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№8 (72) 2012
2012 г.
Communicative personality in value parameters of non-ecological communication
From the position of the newest area of the modern linguistics - emotive linguistic ecology - there is considered the value aspect of a destructive communicative personality realizing in situations of destructive communication. There are described the outer and inner value aspects of a destructive communicative personality; on the basis of the analysis of language material there is made the conclusion regarding ambivalent and ecological type of communication
Key words: non-ecological communication; destructive communication; situation of destructive communication; destructive communicative personality; negative value; ambivalent ecological compatibility of communication
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Theoretical aspects of consideration of communicative adaptation
There is characterized the adaptation to an interlocutor as a part of interpersonal communication. There are given the theoretical prerequisites of consideration of adaptation in the aspect of the communication theory; sorted out the signs of communicative adaptation. There is suggested the survey of the structural organization of communicative adaptation.
Key words: interpersonal adaptation; communicative adaptation; structural organization
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Emotional component of a speech situation of surprise: based on the material of German and Russian fairy tales
There is suggested the analysis of a speech situation of surprise from the position of pragmatic linguistics. There are considered the actualization peculiarities of hidden intentions of a speaker in realization of the speech strategy of developing recipients attitude to a speech act by the means of appraisal. The investigation is based on the texts of Russian and German folk tales.
Key words: speech situation of surprise; appraisal; minor syntactic group; fairy tales
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Tactics of the participants of Russian academic communication (based on the material of the lecture genre)
There are described the tactics of the participants of Russian academic communication found out on the basis of genre standards investigation at Russian higher schools. The communication genres of higher schools are sorted out according to the type of work and control. The suggested approach shows teachers and students cultural values, allows marking out the peculiarities of teachers and students communication peculiarities.
Key words: discourse; speech genre; communicative tactics; strategy; values; communicative style
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Considering the issue of terminological clarity of a sports commentator: experimental investigation
There is described the questioning experiment, the aim of which is to find out the lexical units that influence the communicative clarity in speeches of modern TV sports commentators
Key words: communicative clarity; terminological clarity
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Interdisciplinary approach to the issues of the investigation of spontaneous speech of a speaker under a stress
The urgency of the suggested approach is conditioned by the description of the investigation methods of spontaneous speech of a speaker under a stress with the possibility of characterizing his emotional state, as well as the psychic accentuation of a speaker in accordance with the formal signs in his speech.
Key words: sounding speech; stress; emotion; emotional tension; psychic accentuation of a person; auditory analysis
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Peculiarities of tropes creation in the works of the turn of the XX
There are regarded the most frequent tropes in the Russian literature of the turn of the XX
Key words: tropes; metaphor; personification; oxymoron; semantics
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Peculiarities of tropes creation in the works of the turn of the XX
There are regarded the most frequent tropes in the Russian literature of the turn of the XX-XXI centuries in the range of the formal, semantic and cultural and historical characteristics.
Key words: tropes; metaphor; personification; oxymoron; semantics
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Reflection means of target audiences values in PR-texts
There is regarded the specificity of valuation vocabulary use in PR-texts. There is proved that the valuation subject is mainly either the company itself, or its products and services, and the artificial formation of valuation meaning in the context is typical.
Key words: PR-discourse; value argumentation; personalization of a PR-message; means of valuation expression
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Employment discourse as a type of business discourse
There is suggested the notion of employment discourse as a type of business discourse, described its typological signs and interactional structure. As the example, there is considered the structure of the English language employment, where the discursive events are correlated with the types of texts representing the written modus of the discourse.
Key words: business discourse; employment discourse; discursive event
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Compositional and pragmatic characteristics of annotations as secondary texts
There are analyzed the compositional and pragmatic characteristics of annotations to fiction texts - both original and adapted.
Key words: annotation; secondary text; composition of annotation; pragmatic characteristics; adapted text
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Press-release as a rhetorical genre (based on the material of image messages of the public corporation MRSKA Yuga - Volgogradenergo)
There is regarded the PR-discourse as one of the most important strategies of the effective image formation of the energetic complex enterprises. There are analyzed the image messages of energetic network company placed on the Internet.
Key words: PR-discourse; image; press-release; rhetorical genres; Internet-space; target audience
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Representation of the concept old age in the paremiological fund of the Russian and the English languages
On the basis of proverbs and sayings, there is carried out the comparative analysis of language representations of the concept old age in the Russian and the English language world picture, which allows finding out the features of similarities and differences of folk comprehension of old age in the Russian and the English paremies.
Key words: concept; language world picture; paremy; old age; national character; stereotype; world outlook; semantic structure
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Main prerequisites of development of German-Russian lexicography in the XIX century
There are considered the social and historical realities of Russia, which were the background for German- Russian and Russian-German dictionaries in the XIX century; analyzed the determinative factors and prerequisites of development of German-Russian lexicography and revealed the influence of social and historical conditions on the formation of its aims.
Key words: German-Russian lexicography; German- Russian and Russian-German dictionaries of the general type; special dictionaries; the XIX century
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Artionymic models in the German and the Russian languages
As the result of comparison of German and Russian artionyms, there are revealed their peculiarities; it gives the opportunity to structure the onomastic spaces of the investigated languages that reflect the national cultural peculiarities.
Key words: artionym; artionymic models
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Comprehension of orphanage in the Kalmyk and Russian linguistic culture
There is given the linguistic and cultural description of the concept orphan in the Kalmyk and the Russian languages. There are considered the conceptual, figurative and perceptive and value characteristics of the given concept. Through the investigation of its nominative density, associative signs, there is stated the ethnic specificity of the concept orphan in the compared linguistic cultures.
Key words: linguistic and cultural concept; the Kalmyk and the Russian languages; perceptive image; orphan; orphanage
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Archi in the linguistic mind of the Mongolians and the Kalmyk
There is characterized the important concept of the Mongolian linguistic culture - archi - milk vodka. There are revealed its conceptual, figurative, value signs; s
Key words: concept; linguistic culture; language mind; the Mongolians; the Kalmyk; archi
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Imperative and optative in the Arabic literary language
There is given the general characteristics of the semantics of the imperative and the optative moods in the Arabic literary language.
Key words: name iarab; verb iarab; the imperative mood; the intensified; or "energetic" mood; the optative mood
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Demonstrative and pronominal adverbs of place in the tundra dialect of the Yukagir language
There are considered the adverbs formed with the roots ту= (indicates a visible object in the proximal spatial zone), а= and тиэ= (visible/invisible object in the medial zone), та= (visible/invisible object in the distant zone), тидэ= (the object mentioned earlier).
Key words: the Yukagir language; the tundra dialect; demonstrative pronoun; the adverb of place; case; focus
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Structure of the final form of tsar charters for foreign rulers
On the basis of the material of the charters of the tsars Alexey Mikhailovich, Ioann and Peter Alexeevich and Peter I, there is characterized the structure of such an important component of the tsar message to a foreign ruler, as a final form.
Key words: charter; diplomatic correspondence; sender; addressee; Russia; Venice; Peter the Great
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Considering the specificity of syntagmatic segmentation of a modern politicians speech
There is considered the specificity of syntagmatic segmentation of political leaders speeches of the beginning of the XXI century. Special attention is paid to the description of one of the characteristics of syntagmatic segmentation, which concerns the size of syntagmas. There is stated that the prevalence of short syntagmas in political speech is connected with the semantics of the utterance, with the specificity of the addressee, with the character and the form of speech.
Key words: syntagmatic segmentation of political speech; intonation portrait of a politician; short syntagma; fractional syntagmatic segmentation
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Ethnocultural semantics of anthroponyms and its representation to a foreign addressee
There is considered the linguistic and cultural potential of anthroponomy contents in the textbooks of Russian as a foreign language: revealed the ethnocultural content of precedent and unprecedent names, shown the potential of their linguistic and culturological representation in dictionaries for foreign addressees.
Key words: linguistic culturology; lexicography; anthroponym; onomastic semantics; background knowledge
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Tendency to economy in the modern Russian syntax (based on the material of the printed media)
Changes in the modern syntax are conditioned by the functioning of the speech economy law, which is represented in the following tendencies: simplification of syntactic constructions, elimination of disseminators, growth of implicit and elliptic constructions, compression and reduction of utterances, syntactic contamination, growth of intertexuality. The analysis of the tendencies is carried out on the material of the printed media.
Key words: modern syntax; economy of speech efforts; modern printed media
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Occasional word formation in the language of mass media
There is covered the urgent issue - occasional word formation in the language of the modern mass media. There is explained the influence of sociocultural situation on the language, analyzed the main methods of occasional word formation, described the most productive models, given the examples of neologisms from different types of mass media.
Key words: language; occasional word; word formation; morpheme; usage; mass media
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Stable comparisons on the periphery of the lexical and semantic field Fishery (based on the material of the Don Cossack dialects)
There is revealed the structure and the peculiarities of the periphery of the lexical and semantic field Fishery in the Don Cossack dialects. There is considered and analyzed the utmost zone of the fields periphery represented by stable comparisons.
Key words: lexical and semantic field; periphery; stable comparisons; dialect phraseology
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Thematic group a clever person in the Don dialect
There are considered the lexical units characterizing a clever person in the Don Cossack dialect
Key words: thematic group; lexical unit; Don Cossack dialect
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Paremy as the way of reflection of the national character peculiarities (based on the novel Madonna with the Ration Bread by Maria Glushko)
There are analyzed the paremies in the semantic and culturological aspects, determined the system of values peculiar to the mentality of the characters of the novel by Maria Glushko.
Key words: language personality; world picture; paremy; ethnocultural peculiarities; system of values; opposition "one's - strange"
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Semantic analysis of litotes in the English language media text
There is given the semantic analysis of litotes in the description of natural disasters in the English language media texts. The language material allows revealing that the most productive conceptual sphere in litotes models is the scale.
Key words: litotes; semantic analysis; media text; natural disaster
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Typological differences revealed in the texts of the English resumes of men and women
There are described the most widely-spread types and formats of resume types, determined the use frequency of the main resume types of men and women.
Key words: resume; type; format; chronological type; functional type; combined type; alternative type; gender peculiarities
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Perlocutive effect of the ecological speech stereotypes (based on German and Austrian newspaper articles)
There are described the stages of the perlocutive pragmalinguistic experiment with the aim to find out the perlocutive effect of the ecological speech stereotypes in the German and Austrian newspaper articles.
Key words: valuation; speech stereotype; ecological speech stereotype; perlocutive effect; perlocutive pragmalinguistic experiment
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History of development of nanotechnology terminolog
There is considered the history of development of nanotechnology terminology. There are marked out three periods of development of nanotechnology terminology, given the examples of the terms, which indicate the development of this field of knowledge.
Key words: nanotechnologies; nanotechnology terminology; three periods of development of nanotechnology terminology; social and language phenomena
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Landscape pictorial canvas as a detail in literary work
On the basis of the works by V. Garshin Artists, Z. Gippius Goddess, I. Repin The Far and the Close there is analyzed the infrequent literary method. There is found out that the introduction of a picturesque landscape into a literary work lets the author say a word about what is true art, compare one and the same landscape image in time, keep in the memoirs and fiction literature the memory about the great pictorial works and their masters.
Key words: V. Garshin; Z. Gippius; I. Repin; landscape; detail; image
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Character of the rational in the early lyric creative work of M.Y. Lermontov
There is revealed the specificity of the authors mind of Lermontov in the early period of his creative work (1828 - 1832). There is traced the young authors attempt to reproduce the process of self-cognition, appearance of a philosophic thought.
Key words: self-cognition; reflection; intellect; common sense; mind; cognitive processes
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Considering the issue of metaphysical origins in the world-view of A.K. Tolstoy
There are considered the origins of the metaphysical world-view of A.K. Tolstoy from the point of the historic and literary approach. There is stated that the poets religious self-consciousness and philosophic lyrics were originally encouraged by the orthodox religious and teaching tradition, in spite of his interest to the nonconfessional mysticism.
Key words: religious and philosophic poetry; metaphysics; romanticism
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Shakespeare text in the creative work of N.S. Leskov
There is characterized the role of Shakespeares works as the precedent text in the creative work of N.S. Leskov. There are investigated the most characteristic types of intertext relations of the works, sorted out their main functions and stylistic peculiarities.
Key words: Leskov; Shakespeare; precedent text; intertext relations; intertexuality; paratexuality; quotation
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Small prose by S.T. Aksakov: attributes of style
There are suggested the results of the complex analysis of small prose by S.T. Aksakov that are significant for characterizing the writers style with the consideration of such attributes as rhythm, composition, verbal pictures
Key words: small prose; style; rhythm; composition; artistic image; artistic detail
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Representation of fatherhood experience in the works of fiction by women authors at the end of the XX - beginning of the XXI centuries
There is regarded the comprehension of fatherhood phenomenon in the womens prose. There is stated that in the works of fiction woman writers represent problem fathers experiences: social paternity (adopted children), deliberate refusal from biological fatherhood, spiritual fatherhood. The interpretation of fathers experience in the light of family issues is shown in the works by women authors implicitly or explicitly.
Key words: fatherhood phenomenon; gender stereotypes; masculinity; femininity; women's prose
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Fusion as a principle (about eclecticism in post-modernism)
There is revealed the perspective of using the term fusion in literary criticism on the basis of the material of the post-modernism theory. There is made the conclusion about fusion as the basic artistic principle of post-modernism
Key words: eclecticism and synthesis in literature; post-modernism; terminology
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Научно-практический симпозиум «Идеи О.Н. Трубачёва, уроженца Сталинграда, о единстве и многообразии славянского мира и их развитие в современной славистике» (Волгоград, 25 мая 2012 г.)
Key words:
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Яков Карлович Грот (1812 - 1893) - человек и ученый (к 200-летию со дня рождения)
Key words:
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