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№3 (78) 2013
2013 г.
Philosophy and Cultural Studies
Conception of new skepticism in the philosophy of Paul Kurtz
There is considered the original version of skepticism of an American philosopher, a representative of pragmatic and naturalistic tradition Paul Kurtz. There are given the scientist and thinker’s view on neoskepticism.
Key words: неоскептицизм; новый скептицизм; скептическое исследование; контекстуальность; neoskepticism; new skepticism; skeptic research; contextuality
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Sophia Konstantinopolskaya in reception of Russian thought of the Silver Age
There is described the perception of Konstantinopol Saint Sophia reflected in the works by D.S. Merezhkovsky, G. Fedotov, E.N. Trubetskoy, S.N. Bulgakov, as the sought ecumenical church, universal, absolute temple of ecumenical humanity.
Key words: София Премудрость Божия; вселенская церковь; софийность мира; мирообъемлющий храм; константинопольская Святая София; эллинско-христианский синтез; Sophia God’s Wisdom; ecumentical church; universal temple; Konstantinopol Saint Sophia; Helle-nic Christian synthesis
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About the possibility of noncompetitive economics
There are considered the basic economic ideas: attempts to realization of personal interest, exchange, competitiveness. There is stated that under the pressure of global crises of the present prevalent ideas of individualism and competitive struggle with inevitability is replaced by the ideas of collaboration and collective rescue.
Key words: конкуренция; обмен; глобальные угрозы; сотрудничество; competition; exchange; global threat; collaboration
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Construction of the image of the strange on heterotopic spaces of the frontier
There are analyzed the images of the strange shown in a special type of spaces called by M. Foucault “heterotopic”. By the example of the images of the strange from different classic works of the antiquity, Middle Ages and the New Age, there is made the attempt to extract the basic patterns that would help to construct the resumptive image of the strange.
Key words: Чужой; массовая культура; фронтир; гетеротопные пространства; Strange; mass culture; frontier; heterotopic spaces
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Suffering of animals as an ethic issue
There is characterized the suffering as a universal attribute of animate nature and human life, covered the theoretical bases and practical consequences of the modern ecological ethics.
Key words: страдание; человек; животные; нравственность; экологическая этика; suffering; human; animals; morality; ecological ethics
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Renaissance of the Muslim culture in Nizhny Volga region
There is analyzed the role of the Islam in lives of Turkic people of the Astrakhan area. Special attention is paid to the specific character of the Russian Islam and the so called national Islam. On the basis of some particular examples there is showed the renaissance of the ethnic cultural traditions of the Muslim nations of the Nizhny Volga region and analyzed the interconfessional and intercultural relations of the polycultural region.
Key words: поликультурность; поликонфессиональность; религиозное возрождение; аулья; ортодоксальный ислам; polyculture; polyconfessional; religious renaissance; aulia; Orthodox Islam
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Migrants of the Murmansk region : issues of sociocultural integration
There are analyzed the issues of sociocultural adaptation of migrants of the Murmansk region. There are sorted out its such significant sociocultural criteria as gender characteristics, age, presence/absence of children, level of education, degree of language knowledge, professional training, job, readiness for retraining and change of work.
Key words: иммиграция; иммиграционная политика; интеграция; мигранты; социокультурная адаптация; immigration; immigration policy; inte-gration; migrants; sociocultural adaptation
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Art history
Traditional culture of Don Cossacks of the Volgograd region in the modern sociocultural context
There is considered the issue of the modern way of life of traditional Cossack culture of the Volgograd region, analyzed the issues regarding the mechanisms of preserving, transmission and adaptation of Cossack culture. There is shown the transformation of the mechanisms of transmission of cultural heritage and search for the forms of its intergeneration transmission.
Key words: казачий фольклор; исторически сложившиеся формы традиционной культуры; аутентичное исполнительство; аранжировка традиционных казачьих песен; межпоколенческая трансляция; Cossack folklore; historically established forms of traditional culture; authentic performance; arrangement of traditional Cossack songs; inter-generation transmission
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Considering the issue of formation of the idea of synthetic artistic text in opera composer’s creative process
There is considered the ability of composer’s artistic mind for sensitive associations as the most important condition of formation of opera’s idea. Based on the example of M. Musorgsky’s creative process there is shown that the main creative task of an opera composer in creating score is in preserving a polymodal complex of visual, auditory, pictorial, plastic ideas in non-verbal author’s thinking.
Key words: опера; композитор; психология композиторского творчества; синестезия; интермодальный синтез; opera; composer; psychology of composer’s creative work; synethsesia; intermodal synthesis
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Electronic means in music by Kaija Saariaho. «Près»
There is considered the whole of electronic means as a part of composition process in the creative work by a Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho. As the example there is given the composition «Près» for violoncello and electronics, where interaction of such different parameters on the music level leads to united realization of the artistic idea.
Key words: электроника; музыкальная композиция; «жест» инструмента; эффект; звук; electronics; music composition; “gesture” of the instrument; effect; sound
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Theme of sacrifice and cross way in creative work by Paul Gauguin and Georges Rouault
There is covered the theme of sacrifice and cross way – the most important in the art of Gauguin and Rouault. There are considered the brightest works of the masters connected with this theme: self-portraits and pictures on Gospel plots by Gauguin, picturesque and graphic works by Rouault that represent directly Christian plots and connected with the Gospel by indirection.
Key words: тема жертвенности и крестного пути; христианские сюжеты; Евангелие; подвижничество; религиозные символы; образы страданий; theme of sacrifice and cross way; Christian plots; the Gospel; asceticism; religious symbols; images of suffering
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Factory museum as a part of cultural and historical heritage
There is substantiated the urgency and importance of preserving factory museums as an integral part of human cultural heritage. There are analyzed the legislative initiatives in the field of preserving museums of all the profiles.
Key words: заводской музей; культурно-исто-рическое наследие; индустриальное наследие; factory museum; cultural and historical heritage; industrial heritage
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Settling of Bulgar esegels according to the facts of toponymy
There is made the attempt to determine with the help of the facts of toponymy the borders of settling in Middle Povolzhye of the esegel nation – one of the tribes of Volzhsky Bulgars. There is considered the ethnic cultural situation on Southern lines of the Bulgar state in its formation period.
Key words: Волжская Булгария; эсегель; топонимика; Среднее Поволжье; Volzhsky Bulgaria; esegel; toponymy; Middle Povolzhye
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Monastic fleet in the system of material security of Byzantine cloisters of the X-XII centuries
There is regarded the place of civil fleet in the system of monastic economics of Byzantine in the X–XII centuries. There is given the brief historiographic analysis of the theme. There are determined the types, approximate number, tonnage, functions of ships at the diaposal of Byzantine cloisters.
Key words: Византия X – XII вв; византийский монастырь; византийский флот; Byzantine of the X–XII centuries; Byzan-tine cloister; Byzantine fleet; Byzantine of the X–XII centuries; Byzan-tine cloister; Byzantine fleet
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Considering the issue of localization of the medieval town Tuya
There is considered the issue of a newly discovered medieval settlement at the interfluves of the Volga and the Don.
Key words: междуречье; переволока; картографический материал; водораздел; западина; пул; пряслице; interfluves; perevoloka; cartographic material; watershed; cavity; pool
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Medical workers of Russia in the fight against syphilis (based on the materials of All-Russian medical periodicals of the 1894–1914)
There is suggested the analysis of medical journals of the 1894-1914 in the category “syphilis”. There is shown the quantification methodology of historical science in handling the materials of medical periodicals and finding the latent information that cannot be found in other historic sources.
Key words: периодическая печать; исторический источник; сифилис; periodicals; historic source; syphilis
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“New school” of I.A. Smirnov and L.D. Lentovskaya as the alternative to the state grammar school of the beginning of the XX century
On the basis of the archival sources first introduced into scientific use there is considered the history of the private educational institution of I.A. Smirnov and L.D. Lentovskaya. There is proved that such institutions, in spite of all the “difficulties of development”, were a real alternative of the way out of the crisis of the Russian secondary school at the beginning of the XX century.
Key words: реформа средней школы; автономия школы; частное учебное заведение; педагогический совет; родительский комитет; reform of secondary school; school autonomy; private educational institution; teaching council; parents’ committee
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Training of party workers on the territory of the Stalingrad region in the 1943–1945
There is covered one of the most important issues of the middle of the XX century that touched upon all the spheres of social life – solving the problem of providing with professional staff of agitation and propaganda apparatus in the period of the Great Patriotic War. The issue is considered on the basis of the example of the Stalingrad Battle.
Key words: агитация; пропаганда; кадровый состав; Вечерний университет марксизма-ленинизма; Сталинград; Великая Отечественная война; agitation; propaganda; staff; Evening University of Marxism and Leninism; Stalingrad; Great Patriotic War
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Ration supply of Stalingrad people in the years of the Great Patriotic War
There are characterized the main issues of ration supply of Stalingrad people at different stages of the Great Patriotic War.
Key words: Сталинград; продовольствие; население; Великая Отечественная война; Stalingrad; provisions; people; Great Patriotic War
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Building of defense installations at the territory of the North Ossetia in the years of the Great Patriotic War
There is considered the work of the labour army in building of defense lines at the territory of the North Ossetia in the years of the Great Patriotic War.
Key words: оборонительные сооружения; социальная политика; трудовая повинность; трудовая мобилизация; трудовая армия; defense installations; social policy; labour duty; labour mobilization; labour army
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Essence and functions of housekeeping in the modern domestic economics
From the positions of the traditional economic theory and from the point of view of the institutional direction there is interpreted the essence and functions of housekeeping in the modern Russian economics. There is proved the significance of functional display of housekeeping in the development of the modern economics.
Key words: домашнее хозяйство; институт домашнего хозяйства; субъект рынка; институт; хозяйствующий субъект; функции домашнего хозяйства; housekeeping; institution of housekeeping; subject of market; managing subject; functions of housekeeping
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Corporate social responsibility and social policy in the banking sector: peculiarities and perspectives
There is considered the notion and the meaning of realization of corporate social responsibility and social policy of business structures based on the example of the finance and banking sector. There are analyzed the peculiarities and the perspectives of business development in social policy, normative and legal nature of corporate social responsibility in the code of business ethics.
Key words: социальная политика; корпоративная социальная ответственность; социальные инвестиции; social policy; corporate social responsibility; social investments
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Reasons and conditions of institutionalization of partner relations in small-scale and microbusiness
There are considered the possible institutional forms of interaction of the structures of small-scale enterprise in the modern conditions of the Russian economics. There are sorted out the reasons and conditions of institutionalization of partner relations.
Key words: институциональные формы взаимодействия бизнес-партнеров; хозяйственные партнерства; лояльность; программы лояльности бизнес-партнеров; institutional forms of interaction of business-partners; economic partnerships; loyalty; programmes of loyalty of business-partners
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Conceptual premises of formation of regional transport system management
There is analyzed the condition of the transport system of the region on the basis of two-dimensional correlative model. As the informational source for the analysis there is used the statistics of the regional statistic services, official documents of organizations and departments that function in the region, works of regional management apparatus.
Key words: регион; транспорт; транспортная система; корреляция; region; transport; transport system; correlation
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Economic basis of the region: marketing approach
There is considered the development of the economic basis of the region connected with the use of the logistic and marketing approaches to formation, distribution and consumption of resources.
Key words: маркетинг региона; экономическая база региона; маркетинговый подход; marketing of the region; economic basis of the region; marketing approach
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About increase of effectiveness of factories in extraction and bottling of mineral water
There are considered the main issues which are faced by factories in extraction and bottling of mineral water, as well as the ways of solving them.
Key words: завод; качество; минеральная вода; реализация; эффективность; factory; quality; mineral water; realization; effectiveness
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Stages of development of adaptive marketing strategy of an organization
Thus, for making right management decisions concerning further development of the organization, one of the ways out is development of adaptive marketing strategy.
Key words: маркетинговый анализ; конкурентное преимущество; маркетинговая модель; маркетинговые исследования; маркетинговая стра-тегия; marketing analysis; competitive advantage; marketing model; marketing research; marketing strategy
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Reviews and reviews
Рецензия на книгу: Клейтман А.Ю., Щеглова Л.В. Модусы забвения в онтологии культуры: моногр. / Волгогр. гос. соц.-пед. ун-т. Волгоград : Изд-во Волгогр. филиала РАНХиГС, 2012. 152 с
Key words:
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Опыт многостороннего рассмотрения культурной роли экрана (рецензия на книгу: Экранная культура. Теоретические проблемы: сб. ст. / отв. ред. К.Э. Разлогов. СПб. : Дмитрий Буланин, 2012. 752 с.)
Key words:
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Человек и вещи: коллекционирование как метафора культуры (рецензия на книгу: Малинкин А.Н. Коллекционер. Опыт исследования по социологии культуры. М. : Изд. дом Гос. ун-та – Высш. шк. экономики, 2011. 192 с.)
Key words:
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Рецензия на книгу: Огар-кова Е.В. Сталинградская битва в советском изобразительном искусстве. 1942–1945 : моногр. Волгоград : Издатель, 2011. 184 с
Key words:
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Academic Life
Международная научно-практическая конференция «Сталинградская битва в судьбах народов»
Key words:
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Художественное наследие Сталинградской битвы в современной культуре памяти о Великой Отечественной войне (круглый стол в Волгоградском музее изобразительных искусств им. И.И. Машкова 25 января 2013 г.)
Key words:
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