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№7 (61) 2011
2011 г.
Communicative stylistics: on the way to the integrative theory of language
With the help of the three aspects of language phenomena, differentiated by L.V.Shcherba, there are sorted out four aspects of stylistics (cognitive, systemic and structural, test, communicative) on the basis of the correlation style - language/speech; substantiated the linguistic status of the communicative aspect of stylistics as the integrative field of linguistics: noted its object, subject and structure.
Key words: style; language/speech; communicative stylistics; speech activity; communicative activity; discourse
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Otherness in the system of linguistic categories
There is covered the issue of otherness in the Russian language, considered in the broadest aspect (as a category of philosophy and logic) and in a narrow aspect (as a category of linguistics). There are sorted out the signs peculiar to otherness as a communicative category.
Key words: otherness; communicative category; semantic field "other"; categorizing semantic sign; category of graded opposition type; function of communication process regulation
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Phraseology vs study of idioms: theoretical and applied aspects
There are regarded the approaches to nonholophrastic combinations, thus there are compared the phraseology conceptions of V.V.Vinogradov and study of idioms of I.E.Anichkov. There are advanced the arguments that the study of idioms has a greater potential in theoretical and applied aspects. There is shown how study of idioms can be used for semantic definition in a dictionary of the English language and for lexicographical description of the Russian argot.
Key words: phraseology; study of idioms; free (not
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Linguistic comparison of nonsense and absurdity
There is regarded the linguistic comparison of nonsense and absurdity, nonsense and playing absurdity, sorted out the peculiarities of nonsense and suggested its possible classification, which is built on the basis of the semiotic model.
Key words: nonsense; absurdity; play; classification; semiotics
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Monitoring in communication: issue formulation
There is defined the term monitoring, from the position of linguistics and communication theory there are described its functions, language spheres, forms.
Key words: monitoring; moderator; control; regulation; moderation
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Parameterization of emotive valencies of a word
There is determined the urgent state and perspective directions in study of emotive valencies of a word. There is substantiated the correlation with lexical and semantic valencies. There are sorted out and described seven semantic and pragmatic parameters of emotive valencies of the word coeur (heart) in the French language.
Key words: emotive aspect of semantics; lexical and semantic valencies; emotive valencies; emosemes
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Recreation of alliterative devices in poetic texts (on the material of the poem by E.M.Remark Noch Schmerz!)
There is regarded the issue of realization of original sound peculiarities in poetic translation.
Key words: sound organization of the poem; alliterative devices; alliteration; assonance; poetic translation; phonetic theme
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Communicative and cognitive potential of Russian remake plays of the end of the XX century
There are revealed the language means, which form the communicative and cognitive potential of remake plays of the end of the XX century, and determined the speech (dialogue) strategies of dramaturgic communication, realized by activization of these means.
Key words: communicative and cognitive potential; speech strategies; language means
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Concepts СЕВЕР/NORTH and their lexicographic representation
There is analyzed the language representation of the concept СЕВЕР/NORTH in different lexicographic sources.
Key words: concept; lexical and semantic variant
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Peculiarities of expression of object care situation in subject sphere in verbal units semantics (on the material of the Russian, English and German languages)
In the aspect of linguistic culture, there are characterized the verbs of care in the Russian, English and German languages. The verbs are analyzed from the positions of paradigmatic and syntagmatic study, as well as language units etymology.
Key words: linguistic culture; keeping; object; take care; save up; preserve
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Semantic architectonics of the conceptual field Positive emotions (on the material of the German and Russian languages)
By the example of language objectification of mental notions of emotional and positive essence, there is considered the structure of the complex mental construction Conceptual field.
Key words: emotions; emotionality in the language; emotional concept; conceptual connection; conceptual bloc; conceptual field
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Foreign language components in word formation of the Russian and German languages
There are analyzed the foreign language elements in the Russian and German neologisms of the end of 1980s - 1990s, number increase of which is the reason to reconsider the classical understanding of primordial vocabulary and loanwords.
Key words: loanword; foreign language components; own and loan bases; word building of person nominations; word-formative model; word formation on the analogy
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Functional characteristics of correlative conjunctions in the English and Azerbaijani languages
In the comparative aspect there are considered the Azerbaijani and English correlative conjunctions, revealed their similar and differential qualities.
Key words: double conjunctions; correlative conjunctions; contrastive meaning; contrastive grammar
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Peculiarities of habituality meaning expression in the Dargin and English languages
There are described the peculiarities of habituality meaning expression in the two languages of different systems - Dargin and English.
Key words: contrastive linguistics; habituality; analytic and synthetic forms
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Peripheral onyms in the artistic text (pragmonyms in the novel by O.Yermakov Sign of Beast)
Based on the material of the novel by a modern Russian writer O.Yermakov, there is regarded one of the significant peripheral categories of proper nouns - pragmonyms. There are analyzed the functions of the mentioned onyms in the fiction text, revealed their role in the particular text of military theme.
Key words: O.N.Yermakov; novel "Sign of Beast"; peripheral onyms; pragmonyms; functions of onyms in a fiction text
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Stylistic function of pragmatonyms (on the basis of mass literature)
There are characterized the stylistic functions of pragmatonyms in the texts of the Russian, American and French mass literature.
Key words: mass literature; product placement; pragmatonyms; function of advertisement; stylistic function
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Considering the question of title complexes in the modern press
There is covered the urgent issue of linguistics - classification of title complexes in the modern press. There is considered the communicative nature of titles, thoroughly described the main goals of their use, analyzed the examples of their use in different types of print media. There is suggested the classification of titles, which is based on such parameters as completeness/incompleteness of information transmitted in the title, and its influence on readers.
Key words: title; information; precedent text; syntax; expressivity; emotionality
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Phraseology polysemy and homonymy in the Old Russian language
There are regarded both the general theoretic issues of the Russian phraseology polysemy and homonymy, and the functioning peculiarities of polysemic and homonymous phraseological units in the Old Russian monuments.
Key words: the Old Russian language; phraseological unit; phraseological polysemy and homonymy; inner form of a phraseological unit; metaphors; metonyms
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Some aspects of the Bible use as a precedent text in the Life Story by Sergiy Radonezhsky
There is analyzed the functioning of the Holy Writ in the capacity of the precedent text in the Life Story by Sergiy Radonezhsky written by Yepifaniy the Sage. There is taken the attempt to reveal the mechanism o
Key words: hagiography; cult of the holy; quotation; precedent text; language personality
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Excursus to the field of Russian comedy of the XVIII century (about the lexical loanwords from the West European and other languages)
There is given the analysis of loanwords in the Russian comedy of the second half of the XVIII century, revealed its lexical and semantic groups, found out the semantic changes, peculiarities of formation of new, figurative meanings and ways of adaptation to the Russian language.
Key words: Russian comedy of the XVIII century; lexical loanwords; lexical and semantic groups; stylistic functions
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Gastronomic metaphor in the modern Russian language
A gastronomic metaphor is considered as a motivational system in the aspect of semantic classification of metaphors. There are researched the factors that cause active use of such metaphors by native speakers of the Russian language at the modern stage of its development. There are suggested the basic principles of building the lexical and grammatical field of gastronomic metaphors.
Key words: metaphor; gastronomic metaphor; motivational system; sociocultural factor; "consumer society"; lexical and semantic field
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Characterization means in the journalistic articles by N.S. Leskov about A.I. Hertzen: paradigmatic and stylistic aspects
There is analyzed the position of N.S.Leskov concerning the social and political work of A.I.Hertzen, which is expressed with the help of stylistically different lexemes, which are included into the system of paradigmatic relations taking into account their expressive and connotative peculiarities.
Key words: N.S.Leskov; social and political journalism of the 1860s; paradigmatic relations; stylistic peculiarities of lexical units; Hertzen
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Actualization of a landscape unit in the information field of a newspaper text
There are considered the peculiarities of modern newspaper texts, paid attention to the formation of the real world picture by journalistic means. There is given the assessment of landscape components actualization in a newspaper text.
Key words: newspaper text; landscape unit of a text; world picture
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Emotions nominations in the novel by V. Nabokov Lolita
There are characterized the principles of categorization of vocabulary referring to emotions. There are given the statistical data, received as a result of comparative research of emotions nominations of the original of the novel by V.Nabokov Lolita and its autotranslation. There is suggested the classification of language material with the aim of comaparative analysis of the vocabulary.
Key words: emotional experience; nominations of emotions; verbalization of emotions; artistic bilingualism; word lists of emotions nominations
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Reflection of words semantic bound in the practical lexicography (on the material of dialects in Kuban)
There is covered the issue of a words semantic bound reflection in a regional dictionary. On the basis of the particular material there is shown that the semantic variation of a word in some cases leads to keeping of meanings identity, and in others - to their isolation. There is emphasized the importance of the individual approach to the lexicographic notion of each case of homogeneous and heterogeneous homonymy.
Key words: word's semantic bound; homogeneous and heterogeneous homonyms; polysemants; lexical convergence; polysemy disintegration; semantic variation
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Multiplicity of nomination in the dialectal lexical and semantic system (on the material of the vocabulary of the traditional decoration of a peasant house)
There is regarded the issue of nomination multiplicity in Pskov folk dialects. There are analyzed the nominations of towels as one of the conceptual thematic units of dialectal vocabulary characterizing the inner decoration of a peasant house. The whole complex of expressive means of non-singularity of nomination (synonyms of one root and different roots, compound nominations, variants of words) is shown as a multilevel field model.
Key words: multiplicity of nomination; nominations of towels; dialectal synonyms; variants; Pskov dialects
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Regional language features of prosaic works by M.K.Agashina
Based on the material of prosaic texts of Stalingrad / Volgograd period of M.K.Agashinas creative work, there are revealed and analyzed the different means of semantic contraction realization, which impart
Key words: regional language; fiction text; spatial localization; semantic contraction; toponyms; precedent names; deictic signs
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Conceptual content of the structural scheme SPALoc (based on the English language)
On the basis of the English language, there is considered the conceptual content of the structural scheme of the sentence with locative case (SPALoc): there is formulated the concept expressed by the scheme and the appropriate type proposition, described the variants of the given concept, among which there are sorted out the prototypical and nonprototypical variants (including the metaphorical and metonymical syntactic concepts).
Key words: structural scheme; syntactic concept; type proposition; invariant and variants; prototype; metaphorical syntactic concept; metonymical syntactic concept
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Differential semantic characteristics of verbs of wish, intention, decision in the modern English language
There is given the comparative analysis of the results of semantic research of factor intentional verbs of virtual level of volitional action (wish, intention and decision).
Key words: volitional action; virtual level; wish; intention; decision; factor verb
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Considering the issue of word-formative synonymy of nouns with borrowed and autochthonic post-components (on the material of the German language)
There is considered the notion word-formative synonymy, defined the word-formative synonyms, analyzed the word-formative synonyms with synonymic loanwords and autochthonic post-components in the modern German language.
Key words: word-formative synonymy; word-formative element; borrowed suffix; autochthonic suffix; confix; post-confix; compound word; composite
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Representation of memory operations in the substandard space of the German language
On the basis of the material of the Low German dialect Platt there is researched the specific character of substandard representation of memory operation, characteristics of the noted situations, relevant to their nominations, sorted out by dialect native speakers consciousness and reflected in the semantics of the analyzed constituents of the lexical and semantic system Platt, as well as the means of their positive and negative qualification.
Key words: semantics; nomination; representation; memory; subject; object
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Methodology of literature folklore study research in the works by D.N. Medrish
There are considered the methodological approaches to the issues of folklorism in the works by D.N.Medrish, interpreted the significance of the scientists theoretical ideas for the modern philology.
Key words: methodology; folklorism of literature; artistic time
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Prayer books (early monuments of Kalmyk Cyrillic writing) as a source of Buddhist literature and Kalmyk writing culture study
There is revealed the meaning of monuments of Buddhist literature, fixed in the Cyrillic alphabet, as the important component of the writing and literature tradition of the Mongolian.
Key words: Buddhism; manuscripts; literature; canon; Tibetan; Oyrat works
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About the sophist world-view in the novels by F.M.Dostoevsky
There is regarded the Christian cosmism and the apocalyptic Christianity of F.M.Dostoevsky, urgent for artistic and philosophic consciousness of the Silver Age, sophist world-view, opposed to the catastrophic reality.
Key words: sophist world foundation; sophist worldview; Christian cosmism; apocalyptic Christianity
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Nature component of A.I.Hertzens personality conception (story Thieving Magpie)
On the basis of the story by A.I.Hertzen Thieving Magpie there are analyzed the natural components, which, in the authors opinion, influence the personality formation. There are sorted out the physiological conditions, appearance, national, age peculiarities, gender, religiousness, creative abilities, sphere of feelings, emotions, moral qualities.
Key words: nature; natural factor; personality; existential choice
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Motive of home in the novel by I.S.Shmelev Nanny From Moscow
By the example of one family there is regarded the way of life of the Moscow intelligentsia before the Revolution of 1917. There are described the postrevolutionary evens that turned out for many people the loss of homeland and led to soul-searching.
Key words: home / homelessness; way of life; family; intelligentsia; homeland
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Modification of ballad genre in the poetry of A.A.Akhmatova In the Forest
There is covered the issue of ballad genre modification in the poetry of A.A.Akhmatova, analyzed the fantastic space of forest (In the Forest, Summer Garden).
Key words: ballad tradition; space; genre structure
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I and Other as a problem of identity in the story by V. Makanin Guard
There is regarded the concept brother as a dialogue between I and Other in the story by V. Makanin Guard.
Key words: Makanin; "I"; "Other"; identity; archetype "brother"; Christian plot
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Time close-up in the novel by I.Polyanskaya Reading Water
There is taken the attempt to analyze the prototypical realities of the central images in the novel by I.Polyanskaya Reading Water, devoted to the issue of considering the history of the Soviet cinematograph as the history of the country through the lives of talented directors and actors of the Soviet art.
Key words: postmodernism; realism; director; cinematograph; symbol; history
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Concept of person in the creative work of Y.Skripkin
There are described the peculiarities of creative work of a representative of the contemporary poetry of Mordovia of new wave Yuri Skripkin.
Key words: philosophic poetry; person; artistic conception; lyric work; lyrical character
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Рецензия на книгу: Человек в коммуникации: мотивы, стратегии и тактики : кол. моногр. - Волгоград : Изд-во ВГПУ «Перемена», 2010. - 199 с.
Key words:
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Рецензия на книгу: Сл оварь донских говоров Волг оградской обл асти / авт.-сост. Е.В. Брысина, Р.И. Кудряшова, В.И. Супрун; под ред. проф. Р.И. Кудряшовой. - Волгоград: ВГИПК РО , 2006 - 2009. Вып. 1 - 6.
Key words:
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Подвиг болг арских ономатологов. Рецензия на книгу: Балкански Т., Цанков К. Енциклопедия на българската ономастика: Към основите на българската ономастика / Великотърновски ун-т «Св. св. Кирил и Методий»; Център на българска ономастика «Проф. Николай Ковачов». - Велико Търново: Фабер, 2010. - 552 с.
Key words:
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Живая жизнь фольклора. Рецензия на книгу: Шафранская Э.Ф. Устное народное творчество : учеб. пособие для студ. высш. пед. учеб. заведений. - М. : Изд. центр «Академия», 2008. - 352 с.
Key words:
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