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№6 (60) 2011
2011 г.
Formation of personality value potential in the conditions of education humanizing
There is substantiated the importance of formation of personality value potential in the modern educational process, revealed the meaning of the term personality value potential. Having considered the conceptions of education humanizing given in different scientific researches, the author proves that education humanizing is an essential condition for formation of personality value potential.
Key words: personality value potential; values; education humanizing; culture; activity; selfactualization; formation
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Case-study as a method of pedagogic research
There are considered the peculiarities of case-study as a method of scientific research, means and limits of its use in pedagogic research. The main stages of casestudy are given both in general and by the example of the research of national stereotypes dynamics of the students of foreign language faculty in the situation of study travel abroad.
Key words: case-study; situational research; qualitative methods; national (ethnic) stereotypes
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Conception of organization of higher school students project activity
There are covered the issues of modelling of systems and processes of innovative contents of specialists training. The conception of organization of the process of social projecting at a higher school, developed by the author, correlates the objectives of specialist training, which meets the demands of today. The sphere of realization of the conception is the system of the higher professional education.
Key words: social projecting; project culture of students
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Professiogram as the means of professional self-education of a future teacher
There is researched the issue of professional selfeducation of a future foreign language teacher; specified the structural components of a professiogram, which reflects the aspects of the profession and personality of a foreign language teacher; the teachers image is regarded as the integral goal of professional training of a foreign language teacher at language faculties of a higher school.
Key words: professiographic method of personality study; professiogram; image of a teacher; professional reflection; professional self-education
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Formation of future teachers readiness for situations of dialogic pedagogic communication
There is revealed the essence of dialogic pedagogic communication. There is considered the situation of dialogic pedagogic communication as a unit of the pedagogic process in the humanities model of education. There are given the results of research work dealing with formation of future teachers readiness for development of such situations.
Key words: pedagogic communication; learning situation; situation of dialogic pedagogic communication; future teachers' readiness for development of situations of dialogic pedagogic communication
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Training of teachers in the conditions of further training for realization of textual and dialogic educational technology
There is considered the textual and dialogic educational technology as one of the types of technologies pertaining to the humanities. There are stated the ideas of their realization in pedagogic experience. There are revealed the peculiarities of the teacher training process in the conditions of further training for realization of textual and dialogic educational technologies.
Key words: educational technologies; textual and dialogic principle of the humanities; realization of educational technologies pertaining to the humanities; system of further training of teachers
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Theoretical and methodological foundations of diagnostics of development of pupils learning and information skills
There are suggested the theoretical foundations for multidimensional diagnostics of learning and information skills development, worked out on the methodological base of pedagogic hermeneutics, and representing the unity of the estimation of pupils mastering of the operational and technological component of the given skills and development of such personal qualities as dialogic thinking and reflexivity.
Key words: diagnostics of learning and information skills; pedagogic hermeneutics; understanding; interdependence of skills and personal qualities development
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Essential characteristics of qualification as the educational goal of working with personnel
There is suggested the authors idea of the notion qualification as the educational goal of working with personnel, specified the modern scientific interpretation of the given notion.
Key words: qualification; system of further training; personnel; production; competence; professionalism; mastery
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Peculiarities of students personality formation in the artistic and educational work with different levels of artistic potential development
There are considered the peculiarities of students personality artistic potential development in the artistic and educational work. There are characterized the main levels of development of students personality artistic potential in the artistic and educational work.
Key words: artistic potential of a personality; artistic and educational work; student's personality formation
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Style of educational and professional activity of a student: essential characteristics
There is regarded the issue of consideration of students personality as a subject of professional education. There are specified the notions dominant activity of a student, style of educational and professional students activity. There is described the structure, criteria and functions of the style of educational and professional students activity.
Key words: style of educational and professional student's activity; dominant activity of a student; personal and professional development of a student
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Essential characteristics of professional orientation in the social and pedagogical aspect
There are considered the essential characteristics of professional orientation, structural elements of professional orientation, differentiation of professional orientation as a system and as a process.
Key words: professional orientation; occupational choice; components of professional orientation development
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Development of cognitive independence in professional training of future specialists
There is clarified the notion of cognitive independence. There are regarded the principles taken into account in its development: range of problems, correspondence of educational work and content to the character of professional orientation of students, intereducation, research, self-education, individualization of education. There are given the results of empirical research of higher school students cognitive independence formation.
Key words: cognitive independence; principles of education; subject of educational work; subject and informational content; methods of work with the contents; individualization of education
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Personality oriented technology of foreign language communication project education in the sphere of professional communication
There are regarded the aspects, which deal with the organization of professionally oriented communication training in a foreign language at a higher school: substantiated the choice of personality oriented approach, revealed the potential of project education technology for establishment of language environment at a lesson in the conditions of non-contact bilingualism. There are given the examples of the use of project education technology at foreign language lessons.
Key words: personality oriented education; professionally oriented communication; project technology
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Formation model of pupils humanistic relations in sociocultural work of primary school (by means of folklore)
There is suggested the developed model of formation of pupils humanistic relations in sociocultural sphere of primary school, where folklore is the means of formation of such relations. The model of structural and functional type consists of blocks and subordinated elements, which reflect the inner structure of the process and the resources for its development.
Key words: model; method; system; structure; scientific approaches; principles; functions; sociocultural sphere; micro environment; folklore
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Polylogical communication: specificity of organizational forms
From the positions of linguistic didactics there are substantiated some forms of polylogical communication in the language pedagogy. There are characterized the discussion/non-discussion forms of polylogical communication.
Key words: polylogical communication; organizational forms of polylogical communication; the discussion/ non-discussion forms of polylogical communication; thematic conversation; "round table" discussion; discussion
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Communicative competence as the object of test control (on the material of the discipline Foreign language)
There is covered the issue of linguistic didactic testing at a non-linguistic higher school. There are regarded the questions of language testing projecting on the basis of the competence approach, and the conception of text-centric tests, which allows using the automated system of diagnostic research.
Key words: system of linguistic didactic testing; communicative competence; text-centric test
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Functions of optimization of professional disciplines teaching at technical higher schools
There are regarded the essential characteristics of optimization of engineering personnel training. For a more detailed research of the elements of teaching optimization at higher schools, as well as its influence on students, teachers and potential employers, there are sorted out the functions favouring the quality of future engineering specialists training.
Key words: procedures; reasonability; alternativeness; rationality; function of educational processes coordination; comparative and appraisal function; function of dynamic transformations; integral function of optimization
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Modern technology of organization of work with home tasks in mathematics teaching of pupils from secondary educational institutions
There is covered one of the urgent issues of organization of work with home tasks. A home task is regarded as a multiple-aspect phenomenon, which fulfils different functions in learning process.
Key words: home task; technology; teaching mathematics
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Conceptual basis of the model of pedagogic support of teenagers ethnic cultural knowledge at a multinational school
There is considered the conceptual basis of the model of pedagogic support of teenagers ethnic cultural knowledge at a multinational school, which includes the approaches (axiological, synergetic, personality oriented, activity and culturological) and the principles (prior respect of a pupil, coordination and collaboration of a teacher and a pupil, ethnic pedagogic direction of education, subjectivity and activity principle) of the given learning process.
Key words: conceptual basis; model; approaches and principles of education
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Family education of children with limited abilities as a social and pedagogic problem
There are covered the research results held by the author in 2005 - 2008 in 120 families, who bring up children with limited abilities in Kabardino-Balkaria. The urgency of the issue is determined, on the one hand, by change of the attitude towards families, who bring up children with limited abilities, more attention of the state to the given issue, and on the other hand - the absence of research of family education issues of the mentioned category of children.
Key words: children with limited abilities; family education; questionnaire; social and pedagogic problem
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Family influence on formation of deviant behavior of children under age
There are considered the issues of family relations influence on the origin and development of deviant behavior of children under age. There is substantiated the necessity of development of the integral system of joint actions of a family and social and pedagogical institutions for prevention of deviant behavior of children under age. The practical conclusions may be used in organization of preventive work with different types of families.
Key words: deviant behavior; children under age; family relations
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Translation semantography as a display of interpreters professional thinking style
There is analyzed the issue of professional interpreters thinking style in correlation with one of the components of professional competence - translation semantography. There are described such style features as analytic and synthetic character, multilinguality, ease of code switching, individuality. There are suggested the recommendations in organization of interpreting learning process.
Key words: training of interpreters; translation semantography; style of professional thinking
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Use of Case-study method in the English language distance learning
There are considered the distance forms of work in foreign language learning by students of the MBA programme. There is described the Case-study method as the innovative method of the English language teaching, the peculiarities of the educational process with the use of this method, given the example of work with the case.
Key words: MBA programme; distance technologies; vertical model of education; case-study method
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Test control in the process of foreign language learning
There is given the analysis of transformations of testing system in Russia, aroused by the modern social conditions and quick development of technologies.
Key words: testing; test; computer testing; history of test making; integration; system of control
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Model of development of professional foreign language competence of students of the direction Linguistics and New Information Technologies on the basis of technologies Web 2.0
There is revealed the specificity and components of the professional foreign language competence of students of the direction Linguistics and New Information Technologies. There is described the three-level model of development of professional foreign language competence, based on step-bystep development of discursive linguistic, interactive sociolinguistic and creative and project components.
Key words: Web 2.0; electronic portfolio; professional foreign language competence
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Pedagogic and psycholinguistic preconditions of teaching grammar of the English language at primary years of linguistic higher schools
There are analyzed the age-related, psychological and psychophysiological peculiarities of students of primary years, which are the basic factors in organization of the process of foreign language grammar teaching in a linguistic higher school.
Key words: grammar; students of primary years; linguistic higher school; psychological and psychophysiological peculiarities
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Criteria of formation of art works artistic perception
There is considered the issue of artistic perception formation. There are sorted out three key blocs of criteria for detection of formation level of artistic perception of art works, given the research results.
Key words: artistic perception formation; pedagogic experiment
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The issue of music comprehension at conducting lessons at a music school
There is given the range of views on the issue of music comprehension and revealed the authors viewpoint, which supposes consciously motivated empathy and sympathy shown in the form of artistic and educational work on perception and performance of musical composition with the help of the experience. There is stated that for a child the most accessible method of music comprehension at conducting lessons in a childrens art school is plastic intoning.
Key words: comprehension; music; performance; conducting; emotional gesture
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Age display in the process of social perception
There is considered the process of social perception of age characteristics. There is proved that age display in the process of social perception has both substantial and functional peculiarities, which is shown in generalized perceptive age models. As an example there is analyzed the effect of childs appearance. There is revealed the interconnection of social perception of age and social opinion and behavioural strategies.
Key words: age; social perception; perceptive model of age; effect of child's appearance
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Formation of professional mentality of students - teachers of different subjects
There is given the authors definition of professional mentality, sorted out the structural components of mentality, which are united into a psychological system. There are described the results of the research of formation specificity of professional mentality of students of different pedagogic professions.
Key words: professional mentality; psychological system; relations; students' professional formation
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Peculiarities of personal potential of secondary school teachers
There are revealed the peculiarities of teachers personal potential at primary, middle and senior classes of secondary schools. There are given the basic results of teachers potential research in work experience; analyzed the interconnection of personal potential level and varieties of teachers personality. There is determined the influence of teachers age on the level of personal potential
Key words: personal potential; self-actualization; creativity; stress resistance
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Psychological characteristics of professional self-determination of pupils with hearing impairment
There are covered the study issues of professional selfdetermination of people of different age with hearing impairment. There are given the peculiarities of professional self-determination of deaf and hearingimpaired pupils and the reasons explaining the necessity of psychological and pedagogic support of the process of choosing the career. The analysis of professional self-determination development of hearing-impaired children allowed finding out the peculiarities - the lag in professional orientation development and self-consciousness, difficulties in professional choice.
Key words: professional self-determination; people with hearing impairment; difficulties of professional selfdetermination; vocational guidance; psychological and pedagogic support
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Specificity of leadership in music team management: suggestive and volitional influence
There are considered the specific functions of a manager of artistic and creative team, which differs from managers responsibilities in any other sphere. In the context of art pedagogy, successful fulfillment of leaders responsibilities is connected with the character of professional and personal qualities and properties of musician leader, which requires special scientific research.
Key words: professionally significant qualities of a conductor; will; suggestion; creativity
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European educational discourse: experience of typological research
Education is regarded as a global discursive experience, formed on the basis of the idea of learning society and liberal western values. There is suggested the typology of educational discourse by the level of its organization and substantiated the differentiation of European educational discourse in the suggested typology.
Key words: educational discourse; typology; hierarchical typology; European educational discourse
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Providers of additional education of adults in Germany
As highly organized institutions, there are regarded the providers of additional education of adults in Germany, which successfully function in the country and cover the requirements of the population in main directions: general, political and professional education.
Key words: providers of additional education of adults; spheres and content of additional education; representatives of additional education institutions
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Origin of the science about elderly peoples education in Germany
As one of the urgent issues of the modern scientific research in the field of gerontology, andragogy and social study of adults, there is analyzed the necessity of active lifestyle of elderly people by means of education.
Key words: education of elderly people; additional education; research; terms; gerontology; reform; organization; motivation; institutions; theoretical and practical material
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Philosophical comprehension of the personality problem in pedagogical currents of Germany at the end of the 19th - the beginning of the 20th centuries
There are presented the prerequisites of reformatory pedagogy establishment at the end of the 19th - the beginning of the 20th centuries and shown the influence of the leading philosophical thought on this theory. There are discussed the issues of the interaction of the modern system of education and philosophy.
Key words: reformatory pedagogy; theory of philosophy of life; personality pedagogy; integral personality
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Retrospective analysis of the system of education in the USA (XVII-XIX centuries)
There is analyzed the system of education, considered the establishment and development of secondary and higher school in the XVII-XIX centuries.
Key words: system of education in the USA; Latin grammar schools; gratuitous schools; development of higher school; national system of education
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France and Russia in the mirror of historical, social, cultural and political changes
There is considered the influence of the leading worldfamous French personalities in science and culture of the XIX century on the intellects and attitudes of their contemporaries in Russia. The centuries-old history of discrepant relations of Russia and France, mutual attractiveness and culture collaboration are considered in the channel of the nations convergence and integrative processes of the modern times.
Key words: culture; education; bringing-up; France; Russia; interrelations; Gallomania; Renaissance; Diderot
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Development of corporate education in Australia
There are found out the reasons for intensification of corporate education development in Australia, shown their forms and types. There is revealed the integration of higher school and business. There is made the content-analysis of learning programmes of three major centers of additional education of adults in Australian higher schools. There are revealed the theoretic approaches of Australian andragogues to appraisal and development of corporate direction.
Key words: corporate education; reasons for development; forms; types; educational programmes; theoretic approaches
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Коллективный взгляд на проблемы школы и педагогики за рубежом (Рецензия на коллективную монографию: Проблемы школы и педагогики за рубежом / под ред. Н.Е. Воробьева, И.С. Бессарабовой. Волгоград : Изд-во ВГПУ «Перемена», 2011. 219 с.)
Key words:
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