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«Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University»
Lenina Ave., 27,
Volgograd, Russia)
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Милованова Людмила Анатольевна
проф. каф. англ. филологии Ин-та иностранных языков ВГСПУ
E-mail milovanova@vspu.ru

List of publications: (12)
Key methodological categories: retrospective and perspective aspects
The article deals with the status and place of foreign language teaching methods as a science. The basic methodological categories are analyzed (approach, principle of training, purpose, content of training, methods and techniques, forms of training), which are presented in retrospective and perspective aspects. It is stated that the reforms in the system of foreign language education cause new requirements to the methodological foundations of the process of teaching foreign languages and its practical implementation, and the key methodological categories need rethinking and clarification.
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Linguodidactic bases of the process of students’ sociolinguistic competence formation based on the multimedia educational and methodological set
The article deals with the linguodidactic bases of the process of students’ sociolinguistic competence formation based on multimedia educational and methodological exercises. It presents the approaches and principles as well as exercises that are part of the multimedia educational and methodological set as the main means of formation of sociolinguistic competence.
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Academic writing as a component of vocational training of bachelors of pedagogical education
The article deals with the features of teaching foreign academic writing, represents the range of academic writing skills. The structure of the essay is under consideration. Special attention is paid to the sequence of actions of students in essay writing.
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Technology of taking into consideration the individual psycho-typological features of students when learning a foreign language
The article deals with the technology of taking into consideration the individual psycho-typological features of students in a non-linguistichigher school in the context of the communicative and cognitive approach to foreign language teaching. The most important characteristics in determining the effectiveness of trainingare the gender (sex) differences, the level of emotional stability (neuroticism), introversion and extraversion level, level of anxiety and lability, characteristics of attention. The developed technology is implemented in several stages.
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Typology of foreign language lessons: from experience of domestic and foreign research
The article deals with the issues of the typology of foreign language lessons. Various approaches to select the criteria for the classification of lessons proposed by Russian specialists in teaching are described in the article. The author analyses the types and models of foreign language lessonsproposed by foreign researchers.It is proved that a communicative orientation, which is reflected in the nature and content of the exercises and communicative tasks, brings together all types of foreign language lessons.
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Рецензия на монографию С.В. Чернышова «Эмоционально-концептный подход в обучении иностранным языкам (лингвопсихологические основы)» (Ниж. Новгород: Изд-во «ПРИОРИТЕТ», 2014. 334 с.)
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Compensatory competence as a component of foreign language teaching contents in the conditions of natural scientific profile
There is regarded the structure of the compensatory competence in the conditions of foreign language communication teaching appropriate for senior school pupils specializing in natural sciences. The necessity of development of pupils’ compensatory competence is considered urgent in such conditions.
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Teaching of foreign language reading strategies
There are considered such methodological notions as “linguodidactic conditions”, “reading strategies”, “learning actions and techniques”, “text understanding”, “language guess”. There are analyzed the classifications of reading strategies, given the characteristics of learning actions included into reading strategies. There are given the examples to organize the process of teaching of foreign language reading strategies in the course of profession-oriented studies.
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Foreign language teaching oriented at communication: experience of foreign and Russian researchers
There are considered such key methodological notions as “communicative approach”, “communicative method of foreign language communicative competence teaching”. There are determined the principles of education oriented at communication; given the characteristics of some models of interaction; given the examples of the process of foreign language teaching and monitoring of students’ achievements within the communicative approach.
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Universal learning skills in the process of foreign language teaching: essence, structure, contents
There is covered the issue of development of the universal learning actions in the process of foreign language teaching, described the skills and habits that favour the fully fledged learning activity and help pupils to develop learning and cognitive motives, as well as to master the strategies and methods of carrying out this work, that is the important factor in the communicative development of pupils personality
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Teaching students the culture of presentation by means of the discipline Foreign language
There is described the process of teaching students the culture of presentation at foreign language lessons. There are sorted out and systematized the necessary communicative and informational skills and abilities, described the organizational and pedagogic conditions favouring the positive dynamics of the process of presentation culture development of future specialists, which in its turn sets up the base for development of effective educational techniques.
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Communicative and pragmatic characteristics of a teaching foreign language text
There is substantiated that in formation of the skills to work with a text, great attention should be paid to text work, when not only perception but also interpretation of the text should be taken into consideration. A text is constructed in accordance with some particular rules, sense and formal connection and differentiation of its units, as well as it is a systematizing sample of foreign language functioning and one of the basic educational units.
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