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«Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University»
Lenina Ave., 27,
Volgograd, Russia)

«Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University»
Lenina Ave., 27,
Volgograd, Russia)
e-mail:izvestia_vspu@mail.ru, izvestia@vspu.ru ),
phone (8442) 60-28-86

Соловцова Ирина Афанасьевна
доц., проф. каф. педагогики ВГСПУ
E-mail irina_solovcova@mail.ru

List of publications: (4)
Vocational socialization of foreign students in the process of studying pedagogical disciplines: overcoming the didactic barriers
The article deals with the didactic barriers impeding the successful vocational socialization of students from the People’s Republic of China, as well as pedagogically appropriate ways to overcome them in the process of studying pedagogical disciplines. It is proved that overcoming the didactic barriers is facilitated by the semantic work with texts and lexical units, the use of teaching methods adequate to the socio-cultural characteristics of foreign students.
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Spiritual and moral education of students in the system of vocal education in modern China: issues and prospects
The article deals with the issues of spiritual and moral education of future vocalists, due to the age characteristics of students, on the one hand, and to the specifics of the socio-cultural and educational situation in modern China, on the other hand. In the context of tasks of spiritual and moral education, the prospects of the solution of the revealed problems are described; they consist both in the address to the traditional culture, and in the use of modern technologies of education.
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Issues of spiritual education: conceptual foundations and areas of research
There are characterized the conceptual points, which form the basis for the theory of spiritual education developed in the frames of humanist integral approach, shown the specificity of this theory based on the integration of ideas of pedagogy and non-scientific (philosophic, religious) knowledge. There are suggested the methodological propositions necessary for investigation of the phenomenon of spiritual education, described the main directions and perspectives in investigation of the issues of spiritual education.
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Detection of paradigm belonging of scientific and pedagogic research: holistic approach
There are characterized the signs appropriate for orientation in detection of paradigm belonging of scientific and pedagogic research: peculiarities of research categorial apparatus, research instruments, character of substantiation of research urgency. There is traced the dependence between paradigm belonging of the research and research issues.
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