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«Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University»
Lenina Ave., 27,
Volgograd, Russia)

«Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University»
Lenina Ave., 27,
Volgograd, Russia)
e-mail:izvestia_vspu@mail.ru, izvestia@vspu.ru ),
phone (8442) 60-28-86

Сенкевич Алла Владиславовна
Воронежский институт высоких технологий
канд. филос. наук, доц. каф. соц.-гуманит. дисциплин Воронеж. ин-та высоких технологий.
E-mail alusik@au.ru

List of publications: (3)
Human suffering and world suffering: temporal philosophy about solving the issue
There is characterized the connection of the individual and worldwide suffering from the positions of temporal philosophy. By the example of some doctrines of European and Russian thinkers there are revealed the main principles in solving the issue of suffering: active practical work, sympathy and responsibility
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Suffering of animals as an ethic issue
There is characterized the suffering as a universal attribute of animate nature and human life, covered the theoretical bases and practical consequences of the modern ecological ethics.
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Corporeality as the factor of suffering
There is regarded the human body from the point of view of philosophic anthropology in connection with suffering issue. Corporeality appears as the modus of body in a particular existent situation and in case of its discrepancy with life project of an individual causes different forms of suffering.
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