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№2 (115) 2017
2017 г.
Педагогические науки
About the educational mission of a modern university
Based on the scientific literature, the article deals with the mission of higher education, in particular the education of future specialists, in development of the culture of the educational process subjects. The bioethics is considered to be new ecophilosophy as the basis of education. The author’s concepts of “bioethics” and “bioethic education” is suggested and described in the article.
Key words: миссия университета; биоэтика; биоэтическое воспитание; university mission; bioethics; bioethic education
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Informational and educational environment of a modern university
The informational and educational environment is the most important factor of modern specialist training, because it surrounds the students in academic, research, educational and organizational activities. The article represents the features of the content and principles of projecting the informational and educational environment of a modern university.
Key words: среда; информационно-образовательная среда; генезис информационно-образовательной среды; информационно-образовательная среда вуза; технологизация общества; environment; informational and educational environment; genesis of informational and educational environment; informational and educational environment of a modern university; technologization of society
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Grounds for research methods and evaluation of methodological competencies of a special teacher
The article deals with the results of theoretical research in the field of study of the methodological competencies of a special teacher. The research methods and the criteria for the quantitative and qualitative assessment of the pedagogical phenomenon from the point of the competence and system and activity approaches are represented in the article.
Key words: методическая деятельность; методические компетенции; профессиональная специфика; методы исследования; специальный педагог; олигофренопедагог; methodological activities; methodological competences; professional features; research methods; special teacher; correction teacher
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Image of a specialist of “supporting” profession in the views of first-year students as a factor of their professional orientation and training
The article deals with the research results regarding first-year students’ perceptions of their chosen professions as social pedagogues, psychologists and social workers. The author analyzes the issue of recruitment of applicants for training in “Psychology and social pedagogy”, professional training of future social teachers.
Key words: образ профессии; профессиональный набор; профессиональная подготовка социальных педагогов; image of profession; professional recruitment; professional training of social teachers
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Features of educational process within master’s program in solving the issue of teacher training for the information society
The article deals with the features of the educational process within master’s program in teacher training for the information society. Based on the results of the questionnaire, the students of pedagogical specialties are described in the article.
Key words: педагог информационного общества; педагогический процесс в магистратуре; teacher of the information society; educational process within master’s program
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Diagnostics of motivation of professional activity of pedagogical college graduates specializing in psychological and pedagogical universities
The article deals with the concepts of motivation, professional motive, interest to future profession. Motivation of professional pedagogical activity is considered on the basis of various techniques. These diagnostics reveal the priorities of the needs of future teachers in their future professional activities.
Key words: мотив; мотивация; учебная мотивация; педагогическая деятельность; потребность; motive; motivation; educational motivation; pedagogic activities; need
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Model of development of college students’ social responsibility in charity activities
The article deals with the process of constructing a model of development of college students’ social responsibility in charity activities.
Key words: волонтерство; благотворительная деятельность; формирование социальной ответственности; volunteering; charity activities; development of social responsibility
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Future primary school teacher training to develop and implement cultural and educational programs
The article deals with future primary school teacher training to develop and implement cultural and educational programmes through the description of the stages: motivational and diagnostic, educational, creative and projecting.
Key words: педагог начальной школы; культурно-просветительская программа; просветительская деятельность; подготовка бакалавров; primary school teacher; cultural and educational programme; educational work; bachelor training
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Results of monitoring of system of continuous professional education (employers)
The article deals with the possibility of involvement of employers in the system of continuous professional education as a subject of this system. The views of employers on the need and ways to obtain additional professional education for workers are analyzed in the article. The author shows the role of this information for modelling of regional systems of continuous professional education.
Key words: мониторинг системы непрерывного профессионального образования; предприятия и организации; работодатели; monitoring of the system of continuous professional education; enterprises and organizations; employers
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Creating the situations of sense construction in the process of professional training of teachers of preschool and primary education
The article deals with the features of the situations of sense construction of a personality: critical life situations, personal contributions, artistic experience, dialogic communication and the possibility to use them in the educational process of a higher school. The effectiveness of extracurricular activities through club work based on parables is proved in the article.
Key words: воспитание; личностное развитие; личностные смыслы; ценностно-смысловая сфера; общение; диалог; притча; education; personal development; personal senses; value and sense sphere; communication; dialogue; parable
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Argumentation as a logical action and its implications in general education
The article deals with the essence of argumentation as a rational way of mental action for objective evidence of certain positions - the thesis with logically interrelated arguments in the communication process. Argumentation structure consists of a thesis, arguments, forms of communication between them and the conclusion. The author represents some important types and ways of learning material argumentation.
Key words: аргументация; структура аргументации; виды; способы и типы аргументации; значение аргументации для общего образования; argumentation; argumentation structure; types and ways of arguments; importance of argumentation for general education
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Methods of evaluation of cultural partnership in prevention of children’s distress
The article deals with the results of the search for the original grounds for the evaluation of partnership in prevention of children’s distress. The urgency of development of this technique is determined by the lack of tools, while it is relevant due to the necessity of interaction of various subjects in prevention of the problems of modern childhood.
Key words: партнерские отношения; методика оценки культуры партнерских отношений; partnership; methods of evaluation of partnership culture
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Workbook on the discipline as a means of improving the efficiency of independent work of students
The article deals with the aspects of organization of students’ independent work from the position of knowledge discovery. The article represents the experience of development and implementation of a workbook on subjects as the mechanism to increase the efficiency of students’ independent work, the implementation of self-reflection and one’s own achievements.
Key words: самостоятельная работа студента; рефлексия; самоорганизация; саморазвитие; рабочая тетрадь дисциплины; student’s independent work; reflection; self-organization; self-development; workbook on the discipline
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Development of communicative skills of future teachers in multimedia and Internet technologies study
The article deals with the theory and practice of development of communicative skills of students of teacher training universities: the resources, context and learning tasks are represented. The necessity to study media and Internet technologies as the basis of computer communication is proved. The course “The Internet and multimedia technologies in cultural and educational activities” and the individual educational trajectories are projected in the article.
Key words: коммуникативные умения; мультимедиа; интернет-технологии; будущий учитель; методика формирования; опосредованная компьютером коммуникация; communicative skills; multimedia; Internet technologies; future teacher; formation methods; computer-mediated communication
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Methods of mixed education in financial mathematics of 10-11 form students
The article deals with the theory and practice of mixed education in mathematics in secondary school. The elements of mixed education are under consideration: goals, models, stages and means. The author’s methods of mixed education in financial mathematics of 10-11 form students are represented. The example of organization of mixed education within the elective course “fundamentals of financial mathematics” which was tested in educational institutions of Volgograd is given in the article.
Key words: смешанное обучение; информационно-коммуникационные технологии; взаимодействие; финансовая математика; индивидуальные образовательные траектории; mixed education; information and communication technologies; correlation; financial mathematics; individual educational trajectories
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Educational situation in the process of teenager’s subcultural competence development
The article deals with the issue of teenager’s subcultural competence development. The author finds out the importance of subcultural phenomena in terms of school community, reviews and analyzes the typical difficulties of teenagers at different levels of formation of teenager’s subcultural competence in the process of development of this quality, describes the ways to overcome these difficulties in certain pedagogical situations.
Key words: субкультура; подростки; субкультурная грамотность подростка; коллектив; школа; семья; педагогическая ситуация; subculture; teenagers; subcultural competence of a teenager; team; school; family; pedagogical situation
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Fitness elements at physical training classes for students with health disabilities
One of the most important issues for students with health disabilities is the strengthening and keeping fit throughout the period of study at the University. The educational program with the elements of fitness is aimed to improve the physical condition of students with disabilities, and monitoring of physical state of students of a special medical group proves the efficiency of this program.
Key words: физическая культура; студенты; кондиции; фитнес; специальная медицинская группа; физическое состояние; мониторинг; physical education; students; conditions; fitness; special medical group; physical state; monitoring
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Филологические науки
Russian words in the field of mining in everyday life of the miners of the Ore Mountains: research on the influence of the Russian language on German after 1945
The article deals with the features of speech of the miners of the uranium mine at the company “Bismuth”. The influence of the Russian language on the vocabulary of German miners of the early decades of the uranium mine operation is studied. Only the words from the uranium production field are under consideration. Most of them are unknown to native German speakers who do not deal with uranium mining. Such borrowings from a foreign language in everyday and professional language as the result of long contacts cannot be found anywhere else.
Key words: язык шахтеров; словарный запас; заимствование; профессионализм; калькирование; немецкоговорящий; коммуникативная сфера; language of miners; vocabulary; borrowing; professionalism; calque; German language speaking; communicative sphere
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Cognitive and communicative parameters of the vindictive discourse
The article deals with the mental focus, motive, purpose, strategies and tactics of the vindictive discourse. The interrelated processes of ritualization and indirect presentation of the above mentioned symbolic activities are described. These processes reveal some universal psycho-social regularities of formation of the discursive consciousness and situationallyconditioned symbolic behavior.
Key words: эмоциональный поведенческий концепт «месть»; виндиктивный дискурс; стратегия устрашения; тактика угрозы; стратегия проклятия; тактика изгнания; тактика поругания; тактика злопожелания; ритуализация; косвенная презентация; emotional behavioural concept “revenge”; vindictive discourse; strategy of frightening; tactics of threat; strategy of curse; tactics of exile; tactics of shame; tactics of evil wish; ritualization; indirect presentation
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Turkic and Mongolian parallels among the terms of the material culture in the Mongolian languages (based on terms of clothing, shelter, household utensils)
The article deals with the Turkic and Mongolian lexical parallels concerning the terms of material culture, based on the names of traditional clothing, houses and buildings, home furnishing and utensils in the Mongolian languages: Khalkha Mongolian, Buryat, Kalmyk and old Mongolian, that prove the past contacts of the Mongolian and Turkic tribes.
Key words: тюрко-монгольские лексические параллели; монгольские народы; халха-монголы,; буряты; калмыки,; древние тюрки; материальная культура,; традиционная одежда; традиционное жилище,; традиционная домашняя утварь; взаимодействие языков; Turkic and Mongolian lexical parallels; Mongolian nations; the Khalkha Mongolians; the Buryats; the Kalmyk; the old Turkic; material culture; traditional clothing; traditional houses; traditional utensils; correlation of languages
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About the features of sender’s signature at the end of a spiritual letter
The article deals with one of the components of the ending of a spiritual letter - the sender’s signature;its main features are found out. The author describesthe options used by church writers of the XX century, draws the attention to the correlation of the religious worldviewsof senders and the features of their signatures.
Key words: духовное письмо; «идея самоумаления человека»; исихазм; концовка; подпись адресанта; spiritual letter; “the idea of self-deprecation of a person”; hezychasm; the ending; sender’s signature
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Other-image in the structure of linguistic personality as a problem of communication
The article deals with the features of the Other-image in the structure of linguistic personality in comparison with the related concepts of self-image, my other I,I the Other. It is stated that I and the Other are interpenetrating phenomena of objective reality as far as they interact in communicative activities. Other-image is an important component of a communicative act: it is the basis for the unified communication centreof interaction and the formation of all possible Iof a personality that develop in interrelations with the Other I.
Key words: категория инакости; Ино-образ; взаимодействие «Я - Другой»; Другой-в-Я; единый эмоционально-коммуникативный центр; category of otherness; Other-image; interaction I - the Other; Other-in-I; unified emotional and communicative centre
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Distance connectors as a sign of polyphony
The article deals with the functioning features of distance connectors in the modern French language. The pragmatic connectors that relate to metatextual elements play an important role not only in proper organization, but also in the interpretation of speech. In the process of speech production there is often the necessity of its reorganization due to the changes of speaker’s point of view. To introduce a new proposition the speaker uses the connectors of reformulation, which include the distance connectors. The article focuses on the role ofmetacommunicative elements in text structure, represents four types of non-paraphrasticreformulation depending on the distance. Special place is given to the operation of distance connectors. The ratio of distance connectors and the polyphony of voices of the subject of speechis found out. The research results may be used in the course of theoretical and practical grammar, text interpretation, and linguistic pragmatics.
Key words: дистанцирование; метатекст; коннектор; переформулирование; полифония; distancing; metatext; connector; reformulation; polyphony
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“Headline-subtitle-lead-text”: information structure
The article deals with the structure “headline-subtitle-lead-text”included in the field of the contemporary Russian mass media. Their typology, functioning characteristics and their analysis are represented in the article.
Key words: заголовок; подзаголовок; лид; функция; headline; subtitle; lead; function
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Comparative characteristics of the concept “time” (based on English and Tatar works)
The article represents the detailed comparative characteristics of the concept “time” as one of the basic concepts of the Tatar and English cultures. It is found out that besides the direct temporal expressions, sentences with a large number of listings are used with the aim to emphasize durability, length of the action, the events that happened, the experience that wasgained; the modifiers indicating the duration of the process and proving our judgment are determined. The author describes the correlation of number and time: number isa way to present the category of quantity in the language.
Key words: культура; концепт; языковая картина мира; время; culture; concept; language world picture; time
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Comparative analysis of proverbs that verbalize the linguocultural concept “wine” in the language world picture of the French and the Italians
The article deals with the linguocultural concept ‘wine” and its role in the culture and thinking of the French and Italian ethnic groups by the example of the proverbs in the comparative aspect. The research is based on French and Italian proverbs and sayings regarding the linguocultural concept “wine” which were under the semantic and linguoculturological analysis.
Key words: лингвокультурный концепт; паремия; языковая картина мира; сфера «виноделие»; этнос; linguocultural concept; proverb; language world picture; sphere “winemaking”; ethnos
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Precedent anthroponyms in the German newspaper discourse (based on the book by Heinrich Hoffmann “Struwwelpeter”)
The research is aimed at identification and description of the factors that affect literary onyms getting the status of national precedent namesbased on the literary characters from the book by Hoffmann “Struwwelpeter”. The issue of the nature of a proper name is still under consideration. The system of precedent onymsis a national linguistic and cultural value that stores the information about the history of language and society.
Key words: прецедентное имя; прецедентный антропоним; структура значения; лексикализация имени; актуализация в дискурсе; газетный дискурс; precedent name; precedent anthroponym; meaning structure; lexicalization of a name; actualization in discourse; newspaper discourse
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Phraseology in authentic English business discourse: ontology and functioning
The article deals with the method of semiotic stratification of different types of phraseological unitsand the way of identifyingin the authentic English business discourse their quantitative ratios and describing their functional features.
Key words: бизнес-дискурс; стратификация; фразеология; идиома; фразеологическая единица; фразовый глагол; функция; business discourse; stratification; phraseology; idiom; phraseological unit; phrasal verb; function
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The semantics of multicomponent composites in the English language
The article is devoted to the semantic features of the multicomponent compound words in modern English. The three-component composites are considered in the text function. Depending on the various degrees of the semantic motivation,thenon-idiomatic and idiomatic composites are found out. The high productivity of these units is proved by the tendencies of analytism and the desire for speech compression.
Key words: многокомпонентный композит; голофрастическая конструкция; идиоматичность; неидиоматичность; экзоцентричность; мотивированность; multicomponent composite; holophrastic construction; idiomatic nature; non-idiomatic nature; exocentrism; motivation
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Whoisthewinner? (Linguistic analysis of the USA presidential debates of 2016)
The article deals with the main communicative strategies used by the participants of the TV debates -a variety of the political discourse. Thebasic types of role exchangein the dialogue, the difference between the replies and comments, interruptions of replies are described in the article. Theverbal tacticsused by the politicians are examinedas the means of influencing the interlocutor and voters.
Key words: диалог; политический дискурс; мена ролей; положенное место мены роли; речевые стратегии и тактики; dialogue; political discourse; role exchange; proper place to exchange the roles; verbal strategies and tactics
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I.S. Turgenev in the creative work by G.I. Uspensky
The article deals with the ideas associated with the image of I.S. Turgenev in G.I. Uspensky’s prose. Despite his affection for Turgenev, the Uspensky’srelation to “Turgenev” in the Russian culture was uncertain and negative at first glance. The idea of the “gentility” of the author of “Fathers and Children” coexisted with the recognition of the value of the unsocial Turgenev’s lyricism.
Key words: Г.И. Успенский; И.С. Тургенев; меланхолия; барство; лиризм; разночинец; G.I. Uspensky; I.S. Turgenev; melancholy; gentility; lyricism; plebeian
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Characters of “Little Sad Story” by V.P. Nekrasov in “big culture time”
The article deals with the features of the system of characters of “Little Sad Story” by V.P. Nekrasov. The characters show author’s orientation at the best traditions of the national and foreign literature in the period of emigration.
Key words: Родина; автор; герой; дом; культура; традиция; Motherland; author; hero; house; culture; tradition
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Исторические науки и археология
Historic, religious and moral views of F.M. Dostoevsky in the novel “The Brothers Karamazovs”
The article deals with the historic views of F.M. Dostoevsky in the novel “The Brothers Karamazov”. The author describes the following historical problems: the nature of capitalism, social and moralconsequences and influences on personality; the issue of revolutionary or religious way of Russia; the importance of judicial reform for the Russian society, the crisis of the Russian nobility; the subject of the Russian intelligentsia and the people; the role of the Russian Orthodox Church and clergy in Russia. The latest novel by Dostoevsky reflects all the problems of the Russian reform society. They were all typical for Russia and were demanded by the society after the death of the writer, far beyond the time limits of his life.
Key words: нравственность; религиозность; история России; Ф.М. Достоевский; православная церковь; интеллигенция; morality; religiousness; history of Russia; F.M. Dostoevsky; the Orthodox Church; intelligentsia
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Activities of the Filonovsky Deanery Council of the Khoperskydistrict of the Don Diocese during the revolution and the Civil war (1917-1920)
The article deals with the unique source on church history referring to the period of the revolution of 1917 and the Civil war on the Don - “The Record Book of Filonovsky Deanery Council of the Khopersky district of the Don Diocese” (1917-1920),which is stored in the State archives of the Volgograd region. The activities of this organization are described in the context of the events of the Civil war; the place of the Council in the system of diocesan administration is found out. The facts of persecution of the Orthodox Church by the Soviet authorities and their actionsare revealed in the article.
Key words: краеведение; церковная история; Русская Православная Церковь; приходская жизнь; Область Войска Донского; донское казачество; революция; Гражданская война; local lore; church history; Russian Orthodox Church; parish life; Region of Don Troops; Don Cossacks; revolution; Civil war
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Establishment of Soviet school in the context of the conflict betweenPeople’s Commissariats for Nationalities and Education (1918-1923)
The article deals with the period when the confessional schools of the southern Urals were controlledby the Soviet educational authorities, while in the country it had happened before. There were two tendencies for the future: the growth of national (Tatar, Bashkir, etc.) schools supported by the new Soviet state (People’s Commissariat of Nationalities) and the construction of the United Soviet labor school (People’s Commissariat of Education).
Key words: Наркомпрос; Наркомнац; конфессиональные школы; мусульмане; мусульманские комиссариаты; People’s Commissariat of Education; People’s Commissariat of Nationalities; confessional schools; the Muslims; Muslim commissariats
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State and public support of military families in the years of the Great Patriotic War: based on materials of the Stalingrad region
Based on the archival documentary material, the article deals with the work of public authorities and movements on social support of veterans and peoplewith disabilities. It represents actual and statistic materials which allow finding out the role of the state in raising the standards of living of the population of Stalingrad and the region. The forms of social supportof veterans and their families are characterized.
Key words: Великая Отечественная война; Сталинградская битва; Сталинград; социальная поддержка; фронтовики; Great Patriotic War; the Battle of Stalingrad; Sytalingrad; social support; veterans
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The “new man” in Soviet Leningrad in the 1950s - the first half of the 1960s
The idea of the“new man” refers to one of the fundamentals of the Soviet ideology. The article deals with the moral aspect of the issue. The correlation of the political views and the spiritual world of a manis emphasized in the article. The mechanism of building a system of values and their content is demonstrated by the example of the Soviet youth.
Key words: «новый человек»; дома культуры; университеты культуры; политика; идеология; мораль; нравственность; “new man”; Houses ofCulture; Universities of Culture; policy; ideology; morality; ethics
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The main trends in the use of labour in Dagestanagriculture in 1970s
The article deals with the historical experience of improving the socio-economic and production conditions in agriculture, the formation and use of the fund of working time by employees of the agricultural sectorin 1970s. The author describes the main trends in the use of working time, its distribution among the basic agricultural spheres and some social and professional groups of the rural population. It is stated that along with the development of theindustryspecialization and production focus, the sphere of labour work functioning and the production means based on prevalence of big production is increased. Thereisgrowthofworkforceproductivity.
Key words: Дагестан; сельское хозяйство; сельское население; трудовые ресурсы; рабочее время; тенденции; структура; динамика; профессиональная группа; эффективность; механизатор; специализация; концентрация; рационализация; Dagestan; agriculture; rural population; labour resources; working time; trends; structure; dynamics; professional group; efficiency; machine operator; specialization; concentration; rationalization
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Academic Life. Reviews
Эмотивная лингвоэкология: состояние и перспективы развития (рецензия на монографию: Шаховский В.И. Диссонанс экологичности в коммуникативном круге: человек, язык, эмоции. Волгоград: ИП Поликарпов, 2016. 504 с.)
Key words:
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