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«Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University»
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«Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University»
Lenina Ave., 27,
Volgograd, Russia)
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Тимофеева Елена Георгиевна
Астрах. гос. ун-т
д-р ист. наук, доц., зав. каф. регионоведения, декан ист. фак. Астрах. гос. ун-та
E-mail timofeeva.asu@mail.ru

List of publications: (5)
Organization of health care of prisoners of world war in the Astrakhan region
Thearticlefocuseson a comprehensivestudyoftheproblemofmedicalcaretoprisonersofwarintheAstrakhanregionintheyearsofworld warsasanimportantcomponentofmilitarycaptivity. Theauthorsanalyzetheregionalspecificityofhealthcareofprisoners, theactions ofmedicalservicesfortheorganizationandimplementationofhealthcaretoprisonersofwar.
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Support and guarding of war prisoners: experience of world wars (based on the Astrakhan region materials)
This article continues the theme of the war captivity started in previous publications. There is carried out the comparative analysis of the support and guarding of war prisoners at the territory of our country based on the experience of the world wars. There is researched the issue of organization of the optimal regime of war prisoners support, which creates the conditions for contingent isolation, guarding and defence of objects, and excludes the opportunity to escape.
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Juvenile prisoners of concentration camps and their legal status in modern Russia
There is regarded the issue of establishment and work of the only Russian organization of numerous victims of the war - the Union of Juvenile Prisoners of Nazi Camps. There is highlighted the legal status, the question of the state and public acceptance of the problems of former juvenile prisoners. The attention is paid to the issue of memory about the war; those who overcame this ordeal are the last witnesses of the war.
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Theme of war captivity in the space of the regional history
This article starts a series of works considering the issue of a person in the conditions of captivity in the period of the Great Patriotic War. The project is aimed at finding out the characteristics that reflect the political and law, social and economic, culture and communicative aspects of captivity. In spite of the big historiography of the issue, many aspects are still uncertain. There is recreated the captivity by the example of the Astrakhan region.
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Foreigners under the surveillance of the police in the Astrakhan province in the 1812 - 1814
There is covered the status of foreigners in the Russian province, considered the government policy carried out in this sphere in the period of the war with the Napoleonic France, attitude of the society to the foreigners who were under the surveillance of the police including the prisoners of the war.
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