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№1 (65) 2012
2012 г.
Dialectics of correlation between reformative initiatives of state and innovative processes in education
There is proved that the reformative initiatives of the state and the innovative processes in education form a pair in the dialectic contradiction, the solution of which is the basis for development of educational systems at the modern stage.
Key words: innovative processes; correlation; integration; integrity
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Theoretical and methodological foundations of socio-pedagogical projecting of the regional family policy
There are substantiated the theoretical and methodological foundations of socio-pedagogical projecting of the regional family policy; revealed the essence of project and regional approach as a scientific and practical strategy, which determines the guidelines of the regional family policy.
Key words: family policy; regional family policy; sociopedagogical projecting; conception of socio-pedagogical projecting; project and regional approach
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V.S. Ilyins scientific views on the theory and practice of the integral educational process
There are shown the directions of the scientists professional work: scientific, experimental, pedagogic, educational. There is reveled the essence of each direction: creation of theories and conceptions, integration of pedagogy and innovative experience, training of teachers.
Key words: humanization; humanitarization; integration; conception; personality; integrity
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Development of level model of cognitive self-dependence of bachelor students
There is defined the essence and structure of cognitive self-dependence of bachelor students. There is considered the level model of the process of cognitive selfdependence of bachelor students of a pedagogic higher school.
Key words: cognitive self-dependence; individual educational trajectory; level model
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Teachers professional thinking as a worldview category
There are considered different approaches to the interpretation of teachers professional thinking as a pedagogic category, substantiated its integral character and world-view nature, the necessity of each teachers personal individual life and pedagogic conception.
Key words: pedagogic thinking; properties of thinking; culture creative world-view
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Formation of future teachers dialogic position in the context of pedagogic disciplines study
There are suggested the research results of the scientific grounds of future teachers dialogic position formation, which is considered in the context of culture and anthropologic approach and reflects the positive attitude to a child as a multiple Other. As the substantial base of pedagogic disciplines teaching, there are considered the orthodox values, revealed the method of reflection of an event in the formation process of the position under research.
Key words: dialogic position; Christian image of a person; culture and anthropologic approach; dialogic position formation; orthodox values; method of reflection of an event
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Training a future teacher for formation of senior pupils global world-view
There are given the signs of personalitys global worldview. There are sorted out the structural components and criteria of future teachers readiness for senior pupils global world-view formation. On the basis of the sorted criteria of future teachers readiness, there are suggested the models of educational situations of this quality formation at senior pupils.
Key words: global world-view; signs of global worldview; structural components and criteria of a future teacher's readiness; senior pupil; models of educational situations
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Formation model of future teachers readiness for physical culture and sport activity management
There is regarded the formation model of future teachers readiness for physical culture and sport activity management on the basis of the Federal state educational standard of higher professional education for a Bachelors degree in the sphere of Pedagogic Education specializing in Physical Training Education approved in 2009.
Key words: model; competence; physical culture and sport activity management
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Principles of school work in development of teachers professional dignity
There are revealed the principles of school work in development of teachers professional dignity as a strategic image of the result of his professional establishment, as long as the goal of methodological work at school is to increase the level of professional culture and pedagogic skills of a teacher for maintenance of positive results in education and training of pupils.
Key words: principle; humanity; ecological compatibility; democracy
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Modern model of social teacher training in a pedagogical college (based on the example of Kamyshin Pedagogical College)
There is covered the issue of social teacher training in a pedagogical college. There is substantiated the necessity of development of the model of future social teacher training, revealed the contents and components of the model of specialists training in the sphere of social and pedagogic work.
Key words: social teacher; model of specialist training; pedagogical college
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Theoretical and methodological issues of professional mentality research
There are revealed the functions of value orientations, which determine future specialists professional work, considered the axiological system of a modern specialist, given and characterized the components of professional mentality, which form the model of professional mentality of a future specialist, substantiated the methodological essence of the mental approach.
Key words: mentality; professional mentality; mental approach; value orientations; professional motivation; professional direction; professional position
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Experimental research of factors and conditions for formation of professional and language competence
There is given the scientific comprehension of professional and language competence of a foreign student, sorted out the levels of its formation. For each level there are defined the inner factors and external conditions for the establishment of the phenomenon, revealed the invariant factors and conditions, that makes it possible to elaborate the requirements of the organization of the process of professional and language competence formation in the process of pre-higher school training.
Key words: competence; professional and language; factor; condition
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Boxing as the means of formation of teenagers personality moral qualities
There is considered such a variety of sports as boxing, from the viewpoint of formation of teenagers moral qualities.
Key words: boxing; teenager; formation of moral qualities
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Moral consciousness of a personality of a teenager boxer
There is described the phenomenon of moral consciousness and its structure with regard to teenagers, who go in for boxing.
Key words: moral consciousness; teenager; boxing
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Social environment approach to higher education projecting in the penitentiary system
There is suggested the methodological research of higher education projecting in a penitentiary system. There is developed the social environment approach, selected the congruent form of education with information and telecommunication technologies, on the basis of which there are initiated the self-organizing processes of the accused in the sphere of education and upbringing.
Key words: social environmental approach; higher education projecting; educational environment
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Realization of formation system of pupils experience of productive educational work in modern school
There are described the issues of modern schools, in particular, formation of pupils experience of productive educational work. To solve this matter, there have been held both theoretical and practical research, as a result of which there are suggested the components, conditions, stages of formation of pupils experience of productive educational work.
Key words: self-development; self-education; formation of experience of productive educational work
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Education of a future specialist in a higher school learning process: value and motivational approach
There are marked the issues of education of future specialists in a higher school learning process. There are revealed the factors of educational influence, which provide the quality of higher school education; suggested the research results of orientation system of students at the values of higher education. From the position of value and motivational approach, there are defined the contents of value attitude of students to their future professional work.
Key words: professional socialization; educational values of students; value and motivational approach; value attitude of students to their future professional work
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Formation of supplementary education teachers educational marketing culture in the conditions of in-house training
There is regarded the issue of educational marketing in the context of the ideas of the humanitarian and anthropologic approach. There is specified the notion of educational marketing culture, its functions and structure. There are revealed the contents and technological algorithm of this culture formation at supplementary education teachers in the conditions of in-house training.
Key words: educational marketing; pedagogic marketing culture; formation of pedagogic marketing culture; in-house training of supplementary education teachers
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Spirituality in the structure of students ethic position
As the goal of professional education, there is suggested the ethic position, in its structure there is sorted out the morality and spirituality. There are defined the encouragement mechanisms of these components of the position.
Key words: attitude; position; spirituality; morality
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Youth subculture: category and reality
There are summarized the modern approaches to youth culture comprehension, defined the peculiarities of youth subculture. There are analyzed the students notions of youth subculture and its role in the modern Russian society, revealed the students attitude to youth subculture, influence of belonging to this or that subculture on studying at a higher school.
Key words: definition; peculiarities of youth subculture; approaches to research of youth subculture
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Psychosemantic analysis of reasons for popularity of the magic world of Harry Potter among teenagers
There are given the results of psychosemantic research of popularity of the novels by Joanne Rowling Harry Potter among teenagers. There are revealed the most significant moments in a magic situation, among which an important place is given to a miracle in a magic world, as well as the feeling of power, strength and freedom.
Key words: Harry Potter; teenagers; psychosemantic research; education
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Characteristics of text types in the area of functional and semantic speech type discourse
There is considered the issue of sorting out the subtypes of functional and semantic speech type discourse on the assumption of the variety of communicative tasks, as well as substantiated the suggested sequence of the types of discourse texts in written speech teaching.
Key words: functional and semantic speech type; discourse; proof text; refutation text; polemic text; positional text
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Model of training of future specialists in public relations for professional and translation work
There is given and substantiated the model of training of future specialists in public relations for professional and translation work.
Key words: public relations; professional and translation work; model of professional and translation work; components of translation work
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Evolution of views on the notion culture of reading
Based on the analysis of professional literature in the field of pedagogy and library science, there is attempted to comprehend the evolution of scientific views on the culture of reading. The urgency is based on the necessity of comprehension of existing theories of reading and finding out the regularities of reading development as the main factor of personal development.
Key words: informational culture; culture of reading; reading competence; literacy of reading; pedagogy; library science
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Content of the set of exercises aimed at syntactic synonymy study
There is considered the linguistic phenomenon - syntactic synonymy, which is a powerful means of variability and expressivity of speech. There is suggested the set of exercises aimed at syntactic synonymy study in the methodological context.
Key words: syntactic synonymy; syntax of the English language; linguistic didactics; variability of foreign speech; syntactic synonymy study
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Peculiarities of the use of problem-oriented physics practical training sessions at higher schools
There is given the experience of developing and introduction of problem-oriented physics practical training sessions at Physics department of Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E. Bauman, Moscow State Transport University, Transport and Telecommunication Institute (Latvia, Riga) and other higher schools. There are described the systems of student selection to scientific laboratories, video course system of the permission to laboratory works and a number of distant laboratory works.
Key words: physics practical training sessions; video course system of permission; distant laboratory works
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Acmeologic work of a student as a condition for pedagogic thinking formation
There is covered the urgent issue of formation of pedagogic thinking and professional consciousness of future teachers in undergoing practical teacher training. The condition of the successful solution of this problem is acmeologic work, which presupposes deliberate and steady students aspiration as the subject of professional development for high professional level achievement.
Key words: standards of new generation; professional competence; pedagogic thinking; acmeologic work; personal and professional development
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Research of professional identity of bachelor students
Transition to the system of multilevel education made the issue of professional identity urgent. There is investigated the content of the given phenomenon in the new educational context. The results of empiric research prove the specific contents of cognitive, emotional, motivational and value components of professional identity of bachelor students.
Key words: professional identity; components of professional identity; attitude to profession; image of profession; professional purposefulness; bachelor students
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Complex investigation of typical reasons for poor progress of younger teenagers
There are given the local results of experimental research of the reasons for poor progress of younger teenagers in the course of specially organized joint work of teachers and school psychologists. There are substantiated the areas of diagnostic research of the reasons for poor progress, sorted out the typological groups of reasons and described the ways of educational process improvement for increasing the level of learning progress of younger teenagers.
Key words: reasons for poor progress; pedagogic diagnostics; psychological diagnostics; joint work; individual peculiarities
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Breach of personal bounds of a disabled student in the context of his victim deformation
There is regarded the essence of psychological sovereignty as an integrative quality of a personality, the role of psychological bounds in personal health; there is analyzed the specificity of bounds breach of psychological space of a disabled student and his victim potential.
Key words: psychological sovereignty; deprivation; psychological space; personal bounds; victim
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Investigation of the phenomena of marginality and extremism in youth environment
There is described the issue of extremism in youth environment. There are suggested the results of investigation of social and psychological peculiarities of the phenomenon of marginality, extremism and behavioral experiences in the youth environment of Samara.
Key words: extremism; marginality; subculture; in-personal conflict; youth environment
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Community school in the end of the XIX - first third of the XX centuries: retrospective view
There is shown the process of establishment and development, revealed the essential characteristics of community schools in the end of the XIX - first third of the XX centuries in Russia and West European countries.
Key words: community school; labour school; labour education; self-management; collaboration; free education
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Tendencies of development of tutorial teaching system in modern education of England
The tutorial teaching system in the education of England is regarded as the effective, constantly developing and improving system of education, which is reflected not only in higher education, but also at other stages of education. Without losing its urgency, tutoring acquires new forms, which are adequate to changing society demands.
Key words: tutor; tutoring; tutorial; individual education; distant education
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Basic areas of research in the modern didactics of Germany
There is considered the establishment and development of didactic models in pedagogic research in Germany.
Key words: didactics; theory of educational content; didactic model; process of education; process of knowledge acquirement
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Tendencies of western youth subculture development
There are revealed the tendencies of youth subculture development in western society in the globalization period. There is analyzed the subculture conception of the Birmingham Centre, considered the influence of mass media and the Internet on the development of youth subculture.
Key words: subculture; youth subculture; modern youth; western society; development; tendencies
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Organization of institutions for preschool children in the Russian province (end of the XIX - beginning of the XX century)
There is analyzed the process of organization of institutions for children in the Russian province in the end of the XIX - beginning of the XX century, revealed the main tendencies of its upkeep and organization.
Key words: nursery school; summer nursery asylums; Tsaritsyn province; district; province
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Teachers and tutors at the Emperor court: E.P.Tsytovich
There is regarded the work of the teacher of physics of the great princesses Olga Nikolaevna and Tatiana Nikolaevna Romanova E.P.Tsytovich, who stood at the origins of the Russian Scout association.
Key words: education; pedagogic work; Scouting; ideals of Scouting
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Счастье как категория педагогики младшего школьного возраста (рецензия на диссертацию: Абраменко Е.В. Формирование у младшего школьника системы позитивных отношений в учебном взаимодействии : дис. … канд. пед. наук. Волгоград, 2011. 132 с.)
Key words:
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