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«Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University»
Lenina Ave., 27,
Volgograd, Russia)

«Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University»
Lenina Ave., 27,
Volgograd, Russia)
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Крохина Надежда Павловна
Шуйский государственный педагогический университет
канд. филол. наук, доц. каф. культурологии и литературы Шуйского гос. пед. ун-та.
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List of publications: (6)
Symbolism of the Russian way in the poetry by K.D. Balmont
The article deals with the evolution of the theme of the Russian way in the poetry by Balmont: from the confrontation of the Russian plain horizontal and vertical path of the poet, a “winged son” of Russia - to the attainment of the path of a poet as one of the landmarks of the Russian way. The symbols of the Russian way are identified in the article.
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Man at the turn of epochs: “X” by D. Bykov as a culture philosophical novel
The novel “X” by D. Bykov is compared with a culture philosophical novel of the first half of the XX century. There are analyzed the themes of duplicity of a man at the turn of epochs, removed memory, Russian split, insufficient binary logic, images of a centaur man and palimpsest, myth of resurrection death.
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Sophia Konstantinopolskaya in reception of Russian thought of the Silver Age
There is described the perception of Konstantinopol Saint Sophia reflected in the works by D.S. Merezhkovsky, G. Fedotov, E.N. Trubetskoy, S.N. Bulgakov, as the sought ecumenical church, universal, absolute temple of ecumenical humanity.
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Ontology of childhood in the poetry by K.D. Balmont
There is shown how the experience of inspiring, happy childhood connected with estate topos encouraged spiritually the poet through his whole life. There is developed the system of symbols of this warm memory of childhood that implies the sacrament of unity with the world: light of the world Eucharist, silence, flowers and stars, white angel, world play that has heartwarming origins and he
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About the sophist world-view in the novels by F.M.Dostoevsky
There is regarded the Christian cosmism and the apocalyptic Christianity of F.M.Dostoevsky, urgent for artistic and philosophic consciousness of the Silver Age, sophist world-view, opposed to the catastrophic reality.
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Archetype of Sun in K.D.Balmonts works
There are revealed the solar primary sources of K.D.Balmonts works and the main aspects of sun comprehension of things in his creative work: sun wisdom, childs sacrament of world oblation and the connection of childs and flowers images with gospel Christianity.
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