношение; самоопределение; рефлексия; situation; environment; factor; condition; position; relation; self-actualization; reflection
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Anthropologic approach: modern pedagogic theory and experience (in the context of research carried out by A.E. Firsova, N.M. Borytko)
There is determined the role and place of the anthropologic approach in the innovative educational experience in the historic context and in the modern reality; ways of contradictions resolution; methodological and methodical systems of its productivity. There is emphasized the universal character of the principles of integrity, reflexivity, completeness and continuity of education, humanities character, sociocultural correspondence, that reflect the requirement to build education in accordance with the laws of the child’s natural and social environment and the origins; the unity of history and the modern time, retrospectives and prospects of research.
Key words: антропологический подход; интеграция антропологического; системного и ценностного подходов; педагогическая теория; инновационная образовательная практика; anthropologic approach; integration of the anthropologic; system and value approaches; pedagogic theory; innovative educational experience
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Research of ideological foundations of Russian education: history and modern times
There are suggested the basic lines in research of the ideological foundations of the Russian education: definition analysis of the categories “ideologization of education” and “ideology of education”. There is examined the state of the domestic education as the object of ideology influence and determined the prerequisites, marked out, characterized and described the process of implementation of ideological educational concepts in the pre-revolutionary period.
Key words: идеология; идеологизация образования; идеологические основы образования; ideology; ideologization of education; ideological foundations of education
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Phenomenon of the Russian folk culture in the context of sociocultural modernization of education
There is considered the Russian folk culture in the context of sociocultural modernization of education, analyzed the main state documents regarding education, revealed the pedagogic role of the Russian folk culture in artistic and aesthetic education of a modern teenager. There is given the author’s understanding of the term “Russian folk culture” as the ethnic pedagogical phenomenon, given the definitions of the notions “pedagogic potential of the Russian folk culture”, “implementation of the pedagogic potential of the Russian folk culture”. There are revealed the essential characteristics of the Russian folk culture, components and functions of the pedagogic potential of the Russian folk culture.
Key words: русская народная культура; педагогический потенциал русской народной культуры; сущностные характеристики русской народной культуры; компоненты; функции педагогического потенциала русской народной культуры; Russian folk culture; pedagogic potential of the Russian folk culture; essential characteristics of the Russian folk culture; components; functions of the pedagogic potential of the Russian folk culture
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Multicultural education: equal opportunities and equal rights
There is analyzed the notion “multicultural education”. There are considered the basic ideas and principles of multicultural education, the role of multicultural education in harmonization of the modern society.
Key words: мультикультурное образование; мультикультурная компетеность; «кросскультурная компетенция» «межкультурная компетенция»; «поликультурная компетенция» «этнокультурная компетенция»; multicultural education; multicultural competence; cross-cultural competence; intercultural competence; polycultural competence; ethnocultural competence
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Education of mothers as the means of competence development in children upbringing
There are represented the results of the empirical research of mothers’ competence development who bring up early aged children by means of education.
Key words: компетентность матерей в воспитании; личностные качества матерей; алгоритм педагогической деятельности; mothers’ competence in education; mothers’ personal qualities; algorithm of pedagogic work
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Active teaching of foreign languages in the conditions of the new paradigm of self-education
There is opened the methodology of the activity focused teaching in foreign languages according to new Russian educational standards. Active forms and methods of training in combination with information technologies and the communicative focused purposes translate the self-development which is trained in the mode. In this approach at the present stage interactive lesson is prepotent. Active training, training by means of the solution of problems by trainees, submits to the principles of constructivist didactics. It is characteristic for didactics of active training that it is unreasonable to impose to pupils certain notions of reality as it is practiced by instructive methods of training.
Key words: деятельностно-ориентированное обучение; активные методы и приемы; технологии; интерактивное занятие; самодеятельность и самообразование; обучение через действие; конструктивизм; конструктивистская дидактика; эффективная организация занятия; дидактический сценарий; межкультурная коммуникация; the activity focused teaching; active methods and receptions; technologies; interactive lesson; self-action and self-education; training through action; constructivism; constructivist didactics; effective organization of teaching; didactic scenario; intercultural communication
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Research of correlation of the character of students’ life world with the type of life scenario: by the example of a small town and a megalopolis
There are represented the results of the empiric research of correlation of students’ life world in a small town and a megalopolis. There are noted the differences in steadiness of small town and megalopolis students’ life world: constructive, non-constructive, stagnating character of steadiness and the corresponding type of life scenario.
Key words: Устойчивость жизненного мира; тип жизненного сценария; малый город; мегаполис; steadiness of life world; type of life world; town; megalopolis
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Development of technical university students’ tolerance in the process of humanities studying
There is considered the potential of educational technologies in the process of development of technical university students’ tolerance in the process of humanities studying.
Key words: толерантность; высшая школа; геоинформационные технологии; воспитание; tolerance; higher school; geoinformation technologies; education
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Functions of the system of biology students methodological training in the conditions of humanitarization and technologization of higher pedagogic education
The traditional and special functions of the system of biology students methodological training in the conditions of humanitarization and technologization of higher pedagogic education provide both the solution of professional tasks, the issues in educational experience and the formation of the experience of humanities culture establishment in the professional work of a future biology teacher, in interpersonal communication and vital activity as a whole.
Key words: Гуманитаризация и технологизация педагогического образования; гуманитарно-технологический подход; традиционные и специальные системы методической подготовки студентов-биологов; humanitarization and technologization of higher pedagogic education; approach based on humanities and technologies; traditional and special systems of biology students methodological training
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Use of educational resources of a higher school in development of students’ leadership qualities
There is considered the issue of the use of educational resources of a higher school in development of students’ leadership qualities. There is revealed the specific character of higher school educational resources, extracurricular educational work, the activities of students’ union that let the students reveal their creative and leadership potential. There is described the innovative experience of the Astrakhan State University in the sphere of education and socialization of students.
Key words: лидерство; лидерские качества студентов; общественная деятельность; студенческое самоуправление; педагогические условия; образовательная среда вуза; leadership; students’ leadership qualities; public work; students’ union; pedagogic conditions; educational environment of a higher school
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Corporate education as the urgent issue of pedagogic research (by the example of postgraduate training of IT specialists)
The significance of the issue of corporate education in the conditions of postgraduate training of a specialist makes it possible to formulate the pedagogical questions regarding the groundwork of the companies making IT products. The typical task for such companies is the necessity not only to adapt but to teach higher school graduates. There is suggested the author’s view on the issue and determined the subjects of the educational process, set the goal, tasks, contents and means of postgraduate training of a specialist in accordance with the hierarchy of roles in the IT company.
Key words: корпоративное образование; последипломная подготовка; IT-компания; IT-специалист; инвариантная компетентность; вариативная компетентность; corporate education; postgraduate education; IT company; IT specialist; invariant competence; variable competence
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Essence of personal component of the mediacompetence of students specializing in pedagogic disciplines
There is considered the issue of personal component of the mediacompetence of students specializing in pedagogic disciplines. There are marked out several stages, each of them contains the most effective forms and methods of students’ work organization
Key words: медиакомпетентность; личностный компонент; mediacompetence; personal component
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Implementation of the competence approach in the process of development of future teachers’ readiness for creative and innovative work at school
There is regarded the issue of development of future teachers’ readiness for creative and innovative work. There are considered the components of teacher’s creative and innovative competence, given the results of the experiment regarding the levels of development of readiness for creative and innovative work. There are determined the criteria of development of readiness for creative and innovative work.
Key words: компетентностный подход; креативно-инновационная компетентность; креативная компетенция; креативные качества; компонент; критерий; готовность; competence approach; creative and innovative competence; creative competence; creative qualities; component; criterion; readiness
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Pedagogic innovations in students training in organization of intercultural cooperation of pupils
Multinational and multicultural educational space actualized the necessity of development of the means of activation of children’s intercultural cooperation. Pupils’ intercultural cooperation presupposes communication between children, their active cognitive activity. As a result, there is noted the mutual enrichment of children’s spiritual, emotional and value, informational spheres. It is important to train a teacher who is able to work in polycultural and multilingual space, knows the modern technologies of educational process organization, in particular, in such an important aspect as pupils’ intercultural cooperation. The necessity to develop and implement pedagogic innovations in students training to organize pupils’ intercultural cooperation becomes the priority one.
Key words: Межкультурное взаимодействие; педагогические условия подготовки будущих учителей; методический инструментарий; педагогические инновации; intercultural cooperation; pedagogic conditions of future teachers training; methodological tools; pedagogic innovations
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Речевой портрет персонажа: синтаксическИЙ АСПЕКТ
There is considered the essence of the notion “speech portrait of a personage” and the analysis of the role of the expressive syntactic constructions of the speech character in creating of such portraits.
Key words: речь персонажа; речевой портрет персонажа; экспрессивный синтаксис; конструкции разговорного синтаксиса; релятивы-коммуникативы; парцеллированные конструкции; personage’s speech; speech portrait of a personage; expressive syntax; constructions of speech syntax; relative communicative; parceling constructions
Download | PDF, 1921 Kb
Cognitive metaphors of the flora in the linguistic mind of a transcultural personality
There are analyzed the cognitive metaphors of the flora in the creative work by a modern Kazakhstan writer A. Zhaksylykov, who represents the original transcultural formations that combine the images of the Kazakh and the Russian linguistic cultures.
Key words: транскультурная личность; словесный образ; языковое сознание; фитоморф; transcultural personality; verbal image; linguistic mind; phytomorph
Download | PDF, 1898 Kb
Language policy and ideology of the standard language in the USA
There is researched the ideology of the standard language which is the basis for the communicative behavior of people in a multinational country, and which determines the language policy in the USA at the modern stage.
Key words: языковая политика; языковая идеология; идеология стандартного языка; языковая субординация; ассимиляция; потребность идентичности; language policy; language ideology; ideology of the standard language; language subordination; assimilation; identity need
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Language play in Internet communication
There is regarded the language play as one of the aspects of linguocreative work of a language personality in the communicative space of the Internet and described its peculiarities at various language levels: phonetic, lexical, lexical and semantic, morphologic and syntactic.
Key words: Интернет; интернет-комуникация; языковая игра; языковая личность; коммуникативное пространство; лингвокреативная деятельность; речетворчество; the Internet; Internet communication; language play; language personality; communicative space; linguocreative work; speech production
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Primary and derived means of rhythm building as the basis of the individual author’s style
There are considered the primary and derived means of rhythm building in prosaic publicity texts. There are revealed the peculiarities of organization of rhythmic models at the level of over-phrasal unities in different articles by one and the same author. There is made the conclusion that as a whole the primary and secondary means of rhythm building are characteristic for author’s individual style.
Key words: ритм; синтагма; ритмическая модель; сверхфразовое единство; текст; rhythm; syntagma; rhythmic model; over-phrasal unity; text
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Insular clattering dialects of the Volgograd region: modern condition
There is described and analyzed the modern condition of clattering dialects of the Volgograd region. There are represented the phonetic, grammar and lexical peculiarities of the dialects of Kraishev, Elan district, and Pereshchepnyi, Kotovo district.theer are marked out the traditional South Russian features and the signs that are revealed in the original dialects of the Ryazan Meshchera.
Key words: Островные говоры; территориальная изоляция; цоканье; южнорусские говоры; мещерские говоры; insular dialects; territorial isolation; clattering; South Russian dialects; Meshchera dialects
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Linguistic and statistic description of the homonymic natural scientific term
There is carried out the statistic analysis of the natural scientific homonymic terms of physics, chemistry and biology to prove the objective reliability of the results of the linguistic descriptive analysis of interscientific homonymity of the term. The author’s aim is to determine the level of the notional commonness of the three terminologies.
Key words: межнаучная омонимичность; естественнонаучный термин; понятийная общность; лингво-статистический анализ; interscientific homonymity; natural scientific term; notional commonness; linguistic and statistic analysis
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Stylistic characteristics of the genre “society gossip” in women’s electronic magazines
There are considered the stylistic peculiarities of the media genre “society gossip” in women’s electronic magazines in English. This genre contains the commentaries of celebrities’ glamour lives, its basic tonality is emotionally marked spontaneous ironic communication, its characteristic is the mixture of colloquial and bookish vocabulary and the use of expressive syntactic means.
Key words: жанр; светская сплетня; гламур; стилистические характеристики; электронный журнал; genre; society gossip; glamour; stylistic characteristics; electronic magazine
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The discoursive tactic of threat: indirect forms of presentation: warnings
Tactic of threat as a structural component of vindictive discourse is described. Indirect forms of the above mentioned tactic presentation, which make it possible for a speaker to realize an intimidation strategy formally keeping ethical (and in certain cases - legal) norms of communication, get enlightment.
Key words: виндиктивный дискурс; стратегия устрашения; тактика угрозы; косвенная форма объективации; предупреждение; vindictive discourse; strategy of intimidation; tactic of threat; indirect form of presentation; warning
Download | PDF, 1903 Kb
Dialogue as one of the mechanisms of text formation in the process of scientist’s discursive work
Dialogical character is considered not only as a text category, style determining factor, but also as a text mechanism which in its orientation at an addressee, its presupposition, intuition, understanding allows tracing the process of actualization of the intention and the stages of representation of sender’s new knowledge.
Key words: диалогичность научного текста; механизм текстообразования; языковые; речевые; дискурсивные средства выражения диалогичности; dialogical character of a scientific text; mechanism of text formation; linguistic; verbal; discursive means of dialogical character expression
Download | PDF, 1906 Kb
Concept “false foolishness for Christ” in the light of linguistic research
There is considered and detailed the concept “false foolishness for Christ”, marked out the constitutive signs of its conceptual component. The analysis of the text material states the correlation of the notions “image”, “role”, “figure” regarding the behavior of the “false foolish for Christ”. There are revealed the value guidelines of the “false foolish for Christ” and their typical communicative strategies - development of positive image and manipulation.
Key words: концепт; лжеюродство; ценности; имидж; роль; образ; concept; false foolishness for Christ; values; role; image
Download | PDF, 1911 Kb
Problems of definition characteristics of the linguocultural type “poor creature”
There is considered the conceptual component of the linguocultural type “poor creature”. There are stated the questions of typology of the concept. There is suggested the classification of linguocultural types based on names.
Key words: лингвокультурный типаж; типажи, мотивированные названием; типажи с интерпретативной активностью; linguocultural type; types motivated by the name; types with interpretive activity
Download | PDF, 1896 Kb
Folklore traditions in the prose by Y. Koval (based on the story “The Lightest Boat in the World”)
There is described the functioning of the basic elements of the poetics of the bylichka genre in the story by Y. Koval “The Lightest Boat in the World”. The structure of bylichka, its composition, system of images, poetic devices are adopted by Y. Koval and rethought with particular artistic goals and tasks.
Key words: фольклорные традиции; быличка; поэтика; фантастика; сказочная традиция; folklore traditions; bylichka; poetics; fantasy; fairy tale tradition
Download | PDF, 1885 Kb
Farce play by A.P. Chekhov “A Marriage Proposal” on the Iraq scene
By the example of the farce play by A.P. Chekhov “A Marriage Proposal” there is traced the steady interest to Chekhov’s dramaturgy in Iraq. Emphasizing the social and psychological aspects in the work by the Russian writer, the Iraq theatre aims to adapt them to their own traditions, develops the specificity of their perception in a foreign cultural environment. Thus, Chekhov’s plays provide the establishment of the professional theatre in Iraq.
Key words: Чехов; драматургия; «Предложение»; иракский театр; Chekhov; dramaturgy; “A Marriage Proposal”; Iraq theatre
Download | PDF, 1895 Kb
Narration “Ich Erzahlung” in the novel by M.V. Semenova “Valkyrie”
There are considered the peculiarities of the narration “Ich Erzahlung” in the novel by M.V. Semenova “Valkyrie”: the character’s analysis of the events happening with her; the judgments expressing her mythological thinking; lyrical digressions (dreams, reflections about the world around, self-analysis), folklore pastiche of a tale.
Key words: Ich Erzahlung; мифологическое мышление; метафоричность; стилизация; сказ; Ich Erzahlung; mythological thinking; metaphors; pastiche; tale
Download | PDF, 1873 Kb
Peculiarities of the Chinese narrative songs in the diachronic aspect
There are considered the Chinese narrative songs from the beginning of the XX century until the present time, revealed the peculiarities of their dynamics based on various parameters. In particular, the dynamics is traced in the thematic, genre, plot peculiarities, time and space of the narration and of the action, as well as in binary oppositions represented in the song.
Key words: нарратив; китайская нарративная песня; диахронический аспект; тематика; жанр; сюжет; бинарные оппозиции; narrative; Chinese narrative song; diachronic aspect; themes; genre; plot; binary oppositions
Download | PDF, 1929 Kb
Cult architecture of the Volgograd region: history and modern issues of study, protection and use
There are revealed and considered the stages of formation and development of monument protection work of power structures and public organizations regarding the objects of cult architecture at the territory of the modern Volgograd region in the XIX - beginning of the XXI centuries. There is represented the historiographic comprehension of these issues in pre-revolutionary and modern scientific research.
Key words: охрана культурного наследия; памятники культовой архитектуры Волгоградской области; cultural heritage protection; monuments of cult architecture of the Volgograd region
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Russia: history of spaces
Migrations played a special role in the history of Russian people. They influenced greatly the objective and subjective manifestations of their lives and self-actualization. During its history Russian ethnos increased its settlement territory carrying out the historical mission of “developing of remote areas”. In Russian colonization both state and Russian ethnos played the equal role.
Key words: история России; история русского народа; история государства; колонизация; геополитика; Russian history; history of Russian people; history of state; colonization; geopolitics
Download | PDF, 1895 Kb
Project of the Adriatic expedition of the admiral P.V. Chichagov in 1812
There is considered the project of the Adriatic expedition as one of the aspects of preparation of Russia for the Patriotic War of 1812 and Russian and French fight for confederates, including Austria.
Key words: Отечественная война 1812 г; внешняя политика России; русско-австрийские отношения; Patriotic War of 1812; foreign policy of Russia; Russian-Austrian relations
Download | PDF, 1885 Kb
Regional traditions and creative initiative in the dynamics of development of the dramatic art of the Volgograd region
There is considered the regional specificity of the history of development of the dramatic art in the context of the socio-cultural dynamics of the end of the XIX - beginning of the XXI centuries.
Key words: культура; театральное искусство; традиции; художественное творчество; народный театр; инициатива; culture; dramatic art; traditions; works of art; folk theatre; initiatives
Download | PDF, 1925 Kb
Reasons for the civilization disaster in the philosophic and scientific thought of the modern history and in the early and mid XX century
There are represented the notions of the reasons for the civilization disaster defined as tragic end of the local and civilization or the global history in the German classic philosophy, Russian religious and ethic thought of the early XX century, psychoanalytic tradition of the early and mid XX century, as well as foreign historians and philosophers of culture of the modern history who turned to this set of problems.
Key words: цивилизационная катастрофа; история философии; история науки; историография цивилизационных катастроф; civilization disaster; history of science; historiography of civilization disasters
Download | PDF, 1870 Kb
History of domestic aviation in the architectural heritage of Stalingrad
There are described the research results regarding the architectural heritage of the pre-war Stalingrad by the example of creating the 7 Stalingrad military and aviation school n.a. Stalingrad Red Banner proletariat. There are researched the issues of projecting and building for the aviation school in the city centre and at the territory of the aviation camp. There is determined the contribution of the architect A. Drozdov, I. Ivashchenko in solution of sociocultural issues at the territory of the aviation camp.
Key words: архитекурное наследие; социокультурная среда; дом Красной Армии; Сталинградская авиашкола; architectural heritage; sociocultural environment; Red Army home; Stalingrad aviation school
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Development of cinema system of the Stalingrad Region as the sphere of culture building in 1946 - early 1950s
There is analyzed the development of cinema system of the Stalingrad Region in 1946 - early 1950s, considering the quantitative and qualitative signs. The attention is paid to the attitude of party and state authorities to the process of cinema system creating in the Stalingrad Region in this period, noted the amount of financing and plans of fundamental building of cinemas.
Key words: Сталинградская область; киносеть; культурное строительство; восстановительный период; кинофикация; Stalingrad Region; cinema system; culture building; reconstruction period; cinema system building
Download | PDF, 1900 Kb