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«Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University»
Lenina Ave., 27,
Volgograd, Russia)

«Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University»
Lenina Ave., 27,
Volgograd, Russia)
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Касаткина Ольга Алексеевна
канд. филол. наук, доц., зав. каф. ром.-герм. филологии МГОГИ.
E-mail olga_kasatkina49@mail.ru

List of publications: (3)
Sentences of identity and their lexical and grammatical synonyms
The article deals with the indirect ways of expressing the identity in the course of research in the field of lexical and grammatical synonymy. In the focus of the study there is a qualifying sentence (the syntax model S+Vc+P), which is the main form of the identity expression. The diversity of the surrounding world determines the selectivity in the choice of both the component of the statement of the identity and the syntactic model of the statement.
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Sentences of signifying identity in modern French
Based on the statement that the semantic structure of words and other linguistic elements is the so-called semantic triangle, it is possible to distinguish three types of sentences of identity: sentences of the nominative, signifying and denotative identity. The article deals with the sentences of signifying identity.
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Modal and tense modifications of sentences of identity
There is considered the analysis of the modifications of the tense, phase and type, modal character of the core structure S+Vc+P of sentences of identity. The research of high semantic extensibility of line tenses, especially “présent” and “présent absolu”, that emphasizes the disconnection of identity and the actual moment is dominant in consideration of the identity relation which has its stages: the beginning and the end. The sentences of identity also may contain modal modifications.
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