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«Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University»
Lenina Ave., 27,
Volgograd, Russia)

«Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University»
Lenina Ave., 27,
Volgograd, Russia)
e-mail:izvestia_vspu@mail.ru, izvestia@vspu.ru ),
phone (8442) 60-28-86

Рындак Валентина Григорьевна
Оренбургский государственный педагогический университет
д-р пед. наук, проф. каф. общ. педагогики Оренбург. гос. пед. ун-та.
E-mail ped@bk.ru

List of publications: (5)
Methodological and theoretical aspect of generalization of the phenomenon of communicative culture in pedagogy
The article represents the systematized and orderly information concerning generalization as the method to learn the phenomenon of the communicative culture; it systematizes the basic areas of communicative culture study; it reveals the origins of the phenomenon of communicative culture in pedagogy; it describes the system forming essence of the phenomenon; it reveals the tendencies and regularities of the development of the communicative culture phenomenon; it describes the process model of generalization of the communicative culture phenomenon.
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Creative personality as a value: scientific and ethic support of development
The article deals with the essence of a creative personality as a value, determines the ethic norms of creative personality’s existence. It deals with the role of freedom, spirituality, responsibility in creative personality’s activities, specifies the significance of personal ethic culture, creation of moral atmosphere of the educational environment. It determines the mechanisms of scientific and ethic support of development of a creative personality. The students’ views are described and analyzed.
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Anthropologic approach: modern pedagogic theory and experience (in the context of research carried out by A.E. Firsova, N.M. Borytko)
There is determined the role and place of the anthropologic approach in the innovative educational experience in the historic context and in the modern reality; ways of contradictions resolution; methodological and methodical systems of its productivity. There is emphasized the universal character of the principles of integrity, reflexivity, completeness and continuity of education, humanities character, sociocultural correspondence, that reflect the requirement to build education in accordance with the laws of the child’s natural and social environment and the origins; the unity of history and the modern time, retrospectives and prospects of research.
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From comprehension of learning to comprehension of world (in the context of the ideas by V.A. Sukhomlinsky)
In the context of the Federal state educational standards of the new generation there is updated the issue of learning comprehension in the context of world comprehension; there is analyzed the experience of Pavlyshsky secondary school in development of comprehension as conception, awareness through observation, research, synthesizing, comparison; considered the methods and forms of comprehension process in the didactic system by V.A. Sukhomlinsky
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Pedagogic incentives of training a creator in a future teacher
There are substantiated the pedagogic incentives of training a creator in a future teacher (skills of a creative teacher, creative style of work, types of teachers according to creativity, their work, reality of teacher’s creative work, mechanism of process management of school’s creative potential development). There are given the results of experimental work that proves the creativity of a future teacher and encouraging students’ self-actualization and creative abilities.
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