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«Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University»
Lenina Ave., 27,
Volgograd, Russia)

«Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University»
Lenina Ave., 27,
Volgograd, Russia)
e-mail:izvestia_vspu@mail.ru, izvestia@vspu.ru ),
phone (8442) 60-28-86

Чеснокова Петра
Волгоградский государственный социально-педагогический университет
канд. филол. наук, ассист. каф. общ. и слав.-рус. языкознания Волгогр. гос. соц.-пед. ун-та.
E-mail cesnokova@seznam.cz

List of publications: (6)
Axiological parameters of speech act “oath” in Russian and Czech linguistic cultures
The article deals with the speech act “oath” from the point of axiology. It covers the cognitive and communicative parameters of this speech act that allow regarding it as a source of axiological information. The authors carry out the comparative analysis of the forms of presentation of the speech act “oath” in the Russian and Czech linguistic cultures. It identifies the values, which are referred to by native speakers.
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Onomasiological characteristics of Czech and Russian heortonyms
The article deals with Czech and Russian heartonyms formed by the nominative model “adjective+day”. The invariant onomasiological signs of the onomastic units are described;thecharacteristics of adjectives denoting these signs are given.
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Paradigmatic relations of peripheral onyms (based on Russian and Czech geortonyms)
The article deals with the views of scientists on paradigmatic relations of onyms. It describes synonymy, antonymy and homonymy of geortonyms in the Czech and Russian linguistic cultures.
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Издание к юбилею смоленского ономатолога. (Рецензия на книгу: И.А. Королева. Смоленская ономастика (к 1150-летию со дня основания города Смоленска). Смоленск: Маджента, 2012. 220 с.)
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Loanwords in Czech and Russian heteronyms
There is covered one of the processes of proper names origins - borrowings. There is considered the geography of loanwords in Czech and Russian heteronomy.
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Geortonyms: establishment, tendencies of development and spheres of influence
There is shown the establishment of geortonyms, tendencies of development and spheres of influence in the onomastic field and outside its limits.
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