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«Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University»
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№4 (68) 2012
2012 г.
About the conception of integral educational process
There are revealed the foundations of the conception of the integral educational process of the Volgograd scientific and educational school of Professor V.S. Ilyin. The main attention is paid to the ontological aspect, which reveals essential characteristics of the conception.
Key words: integrity; methodology; educational process; conception
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Subjective grounds of pedagogical process integrity
The holistic approach is represented as the system of regulations research and educational process structure. There is substantiated the necessity of overcoming the reduction of holistic approach to the natural-science interpretation of integrity only as the organizational form of educational process and using the model of humanities, revealing the integrity of the process organization subject.
Key words: methodological functions of categories of parts and the whole; integrity of the subject of the educational process; integral person forming process; integrity of educational work
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Spiritual and moral education: ethic approach
There are substantiated the categories of morality and spirituality in the context of ethic (religious) education, ethic attitude as the aim of spiritual and moral education, emotional mechanisms of such education.
Key words: morality; spirituality; ethics; attitude; education; conscience; shame; compassion
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Psychological and pedagogical aspects of formation of a pre-school childs world picture
There are considered the issues of formation of a pre-school childs world picture as an integral phenomenon of a cognitive personal sphere. There is marked out that world picture exists and functions at three stages - sensory and perceptive, intellectual, personal.
Key words: world picture; cognitive sphere; sensory experience; enriched world picture; subject experience; systemic and active approach
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Social and pedagogical aspects of patriotic education
There are analyzed the modern pedagogic research of patriotic education issues. On the basis of the modern comprehension of nature and the essence of patriotism phenomenon, there are substantiated the methodological issues of patriotic education.
Key words: patriotism; patriotic education; social integrity; components of patriotism; Russian civil identity
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Domestic ideals of education in the mirror of cultural and historical genetics
There is considered the influence of cultural genotype of Russia on the genesis and development of the domestic ideals of education. There is substantiated that three types of ideals were formed and retranslated in the country: of the sociacentric, anthropocentric and dualistic nature.
Key words: ideal of education; culture genotype; centre of culture; anthropocentrism; sociocentrism; duality
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Gender approach in the conditions of continuing education
There are considered the issues of the gender approach in the conditions of continuing education of pre-school children, school pupils and adults and the perspectives of pedagogical theory and experience development in the course of gender socialization.
Key words: gender; gender approach; continuing education; gender socialization
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Psychological and pedagogical ideas of Buddhism in spiritual and moral education of a person
There are revealed the psychological and pedagogical ideas of Buddhism and their possible use in learning and educational work, in formation of a spiritual and moral personality. There are regarded the methods and methodology of the Buddhist experience, which influence positively on the psychic and emotional and physical state of a person, favour the efficiency of work, improving moral health, avoiding stresses.
Key words: Buddhism; commandments; Buddhist experience; reincarnation; meditation; religious education; inner world; psychological and pedagogical ideas
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Methods of printed lists use as the means of primary school pupils autonomy development at lessons of mathematics
There is given the methodology of printed lists use as the means of primary school pupils autonomy development at lessons of mathematics. There are given the examples of the contents of printed lists, which favour primary school pupils independent targeting, behavior consciousness, reflection, adequate self-appraisal, flexible, divergent thinking development.
Key words: autonomy; personal freedom; primary school pupil; printed lists; lesson of mathematics
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Formation of students interest for cognition for local historical work in the course of network educational projects implementation
There is analyzed the network social technologies potential as the factor of development of interest for cognition in local historical projects implementation. There is suggested the experience of realization of this potential through organization of work on creating educational e-resources by the means of the open geoinformational system Miroznai.
Key words: local historical work of students; network educational projects
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Innovative work of teachers as a collective subject of learning and scientific and pedagogical complex
There is considered the importance of a special research technology in working on the authors programme in the structure of learning and scientific and pedagogical complex, where the task of pedagogical culture development and teachers further training in development of their innovative potential takes the prior position.
Key words: projecting of innovative model of a pedagogical educational institution; pedagogical culture; further training of teachers; research work
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Standards of higher professional education as the basis of quality management of specialists training
There is shown the logics of change in conceptual bases of the three generations of higher professional education standards in the context of revealing its potential for quality management of specialists training. There are given the results of the analysis of its structure and contents. There are sorted out the problem areas in implementation of the educational standards of higher professional education and shown the possible ways of overcoming them on the basis of the example of masters training 500100 Pedagogical Education.
Key words: quality management of specialists training; educational standard of higher professional education; competence; criteria of quality
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Didactic changeover of methodological system of a higher school in the period of transition to the third generation standards
There are shown the peculiarities of technological embedding into a higher school methodological system both as didactic notions with new functions and absolutely new notions such as metrics for competence evaluation, standard knowledge scope. There is described the model of technological monitoring following the dynamics of competence development, the necessary level of quality, educational process project and the process itself.
Key words: methodological system; specialist's competences; state educational standards
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Teacher training for value coordination with a family in the system of higher school education
There is substantiated the urgency of training a teacher for value coordination with a students family, areas of the process optimization of such training, possibilities of different forms of education at a higher school, programme of training for value coordination with a family, stages of diagnostic work.
Key words: students' difficulties; programme of training for value coordination with a family; stages of diagnostic work
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Training of a teacher for implementation of the federal educational standard of primary education
There are characterized the directions of improving the contents, forms of educational and professional work of a student - future primary school teacher in the process of professional training at a higher school in the conditions of the new educational standard of the second generation implementation.
Key words: educational standard of primary education; activity method of education; creative active work
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Ideals of Pierre de Coubertin and the modern Olympic movement
There are revealed the contradictions found out in the organization of the Olympic Games by the Olympic charter, which is based on the principles formulated by Pierre de Coubertin. There is considered the tendency of convergence of amateur (Olympic) and professional sports.
Key words: Olympic Games; International Olympic Committee; Olympic charter
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Emotional concept loneliness in the axiological dimension
There is discussed the issue of value and perceptive and figurative characteristics of the emotional concept loneliness in the language world picture. There is reveled the axiological status of the given concept in the collective and individual world pictures.
Key words: world picture; axiological world picture; concept; value; image; symbol; archetype; metaphor
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Space as a methodological category of linguistics
There is described the system of linguistic terms designating spatial concepts, proved that the language means of their designation are not metaphorical, described the role of spatial concepts in modelling linguistic objects, discussed the ways of their correct usage in linguistics.
Key words: space; dimension; polymetric; metaphor; modelling
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The discursive tactics of evil wish: direct forms of presentation in the face-to-face conflict communicative situation
There is described the mental epicentre, motive, aim, strategies and tactics of the vindictive discourse. There are covered the tactics of evil wish as a structural component of the above mentioned type of speech activity. There are analyzed the direct forms of presentation of these tactics in the face-to-face conflict communicative situation.
Key words: concept "revenge"; vindictive discourse; strategy of curse; tactics of evil wish; direct forms of presentation
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Some peculiarities of argumentation in fiction texts by modern French writers
Based on the French language, there are analyzed some semantic and syntactic peculiarities of argumentation in a work of fiction.
Key words: argumentation; argumentative function; fiction text; subjunctive; mood
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Bulgarian folktales about snakes as the reflection of national language world picture
There are described some peculiarities of the Bulgarian folk world picture in comparison with the Russian one on the basis of fairy-tale plots about snakes. There are revealed and sorted out the cultural peculiarities of the Bulgarian people fixed in the folk world picture, made the attempt to reveal the connection with the history and culture of the mentioned ethnic group.
Key words: folk world picture; national linguistic and cultural world picture; folk tale; plot; myth
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Foreign language learning text as a depository of linguistic and cultural models
There is considered the learning text as a centre of discursive event in the course of foreign language teaching communication: its specificity, types, meaning in mastering a new linguistic and cultural code.
Key words: discursive activities; bilingualism; precedents; teaching foreign language communication; bilingual under formation; communicative competence
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Metatext and modal components in a modern learning text: experience of structural and functional features
There are given the results of the structural and functional analysis of the components of a metatext and modality, found out in the texts of modern school textbooks, determined the correlation of these text units on the basis of the signs of obligation/optionality, communicativeness/non-communicativeness.
Key words: learning text; author's aim; metatext; objective and subjective modality; evaluation
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Solar symbols and its text forming potential in the poetry (on the basis of the works by K. Balmont and I.Severyanin)
There is characterized the concept sun as one of the most important poetic symbols. Based on the material of lyric works by K. Balmont and I.Severyanin, there are investigated the stylistic functions of the given symbol. There is its text forming potential in the focus.
Key words: symbol "sun"; concept "sun"; poetic text; idiostyle; individual author's world picture; stylistic functions; text forming role
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About the main types of speech rhythm
There are considered three types of rhythms: syntactical, accentual-syllabic and syllabic, as well as the main rhythmic styles and tactics of Russian speech; with regards to the rhetoric and stylistics, there is analyzed the categorial apparatus of the theory of speech rhythm, given the short critical retrospective review of the issue.
Key words: rhetoric; rhythm system; regularity; period; colon; homeoteleuts; rhymed prose; isotonia; logaed; rhythmic prose; syllabism
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Derivatives with the root evening- in the Don Cossack dialects of the Volgograd region and the general folk language
There are considered the word-formative families with the root evening- in the Don dialects and literature language. There are compared the word-formative models and semantics of language units.
Key words: derivative; dialecticism; ford-formative family
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Archival documents as a source of dialectal information
Based on the archival materials, there is described the dialect of Gorniy Balykley of Dubovsky region, which keeps North Great Russian features, but as a whole does not stand out of the South Russian dialect, because it has a morphological system close to the neighboring dialects, and a similar vocabulary.
Key words: Russian dialectology; akanye; yakanye; ikanye; epenthesis; hyperism; assimilation; syncope
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Considering the origins of the words writing, kharatiya and pinekhrosa (based on the materials of agreements between the Russians and the Greeks in the X century)
Based on the texts given by the X century in the Russian chronicles, there are investigated the lexemes writing, kharatiya and pinekhrosa, which mean agreement and the related notions.
Key words: chronicle; loanword; writing; kharatiya; pinekhrosa; synonym
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Microgroup nicknames of N.S. Khrushchev and peculiarities of naming in the environment of high political elite
There is considered the process of substandard naming (nicknames) in the environment of high political elite of the totalitarian state. On the basis of N.S. Khrushchevs nicknames there is shown the hierarchical function of the process.
Key words: naming; anthroponym; nickname; linguistic cultural conceptualization; political elite
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Domestic notes and the censorship of the 1840-1880s
There are considered the censorial materials that follow the journal Domestic notes in 1840-1880s, which in the period of its editing by A.A. Kraevsky had the time of prosperity (1839-1846) and gradual extinction (1839- 1867). The rise of censored reproofs and prohibitions took place during all the time of editing the journal by N.A. Nekrasov and M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin till closing the edition by the authorities (1868-1884).
Key words: journal; censor; liberal direction; democracy; reactionary views; A.A. Kraevsky; N.A. Nekrasov; M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin
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Prose by Varlam Shalamov in the aesthetic context of cinematography by Andrey Tarkovsky
There is analyzed the creative credo of V.T. Shalamov as a prose writer in philosophic and figurative cinema context by A.A. Tarkovsky in the light of basic points about the correlation of verbal and visual-verbal types of arts and moral and behavioral patterns of personages.
Key words: artistic and aesthetic system; principles of world comprehension; verbalization and visualization; cinematographic component; cinema image; cinema language
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Artistic semantics of dacha topos in the Russian poetry of the second half of the XX century
There are considered different sides of the semantics of dacha topos in the Russian poetry of the second half of the XX - beginning of the XXI century.
Key words: topos; space; semantics; national world picture
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Idyllic chronotop of a noble estate and its reflection in the autobiographical works by S.T. Aksakov Family Chronicles and Childhood of Bagrovs Grandchild
There are regarded the methods of idyllic chronotop creation in the autobiographical works by S.T. Aksakov from the position of the estate myth implementation.
Key words: idyllic chronotop; estate myth; autobiographical works
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