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№7 (82) 2013
2013 г.
Philosophy and Methodology of Education
Methodology of projecting of innovational space of pedagogical education in the federal university
There is proved that pedagogic education possesses unused reserves of modernization that consist in the possibility of strengthening of its absolute influence on the progress of all the life spheres of society, region, country through teachers able to work with the development processes and bring up the generation of innovators. In the context of this idea there are revealed the aims, mission, principles and strategic directions of development and modernization of the Academy of Pedagogic Education as the innovative substructure of the Southern Federal University.
Key words: социальный заказ педагогическому образованию; инновационная деятельность; модернизация; педагогическое образование университетского типа; social demands to pedagogic education; innovational work; modernization; pedagogic education of the university type
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Phenomenon of comprehension and its role in the educational process
There is analyzed the process of acquiring of educational knowledge, which is the alternative to the traditional education. There is proved that increase of effectiveness of the educational process requires combination of the objective descriptive knowledge and evaluative knowledge.
Key words: непрерывное образование; традиционное образование; образовательное знание; понимание; объяснение; continuous education; traditional education; educational knowledge; comprehension; explanation
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Holistic education process
Pedagogical process in the context of the humanitarian approach
From the positions of the humanitarian approach there is revealed the essence of pedagogical process which is analyzed as a developing and developed correlation, as holistic and polystructural, cyclic and regular. There are sorted out its spatial and temporal characteristics, direction, sociocultural and life conformable character.
Key words: педагогическая цель; содержание; педагогическое взаимодействие; педагогический процесс; pedagogic goal; contents; pedagogic interaction; pedagogical process
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Russian identity as a personal result: reflections
In the context of the tasks of the modern modernization of education there is considered the issue of formation of the Russian personal identity: identity as the element of self-consciousness, peculiarities of formation of the Russian identity (at the sociocultural and personal levels), specificity of pedagogic support of the process.
Key words: идентичность; российская идентичность как социокультурная; российская идентичность как личностная; социально-педагогическое сопровождение; identity; Russian identity as a sociocultural one; Russian identity as a personal one; sociopedagogic support
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Culturological competence in training of a pedagogical higher school specialist
There is considered the culturological competence – the level of education sufficient for self-education and independent solution of cognitive issues and determination of your position.
Key words: компетентностный подход; компетенция; компетентность; культурологическая компетентность; культурологический подход в образовании; competence approach; competence; culturological competence; culturological approach in education
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Continuing professional education
Basic Centre of Pedagogic Education as the experimental ground of the Russian Academy of Education (from the experience of the Mordovia State Pedagogical Institute n.a. M.E. Evsevyev)
There are represented the theoretical and methodological, scientific and methodological, value and target, procedural and substantial aspects of the Mordovia Basic Centre of Pedagogic Education (MBCPE) as the experimental ground of the Russian Academy of Education. Great attention is paid to the main areas of work and the stages of experimental research cycle of establishment of MBCPE directed at development of culture productive personality of a future teacher.
Key words: педагогическое образование; базовый центр педагогического образования; экспериментальная площадка; культурно-продуктивная личность; pedagogic education; Basic Centre of Pedagogic Education; experimental ground; culture productive personality
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Role of higher school educational environment in formation of students’ creativity
There are analyzed the peculiarities of higher school educational environment and its potential in formation of creativity of future specialists in socio-humanities sphere. There are considered the psychological and pedagogical conditions and factors that have great influence on formation of creativity of students specializing in the humanities in the process of their professional training.
Key words: креативность; условия; образовательная среда; информационно-коммуникационные технологии; creativity; conditions; educational environment; information and communication technologies
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Scientific and methodological peculiarities of the elective course “Supervision of pupils’ scientific research work”
There is revealed the author’s scientific research development of the elective course oriented at formation of professional competences of postgraduates in the conditions of implementation of the federal educational standards of higher education.
Key words: профессиональные компетенции; учебно-исследовательская деятельность; проектная деятельность; научное общество учащихся; исследовательские умения; professional competences; educational research work; project work; students’ scientific community; research skills
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Innovation in general and vocational education
Do we need adaptive optimal system of education modernization with prescribed properties today?
There is given the analysis of the passing modernization of education, described the urgency of the systemic approach to understanding of the global phenomenon in education. There is discussed the possibility of establishing the methodology of research and technological tools, which provide organic coordination of the purpose, logic, stages, means of research activities, outputs and outcomes of modernization.
Key words: модернизация; технологии проектирования систем образования с заданными свойствами; система реализации модернизации образования; управление процессом и системой модернизации; modernization; technologies of design of educational systems with desired properties; system of realization of education modernization; management of the process and system of modernization
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Pedagogic conditions of the use of traditions and innovations in the educational work of a higher school
There is considered the role of traditions and innovations in the educational work of a higher school, revealed the pedagogic conditions of their interaction, management and effective implementation within the system of students’ education.
Key words: воспитание; внеучебная деятельность; инновации; традиции; взаимодействие; субъекты воспитания; студенты; преподаватели; education; extracurricular work; innovations; traditions; interaction; subjects of education; students; teachers
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Arguments for the model of effective higher school establishment
There is suggested the author’s view on effectiveness of a modern higher school work, given the interpretation of the notion “effective higher school”. The effectiveness of a higher school is considered from the positions of evaluation of pedagogic, social and economic effects; there are represented the results of the diagnostics of higher school teachers’ readiness for innovational commercial activity.
Key words: эффективность; эффективный вуз; эффективный преподаватель; педагогические; экономические; социальные эффекты образования; effectiveness; effective higher school; effective teacher; pedagogic; economical; social effects of education
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Training of initiative, creative, highly qualified specialists in the modern conditions as the contents of the humanitarian educational experience
There are described the main requirements to the educational process that provides training of initiative, creative specialists. Pedagogic help may be implemented into the strategies of pedagogic work, encouragement or support
Key words: обучение; среднее профессиональное образование; гуманитаризация образования; субъектная позиция; образовательные технологии; учебный процесс; education; secondary professional education; humanitarization of education; subjective position; educational technologies; learning process
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Essential characteristics of senior pupils’ readiness for overcoming extreme situations (by the example of fire applied sport)
There are considered the issues of formation of senior pupils’ readiness for overcoming extreme situations (by the example of fire applied sport). There are represented the essential characteristics of seniorpupils’ readiness for overcoming extreme situations, sorted out the functions and structural components of readiness.
Key words: готовность; экстремальная ситуация; старшеклассники; формирование; пожарно-прикладной спорт; функции; компоненты; readiness; extreme situation; senior pupils; formation; fire applied sport; functions; components
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Peculiarities of professional establishment of students with various types of gender identity
There are suggested the main research results of influence of personal gender identity types on success of professional establishment. Main attention is paid to the correlation of the biological and gender factors in the process of self-actualization of a person in profession.
Key words: гендерная идентичность; профессиональное становление; мотивация; биологический фактор; юношеский возраст; gender identity; professional establishment; motivation; biological factor; youth age
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Education and further education
Subculture competence of a modern teenager as a socio-pedagogical aim of interaction of school and family
There is considered the notion of subculture in the context of interaction of school and family. There is determined the essence of interaction of school and family in the context of formation of subculture competence of a teenager, given the results of the survey of the subjects of the educational process, and made the conclusions about the potential of interaction of school and family with the aim to develop subculture competence of a teenager.
Key words: субкультура; подростки; семья; взаимодействие; субкультурная грамотность; subculture; teenagers; family; interaction; subculture competence
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Animated cartoon film as the means of moral education of senior preschool age children
There is shown the potential of the use of animated cartoon films with the aim of formation of moral experience of preschool age children, described the methodology of teacher’s involvement into the situations of perception of cartoon films by children.
Key words: мультфильм; нравственное воспитание; нравственно-развивающий потенциал мультфильма; нравственные чувства; ситуация; animated cartoon film; moral education; moral and developing potential of an animated cartoon; moral feelings; situation
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Communication with nature without violence
There is covered the issue of interaction of man and nature. There are revealed the rules of interaction with nature based on the method of nonviolent communication, accessible both for adults and children.
Key words: природа; отношение; дошкольный возраст; метод ненасильственного общения; nature; attitude; preschool age; method of nonviolent communication
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Conditions of effectiveness of senior pupils’ Russian civil identity formation at an educational institution
There is determined the objective necessity of formation of Russian civil identity in the Russian society. There are sorted out and substantiated the conditions that influence the effectiveness of the process and establishment of senior pupils’ Russian civil identity in the modern educational experience.
Key words: антропообраз; гражданин; россиянин; гражданское общество; российская гражданская идентичность; референтность; anthropo-image; citizen; Russian; civil society; Russian civil identity; reference
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Theory and a training and education
Diagnostics of development of foreign language communicative competence of future teachers in professional education
There are considered the methods, criteria and results of diagnostics that prove the effectiveness of the model of formation of foreign language communicative competence of future teaching engineers in the conditions of informational educational environment.
Key words: компоненты компетенции; мотивационный; когнитивно-деятельностный; оценочно-рефлексивный уровни компетенции; методы диагностики; components of competence; motivational; cognitive activity; evaluative and reflexive levels of competence; methods of diagnostics
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Competence of code changeover as the key element of interpreter’s bilingual competence
There is considered the specific competence of code changeover, which is necessary due to the great role of code changeover in translation, its specificity and factors that influence its quality and effectiveness.
Key words: переключение кода; билингвизм; перевод; компетенция переключения кода; code changeover; bilingualism; translation; competence of code changeover
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Formation of professional competence of a linguist interpreter in the conditions of the modern educational paradigm
There are considered the components of interpreter’s professional competence, as well as its formation mechanisms. There is revealed and substantiated the necessity of the rational combination of innovational and traditional technologies in the process of translation study. There is suggested the complex of exercises in formation of interpreter’s professional competence on the basis of combination of innovational and traditional technologies.
Key words: профессиональная компетенция переводчика; инновационные и традиционные технологии обучения; базовые и специфические знания; умения и навыки; interpreter’s professional competence; innovational and traditional educational technologies; basic and specific knowledge; abilities and skills
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Professionally oriented contents of future foreign language teachers training
There is considered the essence of professionally oriented contents of foreign language teaching and its role in integration of the theoretical and practical aspects of the system of future foreign language teachers training as a main condition of their adaptation to professional work.
Key words: профессионально ориентированное содержание; будущие учителя; адаптация; профессиональная деятельность; professionally oriented contents; future teachers; adaptation; professional work
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Teaching foreign languages to pupils of profile classes specializing in law on the basis of the gender approach
There are considered the peculiarities of foreign language teaching at school in profile classes specializing in law on the basis of the gender approach. There is given the author’s evaluation of influence of separate education on development of communicative skills necessary for men and women for their common work in the modern society. There is shown the significance of the gender approach in the process of foreign language teaching by the example of the experimental work carried out in one of the Volgograd schools.
Key words: преподавание иностранного языка в школе; гендерный подход; правовое воспитание; раздельное обучение мальчиков и девочек; учетгендерных особенностей обучающихся; гендерное образование; foreign language teaching at school; gender approach; legal training; separate education of boys and girls; taking into account gender peculiarities of pupils; gender education
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Cultural approach in the system of literary education of pupils
There is covered one of the urgent issues of literature teaching at school – the methodology of cultural analysis. There is considered the use of the complex of arts in the methodological science, psychological and pedagogical prerequisites of senior school pupils’ interest to various types of arts, revealed the specific character of an integrated literature lesson.
Key words: интеграция искусств; культурологический анализ; текст; перевод; интерпретация; герменевтика; integration of arts; cultural analysis; text; translation; interpretation; hermeneutics
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Formation of the notion “grotesque” as the means of evaluation of satiric colouring of the tales by M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin at 7th form pupils
There is revealed the logic of work on formation of the notion “grotesque” at the 7th form on the basis of the tales by M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin. Based on the psychological and methodological works devoted to the analysis of the stages of pupils’ work with theoretical material, there is determined the specific character of formation of the notion “grotesque” within the competence systemic work approach.
Key words: формирование понятия «гротеск»; компетентностный системно-деятельностный подход; formation of the notion “grotesque”; competence systemic work approach
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Formation of ecological responsibility of 8th form pupils by the means of school geography on the basis of correlation of class, extracurricular and out-of-class work
There is represented one of the main methodological conditions of formation of ecological responsibility in studying Russian geography – correlation of the class, extracurricular and out-of-class work in the basic course “Russian Geography”, elective course “Ecological Responsibility of a Russian Citizen” and children’s ecological association “My Guideline – Ecological Responsibility for My Native Land”.
Key words: экологическая ответственность; курс «География России»; элективный курс; детское экологическое объединение; классно-урочная деятельность; структура экологической ответственности; экологизация географии; ecological responsibility; course “Russian Geography”; elective course; children’s ecological association; class work; structure of ecological responsibility; ecologization of geography
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Formation of methodological skills of working with notions for Bachelors of pedagogical education specializing in mathematics at the mathematical logic lessons
There is analyzed the potential of the course of mathematical logic in formation of future mathematics teacher’s methodological skills of working with the definitions of mathematical notions. There are sorted out the skills that allow logical and mathematical analysis of the mathematical notions and constructing the tasks in accordance with the aims of notion formation levels. There are given the examples of the systems of the practical course of mathematical logic as the means of formation of the skills mentioned above.
Key words: математическая логика; методическое умение; понятие; определение понятия; логико-математический анализ определения; процесс формирования понятия; система задач; mathematical logic; methodological skill; notion; definition of the notion; logical and mathematical analysis of the notion; process of notion formation; system of tasks
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Historical and comparative education and educational issues
Phenomenon of “care of yourself” through the prism of the Old Greek paideia
There is revealed the essence of the phenomenon of “care of yourself” of the antique pedagogic thought and substantiated the logic of its historical development in the aspect of the origin of the idea of higher education and self-education.
Key words: античная педагогическая мысль; забота о себе; пайдейя; antique pedagogic thought; care of yourself; paideia
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Charity in education of Simbirsk province in the second half of the XIX – beginning of the XX centuries
There is given the system of work of educational and labour asylums (children’s asylums of diligence) as one of the perspective forms of education and upbringing (by the example of Simbirsk province in the second half of the XIX – beginning of the XX centuries).
Key words: благотворительность; воспитание; образование; призрение; Дом трудолюбия; charity; education; upbringing; care; House of diligence
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Higher education as the factor of development of the innovational system of the USA
By the example of the USA there is given the retrospective analysis of the socio-economical conditionality of the innovational processes and government regulation in the sphere of innovational development in the USA. There are considered the main factors that influence the development of the innovational system of the USA in the second half of the XX century. There are found out the urgent issues of development and priority guidelines of the public policy in the sphere of higher education at the modern stage.
Key words: инновация; инновационные процессы; высшее образование в США; финансирование; двухгодичный колледж; innovation; innovation processes higher education in the USA; financing; two-year college
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Comparative analysis of the domestic and foreign pedagogic experience of work with youth subcultures
There is given the comparative analysis of the domestic and foreign pedagogic techniques of work with youth subcultures. There are determined the possibilities of foreign experience use in our country.
Key words: субкультура; молодежная субкультура; социально-педагогическая работа; педагогический опыт; subculture; youth subculture; socio-pedagogical work; pedagogic experience
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Development of humanistic ideology in the history of Russia
There is considered the process of development and establishment of humanistic ideology in Russia. Historical review allows analyzing progressive humanistic experience of the past with the aim of further improvement of the methods of education, upbringing and selfperfection in the modern system of education aimed at personal development.
Key words: гуманизм; гуманистическая педагогика; аксиологические ориентиры образования; миротворческое образование; humanism; humanistic pedagogy; axiological guidelines of education; peacemaking education
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Specificity of development of the Ukrainian humanistic pedagogic thought as a constituent part of the Soviet scientific and pedagogic discourse (1960s)
Based on the detailed analysis of historic and pedagogical works of the 1960s devoted to comprehension of the USSR educational system development, there is characterized the genesis of ideas of the domestic humanistic pedagogy in the Soviet period conditioned by realization of the key party and government documents.
Key words: гуманистическая педагогика; идеи гуманистического образования; украинская система образования; советская система образования; историография; humanistic pedagogy; ideas of humanistic education; Ukrainian system of education; Soviet system of education; historiography
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Development of national self-consciousness of the Russians at a parish school
There are described the peculiarities of development of national self-consciousness of the Russians at a parish school that implement public and religious and pedagogic conceptions of national education in pre-revolutionary Russia: considered the phenomenon of a parish school of S.A. Radchinsky in the village Tatev as the example of an innovational educational institution of a humanistic type.
Key words: национальное самосознание; национальное образование; базовые ценности национального образования; государственная концепция; религиозно-педагогическая концепция; церковно-приходская школа; national self-consciousness; national education; basic values of national education; public conception; religious and pedagogic conception; parish school
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Psychological problems of modern education
Training of personal development as the means of prevention of drug addiction of teenagers
There is considered the issue of drug addiction of teenagers and training of personal development as the means of its prevention. The results of empiric research prove the preventive potential of psychological training in a teenager group.
Key words: наркотическая зависимость; профилактика наркотической зависимости; виды профилактики; тренинг развития личности; drug addiction; prevention of drug addiction; types of prevention; training of personal development
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Theoretical and experimental foundations of the model of pupils’ adaptation to educational environment in the critical periods of development
There are noted the theoretical points that determine the logic of research of adaptation process on the basis of the analysis of social situation of pupils’ development in critical periods of development. There are revealed the psychological factors of pupils’ adaptation to the educational environment in the critical periods of development that determine the contents, forms and methods of the work of a psychologist and a teacher in prevention of risk factors of disadaptation.
Key words: адаптация школьников; социальная ситуация развития; психологические факторы адаптации; факторы риска дезадаптации; adaptation of pupils; social situation of development; psychological factors of adaptation; risk factors of disadaptation
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Psychology of pre-competition training of qualified sportsmen
There is made the attempt to analyze scientific and methodological literature regarding psychological training and means of correction of sportsman’s negative emotional conditions.
Key words: гребной спорт; психологическая подготовка; спортивный результат; rowing; psychological training; sports result
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Academic Life. Reviews
Педагогическая технология «тайм-менеджмент» для студента
Key words:
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