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№3 (88) 2014
2014 г.
Metaphysics of Aristotle and Asian Philosophy. From the Viewpoint of Japanese Philosophy
Aristotle said that Philosophy is wonder. Man has so many opportunities to wonder in his ordinary life. The most typical wonder is to see the universe. When man sees the movement of the celestial bodies and the galaxy, he feels wonder. The emotion of the intuition of the infinite universe is so big that man cannot express anything. It is beyond the expression of words, nothingness. In ancient Chinese philosophy, wonder of Aristotle is nothingness. Aristotle also intuited nothingness as wonder same as Lao-tzu.From same origin, European and Asian philosophies developed.
Key words: Аристотель; чудо; Лао-Цзы; небытие
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Trust and justice: dependence of the notions of justice on public trust
There is considered the correlation of trust and collective notions of justice. There are determined the functions of trust in social and political and economic processes. There are suggested and described the manipulative ways of influence of state on public trust.
Key words: доверие; справедливость; Trust; justice
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Human suffering and world suffering: temporal philosophy about solving the issue
There is characterized the connection of the individual and worldwide suffering from the positions of temporal philosophy. By the example of some doctrines of European and Russian thinkers there are revealed the main principles in solving the issue of suffering: active practical work, sympathy and responsibility
Key words: страдание; этика; счастье; религия; светская философия; suffering; ethics; happiness; religion; temporal philosophy
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“Human rights” in social and political views of N.Kh. Bunge
There is analyzed one of the least examined issues of development of Russian social and political thought - views of N.Kh. Bunge on the issue of human rights. The conception of Bunge in human rights is regarded in the context of the evolution of the Russian social and political thought of the second half of the XIX century and his programme of modernization of Russia.
Key words: права человека; общественно-политическая мысль; либеральная бюрократия; либеральная общественность; консервативный лагерь; модернизация; human rights; social and political thought; liberal bureaucracy; liberal society; conservative camp; modernization
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To the issue of methodological pluralism in the works by C. Dahlhaus
There is considered the aspect of historiography of the German musicologist Carl Dahlhaus (1928 - 1989) that he called “methodological pluralism”. There is shown the groundlessness of Dahlhaus’s accusation in empiricism of his approach that is in reality conditioned by sense variability of the research issue and the controversy with Marxist musicology. There is noted the proximity of historiographic methodology of Dahlhaus and the tendencies to changes in views on science that took place in the West in the 1960 - 1970s.
Key words: Карл Дальхауз; музыкознание; музыкальная историография; эмпирический и теоретический подходы; методологический плюрализм; Carl Dahlhaus; musicology; music historiography; empiric and theoretic approaches; methodological pluralism
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Chronometry and issue of sociocultural integration
There is substantiated the statement that the experience and the theory of chronometry are closely connected with the tasks in synchronization of social rhythms. In the light of this statement there is researched the philosophy of the periods of antique, medieval and modern time authors. The excursus is finished by culturological interpretation of the principle of relativity in the modern time conceptions.
Key words: хронометрия; время; социокультурная целостность; синхронизация; chronometry; time; sociocultural integrity; synchronization
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Interpretation of the visual in the conditions of the modern culture
There is considered the issue of scientific reflection of the phenomenon of the visual line of changes in strategies and methods of analysis and interpretation of facts. There is emphasized the specific character of culturological interpretation of the visual
Key words: визуальное; культурологическая интерпретация; визуальный образ; субъект визуального восприятия; the visual; culturological interpretation; visual image; subject of visual perception
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Multiculturalism as a social issue, or What is the difference between “multiculturalism” and “polyculture”
There are researched the bounds of the notions “multiculturalism”, “polyculture” and “multiculture” that indicate the co-existence of various cultures in society. There is proved that if “polyculture” and “multiculture” indicate the cultures that interact and create the original cultural education based on the main ethnos culture, “multiculture” verifies the autonomy of various cultures in society, and tolerance is needed for their peaceful co-existence.
Key words: общество; понятие; мультикультурализм; поликультурность; многокультурность; толерантность; культура; society; notion; multiculturalism; polyculture; multiculture; tolerance; culture
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Revival of Cossack culture in the information and communicative space of the Internet
There are analyzed the thematic peculiarities of the websites that represent the Cossack culture on the Internet. There is determined what images from the past, the present and the future build and construct the numerous sociocultural groups united by common terms “Cossacks”, “the Cossacks”, as well as which interests popularize and which propagandize values in the electronic informational space.
Key words: казачество; культура казачества; принципы казачьей идеологии; информационные ресурсы; Интернет; классификация; the Cossacks; Cossack culture; principles of Cossack ideology; informational resources; the Internet; classification
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Ecological culture as a component of professional culture of a modern specialist
There is represented the model of the modern engineering education built with consideration of the theses of philosophy and sociology of techniques. There is shown the importance of formation of a personality’s ecological culture as the principles of full cooperation with the environment and realization of the final senses of technical development.
Key words: экологическая культура; этические императивы; современный инженер; гуманитарная экспертиза; эколого-гуманитарная безопасность; новое понимание профессионализма; ecologic culture; ethic imperatives; modern engineer; humanitarian expertise; ecological and humanitarian security; new understanding of professionalism
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Modern stage of reforms of the system of spiritual education of the Russian Orthodox Church: state and issues
There is considered the motivation of joining the Russian Orthodox Church to the Bologna agreement, analyzed the work of the Education Committee in preparation for three-level system of education. There is shown the process of establishment of Church postgraduate and doctoral study as the centre for training the higher qualification staff, evaluated the prospects of reforms of the system of church education.
Key words: реформа системы духовного образования Русской Православной Церкви; Болонское соглашение; Общецерковная аспирантура и докторантура; духовная академия; духовная семинария; reform of the system of spiritual education of the Russian Orthodox Church; the Bologna agreement; Church postgraduate and doctoral study; spiritual academy; theological seminary
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Role of traditional musical culture in development of piano arts of China
There are researched the ethnocultural origins of piano arts development of China. There are considered the various ties of piano creative work of Chinese composers with folk song, instrumental and dance traditions as the factor of establishment and development of piano music in China. There is given the review of piano works of Chinese authors where the peculiarities of traditional music culture are represented.
Key words: Китай; фортепианное искусство; традиционная музыкальная культура; China; piano art; traditional musical culture
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Image of the Old Man in “Sadko” by N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov in the aspect of archetype and intertexts
There are characterized and correlated with the realities of culture various hypostases of the archetype image of the Old Man. There is revealed the interrelation of the image of the Old Man with the archetype image of the Wise Old Man (according to Jung) which determines the intertextual parallels between their incarnations in different fiction works.
Key words: архетипичные образы; интертекстуальные параллели; оперное искусство; христианская тематика; archetype images; intertextual parallels; opera; Christian themes
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Composer’s innovation meaning in music of tango
The Argentine tango is regarded as an entire cultural phenomenon that was originally considered just music aimed at the accompaniment to dances. There is described the creative work by Astor Piazzolla - an Argentine composer who gave a strong incentive to the development of the Tango Nuevo.
Key words: танго; композитор; Астор Пьяццолла; бандонеон; музыкальная традиция и инновация; tango; composer; Astor Piazzolla; bandoneon; music tradition and innovation
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Bayan as the ideal part of ensemble in the chamber creative work by E. Podgaitz
There is analyzed the issue of combination of bayan with other instruments within a chamber ensemble by the example of creative work by a modern Moscow composer E. Podgaitz, the role of bayan in these scores, as well as the circle of artistic images entrusted by the composer.
Key words: камерные ансамбли с баяном; однородные сочетания; «миксты»; передача еврейского национального колорита; использование приема цитирования; chamber ensembles with bayan; similar combinations; “mixed”; reproduction of the Jewish national colour; use of quotations
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Cadence of the soloist in the instrumental concerts of Sergey Slonimsky
There are considered the cadences of the soloist in the instrumental concerts of Sergey Slonimsky where there is revealed the notion of the traditional and virtuoso and the new type of cadencies in his creative work. Solo cadencies are analyzed from the point of their intonation contents and functional meaning in the work.
Key words: концерт; каденции; новый тип; Слонимский; функции; concert; cadencies; new type; Slonimsky; functions
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History of establishment of music education in Italy of the XVII century
There are described the peculiarities of conservatoires in Italy of the XVII century, analyzed the system of vocal education that became the strong foundation for development of the modern methods of teaching vocal.
Key words: культура эпохи барокко; профессиональное музыкальное образование; консерватории; вокальное искусство; culture of the Baroque epoch; professional musical education; conservatoires; vocal art
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Activity of the artist V.V. Panovsky in the working context of Barnaul branch of the all-Siberian community of artists “New Siberia”
There is covered the development of fine arts in Altai in the second half of the 1920s. There is introduced the information about the Barnaul period of life of the Czech artist V.V. Panovsky who came into Russia invited by A.V. Lunacharsky and who became the head of the Barnaul branch of the all-Siberian community of artists “New Siberia” and the organizer of the artistic school in Barnaul.
Key words: В.В. Пановский; Алтай; Барнаул; Всесибирское общество художников «Новая Сибирь»; Барнаульский филиал «Новой Сибири»; художественная школа; V.V. Panovsky; Altai; Barnaul; all-Siberian community of artists “New Siberia”; Barnaul branch of “New Siberia”; artistic school
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Landscape architecture in formation of aesthetics of living spaces and business districts of a city
There is researched the issue of active participation of the modern landscape architecture in creation of city environment. There are analyzed the examples of different residential and business areas, made the conclusions about the role of landscape architecture in solution of the issue, and systematized the principles of formation of aesthetics and comfort of this part of city environment.
Key words: ландшафтная архитектура; современная городская среда; средовой дизайн; жилые пространства; деловая среда; landscape architecture; modern urban environment; environmental design; living spaces; business environment
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Conceptual foundations of study of Cossack towns and fortresses of the Moscow state at southern outskirts of Russia in the XVI-XVII centuries
Based on the scientific comparison of the notions “medieval town”, “town of Don Cossacks” and “fortress”, there are marked out their distinctive features and peculiarities as the types of historic settlements of the XVI-XVII centuries at the outskirts of the Moscow state.
Key words: городок донских казаков; крепость; средневековый город; Войско Донское; town of Don Cossacks; fortress; medieval town; Don Army
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Rasul Magomedov - the patriarch of the Dagestan historic science
There is described the work of R.M. Magomedov - specialist in the sphere of Caucasus study, one of the founders of professional historic science in Dagestan, the author of more that20 fundamental monographies in the most urgent issues of Dagestan studies.
Key words: история; наука; специалист; кавказоведение; общественный строй; публицистика; history; science; specialist; Caucasus study; social structure; publicism
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Soviet history in the paradigm of industrial civilization development
There is criticized the one-sided approach in evaluation of the place and the role of the Soviet period in the history of the Russian state. There is suggested the possible way of overcoming this approach in the paradigm of industrial civilization development.
Key words: индустриализация; индустриальная цивилизация; советский период в российской истории; технологическая революция; тоталитаризм; урбанизация; цивилизационный сдвиг; industrialization; industrial civilization; Soviet period in the Russian history; technological revolution; totalitarianism; urbanization; civilization shift
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Establishment and development of medieval study in Saratov State University in the first half of the XX century
There is analyzed the establishment and development of medieval study in the Saratov university in the first half of the XX century. There are represented the areas of scientific work of the department of Middle Ages history of the Saratov State University. there is considered the work of such scientists as G.P. Fedotov, A.S. Bartenev, S.M. Pumpyansky and others.
Key words: higher schools; Saratov State University; historic science; historic education; medieval study
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Periodicals and publishing activities of the Moscow union of consumer communities in the beginning of the XX century
There are revealed the basic areas of publishing activities of the Moscow union of consumer communities, shown the role of editions of the biggest cooperative union in propagation of cooperative ideas, in propaganda of democratic principles of cooperative movement.
Key words: кооперативное движение; потребительская кооперация; Московский союз потребительских обществ; кооперативная печать; cooperative movement; consumer’s cooperation; Moscow union of consumer’s communities; cooperative print
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Innovative work of entrepreneurial structures
There is substantiated the necessity of the use of the innovative approach in management of entrepreneurial structures. There is suggested the process of modeling of innovative activity of entrepreneurial structure. There are described the strategies of entrepreneurship development at different stages of entrepreneurial structure functioning.
Key words: инновационная активность; интрапренерство; внутренняя предпринимательская среда; предпринимательская структура; инновационный потенциал работника; innovative activity; entrepreneurship; inner entrepreneurial environment; entrepreneurial structure; innovative potential of a worker
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“Competition of saving alternatives” in the process of mobilization of public savings
There is proved that the process of transformation of unorganized savings into organized ones takes place in the order of “competition of saving alternatives” (banks and parabanks). In particular, there is suggested the classification of saving alternatives both from the position of a saver and from the position of financial institutions.
Key words: сбережения; конкуренция сберегательных альтернатив; коммерческий банк; сберегатель; финансовый институт; savings; competition of saving alternatives; commercial bank; saver; financial institution
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Branch peculiarities of formation of business processes of construction organizations
There are considered the definitions of business process in interpretations of different scientists, classification of business processes, stages of business processes formed in the accounting and analytical system, as well as interconnection of business processes of a construction organization.
Key words: бизнес-процесс; бизнес-аналитик; учетно-аналитическая система; строительство; финансовый учет; налоговый учет; управленческий учет; строительно-монтажные работы; business process; business analyst; accounting and analytical system; construction; financial accounting; tax accounting; management accounting; construction works
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Methodological aspects of evaluation of work effectiveness of regional tax authority
There are considered the criteria and indexes for evaluation of tax authority work in the region, as well as the effectiveness of control in this sphere.
Key words: эффективность; налоговые органы; результативность; активность; методы оценки; интенсивность; налогоплательщик; effectiveness; tax organs; results; activity; evaluation methods; intensiveness; taxpayer
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Inner entrepreneurial environment as a complex system of elements from the position of organization management
There is specified the notion of inner entrepreneurial environment, which allows considering it as an integral object of management and finding out specific methods and approaches for effectiveness of the system functioning.
Key words: внутренняя предпринимательская среда; микросреда; макросреда; организация; управление; inner entrepreneurial environment; microenvironment; macroenvironment; organization; management
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Institutional traps at the human resources market
There are denoted the reasons for institutional traps. Among the ineffective institutions at the human resources market there are marked out poverty trap, gender trap, monopsony trap, informal contract trap, protective measures trap. There are suggested the ways out of institutional traps.
Key words: институциональная ловушка; рынок человеческих ресурсов; эффект блокировки; неэффективный институт; трансакционные издержки; institutional trap; human resources market; blocking effect; ineffective institute; transactional expenses
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Objective investment limitations of the innovative development of the domestic economics
There is shown that the steady growth potential of the domestic economics is directly connected with the solution of the problem of insufficient investment of the innovative development. Detection of the modern reasons for the gap between investment demand and supply may help to substantiate the ways out of the situation.
Key words: инвестиции; эффективный спрос на инвестиции; инвестиционный долг; инвестиционные ресурсы; субъекты инвестиционного процесса; investments; effective demand for investments; investment duty; investment resources; subjects of investment process
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About correlation of the notions “democracy”, “public administration” and “civil society” in modern Russia
There is considered the inseparable correlation of such notions as “public administration”, “democracy” and “civil society” that provide the development of Russia, its establishment at the world scene as the legal, social, secular, democratic.
Key words: гражданское общество; публичное управление; демократия; civil society; public administration; democracy
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About the key links of the mechanism of Russian economy activation
There are considered the issues of transformation of the Russian economy based on the systemic approach. There is substantiated the choice of the key links of the mechanism of Russian economy activation taking into consideration the systemic criteria. There are described the systemic conditions which favour the realism and effectiveness of the economy activation mechanism
Key words: механизм активизации российской экономики; системный подход; принципы системного подхода; ключевые звенья; mechanism of Russian economy activation; systemic approach; principles of systemic approach; key links
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Чужой и его инаковость: от конструирования к реальному взаимодействию (рецензия на коллективную монографию: Чужой и культурная безопасность. М. : Рос. полит. энцикл. (РОССПЭН), 2013. 215 с.)
Key words:
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Философское исследование вещи: нетривиальность простоты и внеобыденность повседневноcти (рецензия на книгу: Сила простых вещей : сб.ст. / под ред. С.А. Лишаева. СПб.: Алетейя, 2014. 384 с. (Тела мысли))
Key words:
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Рецензия на монографию: О.В. Галкова, Е.В. Комисарова, И.А. Петрова, О.Н. Савицкая «Культурное наследие Волгоградской области (структура и актуальные проблемы охраны памятников культуры)» (Волгоград : Изд-во ВолгГМУ, 2013. 332 с.)
Key words:
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Международная конференция «Британия и британцы в художественной культуре. К 100-летию Бенджамина Бриттена» (Санкт-Петербург, 31 октября - 1 ноября 2013 г.)
Key words:
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Социокультурные инновации в проектной волонтерской деятельности: осмысление опыта развития общественной некоммерческой организации «Академия успеха»
Key words:
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