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№4 (48) 2010
2010 г.
Typological analysis of science and technological approaches in contemporary education
There is regarded the original author's interpretation of approaches succession in education as a chain of science and technological systems changing each other. There is made the conclusion about the necessity of development of innovative for contemporary education humanitarian and anthropological approach.
Key words: science and technological approaches: cognitive and handicraft; activity; competence; humanitarian and anthropological; subject; subjective reality; development
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Content and logic of essence cognition in personality quality
There are regarded the methodological regulations of defining the content and logic of finding the essence in personality quality in planning and realization of integral educational process.
Key words: system; whole; integral; function; structure; component; element; level; criterion
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Polycultural educational space in the process of personality ecological socialization
Modern society is polycultural environment, school is polycultural educational space. In the article there are regarded possible displays of subjective essence of polycultural educational space in the process of personality ecological socialization.
Key words: ecological socialization; polycultural educational space
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Preconditions of establishment of a competitive specialist in modern higher professional education
There are regarded preconditions of establishment of competitive specialists in modern higher professional education. To meet the international standards in this sphere and be competitive, higher school should introduce innovation educational techniques.
Key words: competitiveness; quality of higher education; innovations
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Readiness for professional mobility as a basis of professional education in higher institutions in the modern period
As a basic goal of professional education there is shown the training of a specialist who is skilled, competent, responsible, competitive, having a good command of knowledge in his professional area, knowing related fields, ready for permanent professional growth, social and professional mobility.
Key words: professional mobility; training of specialists; standard of education; professional education in higher school; professional growth
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Projection in the system of social teachers training
Social project activities are widely used in holistic educational process of teachers' higher school. The project method of teaching actuates knowledge of related disciplines, has practiceoriented direction, creates conditions for applying the knowledge practically, stimulates search for missing social information. It is oriented at technological training of a student obtaining experience of solving of a specific social pedagogical problem that may be regarded as a typical example. It allows to realize the whole cycle of social pedagogical activity in practice (diagnostics, targeting, selecting and realization of methods, analysis of results by specialists, other students, teachers).
Key words: social teacher; professional activities; projection; competence; subject; project activities; competence experience
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Situation of quasiprofessional activities of a future music teacher: structural functional characteristics
From the angle of holistic approach there is characterized educational potential of the situation of quasiprofessional activities, there is regarded its potential in spiritual education of future music teacher, and its structure and functions are seen from the angle of duality, discrepancy of inner life of a person, music culture life, multiplicity of pedagogic reality.
Key words: spiritual education; situation of quasiprofessional activities; humanitarisation of pedagogical activities
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Model of pedagogical potential realization of military society in development of professionalism of military personnel serving by contract
From the angle of holistic approach there is described the model of pedagogical potential realization of military society in development of professionalism of military personnel serving by contract: there is given the definition of pedagogical potential of military society, singled out its components and principles of realization, described stages and logic of its inner structure.
Key words: pedagogical potential of military society; model of pedagogical potential realization of military society in development of professionalism of military personnel serving by contract
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Conditions of development of organizational administrative skills of future military pilots
Conditions of development of organizational administrative skills of future state aviation military pilots in learning process in the institute of higher education are regarded as an actual problem, because the level of their development is one of the most important factors of conduct realization in future professional activity on primary positions.
Key words: organizational administrative skills; educational space; conditions of development
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Theory of formation of international communicational culture at military personnel of Russian Federationarmed forces
There is given the definition of international communicational culture at military personnel. There are regarded the functions and constructs of international communicational culture as a personal quality of a soldier. There are revealed the criteria and factors of assessment of its development at military men at the process of military duty.
Key words: international communication; international communicational culture; personal quality; mutual understanding; cooperation; integration
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Peculiarities of akmeological support of educational work in the system of higher school education
There is revealed the problem of introduction of akmeological support to educational work of higher school that implies teachers' professional growth, high quality of education and knowledge.
Key words: Akmeology; modeling of educational work; akmeological service; akmeological culture
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Training of future coaches for creating positive social and psychological atmosphere in a sport team
There are defined the structure of future coaches readiness for creating positive social and psychological atmosphere in a sport team, its criteria and formation levels. There is carried out the research of interpersonal attitudes peculiarities inside the group of footballer students. There are revealed pedagogical situations and principles of constructing lessons promoting formation of the readiness. There are also developed and tested the methods of its formation.
Key words: social and psychological atmosphere; interpersonal attitudes; readiness structure; competence; reflection; "sense of object"; pedagogical situation
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Pedagogical support of personality meaning of foreign language learning at students of non-linguistic departments
There is regarded the problem of personality meaning of foreign language learning at future teachers. This process is an important link to foundation of professional competence of future specialists and it includes a number of stages realized under certain circumstances.
Key words: personality meaning; pedagogical support; specialist formation in the sphere of education
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Readiness analysis of music department students to polyartistic activity
There is analyzed the readiness level of music department students to polyartistic activity and formation of their polyartistic competence in the process of getting professional music and pedagogical education.
Key words: polyartistic competence; music and pedagogical activity; synthesis of arts
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Creative cultural and educational environment as a condition of students' orientation to scientific and pedagogical creative work
The research is directed at investigating students' orientation to scientific and pedagogical creative work and the role of cultural and educational environment of higher school in this process. From the position of systemic and orientation approach there is regarded the structure and indications of creative cultural and educational environment.
Key words: cultural and educational environment; scientific and pedagogical creative work
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Professional self-determination at the higher school education stage: types of value and sense personality sphere
There are regarded the research results of value and sense students' personality sphere at the higher school education stage. There is given the classification of its various types depending on the trainees' interest dynamics to the future occupation. There are defined the problems connected with value and sense personality spheres of young men and ladies at the professionalization period.
Key words: professional self-determination; value and sense personality sphere; professional plans; professional reflection; personal values; professional values
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Modeling of professional and labour socialization process for people with health limited abilities
There are shown the principles of building a dynamic model of professional and labour socialization process on the basis of personality-oriented approach. This model is characterized by the whole range of pedagogical methods directed at creating favourable adaptation conditions for graduating students with health limited abilities as an important factor of their self-determination.
Key words: professional and labour socialization; dynamic model; pupils with health limited abilities over 18 years old
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Social and pedagogical support techniques of pupils' humanistic understanding
There is regarded the essence of social and pedagogical support as one of the ways of personal growth and social formation stimulation. There are analyzed the principles and conditions of organizing social and pedagogical support of pupils' humanistic understanding. There are also analyzed the directions of activity of pedagogical support subject in pupils' humanistic understanding development, its forms and methods.
Key words: humanistic understanding; social and pedagogical support
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Social and pedagogical prevention of aggressive teenagers' behavior by means of music activity
There is substantiated the theoretical model of social and pedagogical prevention of aggressive teenagers' behavior by means of music activity and given the results of its realization in secondary school.
Key words: aggressive behavior; social and pedagogical prevention; music activity; creative music teamwork
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Value basis of competence
There are briefly stated some authors' views on the definition of "competence" range of problems. Special attention is paid to the value aspect of competence. The research carried out in the sphere of managers' inner circle formation brought out the range of personal characteristics referring to value based competence field.
Key words: competence; values; modi of existence "be"; "have"
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Student professional orientation in primary professional education institutions on the basis of information technologies
There are revealed the stages of professional orientation process and levels of its formation. There is given the realization of student professional orientation model in primary professional education institutions on the basis of information technologies (by example of author's elective course "Computer mathematic environment MathCad in student professional choice in primary professional education institutions").
Key words: professional orientation; primary professional education institutions; information technologies
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Procedural aspect of methodical system of monitoring of student mathematic training in higher school
There are singled out the functional educational goals of learning process, regarded the main units in the system of pedagogical dimensions, defined the stages and diagnostics procedures and mathematic training quality improvement in higher school. It substantiates the procedural aspect of monitoring methodical system.
Key words: monitoring methodical system; professional methodical activity; diagnostics procedures
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Teaching principles of Tatar verbs tense forms
There are regarded the teaching principles of Tatar verbs tense forms and given the examples of exercises.
Key words: Tatar language; Tatar verbs tense forms; teaching principles; methods of teaching
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Influence of student character peculiarities on their inclination to envy
There is the question put concerning the necessity of revelation of envy inner determinants. There are also given the results of empirical research on revelation of interconnection of personal character peculiarities with inclination to envy. The result of the research is character types differentiation into four groups depending on presence/absence and nature of this interconnection.
Key words: envy; character; accentuation; social desirableness; object of envy
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Criterion characteristics detection of professional psychophysical readiness of students in the higher school learning period.
By example of senior higher school students there are detected the criterion characteristics of professional psychophysical readiness to the profession acquired. There are analyzed the various components of students' psychophysical readiness for the future profession.
Key words: professional learning; professional physical culture; criterion characteristics; psychophysical readiness
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Group subject in social perception
There is discussed the actual problem of group subject psychology - its perception by other subjects (individuals and groups) and self-perception. There is regarded the author's method of social type perception study which lets detect subject or object group status. By the example of student groups there are revealed the types of social perception and social thinking. There are marked the perspectives of further investigation of the problem.
Key words: small group; group subject; social perception; group subject self-perception; intergroup perception
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Peculiarities of life world steadiness display of teachers in the conditions of real professional activity
There is marked the research urgency of inner world steadiness of teachers, revealed the definition of personal inner world steadiness, regarded its indicators and criteria. The research results indicate that having obtained value and sense of selffulfillment under the conditions of real professional activity teachers become more psychologically steady. It keeps the integrity of the system "person - world".
Key words: inner world of a person; steadiness; selffulfillment in life
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Reading technical side peculiarities at primary school age children with mental retardation
With the use of descriptive and implicative texts there are investigated the reading technical side peculiarities at primary school age children with mental retardation. There is given the detailed characteristic of tempo, method, correctness of reading by children with mental retardation compared with normally developing children.
Key words: reading; reading tempo; reading method; reading correctness; descriptive text; implicative texts
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Student self-appraisal as the success factor of future professional activity
There is investigated the self-appraisal role in professional formation of a future specialist. There are revealed the pedagogical conditions of students' adequate professional and personal self-appraisal formation in higher school learning process, its functions, structure and development stages.
Key words: professional and personal self-appraisal; professional training process; self-appraisal influence on professional activity successfulness
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Psychological readiness of high school teachers and employees for quality management system implementation
In the context of psychological problems of innovation implementations there are regarded the factors assisting and preventing quality management system implementation in higher school and substantiated the readiness content for this process. As a result of the two-year empire research there are set stable and changeable characteristics of higher school staff and factors associated with readiness for changes in personal activity.
Key words: psychological readiness; innovations; higher education; quality management system; organizational development
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Peculiarities of speech communication of preschool age orphans with intellectual insufficiency
There are given the research results of speech communication peculiarities of preschool age family deprived orphans. The facts are received in the course of the organized inmate communication observation in a special (correction) children's home with adults and the same age children. The main communication characteristics are substantial assessment of children's statements, as well as the level of personal, cognitive and practical communicative motives. There is made an attempt to comprehend the reasons of violent forms of interpersonal communication by the mentioned category of children.
Key words: orphans; intellectual insufficiency; deprivation; speech communication; communication; speech; development; correction
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Formation and development historical preconditions for professional education of social care educationalists in Russia second half XIX - beginning of XX centuries.
There is researched the period of development of social care educationalists training. There are given the main historical preconditions for their appearance and formation (political, religious, social etc). The given points are confirmed by historical research reference (O.K.Aderkas, S.K.Gogel, V.V.Tevlina etc) where there is regarded the subject of development of social care educationalists training.
Key words: the abolition of serfdom; reforms; private charity; specialty literature; Orthodox Church; military conflict; appearance of private higher schools
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Ideological youth training in the USSR and Germany: theory and realization practice
There are defined the reasons of ideological base comparison and identification in training and education in the USSR and Germany, given the definition of ideological youth training, regarded its common and different traits at the USSR and German youth in the period of 1930 - 1945. In the historical and pedagogical analysis the author relies on the papers of the USSR and German ideologists (A.S.Bubnov, M.I.Kalinin, N..Krupskaya, A.C.Makarenko, I.V.Stalin, A.Baumler, A.Hitler, F.Loytloff, E.Krik, G.Schemm).
Key words: ideology; ideological youth training; education; training; cultural revolution
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Виктор Андреевич Брылев - ученый-педагог
Key words:
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