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№1 (96) 2015
2015 г.
Tolerance of primary school pupils towards children with special educational needs: diagnostic aspect
There is defined the notion “tolerance” towards children with special educational needs. There are stated the components, criteria, factors and formation levels of primary school pupils’ tolerance towards this category of children.
Key words: толерантность; воспитание толерантности; младшие школьники; особые образовательные потребности; критерии; показатели; уровни; tolerance; tolerance development; primary school pupils; special educational needs; criteria; factors; levels
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Essential characteristics of teenage pupils’ motivation for independent work
There is defined the notion of teenage pupils’ motivation for independent work. There are revealed the functions, structural components and criteria of formation of this personal quality.
Key words: компоненты; мотивация; самостоятельная работа; структура; функции; components; motivation; independent work; structure; functions
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Essential characteristics of the law culture as a personality quality
There is defined the notion of personality’s law quality, revealed its functions, structural components and formation criteria.
Key words: правовая культура личности; познавательный компонент; правосознание; правомерное поведение; personality’s law quality; cognitive component; legal conscience; legally acceptable behaviour; personality’s law quality; cognitive component; legal conscience; legally acceptable behaviour
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Structure of officer’s communicative competence model
There is suggested the model of military specialists’ communicative competence model that determines the areas of selection and structuring the educational programmes of military higher schools, as well as the development of personality qualities which are in demand in the conditions of higher professional education.
Key words: модель коммуникативной компетентности; коммуникативные способности; коммуникативная компетенция; военное образование; офицер; качества личности; model of communicative competence; communicative skills; communicative competence; military education; officer; personality qualities
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Principles and methodology of formation of professional competence of students specializing in economics in the system of secondary professional education
There are revealed the principles of pedagogic support in formation of professional competence of students specializing in economics. There rae given the examples of these principles in teacher’s work, described the stages of the principles in the system of secondary professional education.
Key words: профессиональная грамотность; принципы педагогической помощи; этапы формирования профессиональной грамотности; professional competence; principles of pedagogic support; stages of formation of professional competence
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New approaches to cinema lecture use as the effective form of teaching philosophy at a medical higher school
There is considered such a form of intensification of educational work and learning process as cinema lecture. There is proved that the humanities require interactive forms of work including the modern multimedia technologies (popular science films and of feedback means).
Key words: преподавание; учебно-воспи-тательная работа; мультимедийная технология; кинолекторий; teaching; educational work; multimedia technology; cinema lecture
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Ideological and theoretical aspects of the pedagogic heritage of Matthew Arnold
There is given the short biography of an English teacher Matthew Arnold. There is characterized the philosophic component of his pedagogic heritage. There are represented the author’s world outlook positions that are in the basis of his pedagogic views.
Key words: культура; совершенство; идея; «соответствующий»; критика; общество; culture; perfection; idea; “appropriate”; criticism; society
Download | PDF, 1938 Kb
Further training of museum pedagogy specialists through the system of distance seminars
There are considered the issues of organization of further training of museum pedagogy specialists through the system of distance seminars. The novelty of the suggested approach is that the seminars are conducted along with specialist’s professional work - organization of work of pupils’ research team who take part in the regional competition of school museums.
Key words: повышение квалификации; музейная педагогика; дистанционное образование; сетевые коммуникации; школьные краеведческие конкурсы; открытое информационное пространство; further training; museum pedagogy; distance education; network communication; school competitions in local history; open informational space
Download | PDF, 1922 Kb
Means to develop teenagers’ interest to classical music at a secondary school
There is given the scientific definition of teenagers’ interest to classical music, marked out the criteria of its formation. There are described the means of developing the interest to classical music.
Key words: классическая музыка; интерес к классической музыке; подростки; средства; classical music; interest to classical music; teenagers; means
Download | PDF, 1893 Kb
Role of music therapy in development of pupils’ healthy lifestyle
There is considered the potential of music therapy in development of music school pupils’ healthy lifestyle. There are given the historic examples of music therapy use, defined the notion “culture of pupils’ healthy lifestyle”, revealed the conditions of music therapy use at a lesson.
Key words: музыкотерапия; культура здорового образа жизни; учащийся; музыкальная школа; music therapy; culture of healthy lifestyle; pupil; music school
Download | PDF, 1882 Kb
Issues of improvisation in the Korean theatre arts and pedagogy
There are described the features of the Korean national culture and educational traditions essential from the point of professional education and training of an actor, the possibilities of synthesis of the world theatrical pedagogy achievements and the Korean traditions.
Key words: импровизация; корейская культура; корейский менталитет; театральное образование Кореи; театральная педагогика; корейская театральная школа; improvisation; Korean culture; Korean mentality; theatre education of Korea; theatre pedagogy; Korean drama school
Download | PDF, 1876 Kb
Cognitive strategies in teaching of Computer Science of bachelors of pedagogical education (Computer Science) using network communities
There are considered the ways of teaching methods realization in teaching of Computer Science of bachelors of pedagogical education (Computer Science). There are described the educational possibilities of network community, pedagogical features and the ways of project activity organization using educational network communities.
Key words: когнитивные стратегии; работа в группе; проектная деятельность; сетевое сообщество; образовательное сетевое сообщество; подготовка будущих учителей информатики; cognitive strategies; teamwork; project activity; network communities; educational network communities; Computer Science teacher
Download | PDF, 1951 Kb
Modeling of physical and mathematical training of senior school pupils for studying at a technical higher school as a didactic system
There is represented the model of didactic system of pre-university physical and mathematical training of senior school pupils for studying at a technical higher school. There are characterized the elements of the didactic system with consideration of urgent issues of training for entering a higher school. There are determined the modeling peculiarities and revealed the contents of motivational and specific, cognitive, organizational and reflexive components of a didactic system model.
Key words: дидактическая система; до-университетская подготовка; модель; старшеклассники; технический университет; физико-математическая подготовка; didactic system; pre-university training; model; senior school pupils; technical higher school; physical and mathematical training
Download | PDF, 2023 Kb
Teaching of foreign language reading strategies
There are considered such methodological notions as “linguodidactic conditions”, “reading strategies”, “learning actions and techniques”, “text understanding”, “language guess”. There are analyzed the classifications of reading strategies, given the characteristics of learning actions included into reading strategies. There are given the examples to organize the process of teaching of foreign language reading strategies in the course of profession-oriented studies.
Key words: стратегии чтения; учебные действия и приемы; классификация стратегий; процесс обучения; профильно-ориентированный курс иностранного языка; reading strategies; learning actions and techniques; classification of strategies; educational process; profession-oriented course of foreign language
Download | PDF, 1880 Kb
Criteria and results of evaluation of methodological training of biology students based on humanitarization and technologization of pedagogic education
There are revealed the ways of renewal of the productive and evaluative component of the system of students’ methodological training, which are the criteria of competence evaluation of a future biology teacher. They provide their ability to give the biological education the qualities of a dynamic, spontaneous humane pedagogic system.
Key words: результативно-оценочный компонент системы методической подготовки студентов-биологов; критерии и показатели оценивания компетенций; гуманитаризация и технологизация педагогического образования; productive and evaluative component of the system of biology students’ methodological training; criteria and signs of competence evaluation; humanitarization and technologization of pedagogic education
Download | PDF, 1999 Kb
Discourse interpretation: topic, format, mode
Discourse is presented in a three-dimensional model of its description including topic which deals with its contents, format which comprises the communicative situation, and mode which expresses its emotional and stylistic tone. The topic of a discourse is a starting point of its linguistic analysis and it deals with the text as a material object of communication, the format includes basic components of a communicative situation - its participants, objectives, values, time and space, strategies, genres and conversational formulas, and the mode is determined by culturally bound personal predispositions of communicative situation participants who take part in certain types of social actions via certain communicative channels.
Key words: дискурс; коммуникация; текст; топик; формат; модус; discourse; communication; text; topic; format; mode
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Considering the peculiarities of text understanding in the law discourse
There are regarded the criteria of textuality. There are determined the peculiarities of text understanding in the law discourse.
Key words: текст; дискурс; юридический дискурс; критерии; text; discourse; law discourse; criteria
Download | PDF, 1892 Kb
Types of secondary nature in advertising texts
There is covered and defined a special text category -secondary nature. There is made the attempt to differentiate the advertising texts represented in different formats and characterized by a secondary nature sign into the following types: metatext, plot and image, composition and structure, discursive, situational and prosodic secondary nature.
Key words: текст; рекламный текст; вторичность; типы вторичности; text; advertising text; secondary nature; secondary nature types
Download | PDF, 1888 Kb
Press release as the object for linguistic and stylistic analysis
There is represented the detailed characteristics of the efficient news genre “press release”, listed its main stylistic and linguistic peculiarities, suggested the analysis scheme and example with further correction.
Key words: PR-текст; пресс-релиз; опера-тивно-новостной жанр; базисный субъект PR; стилистические элементы; лингвистические элементы; PR-text; press release; efficient news genre; basis subject of PR; stylistic elements; linguistic elements
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To the issue of the functional aspect of a periphrasis
There are analyzed the functions of periphrasis units. There are considered the discussion issues about the functions of a periphrasis in a text, its role in various text types. There is proved the necessity of making a functional typology of periphrasis units on this basis.
Key words: перифраза; перифрастическая единица; функции; функциональный аспект; periphrasis; periphrasis unit; function; functional aspect
Download | PDF, 1932 Kb
Military activity as the basic characteristics of the Cossacks and its reflection in Cossacks’ linguistic mind
There is revealed the specific character of the Russian Cossacks connected with the priority of military activity in its social life. There are made the attempts to determine the peculiarities of the language representation of military realities. The main attention is paid to differentiation and classification of terms in Cossacks’ linguistic mind.
Key words: казачий социум; языковое сознание; значение; лексемы; термины; Cossacks society; linguistic mind; meaning; lexemes; terms
Download | PDF, 1890 Kb
Comprehension of human anatomy and physiology in the naïve and scientific world pictures
There are considered the peculiarities of comprehension of human anatomy and physiology in the naïve and scientific world pictures. There is proved that the basic feature that differentiates the scientific and naïve language world pictures in respect of comprehension of human anatomy and physiology is connection of organism’s organs and systems.
Key words: наивная языковая картина мира; научная языковая картина мира; тело; душа; сердце; взаимосвязь органов и систем организма; naïve language world picture; scientific language world picture; body; soul; connection of organism’s organs and systems
Download | PDF, 1896 Kb
Functioning peculiarities of the metaphoric model “Medicine is the war” in the English and the Russian languages
The metaphoric model “Medicine is the war” is regarded in the comparative aspect, as the examples are taken by the method of the all-round selection from the Russian and the English TV series. The research subject is the oral medical discourse. The goal of research is to reveal the similarities and differences in representation of the metaphoric model “Medicine is the war” in the Russian and the English medical discourses.
Key words: когнитивная лингвистика; мета-форическая модель; фрейм; слот; медицинский дискурс; cognitive linguistics; metaphoric model; frame; slot; medical discourse
Download | PDF, 1895 Kb
Structural and semantic analysis of phraseological units in the medical terminology
There are revealed the structural models of phraseological units in the medical terminology; marked out the semantic groups of nouns as the most active components in term formation; determined the associative lines of the units under research. There are considered 166 phraseological units of the medical nature and found out that most of them are two-component word combinations, their meanings are connected with visual associations.
Key words: двухкомпонентное словосочетание; структурная подмодель; поликомпонентный; монолексемный; ассоциативный ряд; two-component word combination; structural submodel; polycomponent; monolexeme; associative line
Download | PDF, 1879 Kb
Metaphor as the way of speech implementation of the concept “fear” in the story by Stefan Zweig “Fear”
The basic means to denote the concept “fear” in the story by Stefan Zweig “Fear” are the following words: “die Angst“, “das Grauen“, “das Erschrecken“. In this story the anthropomorphic verbal metaphor serves as the main means to express the individual author’s concept “fear”. The perceptive figurative signs of this concept are “heart beats”, “heart pricks”, “body shiver”, “frozen knees and hands”, “speechless tongue”, “whirlwind”, “swirl”, “head down”, “grip”, “hammer strikes”, “nerves quivering as strings”, “flame”.
Key words: концепт; индивидуально-авторский концепт; концептосфера; метафора; персонификация; перцептивно-образный признак; протагонист; ассоциация; concept; individual author’s concept; concept sphere; metaphor; personification; perceptive figurative sign; protagonist; association
Download | PDF, 1920 Kb
Classification and stylistic functions of dialecticisms in the works by an Austrian writer Thomas Raab
The article represents the experience of dialecticisms study in the works by an Austrian writer Thomas Raab. The author’s position is that various dialecticisms included into author’s and personages’ speech carry out some particular stylistic functions in the works of the Austrian fiction literature.
Key words: австрийская художественная литература; писатель Томас Рааб; лексические; этнографические; фонетические; словообразовательные; семантические диалектизмы; Austrian fiction literature; writer Thomas Raab; lexical; ethnographical; phonetic; word formative; semantic dialecticisms
Download | PDF, 1893 Kb
Russian and German toponyms in the names of paintings
Artionyms as a special foundation of cultural information of a language society often include some particular toponym as a component. The popularity of this or that toponym as a component of artionymic construction makes it possible to note the significance of a particular geographical object for cultural resources. Toponyms contain valuable ethnolinguistic and historic information.
Key words: артионим; артионимическая конструкция; топоним; микротопоним; топонимический компонент; лингвокультура; гидроним; artionym; artionymic construction; toponym; microtoponym; toponymic component; linguistic culture; hydronym
Download | PDF, 1885 Kb
Strategies and tactics of rumour realization in foreign mass media
There are revealed the basic strategies and tactics of rumour realization in foreign mass media and considered the pragmatic aspect of their influence on the addressee. There is proved that the absence of the information required is filled with doubtful messages by the means of some strategies and verbal tactics, ways and language markers aimed at changes in addressee’s mind. There is stated that the pragmatic aspect is revealed in the influence on people’s minds and behaviours, as rumours change public opininon, may cause antisocial behavior of a particular part of the population, provoke the destruction of social relations between people and lead to mass riots.
Key words: слухи; воздействие; коммуникативные стратегии и тактики; массмедиа; rumours; influence; communicative strategies and tactics; mass media
Download | PDF, 1907 Kb
Valeological rumours: definition and thematic systematization
There is suggested the definition of valeolgical rumours in the communicative space, analyzed the examples of valeological rumours in interpersonal communication and given the list of the rumours basic on the subject matter.
Key words: слухи; здоровье; самочувствие; валеология; валеологические слухи; rumours; health; state of health; valeology; valeological rumours
Download | PDF, 1892 Kb
Modern tendencies in the congruence of subject and predicate in sentences with “there + to be” in the English language
There is made the attempt to reveal the peculiarities of the introductory clause “there + to be” that appears as the anticipatory subject in the English language. As the research task it is determined to attempt to evaluate the modern tendencies in the congruence of this construction with the semantic subject expressed by a qualitative and noun word-combination. The article could be of interest to specialists in the English grammar.
Key words: согласование; десемантизированное подлежащее; семантическое подлежащее; конструкция there + to be; congruence; desemantic subject; semantic subject; “there + to be” construction
Download | PDF, 1891 Kb
Evolution of ethos and ethnosocial temporality of Russia
Along with the regularities of the processes of socio-ethnical temporality there are marked out and characterized the main tides of ethnic formation in the world history. Having determined the main stages of Russian ethnos development and having stated their dominant features and peculiarities, the authors show the place of Russia in the world ethnic time.
Key words: этнос; народность; народ; нация; нация гражданства; этническое время; социальное время; этносоциальная темпоральность; волны этнообразования; ethnos; nationality; people; nation; civil nation; ethnic time; social time; ethnosocial temporality; tides of ethnic formation
Download | PDF, 1886 Kb
Attitude to a doctor in the medieval society: contempt or respect?
There is regarded the attitude towards healers in the medieval Western Europe. Based on a number of sources there is revealed the opposition of this attitude at different levels (governmental and personal): from contempt to medical work to respect to those who help to heal. There are considered the reasons for doctors persecution in the Middle Ages.
Key words: средневековая культура; средневековая медицина; средневековый врач; medieval culture; medieval medicine; medieval doctor
Download | PDF, 1888 Kb
Law foundations for children protection in the 1941-1945 (based on the material of the Stalingrad region)
There are considered the main measures of the Soviet government and legislations of the first years of the war directed to support families, protect under-aged people’s rights and help the children left without parental care. Special attention is paid to the changes of the legislative base and implementation of resolutions in the Stalingrad region. There is shown the role of public organizations in solving these issues.
Key words: беспризорность; дети-сироты; детские дома; приемник-распределитель; опека; эвакуация; homelessness; orphans; children’s homes; guardianship; evacuation
Download | PDF, 1918 Kb
Solidarity of the English public with people in Stalingrad in the 1941-1945
There is analyzed the comprehension of the Stalingrad Battle events in the 1942-1945 by the English public. The victory was highly evaluated by the public opinion in Great Britain, which was shown in organization of wide-ranging campaigns of solidarity with Stalingrad inhabitants and humanitarian aid to them.
Key words: английское общественное мнение; Сталинградская битва; Вторая мировая война; гуманитарная помощь; город-побратим Ковентри; English public opinion; Stalingrad battle; Second World War; humanitarian aid; twin city Coventry
Download | PDF, 1925 Kb
Evolution of political moods in the Russian province in the 1990s (based on the Volgograd region materials)
By the material of the Volgograd region there is considered the evolution of political moods of its inhabitants in the 1990s, analyzed the factors of influence and substantiated the priority of influence of social and economic situation in the region, which became worse in the course of radical reforms of the liberal character. In the middle of the 1990s among the greatest part of the population there was noted the nostalgia for the Soviet “stability” and the growth of pro-communist moods that provided the political leadership to the Volgograd communists. However, the political conservatism proclaimed itself at the end of the 1990s.
Key words: либеральная идеология; либеральные ценности; общественное настроение; политические настроения; политический консерватизм; liberal ideology; liberal values; public moods; political conservatism
Download | PDF, 1903 Kb
From the foreign experience of protection of historic cities culture heritage
There is summarized and analyzed the experience of foreign state and public organizations in financing the activity of protection and use of the architectural and cultural heritage.
Key words: исторические города; архитектурное культурное наследие; памятник истории и культуры; бюджетное финансирование; трастовое движение; налоговая политика; historic cities; architectural and cultural heritage; historical and cultural monument; budget financing; trust movement; tax policy
Download | PDF, 1881 Kb
Afro-American voters in the electoral policy of the Republican party of the USA in the 1990s
There is researched the role of Afro-American voters in the electoral policy of the Republican party of the USA in the 1990s. There are considered the inner views of the party regarding the choice of the electoral strategy of this category of voters. There are analyzed the factors of negative influence on the prospects of Republicans’ popularity among dark-sinned voters.
Key words: Соединенные Штаты Америки; Республиканская партия США; этнические группы; афроамериканцы; консерватизм; выборы; the United States of America; the Republican party of the USA; ethnic groups; Afro-Americans; conservatism; elections
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Научная жизнь. Хроника
Проблемы становления первой германской демократии: Российско-германская научная конференция в Волгограде
В Волгоградском государственном соци-ально-педагогическом университете 29 - 31 октября 2014 г. состоялась Международная научная конференция «Хрупкая демократия: новейшие исследования о становлении Веймарской республики».
Key words:
Download | PDF, 1926 Kb